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FUL Chapter 110


“What is this…?”

Lucy watched at the situation with a stunned face.

He was just about to kiss her, what is going on?

Felix, who had fallen and hit his head on the floor, maintained his posture as though it were something he was accustomed to doing, in contrast to the bewildered Lucy.

The middle-aged knight howled like a thunderbolt at him.

“What are you doing out here? Didn’t I tell you to keep your position?”

“Didn’t you say I’d only be escorting you until you got to the capital? Why do I have to wait and watch you attend this graduation ceremony?”

“It was you who insisted on attending this graduation!”

As Felix, who had been speaking without losing, shut his mouth, it seemed that the knight’s words were true.

“I was wondering why you’ve been going missing all this time, and now you’re here kissing your lover. Are you crazy?”

“Don’t worry, I couldn’t even touch her lips because the leader interrupted me just in time!”

“This kid keeps talking back!”

The Knight, who Felix referred to as the leader, pulled a pocket knife from his clothing. Surprised to see it, Lucy leaped out of her seat.

But the Knight didn’t care. He glared at Felix and pointed a knife at his head.

“I’ll shave your ugly head today!”

The only person who became pale at the ominous words was Lucy. She had moved in front of him before the knight had finished speaking.

“Cutting his hair? Who says?”

I have to stop him. I have to protect his hair!.

The Knight frowned at Lucy, who jumped in front of him.

“This is not a matter for the lady, is it?”

But Lucy gave the knight a menacing glare instead.

Normally, she would have just kept quiet in front of a terrifying knight, but because this was about Felix’s hair and beauty, she couldn’t just sit back and watch.

“You can’t cut your sunbae’s hair! Just leave it like this!”

“…Lu, Lucy?”

Hearing these words, Felix let out a strange voice, and the knight laughed at her shrill voice.

“Oh! You’re an interesting girl.”

The Knight put his pocket knife back in his pocket. Then he gave Felix a kick in the groin and said,

“Get up,”

Felix leapt from his seat, and the Knight exclaimed,

“You’ve seen your lover, so I think you should stop here; if you leave again without permission, I’ll punish you severely!”

The Knight warned for the last time, and then proceeded to the Great Hall.

“… by the way,”

When he was completely out of sight, Felix suddenly raised one eyebrow and looked back at Lucy.

“I didn’t know you cared so much about my hair.”

At his words, Lucy avoided his gaze with an uncomfortable look on her face.

“…just go and watch him, before he comes back again.”

Embarrassed, she said something she didn’t mean.

Felix narrowed his eyes at Lucy and pouted his lips in disappointment.

“I’ll come and see you when I’m done with my escort mission. Later at the graduation ball.”

Lucy, who had pretended to be indifferent a while ago, had hoped he wouldn’t leave but nodded quickly.

Felix promised and left in a flash. Only after he disappeared did Lucy slap herself in the face to see if it was a dream.

She felt a tingling sensation in her cheek, perhaps because she hit herself too hard. But Lucy was so overwhelmed that her eyes were burning. She felt so good even though it was painful.

At last, Felix returned.


The graduation ceremony was over, and Felix and she were reunited.

People gathered here and there to greet her and look at her curiously as she returned.

Not only strangers, but also Colin and her other friends, inquired as to why she abruptly jumped down from the podium.

She decided that it would be best to keep them in the dark about Felix’s return to the capital since he was still on duty.

Instead, she returned to her dorm with her friends and changed into a dress in preparation for the next day’s schedule.

The ball began in the early evening.

They all removed their uniforms and entered the Great Hall, which had been transformed into a ballroom.

Although Lucy didn’t initially enjoy balls, it was unfortunate that it would be her final memory of the academy.

“Lucy! Dance with me!”

She nearly clutched Colin’s outstretched hand.

“Oh, no. I’m fine.”

She quickly withdrew her hand from Colin’s reach and refused.

She could still clearly recall how he had dragged her around during the literature night.

“I’ll just sit here and watch,”

Colin grumbled at her passive demeanor, but when he saw Rose walking magnificently into the hall, he changed his target and left.

“Would you like to dance with me?”

Lucy turned her head and looked back at the familiar voice behind her.

Adrian smiled and held out his hand toward her.

“Ah… Adrian-sunbae,”

“You look very disappointed.”

He said this with a jealous expression on his face.

“What? It’s not like that!”

Lucy waved her hand, shaking her head.

As Adrian still did not put his hand down, Lucy, unwillingly, took his hand and stepped out into the middle of the ballroom. It was fortunate that slow and calm music was playing.

She didn’t want to show off her dance moves in front of Adrian.


Adrian gently guided Lucy while whispering for only her to hear.

“Where is Felix right now?”

Lucy looked at him in surprise.

“…how did you know?”

“It was obvious. You ran down the podium like you’d seen a ghost, but I don’t think you have. Plus, your mouth was smiling and you were stamping your feet like you were waiting for someone.”

“Did I?”

Lucy’s face turned red with embarrassment. Adrian, who was smiling at the sight, said, as if reminiscent of the old days.

“…when we were young, we prioritized each other, but now Felix prioritizes you over me.”

Lucy rolled her eyes around because she didn’t know what to say in response to Adrian’s words. But he didn’t appear to be disappointed. He instead stated:

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  1. That was one sweet story.

    It took some twists and turns, but Felix and Lucy eventually got there, with both happily agreeing to marry each other.

    On NU it’s showing that there are 120 chapters in total, so I’m guessing there are epilogue/side story chapters as well?

    Anyway, thanks to the TL for all your work 🙂

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