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FMDF – Epilogue 1


Before and after transmigrating, Hestia had never experienced pregnancy before. Therefore, she had no choice but to panic in reality, which was completely different from theory.


The first change was that she couldn’t eat any greasy food. Not only fried dishes, but food that just seemed a little greasy was disgusting.

After learning of his wife’s pregnancy, Kaelus also adored her even more. He ordered the kitchen not to make any sweet desserts that Hestia finds difficult to eat, while diligently buying ingredients and medicines that are good for pregnant women.

He made a special call to the butler Uross.

“People who have children need to eat a lot of vegetables, so bring the vegetable juice to my wife every morning.”

Although the knowledge was learned from books, it was the most necessary knowledge for the two who did not have adults to teach them separately.

The bright news came to light in the social world, which had been overwhelmed by the emperor’s illness. Although the situation was so critical that it was not celebrated loudly, gifts were sent to Hestia and Kaelus here and there.

Helios heard directly from Kaelus about Hestia’s pregnancy.

“You found out about the pregnancy at a tea party?”

“I was surprised to hear that Hess suddenly felt sick, but one of the participants asked, so wewent to the doctor, and it was true.”

Kaelus tried to speak calmly, but could not hide the smile drawn around his mouth.

Helios asked, indifferently.

“How did the duchess react?”

“She’s very fascinated by herself. She says her taste has changed even though her appearance hasn’t changed yet.”


He nodded and listened to Kaelus. Then he smiled at once.

“Congratulations, Kael. You’ve vbecome a father first.”

“Thank you, Heli.”

Kaelus slowly rose from his seat to return.

Then, suddenly Helios’ voice caught him.

“… you let me know in person….”


Curiously purple eyes. Helios smiled bitterly.

 “I mean, thank you. You’ve been my friend again.”


Kaelus glanced at him with his usual expressionless face.

“I told Hestia that I should first put an end to the bad relationship between the two of us, so I should show it in my actions as well.”

He just answered plainly.


After Kaelus returned, Helios could not get his job done at all due to the constant rush of confusion.


He was glad to have something to congratulate his friend for. He was jealous.

On the other hand, he felt lonely. Felt empty.


Could he and Diana make up like that couple?

No, before that.

Was he willing to make peace?

  “The reconciliation… Someday I’ll do it…”

They’ve been married for three years and it’s already been four years together. Compared to the worst time, the current crown prince and his wife were able to face each other in a much simpler atmosphere than before.

But that’s all. To make further progress there, the deep wound between Helios and Diana had to be touched on.

And neither of them implicitly crossed the line.

It wasn’t hard to just meet and say hello with a faint smile. However, the wall between the two was too solid to reveal the truth beyond.

Helios was angry with Diana. Rather than reflecting on her mistake properly, she gave her heart to Kaelus, who was only kind to her, and ran away.

Diana also felt betrayed by Helios. It was because he trusted Hestia more than he did her, and eventually put Hestia ahead of her, the crown princess. It was a bonus that he had a crush on her.*

*TN: it was another reason for her to feel betrayed

How much longer would it take to touch the wound with less pain?

But in fact, the most urgent thing above all was to obtain an imperial grandson.

Kaelus and his wife had a child after three years, and the most important crown prince and crown princess had no children.

Even though it was a royal family who had an obligation to continue their lineage, Helios and Diana were so careless that the nobles and the people who were worried about the succession to the throne.

There were also many nobles who secretly wanted to introduce the daughters of their family to Helios. Whenever that happened, Helios did not react with anger, but responded only to the extent that he knew with a ceremonial attitude.

He was also well aware that emotional problems should not delay the national important event of the birth of an imperial grandson. Even so, he was trying to avoid it, saying, ‘Kaelus doesn’t has any children yet’.

But now there are no more excuses to run away.

“Zenon, I have to go to Diana.”

It’s too early to touch the wound.

Still, it may be possible to persuade her with a “duty.”

It is a truly inhumane solution. However, the life of the imperial family is not a world driven by the affection of warm people.

If Diana chose to be a crown princess, she should be prepared for this. Because this is the price of being privileged.

“I don’t feel like it…”

He had no choice but to laugh bitterly.


Hestia touched the flat belly curiously.


The Countess of Erinnis, who visited the duchy, laughed mischievously.

“You still can’t believe it, duchess?”

“Yes… No, when my appetite changes and I feel uncomfortable, I say, ‘Is that the case?’ But honestly, it’s not that…”

Hestia blurted out the end of her words.

Having already seen her grandchild, Erinnis sympathized with her feelings based on her rich experience.

“The truth is, I was like that when I had my first child. But that kind of daze isn’t long. After another month or so, when morning sickness begins…”

Erinnis’ face crumpled with disgust.

“I was going crazy because I couldn’t get rid of the nausea. Whew….”

“Is it that painful?”

“There are differences in degree depending on the person. But I was especially bad. It was a few months that I endured by chewing only tomatoes.”

Hestia’s expression as she listened to her experiences also grew gradually distorted. Endless nausea, how on earth can one endure such a thing?

“Anyway, you’re going to have a hard time in the next couple of months. And that’s actually the most dangerous time. Be careful until your baby is settled in a stable manner.”

“Is it better when your stomach starts to come out?”

Hestia had a lot of questions. Even if she found and read a book about pregnancy and childbirth, she couldn’t satisfy her curiosity and fear with it.

Fortunately, Erinnis was a person who could understand the mind of Hestia, a novice pregnant woman.

“Yes, then you have another problem, but your nausea will go away.”

“Another difficulty…”

“Ho-ho-ho, don’t be so afraid. You can worry about the next thing then.”

Erinnis rose gracefully.

“I hope you only see and listen to good things, and have a fun and comfortable time. I’ll see you again.”

“Thank you, Countess Erinnis.”

Hestia also expressed her sincere appreciation for her generous kindness.

After the Countess returned, Hestia sighed and walked through the garden.


The appearance has not changed much before pregnancy.

But there’s definitely a difference. Her stamina dropped faster than usual.

She soon sat on the bench, unable to take a few steps.

“What… It’s only been a few weeks, and I’m having such a hard time…”

A grumbling murmur.

As she learned from common sense before she became Hestia, obviously the actual size of the fetus at this time was very small. How can such a small thing take away the energy of a person!

Then, she heard a crunching sound from somewhere.


Hestia turned to the sound. Kaelus came with a lap blanket.


A smile came out by itself. Her beloved husband, truly brilliant.

“Why are you still out here when the countessint is gone, Hess?”

“I feel good when it’s windy.”

Kaelus spread the blanket he had brought and covered Hestia’s lap.

“But stay out in the cold wind too long. What if you catch a cold?”

“It’s okay because it’s just for a second.”

Hestia replied, indifferently, to her husband’s affectionate concern.

The two decided to sit down for a while longer and chatted.

“What did the countessess say?”

“My morning sickness will begin in earnest soon. It varies from person to person, but it’s going to be pretty hard.”

Hestia replied in a worried tone. Kaelus sighed briefly.

“I wish I could go through it instead.”

“Ha ha…”

A nauseous Kaelus. Hestia imagined it in her head and laughed.

“I mean it, Hess.”

He made a rather unjust plea.

“Of course. I know, Kael.”

She soothed him with a deep smile.

“Shall we go in now?” 


Hestia arranged the blanket and handed it to Kaelus. Then she took his hand and walked a few steps.



Hestia’s eyes turned dark. When she was embarrassed in the moment, she even lost her breath.



A sudden tingling of the head. Hestia sat down on the spot. A cold sweat broke out all over her body.

“Bring the doctor!”


At the command of Kaelus, the maid quickly ran into the house.

Kaelus held Hestia in his arms. He couldn’t wait for the doctor to come down to the garden.

Hestia fell weakly into Kaelus’ arms.

“Suddenly… I lost all my strength….”

She collapsed so quickly that it was hard to stand. Hestia was helplessly forced to sink.

“It’s okay, Hestia. It’s gonna be okay.”

Kaelus, who witnessed his wife’s collapse, was also dizzy. How slow was his pace as he ran holding Hestia.

Just in time, the doctor arrived.

“Master! Madam!”

“Hess suddenly collapsed.”

The doctor calmly replied, even as he looked at the couple’s embarrassed faces.

“This happens often in the early stages of pregnancy. Don’t get up in a hurry or sit down, and take a rest as often as you can.”

Hestia felt ridiculous.

“This is a pregnancy symptom?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The doctor calmly affirmed.

“That’s why you should refrain from going out as much as possible in the beginning. We don’t know what’s going to happen.”

While the two couples were relieved by the explanation that it was a common phenomenon, they realized again that pregnancy was a really huge event.

Kaelus laid Hestia in the room.

“You’d better never take a walk alone for the time being. Hess.”

“Okay, I’ll be careful.”

Hestia also keenly realized that she should have a different lifestyle than before. Not only for herself, but also for the child in the stomach.

Perhaps relieved, Kaelus’ voice was quite weak.

“Having a baby, it’s really a big deal.”

“That’s true….”

Hestia agreed gravely, too.


Diana came to the emperor’s bedroom in the Lion Palace early in the morning to attend to him.

Fortunately, the emperor, who was in a critical condition at any moment, was more stable. Everyone was relieved.

She placed a chair next to the sleeping emperor, and Diana sat next to him and always looked at her father-in-law’s complexion.


A comfortable-looking emperor’s face. Diana was also relieved for a moment.


But she had another concern.

“… Let’s Have a Child…?”

A few days ago, Helios came to the Lily Palace and told her something. Anyway, his words to fulfill his duties as a couple and as an heir to the throne.

To be honest, she was angry at first. She stared at Helios with ridiculous eyes, and he went on with a sneaking glance.

“It’s not compulsory. If you don’t want to have an imperial heir, I’ll divorce you.”

Helios left the Lily Palace after giving Diana a choice.


After receiving the choices, she let out a long sigh.

Will she give birth to a crown prince and remain a crown princess? Or will she boldly abandon her false status and live by practicing her beliefs?

In fact, Diana had little influence in the aristocratic society within the empire. The nobles rejected her thoroughly. A completely different result from Hestia’s successful settlement in aristocratic society, who was from the same breed.

Diana did not regret her move, which was different from the existing aristocratic forces. She still disliked the aristocratic ways of thinking and the extravagant lifestyle.

However, it was not that much supported by the common people.

After Kaelus’ accusation of the temple, the public’s eyes on the temple became quite cold. Most of the views were that Diana, who rose from a commoner to a royal family, also did so due to worldly greed.

Diana was upset one way or another.

Then, she heard the voice of the emperor who had just woken up.

“Diana. You must be worried about something.”

“Oh, your majesty…!”

Was her sigh that loud? Diana was apologetic because she thought she had woken the emperor’s good sleep.

The emperor laughed softly.

“My abilities are not very good, but can’t I listen to your concerns? Please tell me.”


Diana pondered for a moment.

The emperor was the only one who listened fully to her in this palace.

In addition, the question of divorce or childbirth was not limited to Diana and Helios.

Eventually, she opened her mouth.

“Actually, not too long ago, I talked to Heli about giving birth to an imperial heir.”


The emperor groaned and nodded.

“He said it was also the crown prince’s duty to continue the lineage of the royal family, and that he would divorce me since he didn’t want to force me to.”

Diana’s expression sank heavily.

Her present situation was exactly the same, a shallow royal family member who did not fulfill her duties but were well-off.

Even if Diana herself wanted to do this and that as a crown princess, what can she do when Helios rarely allows her?

The emperor smiled bitterly at Diana’s sunken face.

“Diana, if you divorce Heli, will you go back to the temple?”

Diana smiled sadly at the question.

“Where else can I go?”

The emperor stared at her for a while and then opened his mouth with difficulty

“…To be honest with you, I want you to stay as my daughter-in-law.”


Diana couldn’t answer quickly.

The life of living so quietly like this was actually a completely incompatible life with her personality. Even when she was in the temple, she was enthusiastic about her service.

Nevertheless, the reason why she didn’t divorce Helios earlier was because of the expectation that one day the two might be able to reconcile.

However, it had been like this for more than three years since they got married. Neither of them tried hard to recover, so it might actually be a natural result.

The emperor spoke in a low but confident tone.

“Diana, when you’re at a crossroads of choice, don’t sacrifice your happiness for ‘need’. Do you understand?”

“…Yes, your majesty.”

She tried to smile at the kind words of her father-in-law.


After a while, Diana left the Lion Palace and headed for the Lily Palace.

Murmuring the emperor’s advice in her mouth, she moved slowly.

“Don’t sacrifice for the sake of necessity…”

If only she had someone to talk to in this situation. Unfortunately, however, there was no one left around her.

She was dreadfully lonely. She couldn’t believe there was no one around me to open up and discuss a problem.

She was greatly discouraged.

What have I done so far? Is it true that I’ve lived a good life?

I thought I definitely lived along the right path, but why don’t I have a friend walking with me?

Tears welled up in the melancholy mood.

She raised her head suddenly.


A short distance away, Kaelus was coming. Beautiful hair, as if sprinkled with silver powder, shone in the sun.

A feeling of disappointment suddenly filled her up. How she threw him out so coldly.

At the time, what he accused was the temple, but Diana felt as if she had been attacked herself.

Then she convinced herself. No one else could, but Kaelus alonecould. Because she herself had done something similar to him.

It was not until she heard the accusation of Kaelus in person that Diana sympathized with the misery he had suffered. With great courage, she visited him and apologized with tears.

But when she thought of his cold attitude as if he were really treating another person, the embarrassment at that time came back to life almost as vividly as yesterday.

In the meantime, the distance from Kaelus became quite close. They couldn’t miss each other anymore.

Diana said hello in a crawling voice.

“Long time no see, Kael… …the duke.”


Kaelus responded with a light silent tribute. It was so arrogant to greet the royal family in such a way.

Diana felt her heart freeze with the coolness. Nevertheless, she succeeded in adding one more word with her unique stubbornness.

“I need to talk to you.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m very busy.”

Purple eyes were as cold as a warm jewel. But she wasn’t an easygoing person, either.

“I have something to discuss with Heli.”

“I don’t dare intervene between husband and wife.”

Kaelus responded dryly once again. Then he walked past Diana.

Her voice rose to a high pitch. A quivering voice.

“He gave me his last mercy!”


The words stopped Kaelus’ feet.


The emotionless purple gaze turned toward Diana.

In fact, Kaelus himself did not have much emotional resentment toward her.

But he had to be careful all the time, fearing that Hestia might be hurt by his insensitive behavior. He consciously tried not to be in the same space with Diana as possible.

But it’s the last one. That’s also with Helios.

He didn’t have to be too mean when he had no feelings for her. If it really hardens into a “grudge,” Kaelus will also be in trouble.

“…I see. If that’s the case.”


As expected, he was a friendly man. Despite this little kindness, Diana felt as if she had caught a lifeline.

“Thank you….”

Her sea-colored eyes were slightly watery.

On the other hand, Kaelus remained calm and cool.

“The Lily Palace is more suitable for talking than here.”

He turned away from the crown prince’s office. Naturally, he took the lead and Diana followed.

The Lily Palace had few visitors except Diana and those who waited on her. Thanks tothat, it was always lonely around.

Kaelus did not enter the palace, but faced Diana in a suitable place outside.

“So, what do you want to say?”

Kaelus’ attitude was far from polite, but Diana dared not complain about it. For her part, it was a pleasure to hear him.

Diana said hesitantly.

“…Heli wants a heir. But if I don’t want to, we can break up our relationship.”


Kaelus nodded expressionless.

At first glance, it seems like an extremely private matter, but it was actually a very important matter to recall that Helios and Diana were the crown prince and wife of this country.

Therefore, Kaelus could not help but think carefully.

First of all, he asked directly.

 “Your highness doesn’t want to get pregnant? More precisely, with the child of the crown prince, right now.”

It was hard for Diana to gloss over the question in a businesslike tone. She answered in a small voice, blushing.

“Right now… To be honest, it’s a little….”

“You mean you don’t want to.”

“…I don’t think…”

Kaelus sighed softly.

“Is there a special reason why you can’t give up on the throne of the crown princess?”

“What…? Oh… That’s.”

Diana, who kept slurring her words.

Kaelus was unfamiliar with her current appearance. Where did the ‘saintess’ who insisted on her beliefs in the past go?

“You don’t seem particularly attached to the post.”

He spoke very coldly.

Diana bowed her head.

“It’s not that I’m attached to it… I was hoping that one day it would get better…”


If you don’t make a difference in your current state, your relationship will continue to be like this.

So Kaelus had no choice but to give advice that sounded very cold.

“But there is a point in your concern, your highness. Now that his majesty’s condition is critical, succession to the throne is more important than anything else to prevent the chaos of the empire.”


“If your personal reasons predate the succession of the empire, why not be free from marriage and take more care of your personal history?”


Diana raised her head. She looked at Kaelus, who openly advised “divorce,” with incredible eyes.

“Is that your conclusion, Kael?”

“This is my opinion as duke of the empire, your highness the crown princess.”

She bit her lip with some sort of disappointment.

“And as an individual?”

“Why do you want to hear my personal opinion? I have been your counsel as your servant.”

Kaelus drew the line thoroughly.

However, Diana’s stubbornness was also formidable.

“I’ll never call you up for this again. So please answer more generously, Kael.”


That “last” sound.

Kaelus really decided to exercise his last patience.

“To be honest, I don’t care what you and your husband decide.”


That dry tone that really didn’t care.

Diana realized again that her existence had become a perfect ‘stranger’ in the world of Kaelus.

Kaelus’ words, which had been interrupted for a while, continued.

“…I once defended your highness to be deposed two years ago.”

How can I forget. Diana affirmed, shaking her head.

“That’s right. I owe you a lot.”

“Do you know that I almost lost my wife?”


That was the first that Diana heard of it. The sea-colored eyes looked at Kaelus with surprise.

Kaelus’ eyes sank heavily.

“I still have no regrets about my choice. But if there is no immediate challenge to the throne…”

Diana’s eyes were fixed as if they were nailed to his lips.

A thundering voice.

“It would be closer to my wife’s wish to have you removed.”


Something cold stuck in Diana’s chest.

Kaelus himself says he doesn’t care what the conclusion is, and he wants it to be as his wife wishes if he can.

In the end, Diana faced Hestia again.

At the crossroads of choice, an old enemy that she wanted to avoid so much.

“Then, bye.”

Leaving devastated Diana behind, Kaelus turned around without hesitation.


For Hestia, who had a hard time smelling food, Kaelus came up to the room where Hestia was resting after eating separately at the dining hall.

“Hess, how are you today?”

Hestia tried to smile at her worried husband.

“It’s still possible to eat.”

To be honest, eating was also getting harder.

Kaelus restrained Hestia from getting out of bed.

“You can just lie down. Never overdo it.”

“It’s okay to sit down.”

She sat with her back against the bedhead. His expression was somewhat dark, so she thought she’d have to talk to him.

“By the way, Kael. Did something happen at the palace? Your face doesn’t look very comfortable.”

Kaelus stopped laughing in vain.

Hestia, who used to be a frighteningly scornful wife, and who is as meticulous as ever.

“… I met Diana.”

There was no other way but to be honest.

Hestia frowned slightly.

“Is she worried again?”

“She asked me to discuss her divorce.”


Despite Kaelus’ insignificant speech, Hestia was startled.

“Divorce? Hasn’t it been 3 years since they got married?”

“It’s not a complete decision, but Heli must have given Diana a choice. Whether to give birth to a prince or to give up her title.”


Hestia felt Helios’ coolness anew. It was the relationship between the crown prince and his wife, who seemed to be recovering, so she thought they would leave it naturally until it became more smooth.

Nevertheless, Helios must be determined to make a decision.

“Considering the question of succession to the throne, Heli has endured quite a long time.”

Kaelus said calmly.

“Well, the royal family also has a duty to continue the lineage. Still, considering that the crown prince gave up his options, he was considerate of her.”

“I think so, too.”

Hestia asked the nodding husband.

“So what did you say?”

“I said I don’t care either way.”


Even before leaving for Attica, Kaelus watched the crown prince and his wife like this. Therefore, this kind of answer would not have been very satisfactory for Diana, who always has a clear attitude.

Hestia asked again with a subtle smile.

“Diana backed down with that? I don’t think so.”


Kaelus looked at Hestia with a languishing look. He couldn’t hide it from her, right?

“Right? There’s something to it, right?”

That’s why he had to lift the white flag.

“I said it carefully, but I told Diana that you probably wanted her to come down from the title of  crown princess.”


Kaelus, who told the truth and looked around, and Hestia, who is frozen after hearing the answer.

Hestia asked herself. What kind of ending do you want from the main couple?

Now that all this time has passed, can you forgive Diana?

Honestly, she couldn’t.

“…you told her right,  Kael.”

She had no choice but to admit it.

“Actually, I still don’t think Diana is worthy of the title of  crown princess. The new person may be perfect, but it doesn’t fit the politics of having to listen to everyone’s voice.”

Kaelus agreed.

“Diana is a person who makes the right and the wrong clear. But there are many aspects of politics that cannot necessarily be concluded either way.”

“That’s right….”

Hestia laughed bitterly.

“Anyway, Diana would be pretty upset if you said that.”

 “It would be painful if I had lingering feelings, but since I don’t, I might be relieved to hear the answer.”

Listening to Kaelus, Hestia had another question.

“But why did Diana want you to discuss this?”


Even Kaelus could not give a definite answer to the question. Actually, he was curious about that himself.

“I don’t know. In Diana’s situation, I’m probably an enemy against her.”

Hestia smiled stealthily.

“I’m sure she still likes you.”


Kaelus freaked out.

But Hestia continued calmly.

“Well, let’s be generous. Emotions aren’t what they’re supposed to do.”

Then, she smiled.

“As long as you’re not shaken, there’s no problem.”

Kaelus replied, pressing his eyes hard.

“Don’t tell me you’re suspicious of me.”

“Well, there’s a saying that you can trust your lover, but you can’t trust your husband…”

A wife rolling her eyes in a natural way. Kaelus was properly gutted.

“Where the hell do you hear that from….”

“Ha ha, you’ve never heard of it.”

Because it was a joke in Hestia’s original world. Years after she became possessed by a novel, her old life felt like a distant past.

“I’m just kidding, Kael. You’re the one I trust the most in the world.”

Hestia dabbed her lips lightly on Kaelus’ fingers.

Kaelus also spoke with a stern voice.

“But I still need to prove my affection more.”

A soon-to-tangle man and woman. Soon a sigh filled the room.


Hestia continued to look at the internal affairs of the estate even when she was exhausted due to pregnancy.

Despite the sudden sinking of the capital, there was little confusion in Attica. It was thanks to Madam Harmonia and other territorial officials who faithfully performed their duties.

However, this time, in addition to the internal report, another package arrived from Attica.


In the box, which was released in anticipation, there were gifts from young people wishing for the smooth birth of their lady, Hestia. Dolls made with wishes, hand-knitted shawls, blankets, etc.

Hestia took them all out. And she chose a suitable seat and decorated all over the bedroom.

“Thank you, everyone…”

She missed the peaceful life of Attica. Of course, the current imperial city daily life is not very busy, but how could one compare it to Attica?

While Kaelus went out to the palace to deal with Helios and affairs, Hestia did not rush out and stayed mainly in the mansion. There was absolutely nothing to make her busy.

But for some reason, she had a busy mind.

“Well, I haven’t had the concept of a proper rest here in the meantime.”

Recalling the days when she ran recklessly under a clear goal, Hestia was determined to accept the world as another ‘home.’

What remains anyway is time, and Hestia was not the type to sit still and pass time idly.

Recently, she began to record ‘the world of possession’ little by little. She thought that in the future she would have something to use in this world.

“I’ll get it down before I forget it.”

To Kaelus and others, she took care of herself so that it would not be seen as more than just an idea notebook.

The records were not only written but also sketched. Even if it was not a good drawing skill, it was as good as an idea.


When she sketched modern culture like that, she missed her old life a little bit, even if she didn’t get homesick.

There were times when she was afraid that she would never go back. However, she hasn’t been immersed in such feelings for a long time.

Always be positive. With a relaxed mind that we’ll go back one day.

There was no other way. However, it was a different mindset from self-defense because there was no way.

Hestia sincerely accepted life in this world as her reality.

“Phew, that’s enough for today.”

Sitting for a long time during pregnancy was also quite difficult.

By the time she stood up with her notebook covered, Kaelus’ carriage arrived at the mansion just in time.

Hestia came slowly out into the hallway.

“How have you been?”

“Oh, Hess,”

Kaelus smiled softly at his wife. The two naturally hugged.

“Attica sent me a lot of presents. They said that they wished for my safe birth and prepared them with great care.”

“Really? I want to see it, too.”

Kaelus was very grateful for their love.

Since there were no adults in the house to tell him about their experiences as a parent, he had no choice but to learn the process of becoming a parent through books.

However, Kaelus was most worried about how many frightening contents there were in the book, whether Hestia would be able to live and give birth safely.

So, how can you not be grateful to the permanent residents who pray for a smooth delivery?

“You’d better send a thank you, Hess.”

“Oh, should I?”

Hestia felt wide-eyed at Kaelus’ suggestion. Why didn’t she think of that?

“How can I reciprocate….”

“Let’s think about it slowly, Hestia.”

The couple looked at each other and laughed.


After seeing presents from the young people in Hestia’s room, Kaelus poured warm water into a glass instead of tea in consideration of her.

It’s a pity that she couldn’t drink coffee, but Hestia could endure this much for the child in her stomach.

“Thank you, Kael. You could have a cup of tea…“

“You’re abstaining from coffee, and of course I shouldn’t.”

A husband who responds with due respect. Hestia’s heart warmed at the consideration.

Kaelus paused and spoke.

“Heli and Diana finally made up their minds.”


Hestia almost dropped her glass.

“What’s the conclusion?”

Kaelus’ expression was as serious as it could be.

“To break up… they’re doing it.”


Something heavy fell on Hestia’s chest.

In the end, they split up.

The main character couple, who had not been able to die in the original book and received enormous support from readers, eventually failed to overcome the reality and went their separate ways.

Love may have been a romantic novel, but marriage was a cold reality. The bond of love was too weak to withstand the reality of marriage.

Helios gave Diana the choice, and perhaps she made the final decision.

“Did your discussion affect her decision?”

“Diana doesn’t really value other people’s opinions. Even if it had an impact, it would have been minimal.”

Kaelus replied, recalling Diana’s usual personality

But Hestia was not as sure as Kaelus.

“I mean, it’s rare that someone who doesn’t really listen to you wants to talk to you… …If I wasn’t interested anyway, I wouldn’t have even asked for a discussion.”

Hestia never believed that Diana would improve.

It’s said that people don’t have to rewrite the original.* Despite giving so many opportunities, I never heard a sincere apology from Diana.

*TN: change the situation

So Hestia thought that Kaelus was somehow involved in Diana’s divorce decision.

To make the worst assumption.

After Diana became free from divorce, maybe she will wait for Kaelus to become estranged from Hestia and try to do well with him again.

It may be an over-the-top idea, but Hestia thought it was quite possible.

Isn’t it the life of cider rofan’s heroine to achieve what she wants somehow? It was Diana who lived her whole life.

“Diana may have some lingering feelings for you.”

Kaelus’ expression hardened at Hestia’s meaningful words.

“It’s already been years, no way.”

However, love that cannot be achieved will last longer. No one knows how beautifully her past with Kaelus will be in Diana’s head.*

*TN: how nice she painted their relationship in her head

Kaelus gently soothed his grave-faced wife.

“Hesse, as long as we’re happy, you don’t have to worry about anyone else. No matter how hard they shake us from the outside, we’ll be strong.”

To be honest, even Kaelus couldn’t guarantee that Diana would stay put. Because she is Diana with a strong sense of her own, she may show her unique tenacity in strange places.

The couple didn’t know about it, but Helios had a similar idea to Hestia, preventing Diana from being deposed. When Diana asked him why he protected her, Helios answered her for personal reasons.

“Anyway, there will be a huge aftermath soon. The nobles will each recommend a new candidate for the crown princess.”

“But if Heli picks quickly, the confusion won’t be that big.”

He who rules an empire cannot afford to be saddened by his first failed marriage.

The life of a ruler who sometimes has to put greater public values before others than himself. That’s why not everyone can take a seat.

Hestia muttered bitterly.

“It’s empty. They were once so in love with each other.”

“Haha, but it won’t be a very worthless experience. Neither was mine.”

Kaelus embraced Hestia in his arms.

“I met you because of them. I don’t think my past love was useless for that alone.”

Trust is the driving force behind the movement of emotions. Without the power of faith, love can never last long.

A happy ending to an ardent love story is not a fancy wedding.

It’s better to say that marriage is just the beginning.



Helios sent Kaelus back and controlled his mixed feelings alone.

He was the first to inform Kaelus that he had decided to break up with Diana. It was before he told his father, the emperor.

Helios has rarely experienced failure in his life. But it’s nothing else, and he didn’t expect his marriage to Diana to be like this.

“I’m ashamed for you, Kael…”

He muttered to himself.

It was his first love that he got from hurting his best friend, but he couldn’t live well and showed such an ugly appearance.

Helios and Diana once believed that there was nothing they could not overcome with love. Although they knew each other’s differences early on, they thought they could handle it enough to love hotly.

But marriage wasn’t as sweet as love.

Numerous problems covered under the pretext of love became sharp blades after marriage, hurting each other. The wound, which could not be cured immediately, festered inside and eventually forced the affected area to be cut off.

It was best to end this marriage before Diana and Helios became ill throughout their entire lives.

He should have faced it before. The deep cut between the two.

When Diana visited him the day before and told him she had decided to divorce him, Helios frankly regretted giving her a choice.

However, he could not force a woman who no longer wanted a marital relationship with him to conceive. Now it was right to collect the heavy burden on Diana.

May you be happy.

All Helios can do for Diana is to bless her in their divorce.


At that time, another person was sighing bitterly.


Despite the divorce being her choice, Diana was heavily minded.

“How can I tell my father-in-law…”

The emperor is the only one in this palace who had supported her to the end. Nevertheless, Diana, who did not regain the authority of the crown princess, eventually fell to the bottom.

It was also regrettable that she would break up with Helios. They could have gotten along better, they used to love each other so much that they wanted to be together until the end of the world.

And Kaelus.

It was none other than him who had a decisive influence on her divorce decision.

“Yes, I am a very unhelpful crown princess.”

Diana laughed bitterly and said to herself.

At the time of her marriage to Helios, her aspirations were very great. She dreamed of becoming a model for the nobles by setting a proper example in front of the people.

But the reality never turned out as she wished.

Another painful thing.

“She finally got her way.””

Diana’s heart sank cold.

 It was virtually difficult to hold the crown princess position with Hestia’s determination for it not to go her way. Helios wanted to give birth to the imperial heir as soon as possible.

It’s not that she didn’t even think of the option of sleeping with Helios with her eyes closed. But she didn’t want to go to bed with a grudge against Hestia.

The decomposition was inevitable.

Now Diana also acknowledged Hestia’s love. She understood to some extent her persistent vengeance.

That is certainly not to be generous to Hestia. Diana still hated her.

She was sorry that she hurt Kaelus, and it was unwavering resentment for Diana that Hestia intentionally separated the couple.

“If you wanted to enlighten me, you could have chosen a better way, Hestia.”

Did it have to be so extreme. I would’ve understood if you said it nicely.

In addition, Hestia’s moral view from Diana’s point of view was very dangerous. Moral rules that vary from person to person or from situation cannot actually play a role as a standard of life.

There is an absolute truth. This was Diana’s belief.

“I’ll prove it to her.”

Diana was determined.


Shortly afterwards, Prince Helios officially announced his divorce from Princess Diana. The news was rife with not only social circles but also empires that crossed the capital.

In the meantime, Diana’s somewhat disappointing move as a crown princess has once again been talked about. At the same time, the past of the two people who loved the whole world was also talked about. As expected, crown princesses cannot be made only with love, people said.

Meanwhile, social circles have become extremely busy. In order to occupy the position of the crown princess, which became the communist state of Muju, the nobles began to form factions according to their respective interests.

Kaelus was very concerned about this.

“It looks like there will be a political battle.”

“It was something I expected, Kael.”

Hestia looked at this phenomenon calmly.

“You also knew that this mess would be resolved only if the crown prince met his successor as soon as possible. The problem is that the concubine has to be an easy person to accept.”

“She must come from a noble family that is moderately powerful and does not threaten the imperial power. It’s not going to be easy.”

Toward her sighing husband, Hestia said with great force.

“Most importantly, you have to be able to understand.”


Hestia explained once more to him, frowning as if he meant it.

“It means that the person who the duke of the empire can empower should be the crown princess. In short, you should think of a suitable candidate for the crown princess.”

Kaelus frowned at once.

“I don’t really want to step in. Hestia.”

“You don’t have to be aggressive. It’s enough to give an opinion when the crown prince brings a list of candidates.”


Kaelus, frowning and thinking for a moment, suddenly asked Hestia.

“Is there anyone you want to support?”

“Hmm? That’s what you’re talking about?”

“Yes, you are the duchess of the empire, and you have as much authority as I do.”

Hestia squinted her eyes. The reason why beer husband says that is.

“Don’t tell me, Kael. You’re not trying to put the trouble on me, are you?”

“No way, Hess.”

Kaelus softened his purple eyes and smiled.

“In fact, you are the highest-ranking woman in the country right now without the crown princess. You have the greatest authority in choosing the next empress.”


It sounded plausible. Hestia agreed for now.

“That’s right. Like you said, I can’t be completely free of the crown princess’ house.”

Kaelus smiled.

“But we don’t have to intervene in the marriage of Helios from the beginning. I’ll only step up if he asks for advice.”

“All right, Kael.”

Hestia nodded mildly.

Kaelus’ hand was placed on Hestia’s stomach before he knew it.

“We can’t even think about the baby we’re going to be get.”

Hestia enjoyed the gentle patting of her stomach.

“I read in a book that there are many different kinds of morning sickness. People often have food-conscious symptoms like me, but they also have morning sickness that explodes their appetite.”

“Well, then I’d rather you eat a lot.”

Kaelus looked into his wife’s face, which somehow looked hazy.

“Kael, you can’t go overboard either way.”

“But don’t force yourself to eat what you want to eat. I also looked up the book, and I read that when you want to eat something intense, it’s because your body needs it.”

Hestia stopped laughing loudly.

“We really learned about pregnancy from books.”

“It’s okay. We’re still doing fine.”

Kaelus’ words were more reliable than anything else.

Hestia put her arm around Kaelus’ neck. As if to encourage each other, the two lips met gently.


Soon Hestia lost her appetite and suffered from severe morning sickness all day. She had no choice but to spend most of the day lying in bed.

Kaelus was full of worry.

“Clarice. What’s Hestia’s favorite food?”

“She eats grapes the best. But it’s getting harder and harder to get a whole bunch of fresh stuff….”

Clarice, the lady-in-waiting, replied with great regret.

Kaelus clicked his tongue with a serious look on his face.

“I’ll tell the Illion officials to send fresh grapes here as soon as they get them.”

“Ah, it would be very helpful if you could do that.”

Leaving Clarice behind, Kaelus headed to Hestia’s room.

Hestia laid with a troubled face, clutching her pillow.

“Hess. Are you okay?”


A groan came out of her.

Kaelus was just frustrated that he couldn’t do anything.

“I decided to get more grapes from Illion. Just hang in there.”


Hestia knew she had to eat anything that went in her mouth. However, just lying still made her sick, and even the smell of food was unbearable.

“Why on earth do I have morning sickness…”

She complained almost in tears. Kaelus, feeling sorry, poured out the lukewarm water to Hestia.

“Thank you, Kael…”

Hestia put her lips to the glass weakly. As soon as she took a few sips, she immediately felt nauseous, but she forced herself to endure it.

Kaelus called the doctor out of frustration. He asked the doctor sharply who had rushed over.

“How long will Hess be like this?”

“Well, hang in there for another month or so and your morning sickness will go away. My lord.”

“For a month….”

Kaelus’ expression was instantly distorted.

Hestia was at a loss and felt sorry for the doctor. She spoke to Kaelus in a languishing tone.

“The doctor is doing his best. It’s a perfectly natural phenomenon.”

She beckoned the doctor out of the room.

A deep sigh from Kaelus.

“But… you’re the one who’s suffering the most.”

“What can I do? Haha…”

Hestia tried to smile.

“There are many women who go through this many times. All the wives who had many children would have done this.”

“That’s why it’s amazing.”

Kaelus truly admired the prolific women. This is the same for Hestia.

“Right. I wouldn’t dare even dare.”

Hestia changed the conversation to change the mood of depression.

“Anyway, how’s the palace these days?”


Kaelus gave a wry smile.

“Diana seems to be constantly coming to see him even after the divorce. His majesty ordered her to do so.”


Hestia’s mind became complicated. No new crown princess has been set yet, but no one will like this situation.

“She shouldn’t do that after the new one comes in.”

The wishes of the dead are granted, much less than the wishes of the living. The crown prince seems to have been unable to betray his father’s wish, who has only a few days left to live.

 “But it’s not just very negative. Because Diana stood by His Majesty’s side, there was no room for useless people to stick to him.”


Hestia felt Helios’ coolness anew. He was a person who used even this situation politically.


As Kaelus said, Diana was called by the emperor and went to and from the palace almost every day.

Helios was fully aware of the subtlety of this situation. However, he could not resist his father’s earnest request, which had weakened his body and mind.

In fact, it wasn’t a very bad thing in terms of politics. Thanks to Diana’s close proximity to the emperor, the aristocrat who tried to control the weakened emperor would not dare come.

If Diana was a wiser person, she might have used the emperor’s favor to fill her own greed.

Fortunately, she was so straightforward that it never happened.

Even if the latter comes in, Diana will stay next to the emperor for the time being. So Helios decided to make a person who could tolerate this a new crown princess.

However, it was by no means easy to choose one of the many candidates to be a lifelong spouse. Helios was more cautious than ever, as he had already failed to get married once.

A marriage made of “love” was not desired. In addition, he was already quite skeptical about passionate love from his experience with Diana.

 In fact, a marriage of status, such as an imperial family and an aristocrat, is not something that is strictly conditional.

Helios finally had to admit the bitter reality.

 “I hope things get better for Kael and Hess…”

No matter how much he thought about it, it was Kaelus who knew him best. And his wife Hestia was very capable.

It was those two people who could give him the most appropriate help. But right now, Hestia’s morning sickness has left the pair unable to pay attention to other things.

Helios muttered to himself, lonely.

“Is there no other woman like Hess…?”

Thinking like this made him laugh. And yet he still had no other woman like Hestia.

Perhaps Hestia would remain eternally in Helios’ longing. It’s a secret he wouldn’t tell anyone.


Helios breathed out a deep sigh of melancholy subduedness. Then he concentrated again on the papers in front of him.


Before she knew it, Hestia was beginning to feel full after the period of severe morning sickness.

And the amazing experience she had.

“Oh my!”

Hestia exclaimed while reading in the study of Kaelus.

Kaelus was startled.


“Just now, the baby moved in my stomach!”

Hestia exclaimed in an emotional voice.

“Did they move?”

Kaelus opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

Hestia spoke faster with excitement.

“It’s true! Like this, from right to left, it moved like it was scratching my stomach!”

There seemed to be no lies in the way she spoke while even making gestures hard. Kaelus repeated in a dazed tone.

“I can’t believe they moved….”

Hestia held her breath and remained still, wondering if she would feel the birth again. However, the same obvious fetal movement as before did not come quickly.

“Hmm, will you be more active?”

“It’s like they’re playing hide and seek.”

Kaelus smiled happily, too.

After feeling the baby, Hestia really realized that she was not alone. In the meantime, she felt like she was pregnant because her body was so tired, but now she felt that there was no doubt another life in her.

Kaelus opened his diary and meticulously recorded today’s date.

“The first day I felt fetal movement.”

Hestia asked in an absurd tone.

“Did you write that?”

“Of course.”

Kaelus kept a daily diary from the day he first learned of Hestia’s pregnancy. It was a diary filled with the affection of prospective parents, which was different from the health diary written by the doctor.

Hestia said, patting the round stomach with her hands.

“Please be born healthy.”

“Yes, and you should be born healthy.”

Before he knew it, Kaelus approached and put his hand on her stomach.

Hestia leaned her head against his with a small smile. For Kaelus, Hestia, who lives and exists in front of him, may be as precious as a child, or rather than an unborn child.

“Haha, that’s why I’m praying every day, too. May we both be safe till the end.”

Kaelus raised his eyebrows in wonder.

“Oh, I thought you didn’t believe in God.”

“Hmm? I’ve never said that before”

It is not possible to confirm whether the object Hestia prays is the same as the “god” of the deity built in the temple. However, she was convinced that there must be a kind of “god” that sent her into this world and made her return.

“There is definitely a god who had returned me once I died. I pray to him.”

“Well, you’re an indisputable proof on your own right?

Kaelus looked lovingly at his wife, the only returner in the world – also the only transmigator.

“I’m so lucky, Hess.”

“It’s the same for me. Kael.”

It was like a dream that Hestia could have such sweet days in the world. It was solely thanks to her favorite, Kaelus.

The couple who saved each other shared another happy confession.


The process of remarrying the crown prince was carried out cautiously and quickly.

Before the nobles formed a solid faction, Helios quickly identified the candidates and dispatched their men to the family. He quietly visited the house of Kaelus with data secretly collected by his men.

It was very late when Helios came, but thanks to the call in advance, Hestia and Kaelus greeted him without panic.

“I’m sorry it’s late at night.”

“Don’t mention it. It must have been urgent.”

Hestia responded with dignity.

The three sat in Kaelus’ study. Thanks to the doctor’s words that three cups of caffine a day was okay, Hestia also received warm coffee for the first time in a while.

Helios laid down a bundle of papers he had brought on the table.

“Now, let’s decide on the crown princess.”



Hestia and Kaelus looked at each other strangely.

“Are we really allowed to do this?”

  Hestia asked with great concern. But Helios was perfectly calm.

  “I know you signed the marriage papers more simply than this.”


Hestia was at a loss for words.

Kaelus snorted and picked up a piece of paper.

“But your judgment is not quite bad. It’s about getting rid of a certain candidate quickly before the aristocrats push her hard.”

“Right, the standard for a spouse was established anyway.”

Helios answered, pointing one finger at a time.

“The family will not have much power. Be ambitious but not too ambitious. Be well-educated and physically fit.”

Hestia put up with what she wanted to do. It’s not much different from Diana.

Helios who read that expression amazingly.

“I think you want to tell me something, duchess?”


Hestia hesitated. I told you honestly. I felt like I was going to hit a nerve.

But Helios never stopped snorting.

“Well, that’s definitely a face that’s dying to criticize something.”

Kaelus looked at them with his eyes as to what they were talking about.

Hestia thought it might be better to just say it before her husband sulks.

“Well, it’s not much different from Diana’s…”


Helios tried to calm his choking irritation. That’s right. No wonder you hesitated.

Kaelus helped Helios slightly with a bitter smile.

“I mean, you have to be a more inclusive and understanding of aristocratic culture than Diana.”

The word “rich in culture” contains so many meanings at once. It is a very “inclusive” expression, but there is no better excuse than this.

Helios clicked his tongue once, and pointed again at the papers.

“Anyway, take a good look.”

Hestia shut up and began to work.

Indeed, Helios’ standards were clear. Faithfully reflecting his unwillingness to be swayed by factions, there were few candidates from the capital. The daughters of aristocrats and martyrs, who mainly lived in the territory.

The external conditions were all similar. After much discussion, the three finally chose one.

“Is she the marquis’ daughter?”

Helios nodded and confirmed the portrait. She was a soft-looking woman with brown hair and green eyes.

Hestia looked at the finalist’s face in a somewhat unfamiliar mood.

“This woman is the next crown princess….”

Kaelus said to Helios with a serious look on his face.

“You’ve been married and you’ve watched us as a couple. Marriage means that the process of being married is important, but how to live together is much more important.”

“Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind, Kael.”

The marriage itself took place so quickly that there was no such thing as a flirtation, but Kaelus and Hestia were the happiest couples in the empire now.

Of course, this was absolutely possible thanks to Hestia’s full commitment at the beginning of the marriage. After that, Kaelus also responded purely to the heart, finally completing the ideal couple’s appearance.

“Anyone can fail. But not everyone can learn from that failure. I think you’re special enough.”

Helios smiled faintly at Kaelus’ affectionate words.

“I will never betray your faith this time. Thank you.”

Hestia said with a snap.

“I’ll look forward to it, too. Your highness.”

“All right, duchess.”

Helios responded with a hearty laugh.


When the new crown princess was named, Helios moved faster than ever. While asking if they were willing to become in-laws to the imperial family, he also politely sent a letter of suit to his daughter.

Of course, the society turned upside down


Hestia sat face to face with Countess Erinnis, who had come running to the duchy.

“Did the duchess know beforehand? The crown prince proposed marriage to the daughter of the prince.”

“No, I didn’t know either. As you can see, I stay home all day because I’m heavy.”

Hestia answered back in a natural way.

But Erinnis was not easily convinced.

“But didn’t you say something to the duke?””

“Well, countess. My husband’s original belief is that he doesn’t want to intervene in the personal history of the crown prince and his wife. It was for political reasons that prevented her from being deposed a few years ago.”

Hestia defended calmly without panic.

“That’s strange. I think any duke who is close to the crown prince would have tipped in some way.”

“Phew, it’s true that my husband is friends with the crown prince, but think about it, counCess.”

Hestia said with a laugh.

“After a violent love triangle with my husband, he got a divorce from the woman who won his heart, what is the point of discussing his second wife?”


Only then did Erinnis ease her spirits. It was because Hestia calmly spoke of Kaelus’ past. She unintentionally turned Helios into a thick-faced man, but Hestia didn’t care.

Erinnis let out a deep sigh.

“Ah…! If I had known that the queen’s affair would have been this fast, I would have been the first to come to the duchess!”

“Hmm? Why?”

Erinnis shook her head.

“My niece came of age this year. But she didn’t live in the capital, so I was going to call in and educate her soon. I’d like to recommend her as a candidate for the crown princess.”

“Oh, dear. That’s too bad. I’m sure it’s a great aristocratic spirit.”

Hestia stretched her eyebrows with a gesture of regret.

Erinnis sighed once again.

 “We couldn’t put forward the new crown princess’ feelings. There are people who want to push, but I hesitated because I didn’t want to be an arrow when I was the first to go out.”

“I can’t help it. The crown prince can’t last long as a widower.”

Hestia grinned and apologized briefly to Helios, saying ‘I’m sorry’.

The divorce of the crown prince and his wife was just as sudden. When the nobles saw it, they seemed to be living in peace without a big fight, but suddenly, a great incident of divorce broke out.

In the meantime, some noble spirits have seduced Helios in their own way, but they have not yet developed enough to become a political force. If the crown prince and his wife showed any signs, the quick-witted nobles would have taken immediate measures.

By the way, remarriage was faster than divorce. While the aristocrats weighed the candidates by weighing their own interests, Helios went ahead with the marriage like a bolt from the window. The aristocrats became dogs chasing chickens.

Erinnis sighed again, pointing her finger at her forehead.

“I should have known since she didn’t give birth to a heir!””


Hestia smiled awkwardly.

“As the saintess continued to walk in and out of the palace, it seemed to others that the two still had lingering feelings. Who can dare to become a second wife at such a time?”

Erinnis finally complained. Hestia nodded as if she understood.

“Yes, and the emperor still loves the sainCess. It won’t be easy for any young person to make up her mind about this situation.”

“I don’t know if the daughter of the prince knows. Should I at least send her a letter?”

Hestia shook her head as Erinnis clapped her tongue.

“You don’t have to. Rather, there is a fear that the counCess’s good intentions will be distorted.”

Hestia soothed her with positive words. Fortunately, Erinnis accepted Hestia’s words.

“Well, indeed, we don’t know much about her either…”

“More than that, the new crown princess candidate will arrive in the capital soon. The countess should take the lead in welcoming her. I’m sure you’ll like her, countess. Unlike Diana.”

Hestia said in a significant tone.

“You’d better be on her side before anyone else. Now is the right time to impress the next empress.”

“Oh… As expected, the duchess has a wide range of ideas. Thank you. I appreciate your advice.”

Erinise left with a satisfied face.

“Phew, it’s barely over.”

Hestia murmured as she put the cookies in her mouth. It wasn’t easy to convince Erinnis, who was quick-witted, but she did it somehow.

She stroked her round belly.

“I’m sorry, baby. Mom’s a little mean. But I won’t lie to you.”

I hope the world where this baby will live will be more peaceful than now.

Hestia wished quietly.


As such, the world was noisy, but the relationship between Hestia and Kaelus was as calm as ever.

Kaelus brought a piece of paper full of something in front of Hestia.

“What’s this?”

“I’ve written down everything I could with a baby’s name.”

Kaelus’ voice was slightly excited.

“Since you’re so full, I think they’ll be born soon.”

“Oh, my God, Kael.”

Hestia stopped laughing. Because his expectations were conveyed intact.

The couple sat side by side and began to choose the baby’s name.

“Let’s name each son and daughter.”

In this world, there was no way to know the exact gender until the baby was born. Experienced wives estimated gender in the form of pregnant women’s abdomen, but that was only a guess.

Hestia slipped a word.

“The ladies say it’s probably a son, given the shape of his belly sticking out.”

“Huh? What does that mean?”

Kaelus quizzically asked back.

“The more round your belly is like a ball, the more likely it is to be your son. On the other hand, if your stomach is drooping, it’s often your daughter.”

“Oh, is that a reliable thing to say?”

“Given that women with childbirth experience usually say the same thing, to some extent?”


On Kaelus’ expression of concern, Hestia smiled.

“But let’s think of two names. It’s possible that their guesses are wrong.”

“Of course.”

The two were preoccupied with naming again.

“Should we choose the meaning first?”

“Hmm. I asked the experienced people and they said it’s better to decide the sound of the name and add meaning to it. I heard that there are times when you think about the meaning and name it with a pronunciation that’s hard to pronounce.”

“I see.”

These little tips that are not in the book were well identified by Hestia. Kaelus again admired Hestia’s ability.

“I feel like you’re at home, but you’re rather broad-minded.”

“Hmm? Who?”

“I mean you.”


Hestia giggled.

“It’s something I heard from the Countess Clarisse or Erinnis. If you talk a lot, you’ll always get one or two things you can get.”

  “Do you know that it’s a skill to remember and use it?”

“Ha ha, thank you for the compliment.”

On Hestia’s advice, Kaelus rolled the names he had written down in his mouth.

“Minerva… …Cereth… Fortuna….”

“I also like the pronunciation of Charis.”

“Oh, it has a good meaning, too. It means elegance and beauty.”

Hestia pondered. It’s elegant.

The most important value in her life so far has been “dignity.” How same and arrogant people are without dignity.

“When our daughter is born, why don’t we name her Charis?”

Kaelus agreed, smiling softly.

“That’s how we named our daughter.”

Now the two are focused on deciding their son’s name.

Hestia read the names on the paper one by one


“Okeanos, Apollon, Atlas, Creos….”

“Oh, wait. It’s Creos….”

Hestia opened her eyes wide.

“What’s wrong?”

“Creos. It means stars in the sky.”

Kaelus continued with his eyes at a distance.

“The stars act as guides. Even if you get lost, you can find your way soon if you can see the stars.”

“You want a child to be born to play that role.”

Kaelus smiled deeply at Hestia’s words.

“You were like that to me.”

Hestia was unknowingly heated by a sudden confession.

“Well, is that so…?”

“Haha, your face turned red, Hess.”

Kaelus smiled loudly and kissed his wife.

“It’s all decided. If it’s a daughter, it’s Charis, and if it’s a son, it’s Creos.”

“Cess and Cree would be good nicknames.”

Hestia smiled with satisfaction.

Kaelus’ hand slowly swept through Hestia’s stomach.

“I can’t wait to see the baby. I wonder who they looks like.”

“It’s the same for me. If I had to, I’d like them to look more like you.”

“No, why?”

Hestia said forcefully, as if it were perfectly natural.

“Because you’re the most handsome person in the world!”

“Hesse, I want them to look more like you on the contrary…”

Kaelus looked at her in embarrassment.

Hestia responded with a big smile.

“That’s what I’m saying. Of course, even if they look more like me, I will love them generously, Kael.”

“Then it would be ideal if they were half like each other.”

Kaelus smiled happily, too.


By the time Hestia’s body was quite heavy, the  family, who would be in-laws of the royal family, finally arrived at the capital.

The atmosphere of the capital quickly rose. People were hot on the subject of the young lady, who would become a new crown princess regardless of identity.

The duke, on the other hand, was relatively calm.

“She’ll soon have a wedding after she’s met Helios.”

“Maybe it is because the emperor did not object to it.”

Hestia and Kaelus talked over light refreshments.

“Diana is still standing by the emperor, isn’t she?”

“Yes, but it is not known what she said about it at all. She seems to be careful about what she says.”

“Of course she would. Anyway, you’re divorced because you don’t want to have an imperial grandson as a crown princess.”

Hestia’s tone was very acrimonious. In her view, Diana enjoyed only authority, and her duties were no better than that of abandonment.

 “It’s always the time to attack a noble for not fulfilling their duty, and she didn’t really do what she had to do.”

It is the duty of those who enjoy privileges through their lineage to continue themselves. Therefore, Diana, who was incorporated into the royal family, had agreed to the obligation from the moment she decided to become a crown princess.

Kaelus did not refute Hestia’s sharp accusations.

“Maybe Diana knows. Besides, no matter what you say now, the only thing that comes back is criticism.”


Hestia sighed deeply, then changed the subject.

“How is your Majesty’s condition?”

“It’s hard to even move out of bed after getting through a big crisis before. Diana’s doing all the dirty work.”

“Well, that’s one thing to be thankful for.”

Hestia accepted with a rather grim look.

Kaelus also nodded.

“Heli also knows that Diana took on a job that she wasn’t obliged to do. I heard from the servants to the extent that he isn’t upset.””

“Even if he didn’t like it, she should be treated for as much as she has suffered.* Helios did a good job.”

*TN: for treating the emperor and having to live with the fact that she can’t save him

Hestia suddenly wondered how Diana felt. What is she thinking as she looks at her husband, who would remarry immediately after divorce?

Hestia, who despised Diana’s easy life as a heroine, wanted to hear how she felt about losing everything she easily got, although she didn’t have to tease her.

Sooner or later, she decided to go to the imperial palace without Kaelus knowing.

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    By this point I’m kind of disappointed that the drama of Diana and Helios still takes the spotlight. I wish the author could’ve given more attention to our Hestia and Kaelus, especially the emotional development of the two.

    The first 60-70% of the story was so good, the love was beautiful and the attention to healing was heartwarming. However, the dynamics and psychological changes of our MCs were rushed and even omitted in the last few chapters. And her transgressor identity has yet to be revealed.

    I really loved how Kaelus and Hestia communicated in the first part, concise but always honest and to the point, subtle yet sufficient. Now the exchange of the two is just filler-like. It’s sweet but lacking.

    I hope there’ll be more Kael’s POV in the side stories. I’ve enjoyed the novel very much. And thanks for the translator’s hard work!

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