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FMDF – Prologue


The second lead Kaelus in the original story had died.

The only reason I could live in this world, the only joy that supported my life here, my favorite.

I really didn’t expect the post-happy ending story to continue this way.

At first, I thought I was having a vivid dream.

Obviously, I fell asleep while binge-reading one of the complete rofan novels for the ninth time, but when I opened my eyes, it was a completely strange place.

No, it wasn’t strange to be honest. Because this place was none other than a novel that I was binge-reading.

It was a really interesting experience. In other words, this place is definitely unrealistic, but it has become a reality that can be felt.

Anyway, I suddenly became an extra one day, with no name appearing in the novel.

From that day on, I felt more alive than VR and watched the ‘Novel’.

Fortunately, my wealth was abundant without reason, and I devoted all this money generously to give myself more status. In order to see the main characters closely, I bought the status of a fallen aristocrat in advance with money. That way, I can go into the aristocratic banquet properly. I was so excited to see Diana, Kaelus, and Helios passing by in front of me, who was a true fanatic.

First, the heroine with long pink hair with a subtle pearl-like color, as described in the novel. Bright eyes with a mysterious mixture of blue and green, like the color of the sea at Hyeopjae Beach. Perhaps because she was the most beautiful in the world, she seemed to be floating just by passing by. She had a very confident personality as the role of providing the strongest cider* in this novel.

*TN: cider is slang for the feeling of satisfaction after justice is served

I went to the temple for treatment with the sole purpose of looking closely at the heroine’s face. It was a minor scratch and after a face-to-face with the “Saintess” after making a huge donation, I could say it wasn’t a waste of money.

And the other two, who had no choice but to be tied for first place in the beauty ranking with Diana. The crown prince, who is a confident male character. And his best friend, the young marquis, who confronts Helios with Diana in between.

The male lead perfectly satisfied the needs of black-haired lead enthusiasts. The combination of black hair and golden eyes. He was the best man in the world with a great body, head, and royal status. It was a character that the writer made up and wrote only the best about.

And a tragic serving male character, Kaelus. He was originally a cool-headed, sometimes cruel-minded man for purposes, but he was the sweetest man in the world only for the heroine. And despite his desperate love for Diana, he was an unfortunate man of ability who was not chosen by Diana.

The plot of the original story was roughly like this.

Diana, a healing Saintess. A great priest of God who always gives love to the weak. As beautiful as her beauty, she was called the only hope in an empire full of greed and tricks.

There were two men who were fascinated by her. Prince Helios and his best friend, Marquis Kaelus. The two men helped the Saintess side by side through their status and wealth and cooperated in creating a better world for her.

“Diana, you’re always right. I’ll join you.”

“Don’t forget I’m always behind you, Diana.”

Of course, there were villains who faced these main characters. The head of the aristocracy, the Duke of Orcus and his daughter, Princess Letona. He was a typical villain who refused to get his own hands dirty and did it through others. As they confronted the main characters, the love triangle between the three main characters deepened.

Letona, the evil woman who confronted the heroine, bothered Diana very much. But thanks to the power of a family that even the emperor was afraid of, she was engaged to Helios and aspired to become an empress in the future.

“Wouldn’t the nobility of the empire fit in better with the noble blood? Not a woman born with common blood.”

“If you don’t want the Duke of Orcus to create a new Duchy, you’ll have to accept this marriage. His Majesty the Emperor.”

The emperor’s authority, shaken inexorably by the breath of the nobles and the crown prince driven into an unwanted marriage over his beloved woman. Eventually, Kaelus did not hesitate to take the bullet as soon as he found evidence of the duchess’s crime for his friend and the woman he loved.

“The only time to root out the duke is now. If the imperial family goes out, I can be attacked by a counterattack, so I have to move alone this time.”

Here, a decisive opportunity emerged for the second lead not to be chosen by Diana. It was the Duke and his daughter who induced them to drink their own tea. Although they ended up killing themselves, the second lead was just as good at killing them anyway.

Diana harshly criticized the second lead’s behavior. It was the decision of the second lead who had been nipped in advance out of fear that the Duchess would face the crown prince and the Saintess again after receiving only lenient punishment, but Diana scolded it as cruel and immoral. In addition, he pointed out that it was clear that he was a marquis and that he had let the duke and princess die of their own will.

“Kaelus! How can you drive a man to choose death for himself? How cruelly have you been pushing……! Besides, you don’t have the authority or the right to do it!”

So Diana completely turned her back on Kaelus.

With the death of the villain, the empire regained its tranquility, and the novel ended with a happy wedding ceremony between Diana and Kaelus.

The decisive factor that made the novel a popular one was the charm of Kaelus and Helios, no matter what anyone said. Brilliant and wonderful Helios and thoughtful and gentle Kaelus. Even though he* was a nobody, he divided the readers’ hearts by showing the standard of the female lead, Diana, a powerful Saintess who poured out unrelenting words at the nobles. Some readers even commented that it was too cruel to choose one person, so some readers asked to make it a reverse harem.

*TN: He, being the author of the book. 

Unfortunately, I’m one of the people who was on the second lead’s side. I was also firmly caught in the lead battle that some rofan readers often get into.

Even at the end of the series between the heroine and the crown prince, Kaelus still did not give up on his feelings for the heroine. I don’t know how I comforted my cold heart while reading the ending. Our second lead will be happy later, too, and he will meet a good person who recognizes his true feelings, so he can forget about Diana and start anew.

At the beginning of the novel, I was possessed, and by the time I saw the ending, a year or so passed already. I witnessed the wedding ending of the crown prince and the heroine with a relieved heart. I also was able to attend their wedding party with generous money.

The second lead who wishes happiness to two people with a lonely smile. I looked at him more pitifully than anyone else.

Be sure to be happy. You have to be happy.

You’re a smart man, so you won’t dwell for long on a passing first love. Please get up from this broken heart and live your life with confidence.

I prayed secretly and prayed again and again and again.

To be honest, I knew that being possessed in a novel would be a long dream. So after watching the ending, I thought I could go back to my real life. No, the novel is over, so there’s no reason for me to stay here. I still have a lot of work to do in real life!

To my surprise, however, I opened my eyes again in this novel. I was embarrassed because there was no way to know why I couldn’t solve my situation. I went to the streets to find a clue.

And news that came with a bolt from the blue.

My favorite. My second lead, Kaelus,

He killed himself.

My eyes were swollen and my voice was hoarse.

My favorite passed away with extreme despair without being comforted by anyone.

I never wished for such an end. You should have lived well. You should have lived your life bravely and quickly let go of your broken heart.

There is no longer any lingering feelings in this world. I couldn’t help but hate the couple of Diana and Helios, who pushed him to turn his back on the world. The affection I had for them as readers of the novel disappeared like I was acting. I never forgave Diana and Helios for abandoning Kaelus.

I couldn’t open my eyes from reality. Life in the novel continued without meaning. In the meantime, he worked as if he wanted to starve, collecting the behind-the-scenes stories of the main couple.

After the Saintess became a crown princess, her healing power gradually weakened. The strongest basis for making her the crown prince’s companion had gradually lost strength. The couple’s powers, which made them look only at each other, were also peeled off little by little. The fiery love between the two main characters lasted less than two years at the most.

Love cools down so quickly. Then what did my favorite person give up his life? My life was full of futility and anger.

I had no regrets about my life, so I didn’t take care of my health properly. One day when I was sick enough to die, I clenched my teeth and went to the temple.

I collected all the last remaining money and asked the retainer. Let me see the Saintess just once.

However, the retainer replied, “I can no longer let a saint who had sat on a high throne meet a humble person like you.” Saint Diana, who was a priest of the temple and a friend of the common people, no longer existed.

I just lost my mind. I rushed into any small room used as a prayer room. I closed the door tightly and shouted at the god who created this world and the author of the novel.

Save my favorite!

I’ve lived without knowing why I’ve possessed this body, and my only hope, my favorite, Kaelus, that somehow led me to my aimless life.

Save him or kill me. Please do something about it.

I’m exhausted. I’m going to die.

I shouted and shouted.

And at that moment, a miracle happened.

Falling down in the temple, I opened my eyes again.


I met my favorite, Kaelus.

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