FUL Chapter 74


Knight’s night.

The girls in the dormitory were having a heated debate over whether Dylan could really succeed in offering flowers to Claire Hamilton, and whether Claire, who would receive the flowers, could push Rosé down the nose.

Even with all the attention focused on her, Claire maintained her usual calm smile and elegant attitude. It was perfect to scratch Rosé’s nerves, always thirsty for people’s attention.

For some reason, however, Rosé remained calm despite such subtle provocations. No, she even looked relaxed.

Sitting as elegantly as Claire and sipping her tea, she doesn’t seem like someone who just lost her chance to receive a flower.

Girls gathered and whispered about Rosé’s mysterious attitude.

“Did someone else offer flowers to Rosé-sunbae?”

“But other than Dylan, is there someone with a strong heart to sneak into the female’s dorm?”

“Seeing her relaxed attitude. Perhaps… is it Felix-sunbae?”

“Idiot, Felix-sunbae isn’t at the academy right now.”

There are people who are interested in other people’s love stories, and those who think it’s pathetic but wonder what will happen. They all waited for Dylan to appear in unison.

They wandered around the lounge, but their curiosity cannot overcome their sleepiness so they went up to the room.

The night grew deeper and deeper.

But no sound was heard until close to midnight. The occasional night breeze shook the window and the distant owl’s cry was the only sound.

No male students showed up near the female dormitory. Dylan Huff, who declared publicly that he would give flowers to Claire, seemed to be doing nothing.

As time passed by in that state, Jemima seemed to have lost steam.

“Oh, what the? I thought something interesting would happen.” 

She said, sitting quietly with a small candle lit near the window. Soon she got up from her seat and crawled into the bed with a big yawn.

“That’s right. Who would dare break into a female’s dorm when there’s Flora who’s scarier than the gatekeeper in hell?”

Jemima, who crawled under the covers, mumbled in a sleepy voice.

“I’m just going to sleep.” 

She was chattering while waiting for Dylan Huff to come in the evening, so when she stopped talking, the room quickly became quiet. Lucy also changed into her pajamas, blew out the candles and went to bed.

It was then.


There was a small sound from a window somewhere.


The clandestine sounds continued one after another not far away.

Jemima, who was lying under the covers, jumped up.

“What’s this sound?” 

In the dark room, her eyes sparkled in the moonlight. She scrambled out of bed and ran to the window. Then he opened the window with a careful and hasty touch.


Jemima peeped under the window and shouted quietly with a very excited face.

“Come here, come on!” 

At her urging, Lucy was forced to get up and approach the window. She looked down like Jemima and saw six or seven boys standing under the walls of the building.

And looking up a little, a male student had already climbed the wall near the first floor, it was Dylan Huff.

He skillfully climbed the wall using his strong body as a swordsman.

“Woah, there’s really someone who does that stupid thing.”

Lucy clicked her tongue in astonishment.

It was an incomprehensible act for her, who has maintained her upright life to avoid even a small penalty since she entered the school.

Looking around, other girls were also giggling at Dylan with their eyes sticking out of the window.

“Look over there. It’s Claire-sunbae.”

As Jemima turned her head in the direction she pointed, Claire was already seen with her window wide open and waiting for Dylan to come up.

Lucy frowned.

“Can a student council do that?” 

“Well, Dylan’s the only one who’ll be punished if they get caught anyway.” 

Jemima said with a look of great excitement as if she were the one going to receive the flowers. 

Youth. This is youth.

Lucy clicked her tongue one more time. She wasn’t very interested in this commotion. She moved away from the window and was about to go back to bed.

She heard footsteps somewhere. Someone was rushing around the wall. The other boys gathered below and looking up at Dylan as he climbed began to make a fuss looking at each other’s faces.

Dylan, who was climbing the wall, asked, looking down at the agitated boys from below.

“What? Why?” 

But it was a completely different person, not the boys, who answered the question.

“You bastards!” 

Around the corner, Flora in pajamas appeared. Her face flashed horribly on the lamp in her hand.

“I knew this would happen! I thought this year would be over quietly!” 

She immediately came running towards the boys with a whip in her hand. The boys began to run away in bewilderment like sparrows scattered in all directions because of a stone that suddenly flew in.

“As long as I’m here as a supervisor, a man can never come in, never!” 

Flora’s shrill cry mingled with the sound of a whip and spread into the night sky. Girls who were watching the scene attached to the window burst into laughter at once. The same was true of Jemima.

“Look at Dylan!” 

He climbed the wall proudly, but he was attached to the wall without being able to climb or descend because of Flora, who was mercilessly wielding a whip from below.

Claire, who watched the scene, looked disappointed, she closed the window irritably and disappeared.

Eventually, Dylan, who was in danger of being hit in the butt by a whip, jumped to the ground and quickly began to run away into the dark.

“Hold him!” 

Flora shouted at the student council ladies who followed her. Emily, a member of the student council, immediately followed Dylan as if she would not miss him.

“Get his name, Emily! I’ll take him to the principal’s office tomorrow!” 

Flora screamed ferociously at the darkness where the boys and the girls from the student council disappeared. Her fierce eyes were soon transferred to the girls clinging to the windows.

She screamed in a ghastly voice, looking angrier than ever.

“Everyone, gather up on the first floor!” 

“……I knew this would happen.” 

Lucy sighed and put a cardigan over her pajamas.

I can’t go to bed early today.

* * *

Furious by the male student’s attempt to break into the dormitory, Flora called the female students and gave them a long sermon.

Dylan, who was captured by other stout student council ladies, including Emily, was sitting on his knees in front of the auditorium.

All the students had to stand sleepy and listen to her nagging. It wasn’t until everyone was standing crooked on their sore ankles that Flora stopped preaching and sent the girls back to their rooms.

“I’ll stay up all night watching you guys tonight. Don’t even think about sneaking a man into the room!” 

Flora threatened and shouted at the girls as they ran up the stairs.

“I’ll say it again! Don’t even think about it!” 

Lucy hurried up the stairs following Jemima. She didn’t want to hear more nagging. 

“Hey! It was going to be fun.” 

As soon as she tried to respond to Jemima’s words as she went up ahead.

Lucy felt something out of place and stopped at the stairs.

“What’s wrong?”

Rita, who was following behind her, asked.

“No, I thought I saw something…….”

Lucy tilted her head and began climbing the stairs again.

It was only for a moment, but she felt like she saw a face that should not be here.

I guess I saw it wrong.

A girl was following her among the girls walking down the hall. The girl caught Lucy’s shoulder; she looked back.

“Co, Colin…!”

Lucy, who checked the face hidden in long bangs, tried to scream with an astonished face but managed to stop. Colin put his finger to his mouth, saying, ‘Shh’. 

His appearance was a spectacle.

He was wearing women’s sleep pajamas and even wearing night caps. Because of his small size, he certainly looked like a schoolgirl.

“I’m on my way to offer flowers to Rosé.” 

He whispered excitedly.

“She promised we’d have dinner with Elijah Cole if I gave her flowers at midnight! I’m in a hurry!”

With his face down, he hurried toward Rosé’s room, mingled among the girls.

“…Isn’t he a real nut?” 

Even Jemima and Rita, who were standing next to each other, were astonished.

Lucy looked anxiously at Colin as he moved away and turned to the room.

The disturbance is over. Now that Flora was snarling and guarding the dormitory, there would be no male students to infiltrate the dormitory.

If only Colin can offer the flowers safely.

“Oh, your friend is someone who does such a foolish thing.”

She took off her cardigan and hung it on her chair, sighing. She thought she needed to have a proper word with Colin as soon as it dawned tomorrow.


Then, Jemima, who was on her way to close the window, screamed. Lucy turned around surprised at her scream.


Surprisingly, Felix stood on the window sill.

Looking at his hair and clothes tangled in the night breeze, it was clear that he had just arrived at the academy.

Lucy’s face turned white as soon as she found him. She hurried up to him and grabbed him by the hem.

“T, this is the third floor!”

But he was busy looking around the room as if he hadn’t heard Lucy.

“Where is it?” 

He asked.

“Yes? What?”

“The flower that Noel gave you!” 

“Flower? What do you mean?” 

Lucy didn’t understand Felix and asked back. Then he frowned furiously and cursed.

“That punk!” 

[T/N: Noel: 1 point / Felix: 0]


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