FUL Chapter 71


FUL Chapter 71

Lucy intervened in bewilderment. 

“Wait, I think you’re both wrong. I’m not upset at all.”

She pushed the twins away, still standing face to face.

“I don’t want to see the Emperor because I feel burdened. What if I make a slip of the tongue and choke on the gate?”

She tried to lighten up the mood, but no one laughed. Felix took a step back and scratched his head.

“Sorry, I was too sensitive.”

Then, before Adrian could respond, he left the front of the bookshelf.

Adrian, who stretched out his hand to hold him, soon put his arms down and sighed. He doesn’t show a bad expression even when things don’t go well. However, he swept his face down looking at where Felix disappeared to with a tired face. 

Sweeping through his slightly disheveled hair, he suddenly smiled at Lucy. He pointed to the cart, pretending nothing had happened.

“Look, we ended quickly because there’s the two of us, right?”

He turned, pushing the cart, without giving Lucy any time to answer.

“Well, let’s just go check how much more there is on the counter.”

* * *

After hearing from Adrian that he would not attend the royal luncheon, strangely enough, Lucy lost her bitterness.

Of course, the reason was completely different, but it was a relief that she was not the only top student who could not go to the royal luncheon.

Lucy Keenan, she’s a commoner, so she can’t step on the palace! No matter how good her grades are, the principal must have been ashamed to show her in front of his majesty.

Such insulting remarks also fell flat after news broke that Adrian was not going to the palace either.

As the voices that talked about her and the royal luncheon disappeared, Lucy thought she could not care about the topic only then.

So, she tried to forget about the luncheon, but it didn’t work out as she thought.

Unexpectedly, the royal luncheon was once again a hot topic among students. On the day the three students were scheduled to go to the palace, Eric disappeared.

The academy flipped over. When Eric, who should have come earlier, was not seen, the principal ordered a person to check Eric’s room and all the classes he attended.

However, even the staff who went into the library, restaurant, and garden could not find him.

“Did he go out under the ground?”

Colin said sarcastically.

“Maybe his conscience suddenly appeared and realized how brazen it was for him to go to the royal luncheon!”

Lucy also looked puzzled as she listened to Colin’s acrimonious spouting.

No matter how much she thought about it, it didn’t seem like it. Just yesterday, Eric seemed very proud of going to the royal luncheon.

However, Eric was not seen even though it was almost time for the carriage to leave for the palace, the principal had to hurry up and pick another student to send to the palace instead of Eric.

Lucy thought it would be Adrian, but it was revealed that he had conceded once again.

In the end, the new student was a sophomore named Mitchell Barnes. She was the second highest ranked student after Eric in this midterm exam.

Even after the students who were going to the palace were gathered and sent in a carriage, the principal was still angry and ran wild. There were many students who witnessed him screaming with a red face in the main hall.

Attendance at the Imperial Palace was a promise with the Emperor. To break the promise and not show up was nothing short of an insult to the royal family.

The principal, who had to face a difficult situation because Eric did not show up, firmly said he would not let this go. He shouted for a long time to find Eric Roman right away.

“That little guy finally caused a big accident!”

Colin, who was watching the scene in the hall among the other students, laughed. He added a word as he looked at Lucy.

“How great would it be if they decided to let you go in the first place!”

It was around noon when Eric appeared again, no, when he was discovered. He was found in an old building, where students were not allowed to enter, by the gatekeeper, Sir Fred, while on patrol. He found him locked in a room, knocking on the door, so he brought him out.

Returning hastily with a pale face, he had to face the angry principal’s face immediately. Then, as soon as he heard that the carriage had already left for the palace, rumors spread throughout the academy that he had fainted.

The students raved about the absurdity of what happened to Eric Roman all day long.

“Eric, he still hasn’t come to your senses.”

Colin told Lucy the rumors he had heard.

“As soon as he got up from the nursing room, he maliciously claimed that someone locked him in the old building.”

“Lock him up?”

“Of course it’s an excuse! The old building is off limits to students! I’m sure he went there for a short cut but locked himself like an idiot!”

Clearly, the fact that he was locked up in the old building alone gave Eric no excuse.

This is because the old building was closed under the order of the principal, and if it was violated, a large penalty point will be imposed. So, the student council would also keep a close eye on the students who wanted to enter the old building and catch them with their eyes lit.

“You fool! I guess he was punished. God must have taken away his chance to attend the royal luncheon because he was annoying!”

Listening to Colin, Lucy got up with a wistful look and packed her bag.

In the first place, it had nothing to do with Eric whether he seized the opportunity or missed it.

* * *

But Lucy soon found out that it was her own delusion. Two days later, Eric Roman sneaked up to Lucy, who was leaving the classroom after class, and asked her something.

“You, you…?”

Lucy frowned at the incoherent question.

In just two days, Eric looked haggard. He couldn’t sleep all night, so his eyes were blank.

“It’s you, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“You locked me up in the old building.”

His absurd remarks left Lucy speechless and her mouth wide open.

“What are you talking about?”

“I definitely saw someone walking behind the door and locking it. It’s you, right?”

He spoke quietly, slightly blushing, as if he were barely feeling the shame of stealing with a handful of conscience.

“You hate me.”

He seemed to have a strong misunderstanding.

“You’re the only one who would do that to me……! You think I’m the reason you lost your place……. That’s why it’s like that, right? You’re following me secretly.….”

“Are you crazy?”

Lucy was genuinely displeased and spat out coldly. Then Eric flinched and shrank. However, his voice became a little quieter, and he continued to say things that seemed suspicious of Lucy.

“Or did you ask Connor to do it? I heard it all. He’s talking about taking revenge on your behalf..… I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to get revenge on….”

Lucy’s cold eyes avoided his gaze, but her eyes were still full of doubt and dissatisfaction.

Lucy said in a harsh tone.

“I never locked you up. And I didn’t ask Colin to do that.”

“T, then Colin Connor could have done it on his own! He’s holding you up like some kind of princess.…!”

Lucy clenched her fist and bit her lips. She knew Eric was a shameless and gloomy kid, but she didn’t know he was so paranoid.

“If it’s not you or Connor…… then who did that to me?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

Lucy, who couldn’t stand it, raised her voice. Surprised Eric shut his mouth and recoiled back.

“Look back on your usual behavior. Am I the only one who really hates you? Think about what else you stole besides my necklace!”

Students who were passing through the hallway sneaked into the classroom after hearing the fight.

Eric’s face went red and bit his lips. He shivered and left the classroom.

Lucy, who was left alone, was shaking her heart and wheezing. This is because she never thought that Eric would blame her for not being able to attend the royal luncheon.

“How shameless!”

Eric believed in superstition and stole the belongings of other students in order to do well on the test. Who else did he steal aside from Lucy? 

He was obviously in a situation where there might be other people who didn’t like him, it was rude of him to doubt and blame only her. 

I guess I’m the easiest, huh?

Lucy stared at the door where Eric had disappeared with a displeased face. Her unpleasant feelings did not go away even after a long time.

* * *

Since then, Eric has continued to claim that someone intentionally locked him in the old building. But there were no witnesses to the words.

He also strongly insisted to the principal that he did not intentionally miss the schedule, but the principal did not accept it.

Whatever the reason, it did not change that he did not appear at an important event called the royal luncheon.

The principal was very angry with Eric, who almost caused a major setback, and seemed unwilling to listen to his unfair situation.

In short, Eric was firmly ingrained in the academy.

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