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FMDF – Side Story 4


“Helios, I’ll go to his majesty. See you at dinner.”

Diana said this not long after she came out of the chamber. Helios said yes in an unhappy mood.

“Okay. See you later.”

With a smile, she left.

Helios smiled for a moment and then became expressionless again.

His chest felt strange. It’s bleak.

A very repulsive and depressing mind, whose cause is hard to grasp.

The steps back to the lily palace were very heavy.


The same was true of Diana, who was distraught.

It’s been a long time since she’s faced Kaelus properly. His eyes were incomparably stable compared to the accidental encounter at the emperor’s residence a few months ago, and his signature sharp and cool atmosphere remained. 

When Kaelus suddenly spoke about the emperor’s disease, to be honest, she thought her heart stopped beating.

How dare he say “you don’t look good” even though he knows that the saintess is always healing him.

This was a question of her power itself. It was also a warning that he knew the truth.

With that word, she realized for sure. That Kaelus is no longer on her side. And back to being an infinitely cold enemy.

It was certainly her who threw him out first. But.


Why is it so depressing?


She sighed loudly and blinked her eyes. She had to shake off this dull feeling.

Soon she arrived at the emperor’s bedroom.

“Your majesty, her majesty the crown princess is here.”

She followed the servant slowly into the room. The emperor quickly changed his clothes and went back to bed.

“Whoa, it wasn’t easy.”

“Your majesty…”

The emperor smiled apologetically.

“Kael is very smart. Even if I denied it, he would have noticed it all.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not doing well.”

“Is it your fault? Diana. God has another meaning.”

Diana held back her tears.


At first, there was definitely some improvement. As soon as the emperor had just collapsed, the power she poured out immediately proved effective.

However, the next day, the emperor felt a slight dizziness again, and Diana ran with his doctor to examine the emperor’s condition. The doctor judged it to be a common symptom in the morning. Diana was relieved by the words, gave him some more healing, and then withdrew.

She thought it was okay. This time, he complained of chest pain. Diana was appalled.

The healing power was not applied to any particular part of the body. Fundamentally, her healing power was to make the whole body in a normal state. Even if the healing power was used only by putting the hand on the head, the energy tended to start from where the hand was touched and spread throughout the body.

Therefore, the emperor’s body as a whole should have been intact. Even before he collapsed, he would hold Diana’s hand every morning and receive the holy power.

It was impossible not to know. There’s a problem with Diana’s healing powers.

When Hestia first delivered the prophecy, Diana inwardly denied it. However, as the days went by, she had no choice but to admit it herself.

God’s grace was slipping away from her.

Diana felt like the sky was falling. Toward a being somewhere in the sky, she cried and clung. ‘Why are you doing this to me? Why are you taking back your gift?’

Just as the emperor hides his illness, she decided to hide that her power was disappearing. It’s impossible to fool Helios forever anyway, so just for a moment. Perhaps her ability could be restored in the meantime.

But things have not improved at all. Her holy power was only getting weaker, and now even Helios seemed to have noticed the truth.

Hestia promised to remain silent.

But the cunning woman’s promise was not credible. Diana looked at Helios with apprehension.

She’d rather tell him everything. She thought that more than a dozen times a day. Nevertheless, on the other hand, she could not give up hope that her healing power would return soon. Diana finally shut up.

Diana couldn’t understand what she had sinned so great that God would take back his grace. It was the biggest reason why she could not give up her lingering attachment to the disappearing power.

Everything happens for a reason. She gained healing power thanks to her deep faith and affection for the people. No, she thought so.

Then shouldn’t there be a cause for that ability to disappear?


Diana murmured like a habit.

Surprisingly, the emperor was not too embarrassed by the situation. He just accepted calmly, saying, “Isn’t it inevitable because of God’s will?”

How he can do that. It was simply incomprehensible to Diana.


Dinner with Helios. It was the only time of the day for the two.

It’s supposed to be the happiest time for newlyweds who have been married for months.

In reality…

“You did a great job today. Diana.”

“You, too. You had a lot of work to do for his majesty, didn’t you?”

A ceremonial manner of greeting.

“You were nervous because the marquis couple came, right?”

“It was the same for you. You did a great job.”

Repeated words and phrases.

“Hestia is never quiet.”

“I know. I don’t know what she’s up to, but I always have a headache.”

A subject so familiar that it was no longer new.



A couple’s conversation that breaks off without going deeper. 

Helios was sick and tired of it. How long were they going to repeat such a superficial conversation?

In just a few months, their relationship slowly crumbled. Where did all the trust and affection that seemed to last forever immediately after marriage go?

Because of the sly Hestia? No way. Helios realized it wasn’t a direct cause.

Of course she was the trigger. But the fundamental reason was that Helios and Diana became disingenuous to each other.

From her attitude toward Kaelus, who was his best friend, to the formation of relationships with the nobles, to the differences in beliefs and worldviews. There were a lot of problems for the two to solve through in-depth conversations.

But Diana was never willing to yield her ideas. In everything that needed compromise, Helios always felt like he was hitting a huge wall.

The two grew tired of this repetitive pattern. As he tried to avoid fighting, he refrained from bringing up sensitive topics. As a result, the topic of conversation was bound to be limited. A conversation between a couple that is always there.

And the decisive cause. Diana kept hiding the truth. Even to Helios, her only companion.


He couldn’t stand it now. Even if they fought hard, they had to break this vicious circle.

His determined voice trembled slightly.

“Diana, let’s stop doing this.”


Diana’s heart sank. Stop what?

The darkened golden eyes stared straight at her.

“This kind of shell-like conversation. I want to quit.”


The straightforward words quickly froze Diana’s heart.

 And the question that follows. No, confirmation disguised as a question.

“You lost your divine power, right?”


The beautiful sea-colored eyes were wide open with astonishment.

On the other hand, the deeply sunk gold eyes were not shaken at all.

“I already know. But I want you to be honest with me. The healing power is almost ineffective now, right?

“You know? Who said that? Was it Hestia?”

Diana asked back in a fit. The voice contained fear, despair, betrayal, and injustice.

“No, why do you want to check with me again when you know? Did you really hear from the marchioness?”


Helios managed to suppress the urge to shout.

“It’s obvious that the illness is not getting better. Even though you’ve been by the side of the emperor for much longer than before.”

“That’s all because I’m putting my power into it.”

Diana instinctively defended herself.

“Yeah, maybe. But in the past, he would have already stood up.”

“Don’t doubt me just from speculation.”

“No, it’s not a guess. Yes, as you say, Hestia told me. She told you her prophecy.”


Diana closed her eyes hopelessly.

Everything was revealed. Hestia broke her promise. How dare you break the strict order of the crown princess.

Of course. I can’t believe a promise from that sly woman. Didn’t she say that for sure? If you want to hide it, hide it as long as you can.

But what’s all this about? In the end, she deliberately asked her to reveal herself to Helios…!

“It’s a trap….”


Helios asked reflexively at the unexpected words.

Diana lifted her eyes.

“It’s all her, Hestia’s trap!”

“What does that mean?”

Hestia set a trap. Helios had a cold heart.

“She said she’d keep it a secret! She said it’d be better to hide it for a long time.…!”


“I just followed her advice.”


Helios was in a daze. Because it was completely different from what he heard directly from Hestia.

She told him that Diana had ordered silence, saying she would tell him herself. She also said she could not break the order.

One of the two.

She’s lying.

Helios felt suffocated.

“Diana, Hestia said otherwise. You ordered her to remain silent.”

“Oh, Heli! Who the hell do you believe?!”

Diana shouted, trembling.

At that moment, Helios also trembled when he realized the terrible contradiction.

“Diana, then why did you take her advice? Did you immediately understand that it was the advice of such an unbelievable person?”


Diana was dumbfounded. Apparently in her memory Hestia told her to hide as long as possible. What if it’s not advice! 

“I didn’t order that!”

“Then why didn’t Hestia tell me the prophecy first? And why have you kept it from me all along?”


Helios dug in as sharp as a blade. Diana wept with a surge of betrayal.

“I told you! She said I’d better hide it as much as possible….”

“Ha, Diana.”

An icy voice.

Diana felt fear for the first time in front of Helios.


“Please answer honestly. Why didn’t you tell me the prophecy Hestia had given you?”


The answer, “Because Hestia told me to,” never convinced Helios. Diana realized what he was asking was more fundamental.

Helios gave his wife a cold look for the first time.

“The reason why you have followed her ‘advice’ so far. I’m curious about that.”

Sad tears flowed down Diana’s cheeks.

“……disappear, reason…… Because I don’t have….”


“There’s no way that the divine power will disappear from me…….”

Diana quickly wiped away her tears.

“I believed it’d be weak for a while and come back soon. That’s why I’ve been waiting until now…!”

It’s unfair. It’s heartless. A sense of betrayal.

She was sure she’d tell him everything over time. Helios can’t endure that short period of time, so he pushed her so hard!

But Helios responded coldly.

“That’s not what Hestia said. In two years, your powers will be completely lost.”

“I don’t believe in the prophecies!”

Diana’s voice grew louder and louder.

“Helios…! How come you don’t believe me? Why do you believe her more? Do you have proof that prophecies are real?”

“The prophecy is not lying, Diana.”

Helios seemed to have been hit on the head with a giant hammer. Diana was completely denying the record of all the predictions so far.

Where the hell did the Diana he knew go?

Is the saint who only told the truth the same person as his wife in front of him?

“At least the prediction that my power will disappear is a lie!”

Diana jumped up and shouted.

“Don’t you see? The vicious woman lied! To trap you and me!”


Helios was still unable to escape the shock.

Does it make sense to stick to the advice of a lying woman? Diana also accepted the advice to hide it because she accepted the prediction as true.

Why didn’t Diana admit her contradiction?

“Diana, calm down. And hear me out.”

Helios would rather scream.

“I love you. I want to protect you.”


A flattering remark. If he loved her, he should have trusted her.

Diana’s heart was already pierced with a sword of betrayal.

“Stop using the divine power on father. I think your body will grow weak. If there’s not much time left, I’ll stall it as much as I can.”


Looking at his wife, who had closed her lips tightly, Helios felt something break apart in his heart.

A long sigh came through Helios’ lips.

“Ha… and Hestia’s Prophecy, we’ll see. Because you have a point.”


Diana looked at her husband with a reproachful look. He’ll wait and see? He’s already completely convinced, but he’s talking nonsense.

“Good night, and rest well tomorrow morning. I’ll tell the emperor.”

She found his words funny to her. Look, he thinks her powers are gone.

Helios rose from his seat. Then he left without looking back.

“Oh my god…”

Diana, left alone, burst into tears.

He said he loved her.

He told her she was the only one.

He swore he’d stay with her forever.


The deep love confession and marriage vows for her were all scattered like pieces of tissue.

The whole trust vanished like a dream. Now Diana didn’t trust Helios, and Helios didn’t trust Diana.

If you don’t trust each other, does love mean anything? To be more honest, is that love?

Helios just said he loved her, but can she believe that now?

Diana blamed Helios more than Hestia. Isn’t he the only one she can rely on in this cold palace?

How long have they been married and yet he abandoned her?

If she had known it would end so soon, she would have chosen Kaelus instead of Helios.

“Oh my god…!”

There was a rush of regret in the dark.

Kaelus, who always believed in her. The man who confessed that she was the only one in his world.

Cruel and cold, but just sweet and warm to her.

Beautiful silver-haired Kaelus, who always stood behind her and looked after her without a word.

He was her shadow, her help, her comfort.

Diana cried loudly.



I miss you.

I miss you.

Although he was cold at the audience today, it was probably because there were many eyes. The emperor, Helios, and his legal spouse, Hestia.

How Kaelus loved Diana. He was the only one in this world to think of death after losing her.

The brutality of killing the Duke Orcus and Princess Letona was at least an exception for Diana. Kaelus had never been cruel to Diana.

“…I have to….”

A tiny resolution that only one can hear.

We need to restore our relationship.

We need to get Kael back.

And I have make it pay.


A humble common woman who took advantage of Kaelus’ wanderings and took the position of a marquis’ wife like a thunderbolt, and is well-off thanks to him.

A wicked woman who does everything she can to enjoy power. A crafty con artist who deceives everyone with false prophecies.

It is the fate of those who serve God to stand up to evil.

She must not avoid Hestia. As a bold servant of God, she must fight and win.

Good always beats evil. Her victory is therefore already scheduled.

Destroy Hestia and get Kaelus back.


Diana stood up with a determined face. She wiped her teary face forcefully.

It wasn’t the time to cry. Her struggle is still far from over.

All right, I’ll deal with you. Diana clenched her teeth.

I thought of the first thing to do. What Madam Harmonia has been asking for all along. It was to invite Hestia to a private meeting.

“Yeah, that’s better.”

Harmonia, her staunch ally with Kaelus. Even she hung out with Hestia and ended up playing on the wicked woman’s tongue. She’s the one who recommended her as an advisor, what nonsense is that?

Madam Harmonia is a good woman. Therefore, if Hestia’s evil deeds were revealed before her eyes, she will surely realize her mistake.

“God, give me strength.”

It will be a tough fight.

But she always won. The same was true of the confrontation with Princess Letona.

So this time again.

“Don’t be afraid. God will always be with you.”

A passage of scripture flowed from the lips of the saint.

God is on her side.


Meanwhile, Helios left Diana and headed straight to the Lion Palace.


“Oh, Heli.”

Maybe he had enough rest, but fortunately, the emperor’s face was calm. Nevertheless, Helios felt a surge of grief.


“Yes, Heli.”

The emperor wondered at his son’s crying face. It was the first time since he was a child to show such a weak figure.

Helios tried to force the corners of his mouth up.

“Tomorrow morning, Diana… won’t come.”

“…I see…”

The emperor nodded and smiled softly. He looked calm and peaceful as if he had been prepared earlier.

The more so, the more humiliated Helios felt.

“Did you know…?”

“How can I not know? I’m receiving the holy power myself.”

If you knew, you’d be like this from the beginning. Helios regretted it late.

“Please get well soon. Father.”

“Huh, don’t worry. I’m sorry that I can’t get better soon because I’m old. But you’ll see. I’ll shake it off and get up.”

“Of course. I’ll do my best.”

Helios was about to turn around holding back his tears.

Then, the emperor’s voice was heard.

“Heli, Diana is your wife, who will be the empress of this empire in the future.”


Helios bit his lips.

“She’s a child who threw herself into this tough royal life while only relying on you. Who else would protect her if not you?”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Father.”

It is as the emperor said. He had to protect Diana.

Even if she turned the whole world against her.

Something terribly heavy weighed on his shoulders.

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  1. So I guess the ultimate villain in this story is the saintess?
    She’s delusional, and now shamelessly feel victimised. It can’t be blamed for choosing Helios over Kaelus, but what with abandoned him after your marriage is directly related to him? I do believe that’s what our mc is mad about.
    Helios is slightly better, by a narrow margin. At least he’s not delusional like his wife.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. I’m not mad at Diana for trying to hide her slowly vanishing powers or saying such things to our MC, but I absolutely fucking hate her for “trying to get Kael back” and planning to ‘destroy’ the person who loves him more than anything after everything hes been put through. I’ve been in Kael’s shoes so many times and have had people like Diana in my life so towards her current actions I feel geniune resentment, a bit of fear, and a ton of disgust.

    Jokes on you, God isn’t on your side anymore.

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