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FMDF – Special Story 5


Sure enough, Cree and Leon joined hands earnestly.

“The river will freeze before we go back, right?”

“Can’t we stay here until we do ice fishing?”

Hestia was genuinely troubled. She didn’t think the river would freeze during her family’s stay.

However, to be honest, this table will surely become a sea of tears. She should answer carefully.

“Well, it’s hard to predict exactly when the river will freeze. Very cold weather should last for a few days.”

Even though Hestia had said it in a roundabout way, the clever children quickly noticed the meaning. In a word, it meant no.

“Then we can’t do ice fishing?”

Creos’ shoulders drooped. Hestia looked at Kaelus for help.

Kaelus was forced to step up.

“Once the schedule goes as planned, I think it will work.”

Even Leon was depressed. The table, which had been noisy a while ago, quickly sank heavily.

Kaelus continued cautiously, rolling his eyes.

“But… It’s not like there’s no alternative. Do you want to hear it?”


The children’s eyes sparkled as if they had found a ray of hope.

After a short breath, Kaelus opened his mouth.

“You stay here until the middle of winter, and only me and your mother go back to the capital.”


The two boys hardened due to an unexpected “breakup with their parents.”

Hestia helped by saying.

“But if you don’t do this, there’s no other way for you to go ice fishing in Attica.”


Now it was the children who were in trouble. With his parents’ bold suggestion, Creos and Deucalyon, who had the choice, deepened their worries.

“But I don’t want to be apart from my parents.”

“That’s true…”

Hestia smiled softly.

“Your mom and dad have to go back to the capital within the time limit allowed by the Emperor. We must not disobey his majesty’s orders, you know?”


The two children answered in unison.

There was no sign of coercion in the way the parents spoke. Cree and Leon were at a crossroads between being with their families or being separated by themselves.

Eventually, Creos opened his mouth with difficulty.

“Can’t we just think about it a little more and tell you?”

Hestia and Kaelus readily agreed.

“Okay, think about it and then decide.”

One of the couple’s parenting policies was to allow children to choose for themselves, in addition to the necessary safety norms. Allow as much autonomy as possible.

In addition to naturally developing self-reliance in that, it was made to realize the concept of opportunity cost according to choice.

The couple early realized that trying to teach by force would be useless if the children did not accept it.


On the way back to imperial city after a month of Attica life.

The duke’s large carriage had all five family members in it, just as it had been when it first came. Creos and Deucalyon eventually chose to stay with their family instead of staying in Attica until the ice fishing season.

Instead of holding out, they chose to be with their family.

Hestia asked.

“Do you really not have to stay until winter?”

Creos answered solemnly.

“Yes, I’m fine. We can do ice fishing next time, and we can do it when the river freezes in the capital.”

Kaelus responded by raising his eyebrows.

“Well, the river in the capital will freeze in winter.”

The decision was made after consideration for quite some time. So Hestia and Kaelus responded seriously to the children’s words without laughing or complaining.

Eventually, the subject changed.

“Did you say bye to your friends before you left?”

“Yes, I said I’d come again next time. They even gave me some sweets.”

Leon replied with a good answer. Some of the adults must have advised them, but anyway, the children seemed to have come to say goodbye to their village friends so that they would not be disappointed.

Hestia gently stroked her younger son’s silver hair.

“Good job, Leon. You’ll really have to come again next time to keep that promise.”


Someone said that traveling is supposed to leave regrets. That way we can look forward to our next trip again.

Cree proudly opened his pocket.

“This is from Phaeton and Phaennon. They made it themselves.”

“Oh, they’re so dexterous.”

What came out of his pocket was a small knife made from moderately cut wood. However, even at first glance, it had the shape of a sword. Indeed, like the sons of the lord’s guard, the toys they played with were also unique.

Kaelus smiled quietly. He was glad his sons made good friends in Attica. Since it is a village with friends, love will naturally arise. 

This was very positive, as one of the children would have to inherit the lordship of Attica.

Charis fell asleep before she knew it.

Hestia thought as she looked at her little daughter. Perhaps Cess will remember very little of this trip to Attica.

Still, the warm warmth felt there may remain. Maybe with a vague image. For a child who still needs to grow up, that much will be enough for the meaning of travel.

The meaning will be sufficient.

Cree and Leon began to whisper among themselves. Hestia overheard it as she was reminiscing about her playing with the village children.

Hestia looked out of the car window.

Winter Attica was creeping away.


Upon returning home, Cree and Leon went out to show off their Attica life to their friends, Eupeter and Yuno, who lived in the palace. Cess was going to take a nap with Clarice.

Thanks to this, Hestia and Kaelus were able to spend time together in a friendly manner for the first time in a long time.

“Uh… This relaxation, it’s been a long time…”

Hestia stretched out on the sofa.

In Attica, she had no time to rest at all because she had to complete all the tasks the lord had to check and handle herself in just a month.

That didn’t mean that Kaelus was free. While Hestia was busy with work, he had to take care of the children. Other people helped him a lot. However, it was also difficult to take care of overall childcare alone.

It was also hard work to take charge of overall childcare by himself.

“I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been drinking tea so freely.”

Kaelus also chuckled.

Hestia had completely adjusted her posture and laid on her husband’s knee.

“Don’t spill tea on my face, Kael.”

“No way.”

With a complacent tone, Kaelus took the cup to his lips.

Hestia closed her eyes with her knees bent.

“Attica has so much to do. I’m tired, so should I just return it?”

“What? Attica?”

Kaelus laughed absurdly. For the first time in his life, he heard that the aristocracy would return the estate because it was annoying.

Hestia’s grumbling continued.

“Ha, if I knew this would happen, I would have asked for a small and close estate, but I got a big one for no reason…”

Kaelus brushed his wife’s hair gently with his hand. It was his old habit.

Hestia enjoyed the sensation pleasantly.

“Phew… …but the kids love it, so I’ll have to think more about returning the place.”

The body hummed along the laughter of Kaelus. Hestia’s smile spread naturally around her mouth.

In fact, Attica was a very special place for the duke and his wife. Hestia and Kaelus, who left for Attica, were able to successfully overcome the crisis that came for the couple.

She said she’d give up Attica as a joke, but she’d never do it.

Kaelus leaned over and whispered in Hestia’s ear.

“We don’t have the kids. Shall we go to bed?”


Hestia frowned slightly. It’s not that she didn’t like it, but she was afraid she’d look like she was too excited.

    But Kaelus already knew from his long experience. He didn’t particularly dislike Hestia’s hesitation.


Hestia was forced to sit up because her husband stood up vigorously. But for a moment, she was carried to bed in a moment, in a firm arm that came under her knees.

She was taken to bed in a flash.

The heavy weight of the body was warm. Hestia closed her eyes gently.

She thought for a moment, before putting reason on his gently burrowing lips.

The fourth one is a bit of a problem*.

*TN: having a fourth child would be hard


A few weeks later, the capital’s society was infested. The amazing news from the duke is that the duke and duchess were pregnant with their fourth child.

It was because of the fact.

People asked Duchess Hestia the secret of fertility. Her answer was consistent. She said to go on a trip once.

The royal family also responded to the news of the duke and duchess’ pregnancy. In addition to congratulations, it was reported that the emperor and empress decided to go on vacation to the villa alone.

The vast empire was unprecedentedly peaceful. The rule of Emperor Helios was that he had a great man named Duke Kaelus, who went beyond all empires.

Praise was given.

When the rule stabilized, the temple naturally returned to its original role of serving God. They once attempted to enter central politics, but due to the strict vigilance of the nobility, led by Duke Kaelus, it eventually became a spring dream.

Indeed, the peaceful world that everyone had dreamed of had come.

TN: Thank you everyone for joining me on this journey! FMDF is officially complete! I know on novelupdates, it says there are more but this is the ebook version which is condensed into less chapters so this really is the end. I hope you enjoyed it.

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42 thoughts on “FMDF – Special Story 5”

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  14. wahhhhhh…..this story has finally come to an end…i binged read all of it in a day man…i really enjoyed it ngl. i came after reading the available chapters (till ch 37) of the manhwa because i love the manhwa so much and i was curious about the story and couldn’t wait…i feel sad that it’s over😭😭😭i’ll miss kael and hestia a lot. i wonder if the manhwa will be a little different than the novel…

    i hope diana is rotting somewhere and repenting ahahaha she was way too egotistical

    and also helios…i came to really like him later on in the story!! IM JUST GONNA PRETEND THAT HE ENDS UP WITH ME!!!my husband!!

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    I am quite satisfied at how things turned out for Hes and Kael and also for Helios and the empire, and the lack of mention of Diana is also fitting as mentioned above – she thought she was the center of the world but now, no one cares at all because of her selfishness and narrow-mindedness. Perhaps some may have wished for Hes to even tell Kael that she’s actually not from this world and that it’s a novel, but I think it’s also reasonable that she didn’t because what’s more important is that she herself accepted this world as her reality and to live as a true citizen instead of a 3rd party reader. Will revisit this novel again but for now, can’t wait for the manhwa/webtoon adaptation! I hope they will all be happy with their choices and paths 🙂

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