FUL Chapter 92


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“Amanette. Dad’s here.”

With the words, my father brought home two boys who looked exactly the same one day.

“Damn. Again?”

I looked at my dad, who was forced to endure the curse and smiled brightly. The clear expression of knowing nothing makes me sigh.

Ha. Dad, you’ve brought them in this life.

The two boys in front of my eyes that my dad just brought. Those are the kids who will grow up to be crazy.

And the whole thing started with a father who was as broad-minded as he is now, bringing them in.

I really hated those two, the stones that came rolling in. 

Who’s going to be glad to see children who don’t even know who they are. I’m just an uninvited guest!

‘And you ended up dead.’

I found out too late that this place was in a novel to avoid death, but not this time.

“Amanette, it’s going to be your brothers. Don’t fight…….”

So I decided differently this time. I grabbed the end of my skirt and bowed to the two children. with a more pretentious smile than ever before

“Welcome, guys.”

I saw a father freaked out more than the two twins by my kind reaction.

“Huh? Aren’t you going to get mad?”

You shouldn’t have brought him if you thought he was going to get mad. Dad.

“Of course!”

But the spilled water, you have to put it in well from the beginning.

“I really like you guys.”

With the most pretentious smile in the world, I smiled once again at the future crazies.

The first episode

I remember the end of my life.

What a crazy thing to say, but absurdly true.

This is even the third time in my life. The first life was a child who lost his parents in a car accident at a young age. At least the insurance money came out quite a bit, and greedy relatives ate it all.

We will take good care of your money because you are too young to manage it. I’ll give you everything when you grow up.’ I took away all the insurance money.

They didn’t even take the money and raise it. Eventually, an elderly, paternal grandmother took me, but even my grandmother died at 15.

And then no one took me away. Even after I became an adult, I didn’t give back my money…….

My teeth grind at the thought of that time.

“That’s old money, but it’s still there!’

I used it all to raise you.’

It’s not even that long!’

They had the nerve to say those things without adding any money all the way to raising me in the old single room where my grandmother was approaching.

Eventually, I dropped out of school to live in a situation where I had no money, parents, or guardians, and barely lived by working four part-time jobs a day, and died of overwork the day before my 20th birthday.


That was the last memory of my first life. In the 21st century, you may wonder what overwork 20 years old lives, but for a few days, my heart beat nervously and suddenly stopped doing what I had to do something.

Damn it.

Yeah, well, it was a life with nothing to be happy about.

I had no one to grieve over my death, so it was better to be dead.

So I expected my next life to be better……. The sudden drop in life was a mixed party.

I thought I would be a Korean if I were born again.

Instead of cars, wagons ran, and instead of tall buildings, there was a feast of antique houses. And over-fancy dresses and rainbow-like hair.

Fortunately, I became a lady of the aristocracy as if I were to be rewarded for my previous unhappy life.

“My daughter.”

There was an aristocratic father who loved me more than anyone else, and it was a perfect life that I could never dare to imagine in my previous life when I reached out my hand and gave them the things I wanted.

H. He’s a golden spoon I’

No, this is a diamond spoon. God gave me a chance to be happy in this life because I had a hard time in the past.

Sometimes there was a strange feeling of strangeness.

While growing up, there were a few occasions when I suddenly remembered a certain place name or I was familiar with the name of a person I saw for the first time.

Nevertheless, it was a fun and happy life. I lived doing everything I wanted to do. 

Of course, not everything was happy.

“Tsk. You’re pathetic living with that stuff. Is that your daughter who doesn’t look much like you?”

“Mother! What are you talking about? If you’re going to say that, get out.”

We had makjangjae in every house. A full-level monster grandmother next to her fragile father.

Since he was born to a mother from a commoner, not an aristocrat, his grandmother’s response was natural. My grandmother has lived with doubts about my birth since I was born.

You can’t raise me under a stepmother because my dad didn’t even remarry. It was almost how frustrating and hated me.

So she became increasingly unhappy with her father who didn’t listen to her. 

And then I was 15. Suddenly, my dad passed away. 

After that, the obvious followed. My grandmother blamed me for my father’s death because my unlucky commoner daughter eventually ate him.

After my father died, my place in the family was no more than a rock rolling on the floor.

And I also died at 18. 

I was in prison for the rest of my life for the sins of my family, and my grandmother gave me poison to save the honor of the aristocracy, and eventually died after drinking it. It was an unfair death that was not much different from the death of the first life.

While I remembered the past, my eyes shifted over the brilliantly embossed mirror. I can’t help sighing. After dying like that, I became this body again, the lady of the aristocracy.

“Don’t you think we should at least make it up to you?” No, I don’t want compensation. Shouldn’t another life come out!”

I don’t know if I was born to die without becoming an adult, or if I died like that…….

“Why him again?”

I stared at the reflection in the mirror. Mysterious navy hair, dark purple eyes, plump cheeks and big eyes, hair that winds down like ramen on my head, and white face. 

“It’s cute. It’s really lovely.”

What I see in the mirror is what I looked like when I was a child in my previous life. Amanette, the daughter of a very cute and lovely marquis.

The problem is that he was reborn as an amanet. Amanet I’ve already experienced in my second life. He died when he was 18, but he was born again as an Amanette.

I’m trying to deny that this won’t be reality, but this plump ball was definitely an amanette.

“Is this a chance God gave me?”

I changed my mind when I was in despair with my hands on both cheeks.

If God gave me a chance to live again, I’m very welcome. If it’s before “the guys” come there, it’s the best time. You can change your fate!

“What’s the date today?”

I looked around in a hurry. Come to think of it, I look about eight years old when “the guys” come home with their dad. 

The best thing is to stop them from coming……. 

It was when I looked around with those thoughts.

“Miss, are you up already?”

Just in time, the door opened and a familiar person came inside. It was nanny Raina. A nanny who raised me since I was young. 

“A nanny!”

As soon as I saw her, I screamed with joy.

“Oh my. Are you welcoming me like that?”

“Woong! I missed you!”

Of course, I didn’t mean to miss you in a good way. That nanny is the one who curses me to the point of grinding my teeth. 

I didn’t know it in the past, but when I grew up, there were only enemies in the writers of Reise Hu.

The grandmother, who had such a strong power, was holding out, so everyone pretended not to be, but was in a hurry to look at the grandmother, not the father.

Although my father took over the marquis early, he also had two more brothers, so he was enemies everywhere.

She even let all her brothers live in the same house for family harmony. Even though my father was a marquis, it was all because of my grandmother that we lived in the western mansion.

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