FUL Chapter 76


Thus, the case seemed to come to an end by Rosé getting the attention she wanted and Colin getting a chance to eat with the great actor.

But the next afternoon, rumors began to circulate here and there that the man who had given Rosé flowers was Colin.

The rumor soon reached the ears of Flora. As she was desperate to find the boy who sneaked into the girls’ dormitory, she immediately called Colin in.

Lucy touched her forehead when she heard that Colin had been called by the landlady. She sincerely hoped that his only childhood friend would not be punished.

But contrary to her nervousness, Colin reappeared in the classroom with a nonchalant air. His expression was as calm as usual. He didn’t look like a person who was discouraged after being scolded.

“How did it go?” asked Lucy.

“She let me go.”


“Flora just looked at me and told me to go.”

Colin said something incomprehensible. Lucy stared blankly at his face in bewilderment.

“There’s no way you were the one who gave flowers to Rosé. With a body like this, I don’t think you can even climb the first floor.”

Funny how Flora never doubted Colin. It was because she had no idea that he came into the dormitory dressed up like a schoolgirl.

“Even Dylan, who everyone thought would succeed, failed. I think she’s only suspicious of big boys, unlike me. Well, I’d love to be off the list of suspects.”

Colin gave Lucy a naughty smile. Looking at such a friend, Lucy couldn’t decide whether she should be angry or relieved.

“You’re lucky.”

In the end, Lucy said with a pathetic expression on his face, but relieved inside.

* * *

Everyone was busy chatting about the flowers Rosé received from an unidentified man, but Lucy was not interested in whatever she received. 

Recently, as soon as she returned to the dormitory after class, she ran straight to the bedside table. And she would pick up the snow globe and look at it for a long time.

Nowadays, it has become her habit to look at it several times a day.

The sparkling sand and red coral reefs in the transparent sphere always made Lucy’s heart flutter. Whenever she looks at it, a smile automatically appears on her face.

Each time, the words she heard from Felix were clearly and vividly revived like the touch of the snow globe in her hand. As if it’s constantly saying that her relationship with Felix is not a dream but a reality.

So much had changed from the past when Felix didn’t even notice her presence.

Now he recognized Lucy at a glance wherever she was. No matter how far Lucy was, no matter how little she speaks.

* * *

“You guys go first; I’ll sit down for a while.”

Lucy looked up at Felix’s voice from somewhere. She was sitting on the bench for a while and organizing her bag.

When she looked around, she saw three boys passing by the street nearby. Of course, the first person she noticed was Felix who has bright blond hair.

Just as Lucy recognized him at a glance, Felix also seemed to have noticed right away that she was sitting there.

But he didn’t hastily pretend to know or wave his hand to greet her. Instead, he suddenly stretched with a subtle smile around his mouth. He mumbled to his friends.

“I’m tired, so I’ll sit down for a while.”

His friends looked at him, bewildered, at his words.


“You just said we should go back to the dorm quickly.”

But Felix didn’t care and came near Lucy, scrambling his hair for no reason.

He glanced at Lucy and sat on a bench a little away. He didn’t forget to look at Lucy and smile lightly at that short moment.

His friends looked at him with a confused expression as he suddenly stopped on the bench. But the confusion soon came naturally to Felix. Felix frowned openly as his friends sat next to him.

“Aren’t you going?”


“Are you not going back to the dorm?”

“You said we’d sit on the bench and go.”

“When did I…!”

Felix, who was trying to say something in an annoyed voice, continued in a soft voice as if he had been forced to squeeze it.

“……you can go in first.”

“Just go with us.”

Felix’s friends seemed unwilling to leave him, and one of them even lay on the bench.

“Oh, that’s nice.”

“How long has it been since I looked up at the sky like this?”

Unlike Felix, who has a disapproving look on his face, they began to talk leisurely looking around the campus.

Lucy glanced at Felix’s sullen expression and secretly burst out laughing. The expression on his face, which was slightly distressed, seemed cute as the situation did not go according to his plan.

“Hey, Felix.”

His friend who was staring blankly at the blue sky suddenly called him.

“By the way, why are you working so hard these days?”


“I mean the class. Why are you taking classes so hard?”

“I wanted to ask that, too. I thought Adrian and your soul were finally the same.”

At first, they were asking questions with playful faces, but gradually they became serious and began to ask questions.

“It’s very suspicious that you suddenly become a top student this time. Just be honest with me. What the hell did you do?”

Felix, who had a sullen expression on his face at his friend’s words, sat down with his legs crossed leisurely.

“Someone helped me. So that I can do well on the test.”


“It must be Adrian.”

“It’s not Adrian.”

Felix replied firmly to his friends’ guesses.

Lucy, who was listening to the conversation in silence, shrugged her neck. When her story came out of his mouth, she felt somewhat embarrassed.

With a flushed face, she re-positioned herself not to look at Felix. But before she knew it, her ears were pricked up to listen to him better.

“Who is it if it’s not Adrian?”

“Yes, a smart and well-educated teacher.”

“If you have a teacher like that, introduce us as well.”

Felix frowned at his friend’s words. He turned them down at once with a ferocious look on his face.

“What? No.”

“Why are you so serious?”

At Felix’s exaggerated reaction, his friends burst into laughter.

“The teacher is so busy that she doesn’t have time to help you.”

When Felix spoke in a decisive tone like a wedge, his friends shook their heads and clicked their tongues.

“Whatever. It must be a hard-working teacher hired by the duke.”

After such speculation, his friends no longer showed interest in who Felix’s teacher was.

While his friends turned to the campus again, Felix secretly looked at Lucy and smiled.

Teacher, what are you doing here?

For a moment, Lucy was worried someone would see him but looking at his innocent expression made her smile. 

From that day on, she smiled like a foolish person. This was all because of Felix.

The small words he said and the expressions he always showed came as a new and exciting feeling for Lucy.

She felt happy even just by looking at him like this…….

“Felix, she’s been staring at you.”

Lucy’s spine cooled by his friend’s sudden words. She removed the smile on her face and turned her head away from Felix.

I let my guard down.

She stealthily looked up, gripping her pounding heart. But it wasn’t Lucy that Felix’s friend was talking about.

He was pointing to the girls who were gathered a little far away. It was a group of third year ladies who Lucy doesn’t know.

“Renee Kepinnon. She can’t take her eyes off you.” 

Felix’s friend said teasingly with a sly smile.

“Who doesn’t know Renee is interested in him?”

Another friend also dropped the subject like firewood.

Lucy looked at a girl named Renee more nervous than ever. Renee. It was a name she heard somewhere.

She couldn’t see her face very well. However, she was an attractive girl with black hair that hung abundantly over her shoulders.

The girl stood and talked with her friends, and when Felix and his two friends looked at them, she nodded and greeted them with a friendly look.

Lucy’s heart seemed to drop.

Actually, Felix turned his head without any reaction.

“Hey, Felix. She’s greeting you…….”

“She did not greet me.”

Felix answered, interrupting his friend.

“What are you talking about? You’ve been…….”

“No, it’s not.”



Felix desperately denied his friend’s words. His sudden unnatural attitude made his friends look at him with a look of “What’s wrong with you again?”

After a while, a girl named Renee began to walk to Felix’s place. Her gaze was exactly directed towards Felix. There was no mistake.

“What do you mean? Look, she’s coming to you.”

But before his friend’s words were over, Felix jumped off the bench.


Felix turned to his ridiculous friends. After greeting Lucy with an awkward look, he immediately started walking towards the male’s dormitory.

“Hey, where are you going?”

His two friends looked at his back with absurd expressions and quickly got up from their seats and began to chase him.

In the end, Renee, who was walking gracefully, lost her way and had to look at Felix’s back with a blank look.


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