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FMDF – Special Story 2


The weather was very mild all the way to Attica. Even though it was a nearly five-day journey, the children were excited and joyful.

“Wow, it’s already cold… We’re in Attica, Mom!”

Hestia shook her head with a look of regret at the sparkling eyes of Creos.

“No, we still have one more day to go.”

“Wow, one more day? It means we’re arriving tomorrow!”

Unlike Hestia, who was sad that the trip was sim one more day away, Cree was full of energy all the time.

Hestia looked at Kaelus and Deucalyon sitting opposite her. The two sat side by side and fell asleep with their heads together.

Charis was absorbed with her dough toys. Clarice made the starch lump together. Cess stretched out the dough, as the soft texture was very pleasant. They had a lot of fun together.

Hestia asked Cess secretly.

“Cess. Can I touch it?”


Cess was a poor speaker, but she understood everything. She readily accepted my mother’s request and handed her some dough.

“Here you go!”

“Ha ha, thank you.”

The mother and daughter kneaded the dough side by side.

Creos’s gaze stayed at the dough game for a while and then went out the window again.

“The shape of the leaf is different from that of our neighborhood…”

Coniferous trees were more common as they went north. In Cree’s eyes, it was very strange.

The journey continued quietly.


Finally, the long journey was over. A procession of the Duke and Duchess of Kaelus arrived at Attica’s lordship.

Madam Harmonia, who worked as the acting lady, greeted them with a friendly step.

“Welcome, my lady.”

“You’ve been well, madam?

Hestia responded gratefully as she got out of the carriage. Harmonia soon greeted Kaelus and his three children.

“It’s been a while, duke, princes and the princess.”

“Long time no see, madam.”

Kaelus also greeted her courteously. On the other hand, the three children waved only slightly awkwardly.

Hestia chuckled.

“Cree has seen madam once before, but you don’t remember her very well, do you?”

“Well, yes.”

Creos bowed his head timidly. They met when he was very young, so he had no memory of it.

Hestia introduced the children to Harmonia.

“This is the Deucalyon. Normally, we call him Leon. And this is Charis.”

Then Cess raised her hand thinking she was calling her name.


Harmonia burst out laughing.

“Hahaha, yes. You’re Cess.”

After the greeting was completed, the group followed Harmonia into the permanent residence.

“Even if it’s not exactly winter yet, it’s getting cold as we’re entering winter.”

“Oh, isn’t it cold enough? I’m from the south, so I’d believe it was just winter.”

Hestia quickly hugged Cess in the cold air. Each were wearing a cape, but that wasn’t enough.

The employees who came down from imperial city quickly began to unpack with the employees of the permanent residence. Meanwhile, the duke’s family enjoyed hot tea and snacks from Harmonia and the dining hall.

Hestia gathered the hot teacup and held it in her hands.

“Ah, that’s good…”

“The lord likes the pickled tea here to the southern tea.”

Hestia nodded roughly at Harmonia’s words.

“I prefer sweet things to grassy ones. Or coffee.”

“As expected, you’re a coffee lover.”

Fruit tea soaked in sugar also suited children’s tastes. Cree and Leon were busy taking a teaspoon of fruit syrup and putting it in their teacup


Kaelus gently warned such children.

“It doesn’t taste good if you put in too much.”

“No, I like it better with more.”

His tea had become quite thick, as Creos clearly expressed his preference.

Kaelus, who had nothing to say, coughed once, and this time he saw Leon’s teacup. It was completely half water and half fruit.


A sigh came out of itself. Nevertheless, the two curious sons were making fruit tea as they wanted.

After spending time like this, the room seemed to have been organized before I knew it. Clarice appeared at the dining hall.

“Princes, princess. Shall we change now?”


The children jumped out of their chairs and followed Clarice.

Harmonia stood up with a smile.

“You two should take a break, too. You must be tired of the long carriage ride.”

Hestia was very glad to hear that. She locked arms with Kaelus and waved her free other hand lightly.

“Then I’ll take a breather, madam.”

Hestia leaned slightly against Kaelus’s arm. Even though she was tired she was too tired.

Kaelus asked in a playful voice.

“Do you want me to carry you and move you?””

“… It’s not that bad.”

She could hear Harmonia’s laughing behind her back. Hestia hurried out of the restaurant with a red face.


The child’s physical strength was truly phenomenal. While the grown-ups were out, the two sons, except for the young Charis, left the house with security guards.

They came out to play.

“My children in the village are about the same age as the young masters. I think he’ll be a good companion.”

“Wow, that’s great.”

Creos replied quite politely. Then Leon showed his curiosity.

“I’m five years old, how old are your children?”

“Haha, they are both seven years old. They’re twins.”

Not only Leon but also Cree’s eyes were round. They knew there were twins in the world, but in fact, they had not met twins their age yet.

It’s not too far to the house where the twins are. The children of the lord’s guard were surprised to see their father at home in the middle of the day, but when they saw the two noblemen he brought, they hardened awkwardly.

“Say hi, guys. They are the sons of the lady.”

Despite their father’s words, the twins were only timid and couldn’t speak easily.

In their young minds, the existence of “lady” was well engraved as the strongest and highest person in this village. You couldn’t treat them carelessly.


Clever Creos judged by intuition. In the situation, it was better to come forward first.

“Well, how are you? I’m Creos, and I’m seven years old. You can just call me Cree.”

Leon also introduced himself.

“I’m a Deucalyon. But everyone calls me Leon.”

Thanks to the lord’s sons approaching first, the two twins also spoke with difficulty.


“I’m Paenon…”

Cree and Leon exchanged glances. Then, Cree took a package of snacks from his home from his pocket.

“Do you want to eat with me?”



The two boys with the same appearance’s faces brightened. Delicious snacks were always welcomed by children.

Creos and Deucalyon grinned at each other. It was easy to get through the first crisis.

As children of their age usually do, the four boys slowly tore down the wall as they sat around and shared snacks. It took a long time for them to get along.

No, it was dinner time and by the time we parted, they were already best friends.

Cree and Leon waved side by side outside the door.

“See you again tomorrow!”

The twin brothers waved their hands together.

“Come and play again!”

Leon muttered on his way home.

“I really hope we can play again tomorrow…”


Then Cree’s expression became very serious.

“We have to keep your promise!”

They said they’d see them again tomorrow, so they had to see them again. It was a promise that must be kept in the honor of the duke.

The two brothers clasped each other’s hands resolutely. We’ll get permission to go out again tomorrow no matter what.


Hestia and her family celebrated their first dinner in Attica. The brothers who came back from going out had the most to say.

“I went to the village. I had a great time with his twins!”

“He made his own toys, too!”

Cree and Leon were talking to each other in a hurry. Hestia and Kaelus had a hard time calming down the excited children.

“Now, say it one by one. I can’t hear you clearly because you’re speaking at the same time.”

Hestia spoke with a stern look on her face, and the brothers flinched and died down a little.

“Patton has also tried ice fishing.”

“Paenon says that if you’re awake at night, you can see an aurora in the sky.”

Kaelus tilted his head.

“Who are Patton and Paenon?”

“Oh, I told you in the beginning. They’re the guard’s twins.”

Cree blamed Kaelus for not listening carefully. Kaelus was embarrassed.

Charis, the youngest, was eating corn soup diligently with the help of Clarice. This allowed Hestia to focus more on the conversation at the table.

“I’ve had heard the guard had twin sons. I’ve never met them in person.”

Leon raised his head and said.

“They look exactly the same, Mom.”

“Oh, really? But in fact, twins don’t necessarily look the same. If you look closely, they’re slightly different, and sometimes they’re completely different like other people.”

Hestia explained kindly.

Kaelus also cut in quickly to make up for the rebuke he received from Creos.

“By the way, can we see the aurora already? I think we usually saw it in winter before…”

“Oh, they see the aurora all year round. It comes out well even in late summer. But it’s definitely not possible during cloudy nights.”

Hestia made up for some vague memories of Kaelus. It was because years had already passed since the couple lived in Attica.

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