FUL Chapter 75


Lucy was startled by the harsh swear words. Seeing her expression, Felix hurriedly stepped down into the room.

He shook his head and explained.

“I didn’t curse at you!” 

“I know!” 

That wasn’t the point for Lucy now. She whispered urgently as she checked the doorstep.

“Sunbae, why are you here? Miss Flora is walking around with a whip!” 

“No, because Noel gave you flowers…….”

“I never received one! I didn’t even bump into Noel today.”

Felix gritted his teeth after listening to Lucy.

She doesn’t know what happened, but Noel must have tried to trick him up again.

Fooled by it, he ran to the female’s dormitory without thinking. It was fortunate that he was not discovered by Flora while climbing through the window.

“I’ll look out for you!” 

Somehow, with an excited face, Jemima quickly left the room. As soon as the door closed, Lucy pushed Felix and urged him.

“Get out of here! You’ll be in big trouble if you get caught! Flora is very angry.”

“Are you sure Noel didn’t give you flowers?”

“Why would I lie about that? Just go!” 

Perhaps relieved by Lucy’s words, Felix looked through the room with wide eyes.

Then Lucy, who was whining and pushing him toward the window, pulled him back to her, saying, “Oops!” 

“Wait! This is the third floor……. How are you going to get down there?” 

“I just have to jump.” 


Lucy was at a loss for words by his sordid reply. It was ridiculous to jump off the third floor, no matter how sleek the body was.


Lucy looked up with a worried look, and Felix, who had been looking into the room with sharp eyes, smiled at her.

“Are you worried about me now?”

“Even if someone else jumps off the third floor, I’ll stop him!” 

“You don’t have to worry; I’ve jumped from a higher place before.” 

“Why would you jump from such a high place?” 

Lucy, who was asking like that, remembered that when they passed the curfew before, he casually said let’s go over the wall.

“Sunbae… Don’t tell me you’re going around violating the rules freely, are you?” 

“What’s the point of going around? I’m too lazy to go out.” 

Despite Felix’s explanation, Lucy’s eyes narrowed with suspicion.

As they quarreled with each other, they heard footsteps approaching, thumping into the room. Lucy stopped in surprise and turned to the door.

At this time, there was only one person who could walk in the hallway with such loud footsteps. In addition, when she heard Jemima’s voice trying to block the steps from coming to the room somehow, Lucy became desperate.

But before she could do anything, the door swung open.

At the door was Flora, who stood with fiercer eyes than ever before. Lucy froze at the sight of her.

I’m doomed!

“Why is Jemima roaming the hallway like a puppy who needs to poop? As if she was being a look-out!” 

Flora shouted, boasting a loud voice. Standing behind her, Jemima closed her eyes and opened them, then gave a sorry look.

Lucy didn’t dare turn around and look at Felix’s bewildered expression. He was caught in the act. Now all she and Felix had left was a big penalty and being called to the principal’s office.

“What are you hiding?” 

Then Flora’s suspicious voice rang out once again in the room. Then she strode into the room and began to look around.

Lucy looked puzzled and looked around the room together. Only then did she realize that she was the only one standing in the room. Felix had disappeared somewhere.

“You didn’t bring in a boy, did you, Lucy?” 

Flora checked the closet door without hesitation, and fell on the floor and looked under the bed. But Felix was nowhere to be seen.

Flora stuck her head out of the window and checked. Raising her upper body again, she tilted her head.

“That’s strange… I thought you were hiding something.” 

But she could not find a boy anywhere. Flora stops searching the room. Eventually she turned and walked to the door.

“All right, I’ll believe it. So go ahead, turn off the lights and lie in bed! Jemima will sleep in my room if she comes out in the hallway again.” 

“Yes, ma’am!” 

Like this.

The door closed.

Lucy and Jemima sighed at the same time and swept their hearts.

“Did Felix-sunbae leave?” 

“Yeah, I think so.”

Lucy answered Jemima’s question with a dubious face.

Did he jump straight down? He’s really fast.

She approached the window with a worried look. She looked down, but she couldn’t hear anything on the dark ground.

“……You’re not hurt, are you?” 

“I’m fine.” 

Suddenly, Lucy raised her head to an answer from above. At the same time, a hand came down from the top and wrapped Lucy around one cheek. The warm warmth, which was clearly contrasted with the cold autumn wind, touched her face.

Felix was hanging from the upstairs window. He stepped back down to Lucy’s window with a light motion.


“Whoa, I almost got caught.” 

He murmured.

Standing on the window frame, Felix began to rummage through his pockets. Lucy was nervous because she could still hear Flora’s footsteps in the hallway.

“I don’t have flowers…… Instead, this.”

Felix took a small box out of his pocket and held it out. Felix grinned and said as she accepted it.

“I’ll do this instead today but I really wanted to show you the sea.”

Lucy looked up at Felix, feeling the heavy weight in her hand.

She tried to say thank you, but Flora’s voice scolding a student nearby flew through the silence. It was no longer a time to relax.

Felix quickly prepared to jump down. Before stepping out of the window frame, he looked back briefly at Lucy and greeted her softly.

“Good night, Lucy.” 

Then he disappeared straight down. By his bold action, Lucy took a breath and hurriedly looked down at the window.

No one was seen rolling on the ground. Instead, in the dark, a silhouette was seen moving away towards the male’s dormitory.

Finally, his silhouette disappeared. Lucy grabbed the box and sat down on the bed. Jemima, who had been hiding behind the bed and secretly watching the two, quickly came to the side.

“What is it? What is it?” 

She urged her to open the box. When Lucy carefully opened the lid, a transparent and fist-sized sphere appeared.

“Wow, it’s snow globe!” 

Lucy took the snow globe out of the box and held it in her hand. A smooth, cold sphere lit by the moonlight shone brilliantly in Lucy’s hands.


What caught her eye was the ocean view in the snow globe.

White sand, red coral reefs, and small fish swimming between them.

“It’s pretty….” 

Lucy murmured. There was a bright smile on her face without her knowing it.

“Are you that happy?” asked Jemima, who was next to her.

Lucy smiled awkwardly instead of answering.

“Well, can you keep this a secret?”

When Lucy asked carefully, Jemima replied with a stern look.

“Don’t worry. I have a heavy mouth!” 

Then she pinched her lips with his fingers.

Before they knew it, the dormitory was engulfed in a quiet darkness. That couldn’t even hear Flora’s footsteps walking around the hallway.

It seemed that nothing more interesting was going to happen, and the girls, who were tired from hearing Flora’s long speech, seemed to fall asleep quickly.

Lying on the bed, Lucy looked at the snowball by her bedside for a long time. Fish floated leisurely in the quiet sea reflected in the moonlight.

I really wanted to show you the sea.

Felix’s voice, who was saying so, seemed to be heard in her ears. Her relationship with him, which was still uncertain, the words encouraged Lucy.

She also had a vague feeling that she might be able to really go see the sea with him someday.

Lucy looked into the snow globe for a long time until the moon outside the window was out of sight.

* * *

The morning after the noisy night with various disturbances. Rosé appeared in the lounge in a state of high spirits.

Rumors had already spread throughout the dormitory that she had already received a knight’s flower from a boy the night before. Since the academy was established, it was the first time that a male student went into a female dormitory and offered flowers, so the incident became a topic of conversation.

However, it is not known exactly who the male student was. Female students who witnessed Rosé receiving flowers actually only heard the voice of the “boy” outside the door.

Deflated by Rosé’s momentum, Claire couldn’t maintain her usual relaxed and calm expression.

In the morning when she came down the stairs and found Rosé hanging out on the sofa in the lounge, she went up to the room with a forced smile. Of course, her twitching mouth looked indisputable.

While everyone was talking about the boy’s identity with curious faces, Lucy rushed to the classroom.


As soon as she found Colin, she began to nag him.

“Unauthorized entry into the dormitory between the opposite sex may not end with only penalty!”

But Colin, who was not at all remorseful said;

“But Lucy! There was a meal at stake with Eliza Cole. It’s not just an actress, it’s Eliza Cole!” 

Colin replied with a confident look. It was an attitude that if he could meet an actor whom he respected in person, the penalty points would be irrelevant.

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