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FUL Chapter 104


“Is it a curse?”

Felix muttered, looking down at his father’s face, who was still unconscious.

The second day since the Duke collapsed. As his doctor said, he didn’t show any signs of waking up. It was fortunate that it brought freedom and peace into the lives of other families, but the problem lies elsewhere.

“He can’t be investigated at this rate.”

Felix touched his head. On the other side, Adrian was also looking at the Duke with a troubled face.

The Duke was unconscious and unable to make a statement. Even I If he filed a complaint, he wouldn’t be able to sit on the bench.

In addition, the smell of some nobles who promoted business with the Duke was unusual. Following the fall of the duke, they observed the duchy’s movements in their own way and seemed to notice Felix’s intention to accuse his father.

They feared that their sins would surface and be exposed. They were prepared to plan things among themselves and hold Felix responsible for all their wrongdoings.

Unfortunately, Felix was unable to act quickly because there was evidence supporting their conspiracy. This is due to the fact that there was ample proof that Felix was present whenever the Berg family’s business was being conducted.

“It’s because of me.”

Adrian held himself responsible. He attended various events as Felix on the Duke’s orders. He looked deeply regretful about the past.

“Because I couldn’t disobey father’s order, I didn’t consider this situation…… You’re the only one in trouble because of me.”

The other nobles who had taken part in the incident were attempting to find their own escape routes since the Duke could not be investigated.

Instead of accusing them, Felix couldn’t help but think of another way to correct their wrong doings.

Knock, knock.

Then someone knocked on the door. The Duke’s aide followed.

“Master Felix, I am ready to go to Ikar as the Duke instructed me not long ago; when are we leaving?”

During the uncomfortable dinner with the Duke a few days ago, he talked about the right to negotiate stone. The Duke had earlier prepared to send Felix to Icar.

Felix thought for a moment and said,

“We will not proceed with the negotiations.”

Then he received a document from Reilly and handed it to his aide.

“Deliver this to the imperial family.”

The aide, who was looking at the documents, looked up with a bewildered expression.

“Young master, this is a document that hands over all negotiating rights related to the stones of Ikar. Are you really delivering it to the imperial family?”

The aide seemed confused by the orders that were clearly different from those given by the Duke so far.

“Yes, deliver it to the imperial court right now. However, make up moderately different reasons for how my father got this.”

The aide had a suspicious look on his face, but he looked at the Duke’s face lying dead and walked out without saying anything.

The stone could then be supplied to the East at a reasonable price. If, as his father predicted, the war would end with the empire’s victory, then a strong wall must be built in the east as soon as possible.

Because he didn’t want any more devastating news like invasion, looting, and war to happen to Lucy’s hometown.

“This is how we can correct it one by one.”

Felix murmured in the Duke’s room, which was quiet again.

“If we can’t accuse father…… We have no choice but to come forward and correct the wrong things.”

Soon a strong and determined light came over his eyes.

* * *

Felix had a busy day, as if to demonstrate his grit and determination. Even before he could enjoy his newfound freedom, he had to spend the entire day in his office reviewing documents.

Soon after, a servant arrived at the office and delivered the news from the messenger who had returned from Brom. Felix finally received the good news he had been hoping for.

“I found the whereabouts of the Keenan family. They have been under the protection of the Count of Dern, the closest refuge to Brom, since a few days ago.”

Felix let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Lucy’s family was safe.

He was nervous that something might have happened because he rarely heard news about them.

“Okay. Send someone to bring them to the capital as soon as possible.”

“Oh, but…….”

The servant blurred out the end of his words with an embarrassing look at Felix’s command.

“What’s going on?”

The residents of the eastern part of the country are not allowed to leave the shelter without permission; Your Majesty has issued an immigration ban on them; The Imperial army has been monitoring them for several days.

Felix frowned.

Because of the war, a movement ban was imposed to prevent people from leaving the east and moving to another area.

“Try to contact the Count of Dern, and no matter how much you pay them, bring them here safely.”

Felix spoke without hesitation. The servant bowed his head. Then he raised his head again and began speaking.

“And I found a young man who looked as similar to you as possible, with the same hair, eye color, height, weight, and face.”

“Okay. Ask him if he can sign a contract based on what I told you in advance.”

“I see.”

The servant stepped out.

But the door did not close. Adrian soon appeared behind the door.

“……who is that young man?” He asked.

“You’re here.”

Adrian frowned at Felix’s short answer.

“Are you looking for someone to send to the battlefield instead of me?”

Felix paused, knowing Adrian would be upset.

Sure enough, he walked into the office, unable to hide his displeasure.

“Felix, there are many nobles from the capital who are already familiar with our face. It’s not as simple as lying. If this is discovered, you will be held accountable.”

“I will bargain with the Knights and send the young man to a location with the fewest people and the highest rank of knights, where no one knows your face.”

“It’s a stupid idea because no matter how well you prepare, you can’t avoid everyone’s gaze.”

Adrian refused to back down. He tried to persuade Felix that he couldn’t accept the plan.

His brother, on the other hand, was a formidable opponent.

“I will never send you to war.”

Felix responded with a determined expression.

He couldn’t put his younger brother, who barely escaped his father’s hand, on another death’s doorstep because he had already had enough of a cruel life.

Now that Felix is the head of Berg. He intended to protect his brother by any means.

“So, do as I say.”

Adrian sighed with a complicated expression at his more determined tone than expected.

The twins did not return to the academy after the Duke collapsed. Not only did they not have time to go, but the academy’s graduation was no longer a priority for them.

For Felix, dealing with Master’s work was more important, and Adrian was torn between going to war and not.

Felix hastily organized the documents he was reviewing and rode to the academy after receiving a report from the servant. He became increasingly agitated at the prospect of meeting Lucy and telling her about her family.

He spent his days agonizing because he hadn’t heard from Brom in a long time. Lucy must have been even more upset. He wanted to tell her that her family was safe as soon as possible and see her relieved expression.

When Prince Berg unexpectedly appeared at the academy, all eyes were drawn to him. They became more intrigued after seeing him greet his friends and recognizing him as Felix.

It was only natural to assume that Felix would succeed the Duke after word that he was unconscious spread throughout the entire capital.

The students were busy looking at the next Duke of Berg who was looking for someone in the corridor with a different look than usual.

He wandered around like that for a long time. 

Felix was finally able to find the face of the person he was searching for in front of a classroom.


As she came out of the classroom, she turned her head in surprise at the sound of calling her. Soon Lucy found Felix and stopped there.

She also seemed pleased to see Felix, but she did not come directly to him as if she were conscious of the eyes of the people around her. Felix ran toward Lucy at once.

“Uh…… sunbae. Did you attend your class today?”

She said, looking at people’s faces. Instead of answering, Felix suddenly hugged Lucy tightly.


Lucy’s embarrassed voice came out from inside his arms.

Lucy wasn’t the only one who seemed surprised. The students around him who were watching the scene also stood firmly on the spot, gasping, and inhaling.

But Felix didn’t care. Now that there was no one to cross between him and Lucy.


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  1. Yeah, with Felix on track to become the next Duke, there’s is no point to hiding their affection for one another in public anymore.

    Now everyone will know that Felix and Lucy are a couple!

    Lucy is also going to be so relieved that her family is safe.

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