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FUL Adrian’s Side Story 03


The situation was rapidly evolving. The men appeared to be having a serious misunderstanding.

Adrian frowned at the dagger in their hands. He thought he would have a bumpy ride if he stayed here longer.

However, the men have been creeping in, surrounding the two from both sides.

“Miss Rei.”

Adrian called her. He thought it would be better to let her run away.

“I’ll get their attention, so in the meantime…….”


Adrian stopped talking at the metallic sound that gave him goosebumps.

Rei pulled out a knife.

She slowly stepped forward with a sharp knife under the sun.

“Mr. Reinhart, stand back. It’s dangerous.”

Rei said, pointing a knife at the men with a sharp, fierce look that he had never seen before.

“My client is busy. If you’re going to go for it, go for it at once.”

The men started giggling. Just by looking at their faces, he could tell they were looking down on Rei because she was small.

There were seven opponents. They are big, too.

How the hell are you going to deal with those guys all at once? Adrian looked at Rei with a serious expression.

The opponent ran to Rei first. They also had a long sword drawn from their waistband.

Just as Adrian was about to step forward in anticipation of a dizzying situation.

Rei turned the knife a couple of times in the air and immediately changed her posture.

Chaeng! Chaeng!

The sound of the blade banging echoed through the dock one after another.

Adrian had no choice but to look at the scene in front of him with his mouth open.

Incredibly, seven men were struggling against a woman. Their sword skills were overwhelmingly different. Rei was beating down the men with really sharp and light movements.

One by one, the men began to fall to the ground.

Adrian, who was watching the scene with such rapture, caught a man’s suspicious movement. The man who was pretending to be down slowly got up and began to approach Rei’s back.

“Ack, Mr. Rei! Watch out!”

Adrian jumped straight at the man and punched him. The man who was hit in the face fell back, turning over his eyes.

But at that moment, a strong kick also flew into Adrian’s head.

“Ah! Mr. Reinhart!”

Rey, who tried to subdue the man who was trying to attack from behind, shouted in surprise when he found that Adrian had been beaten by her foot.

Adrian sat on the floor, clutching his twirling head.

What a great kick! How can such a small foot produce such power?

Soon someone covered his face and examined his condition.

“Mr. Reinhart, are you okay?”

As his vision returned, he saw Rei looking at him in tears.

“Why did you butt in? I told you to stay back!”

She was like a beast when he beat the seven men, but right now she looked as if she was about to burst into tears.


“Ugh! It’s bleeding! Blood!”

He felt like something was flowing from his head, and soon red blood fell to the floor.

“I don’t know! Get up!”

Rei helped him up.

“Today’s schedule is all canceled, canceled! We need to go back and get treatment first!”


“Does it hurt a lot?”

Rei, who was treating Adrian’s wounds, asked with a worried face.

“I hurt a client! It’s all my fault!”

“That’s all right. It’s not Miss Rei’s fault.”

Adrian’s words did not restore Rei’s spirits.

“I made a lot of mistakes today. The mistake of the dye, the failure to keep Mr. Reinhart safe…….”

Rei rambled on with an apologetic expression.

“I don’t usually get flustered when I’m working…… I can’t raise my head…… I’m sure you trusted me and left it to me. But I really don’t make these mistakes normally! I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I keep getting nervous whenever I’m around Mr. Reinhart, so I make a ridiculous mistake without realizing it.…!”

Adrian raised his head at her words. Rei’s hand stopped when she made eye contact with him.


Her face began to glow red, starting from her neck. Like a ripe tomato that’s about to burst if you poke it.

She dropped the disinfectant she was holding, pulling her face back.

“Sorry, I’m sorry!”

She shouted, looking at the disinfectant spilling on the floor.

“Well, I’ve got to go! Please rest well today!”

Then she ran out of the room without giving Adrian a moment to catch her.


Adrian, who was left alone, looked at the door, where she disappeared with an absurd expression.


“Miss Rei, your shoulders are getting wet.”

Adrian tilted the umbrella that Rei was holding more toward her.

They are on their way to the publishing house. It has been raining in the city since morning.

She had been busy blocking Adrian from the rain, not realizing that her shoulders were all wet.

“I’m fine.”

She tilted her umbrella back toward Adrian.

“What do you mean? You’ll catch a cold.”

“It’s all right.”

The umbrella swayed back and forth for a moment. But it was Rei who won in the end.

“You can’t get rained on with your dyed hair. What if the dye drips down?”

Finally, Rei left her body wet and put an umbrella only over Adrian’s head.

After days of observation, she was always like this. She was always taking care of Adrian before her.

One day, she waited for three hours at a famous dessert store to buy a cake.

“Did you stand in line for three hours?”

“Yes, I remember Mr. Reinhart saying it looked delicious at that time.”

“Yes, but I can go and buy it myself.”

“Come on, Mr. Reinhart has a lot to prepare before he goes out. You don’t need to disguise yourself to buy this. I can just go and come back.”

Another day, he came to see Adrian, who was sick, with a medicine.

“Do you know what’s sad when you’re sick? Having to go buy medicine yourself with a sick body. So don’t be sorry and get well soon.”

As this kindness continued, Adrian suddenly became curious.

Do escorts usually do this for their clients? Are Rei’s actions really the kindness he shows because he is a client?

One thing was for sure, he didn’t mind her kindness.


It was a day that Rei was particularly nervous about.

“Hey, Rei! Why are you making so many mistakes today? You’re distracted by something, aren’t you?”

Glenn, the president of the publishing company, couldn’t see her like that and eventually pointed it out.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I’ll get my act together!”

But after that, Rei continued to make mistakes. Adrian could tell. That she wanted to say something to him all day.

Sure enough, Rei carefully began to talk to Adrian after a conversation with Glenn about the schedule for the new novel.

“Well….Mr. Reinhart, are you heading back to the hotel today?”

Her face was redder than ever when she asked so.

Nervously wriggling her hands, she shouted as if she had made up her mind.

“Would you like to have a drink with me if you have time?”

Her voice rang out in the hallway. She shut her mouth, and after a while she began to mumble an excuse.

“Haha, I’m nervous. It’s the first time I’ve ever said this to a man in my life.… You can refuse.”

“All right, let’s do it.”

At Adrian’s words, Rei raised his head.

“Really? Really, really?”

“Yes, indeed. Instead, let’s go where Miss Rei likes.”


Rei could hardly take off her nervousness. She just kept drinking the beer in front of her. Strangely enough, even after drinking so much, there was no sign of being drunk at all.

“Have you read my book, Miss Rei?”

“Of course! Every time a new book comes out, I buy it and read it first! You don’t know how happy I was when Mr. Glenn asked me to be Mr. Reinhart’s escort.”

Rei smirked as if she had recalled the day.

“But I was really surprised to see you when I opened the door to the president’s office.”

“Surprised? I don’t look like a writer, do I?”

“Oh, that’s not it…….”

Rei hesitated with a troubled look on her face.

“It’s all right. Tell me.”

“Well……the truth is…”

Rei looked at Adrian and finally said.

“I know who you are.”

Adrian looked at her in wonder at the unexpected words.

“You know who I am?”

She nodded.

“Do you mean you know my real name?”

“Yes…… well…… Aren’t you that Mr. Berg?”

Following Rei’s words, Adrian was really surprised and put down the beer he was going to drink.

Rei explained quickly, looking at the surprised expression on his face.

“Well, background checks! I didn’t do that! Actually, we… I’ve met you before.”


Adrian became really curious. No matter how hard he looked through his memory, he couldn’t remember when he met her.

“Nine years ago.”

Rei replied.

“Mr. Reinhart was also in the war, right? In the eastern part of the Beros Empire I was also fighting as a mercenary at that time.”


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  1. Aww, she mistook Felix for Adrian. I can’t blame her, since she doesn’t know he has a twin brother and they looked exactly the same.

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