FUL Chapter 85


What are you trying to do?

Seeing Arkel standing there with a grim expression, Felix’s eyes also narrowed. Arkel’s eyes flashed as if he was about to swing the poker at the poor cat.

“Come on and bring it to me!”

Lucy remained motionless, Arkel spoke as if threatening once again. Lucy flinched, hugging the cat tightly.

Felix, who noticed it, was about to say something, but unexpected words came out of Arkel’s mouth.

“He’s cold! Come on, bring it to the fireplace!”

At that, Felix and Lucy looked at each other with bewildered expressions.

“He seems to be feeling cold because his purr is thin! Put it down here, it will warm him up!”

Arkel pointed to the hardwood floor illuminated by the fireplace light. Then he took a cushion from the top of his chair and set it down there.

Still looking at the poker in his hand, Lucy slowly approached the fireplace. After a moment’s hesitation, she laid the cat down on a soft-looking cushion.

The cat stood there for a moment with a blank face, and soon crouched on the cushion.

The cat sat quietly on the cushion with a fireplace that warms the room cozy.

It was a peaceful and warm sight that did not suit Arkel at all. Seeing the cat quietly sitting on the cushion he had laid, Arkel smiled warmly.

“I…… What will you do with the cat?”

At Lucy’s careful question, Arkel immediately raised his eyebrows and shouted.

“What do you mean what do I do? I’m going to kick him out!”

Then he knelt in front of the fireplace and picked firewood with the poker. The fire ignited in an instant, and burned the firewood. The front of the fireplace became even warmer.

Seeing his words and actions contradict, Felix burst into laughter.

It didn’t seem like Arkel would do any harm to the cat, and it seemed that his business with Lucy was over, so it was time to leave the office.

Felix said to Arkel, who was looking into the cat.

“Then we will go out.”

“Wait for a moment!”

Arkel hurriedly caught him.

“You can’t just go! I don’t know what cats eat. Go get him something to eat.”

“Yes? Us?”

Arkel glared with an expression ‘Then shall I go?’

“Go to the restaurant and get something.”

“They are probably preparing for dinner right now. If I go, Aunt Linda won’t give me anything…..”

“You are the student council president! Go and do something.”

“I am Felix, not Adrian.”

“Who would know!”

Arkel was reckless.

He even demanded that they feed the cat for a while, not just this once. In short, he thought that they should take care of the cat and he would only love it.

Felix had a headache.

It’s not enough that he was suddenly called to rescue a cat, now he’s going to take care of it?

“Why do we both have to bother taking care of the cat….”

But Felix, who was about to complain, stopped. Because he suddenly realized one thing.

…Taking care of a cat with Lucy. 

The place was quite uncomfortable, but isn’t it a good opportunity?

“Okay. We will take care of it.”

Felix suddenly changed his attitude and answered.


Lucy looked at him with a puzzled face at his answer, but Felix asked Arkel with a brazen face.

“Instead, give me the office key so I can take care of the cat at any time.”

* * *

After a failed plan to join the Book Club, Felix thought of another way to be with Lucy, and snapped up Arkel’s offer.

Of course, it was a bit unpleasant that the place was Arkel’s office, but Lucy’s presence seemed to dispel all his evil spirits.

In addition, Arkel was often away from the office for classes, so it was good to be able to spend time with Lucy.

“What should we name the cat?”


At lunchtime, Felix asked, putting the fish from the restaurant in front of the cat. Lucy, who was suddenly asked the question, fell into thought.

After thinking for a long time with a serious face, she couldn’t come up with a proper name, so she gave Felix the chance to name it.

“There is no name that comes to mind. Is it because I never thought of wanting to raise an animal? What kind of name do you think is fine, sunbae?”

In fact, Felix had no name in mind.

“Well…. Then how about Vivi?”

He just said any name that came to mind. That was the name of the hunting dog kept in the duke’s mansion. But after hearing the name Felix suggested, Lucy tilted her head.

“That’s your dog’s name.”

Felix was surprised.

“How do you know that?”

Then Lucy jumped up from her seat and panicked. She had her face slightly reddened.

“Oh……  Didn’t you tell me that? Well, when was it…….”

Lucy thought of excuses and murmured.


Did I tell Lucy about my dog?

As Felix stared into the air as if trying to recall his memories, Lucy hurriedly turned her back.

“Then how about Lulu?”

It seemed like a name that was made in a hurry, but Felix nodded.

“Lulu? That’s a good name.”

Because it was a name that Lucy came up with, it felt pretty cute.

Then the door swung open and Arkel appeared. As soon as he finished class, he went straight into the room with his shaggy hair messed up as if he had run in a hurry.


He shouted at the cat.


Felix looked at Arkel with a stunned expression at the grandiose and useless old-fashioned name. It was the same with Lucy, who had just given the cat a cute name, Lulu.

As soon as Arkel returned, he went out to check the condition of the cat.

“Did you take care of Brotomelius’ food?”

He asked with a stern voice. How shameless, he never even cleaned his poop.

It was already the third day of taking care of the cat instead of Arkel.

But they couldn’t continue to take care of him like that. They also had work to do, so it was true that going in and out of the office every day was burdensome. That was the case for him, and Lucy had to study and work at the library.

Felix finally made up his mind and asked Arkel.

“Are you planning to keep this cat?”

“What are you talking about! I have to get rid of it!”

Now the cat seemed so comfortable that it completely recognized Arkel’s office as his home.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Do you think I’m lying? Do you think I can’t send out just one cat!”

Seeing Felix’s dissatisfied expression on his face, Arkel screamed.

But the next moment, he suddenly dropped his head to the floor and spoke with a sullen expression.

“…… Anyway, a lady I know decided to take him. I just wanted to have a cat. I’m really going to send him today.”

Arkel’s expression looked very sad as he was saying that.

“The lady will come here, herself? Today?” 


Felix couldn’t believe what Arkel said. It sounded like an excuse to just let this moment pass.

“But why would a lady come all the way here to pick up a cat…….”

At Felix’s words, Arkel looked at him with a face that said, “What kind of bullshit is he talking about?” After a while he opened his mouth.

“What are you talking about? The lady is coming to see Keenan. And she decided to take the cat with her.”

At those words, this time, Lucy’s eyes widened.

“Yes? Me?”

“Yes, Keenan! you!”

Arkel said as if yelling.

“I definitely told you last time. I’m going to find you a supporter!”

“No, I have….”

However, Arkel didn’t listen to Lucy and was busy talking.

“So, I asked her to come today. If it’s her, she’ll be able to support you until you graduate!”

It seemed that there was a problem with communication. Lucy looked at Arkel with a troubled face, and then took a step forward with a face that said she needed to explain it properly.

But before Lucy could even speak, someone knocked on the door.

“Oh, she must be here already.”

Arkel got up and walked to the door.

“Come in.”

He opened the door and said to the lady standing by the door.

The lady entered the office and looked as old as Arkel, but they still felt her dignity and strength  standing upright.

This got complicated.

Felix had a hard time figuring out how to handle this. He looked back at Lucy, he’s sure she felt the same way.

However, Lucy’s expression was strange. She was staring at the lady’s face with a surprised expression more than ever.

But what was even more strange was that the lady, as soon as she saw Lucy, opened her eyes wide and smiled.

Then Lucy opened his mouth and shouted in a voice full of joy.

“Madam Triana!”


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