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FMDF – Chapter 8.1


With Kaelus’ advice, I replied to Helios that I would comply with his request. Then, he contacted me that he would visit the marquis soon.

Considering his position as “Hyperion,” I decided to greet him directly in my room, not in an open drawing room. It’s a bit drab, but isn’t it only the crown prince? I’ll do my best to treat him.


I sighed unconsciously as I looked at the tea utensils neatly placed on the table. I didn’t know that the tea drinking scenes that usually appears in the rofan novel went through such a troublesome process.

After a while, the door opened with a polite knock. Helios in a black robe appeared.

“Welcome, Lord Hyperion.”

“How have you been, marchioness?”

“Well, thanks to you.”

According to the setting of the novel, Helios had a personality that did not care even if he was not treated politely. I greeted him in my room, so I boldly skipped the etiquette, but it ended up being true.

He looked around the room, taking off his robe leisurely. I couldn’t stand still, so I reached out and took over the robe. While I hung a robe on a hanger by the door, Helios walked slowly around the room.

“It’s my first time in your room.”


I let him do as he did without saying a word. He must be looking at my room and examining my face. There was nothing to be particularly reluctant about.

Come to think of it, Kaelus hasn’t seen my room yet. Damn it. He came in before my favorite. I felt a slight pain in the back of my head.

Suddenly, Helios stopped.

“Hmm? Is this an internal document?”


It seems that he found the paper tower piled up next to my desk. I nodded indifferently.

“Yes, I’ve been dealing with some of the internal affairs myself for some time now. Kaelus gave me permission to.”


His hand lifted a piece of paper. These were numbers that I drew like Excel.


 I waited without much explanation. I thought he’d ask me something if he’s curious.

Helios looked into the ‘Excel’ form for a long time and sighed quietly.

“Have you ever done this before?”


In this life, of course.

 “Very intuitive. Even I, an outsider, can see it at a glance.”

“Thank you.”

I couldn’t read any other emotion from Helios’ expression as he put the paper back in place.

When he finally sat down on the sofa, I finally noticed the difficulty facing me. Making the damn tea.

I made a promise to learn as much as I could from the butler or the lady-in-waiting, but I didn’t have time to sit down and learn because both of them were busy.


Helios was waiting for the tea to be served as if it was a matter of course. I don’t know. I don’t care how it happens in the end.

 Pick up the tea leaves roughly by eye measurement, place them on a filter, and pour the prepared hot water. When the color seemed to have changed moderately, I quickly picked up the teapot and poured it into an empty teacup.

I added, as an excuse, as I served Helios.

“I’m not good yet, but….”

I felt like crying.

Helios held the tea with a blank face. I looked on with a throbbing heart.



Oh, I’m screwed. I bowed my head quickly


“I’m sorry….”


With a long, meaningless sigh, Helios looked up at me.

“Well, there’s not much of a difference compared to Diana.”


It’s an obvious critique. It must be a critique. At the beginning of the novel, it was revealed how bad Diana made the tea. My skills may have improved a lot now.

Instead of talking about the taste of my tea, Helios brought up a different topic.

“I’m sorry, but I did a little research on your background.”

Then you must have found out that I was adopted as an adopted daughter for the money of Lord Elea.

I received the word with a bitter smile.

“Then you must have found out that I was originally a commoner.”

Helios nodded slowly and affirmed.


“I didn’t mean to hide it, but I apologize if you felt uncomfortable because I didn’t tell you beforehand.”

First, I lowered my head. Then I heard an unexpectedly plain voice.

“No, not really. I just wanted to say that I wasn’t surprised by the taste of your tea.”

“…Uhh, here we go.”

I don’t know what to do with your generosity.

That’s enough small talk anyway. It’s time to get down to business.

“By the way… what were you going to say about my abilities?”

Helios raised his chin slightly.

“The prophecy I heard through the crown princess was honestly very helpful. I’ll put it bluntly. Why don’t you use that power for this country?”

It was also unexpected. The corners of my mouth bent deviously.

“I’m sorry, Your Grace. I’m a narrow-minded person, so I’m not good enough to do something so big.”

“Hmph. Is it a rejection while pretending to be concerned?”

“It’s not something to be concerned about. My sight doesn’t reach all state affairs, it just happened to show an important event.”

“For that matter, your expression is too natural.”

Helios’ golden eyes narrowed. Was my inner feelings too obvious?

Without hesitation, I immediately made an excuse.

“My husband’s health hasn’t recovered yet. I’d like to focus on internal affairs for the time being.”

I think that’s a pretty cool excuse. But Helios snorted.

“Oh, no. Do you mean housework comes before the prince’s words? The attitude of an imperial aristocrat is truly remarkable.”

He replied with a grin.

“To put it bluntly, I’m putting my husband first. An old friend of yours who was left alone while you were excited with happiness.”


The eyes that stayed the same is quite sharp. But he can’t deny it. While he and Diana were having fun, Kaelus tried to put a knife in his chest.

I continued without a smile.

“My ability will be used where I want to use it. Who cares if it’s not for the safety of the empire?”

Helios, therefore. If you want to work with me, you should come back with a more sincere attitude than you are now.

The opponent’s eyes sank coldly.

“Then why did you give us information about the border area last time?”

“Oh, didn’t the crown princess tell you? I asked for a deal to let me know when the second tea party will be held.”

Ah, Diana. Even though I was courteous in front of you, you should have realized my intentions. If there’s something that comes, there should be something going. Sadly, Diana didn’t seem to have mentioned it to Helios.

I’m a commoner, and Diana is a commoner. If Helios had fantasized that all of the commoners would be like Diana, he would have to rethink this opportunity.

I’m not a good and just person like Diana. The reason why I changed my mind to intervene so surely after staying on the sidelines in this world is to avenge Kaelus.

Helios looked at me with piercing eyes.

“You are very selfish.”

I’m not going to deny it. However, this blatant comment is a bit offensive.

“If I were really selfish, I would make false predictions and profit from them, your highness.”

I continued with an arrogant look.

“If you want my help, you’ll have to give something that will move me. Well, if you don’t want to do that, I’ll just refuse your request, so it’s fair.”

Helios twisted his lips in a ridiculous way.

“You must not be afraid of me, the crown prince.”

“There’s nothing in the world I’m afraid of. I can see the future. Isn’t it obvious?”

I smiled with a relaxed manner.

There was sarcasm in the tone of Helios.

“Then if we want to move you, we have no choice but to move Kaelus, your number one priority?”

“If you really want to use my ability, it won’t help much if you force me like that, your highness.”

I immediately responded.

Helios frowned.

“Okay, what do you want?”

It seems that he doesn’t like it when I do what I want. But neither do I. I don’t want to give Helios the initiative.

“Give me the estate of the dead Duke of Orcus. And I want you to raise my husband’s title.”


Helios’ golden eye grew to its fullest.

In fact, this was kind of a self-declaration. By absorbing the legacy of Letona, a villain who drank poison tea and left the novel, it symbolized that I was completely at the opposite end of Diana.

“If you will grant me my request, I will meet you from time to time and show you the future you need to govern this empire.”

“It’s not as easy as it sounds. Most of all, there’s no justification.”

He shook his head in distress. But my stubbornness was also formidable.

“You can make up any excuse. That’s your power.”


Helios swept his hair up with a look of bewilderment.

“I can’t fulfill your request on my own. It’s up to his majesty to decide. It’s not something I can do at will just because I want to.”

Then should I give you some breathing room?

“All right, so if you promise me in writing, I’ll give you some help with that. However, you must listen after a reasonable cause has been established.*”

*TN: He needs to listen to her demands once the deal is made

“It’s not bad. Alright.”

Helios replied with a long sigh.

I didn’t hesitate to bring paper and wax to the barely settled deal. The two memorandums were made identical to each other to promise to grant the land of the former Duke and the title of  duke, with each signed by Helios. The crown prince’s seal was also stamped with wax to further enhance his proof.

And another thing.

“As a reason for your access to your office, please provide me with a title.”


“Yes, I have to explain to the public why I visit the palace frequently and I want to  try to hide my abilities as much as I can.”

After an expressionless reply, he burst into a false smile and then nodded.

“That makes sense. I’ll appoint you as my assistant. I’ll send you a formal letter of appointment back.”

“I’m honored, your highness.”

I gave him a hearty laugh. I also did not forget his last request.

“It’s entirely up to you whether you believe if the information I tell you is true or not. And remember that information is useful only if you admit it to be true.”

Helios returned to the face of the original cool-headed monarch and answered.

“Yeah, I’ll remember that.”

He left my room as soon as he accomplished his purpose.

I was finally left alone.


Since I was nervous in my own way, a long sigh naturally erupted.

Still, there have been considerable achievements. I pulled out this much with a two-year time limit skill.


In the meantime, I will make Kaelus shine the most in this empire. I didn’t dare to stand next to the main characters of the past.

Finally, Diana decided to have a second tea party.

Even if it was slow, it happened too late. Don’t you know what the aristocracy is like? After meeting Diana the other day, I even probed Madame Harmonia and pressured her to host a tea party. And yet, I can’t believe I finally got a definite answer.

Countess Eriness, who implicitly became an ally of mine, spread an air of dissatisfaction with the crown princess little by little, centering on her close connections, while Diana was procrastinating. Young aristocrats were invited shortly after she was crowned crown princess, but other nobles who were older than her, and should be respected, were relatively neglected.

The self-respecting ladies never took it lightly when pushed out by the young ones. Moreover, she is a commoner-born crown princess. She’s already looking down on them, and she’s acting out of her mind. Already, Diana was full of faults to be caught by them.

“By the way, if I don’t want to find fault in useless things….”

I murmured as I rummaged around in the dressing room for a few clothes.

To be honest with the butler, it wasn’t hard to fit in the new dress but somehow I didn’t want to.

Now, the skilled tailors in the capital are probably suffering from a rush of orders. And the clothes they make will all appear at Diana’s tea party. An obvious social trend.

If you don’t want to stand out, it’s best to follow the trend. I also know that I don’t blame anyone for acting like every lady in this flow.

But in reality, what is it? The world already knows that I’m a commoner  as much as Diana. What if I really appear like a noble?

I entered aristocratic society like a surprising star. There must be someone jealous of my situation. And they’ll be talking behind my back. ‘Oh, there’s another fake pretending to be an aristocrat.’

Therefore, I am an aristocrat, but I am not.

Eventually, I decided to discuss the matter with Clarice, the lady-in-waiting.

“I’d like to have my dress mended, Clarice.”


Clarice asked back with a look of complete surprise. 

“We still have time to spare before the crown princess’ tea party, ma’am. Wouldn’t you rather make a new dress? The marquis won’t object too much.”

“Well, there’s a reason why I can’t.”

I briefed her on my thoughts. About my position, which should be dignified like an aristocrat, but different from the aristocrats from birth.

Clarice understood my meaning and nodded quietly.

“Hmm… I see….”

“So I have to do something with the clothes I already have. It would be perfect to have a good person in the marquis, but if not, ask me what I’d like. As long as you have skills, you don’t have to be a famous tailor.”

I mean, I’ll reform the dress I have. Fortunately, I had a lot of cheap dresses and accessories that I bought to chase Kaelus, who attended the banquet, in the past. It was more a question of how sophisticated to make it look.

The lady-in-waiting seemed to be thinking carefully, and soon smiled softly.

“There’s a craftsman who went viral in this skill.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes. It’s mainly famous among aristocratic patrons. He’s a person who takes clothes and ornaments that the nobles throw away and makes them look good. If you don’t mind….”


It’s perfect in my situation!

“Then please introduce yourself. It’d be better if you could get them.”

“If it’s the marquis’ call, he’ll come running, leaving all his work behind. Don’t worry.”

As expected, the trustworthy Clarice. There is no question of what she says.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s a must.”

She returned a generous smile.

This solved the tea party dress, and I was slowly curious about how Diana was preparing for the palace. Helios must have given me an assistant pass, should we go to the palace?

Now that I have made up my mind, I have decided to tell Kaelus for now. In addition, we need to go and tell Helios about the ‘prophecy’ that I will deliver.

I headed to the garden to find him taking a walk with his servant.


Every time I sing it, I feel like I’m going to die because of the way  my voice tries to crawl in itself. Thankfully, Kaelus quickly understood and turned around.

“Ah, Hestia.”

An indifferent tone. My name in the novel, not originally mine.

Even though there is nothing to beat my heart, just saying it like that raises my cheekbones*. Seriously, all the darkness in the world has disappeared because of my favorite. Why? Because he’s too bright.

*TN: makes her smile from just saying his name

Without hiding my expression, I spoke to Kaelus with a smiling face.

“It’s a nice day to drink tea outside.”

“Is that so?”

The quick-witted servant interrupted quickly.

“Should I bring some refreshments?”

“Yeah, that’d be great.”

Kaelus nodded in a cool way.

While the servant quickly headed to the mansion, he pointed to a table nearby.

“Let’s sit here.”


He’s definitely thinner than before. Looking at it from the outside, it’s so obvious. Evidence of how the happy ending of Helios and Diana hurt him.

Tears welled up, but I tried to calmly air out my business.

“I’m going to see him soon, his highness.”

“Hmm? What’s the matter?”

He didn’t ask again to oppose it, but he sounded really curious. I answered right away without feeling uncomfortable.

“He even appointed me as his assistant to listen to my sight, so I think I should visit him as soon as possible. And I wanted to tell you what I was going to tell him.”


Kaelus looked interested.

“Even though you don’t have to?”

“Well.. yes, I don’t want to be in a relationship where I share secrets with the crown prince.”

“So you’re going to tell me, too.”

He tilted his head and asked, squinting.

“What if I don’t want to hear that much?”


Oh, no. I didn’t think of that.

I bowed my head gently.

“Then I won’t tell you. You don’t have to force yourself to hear something you don’t want to hear.”

Then Kaelus laughed out loud.

“But now that there’s no way to beat him. I’m curious. This is the first prophecy to Helios….”


But I was heartbroken by a new realization that I hadn’t thought of. Maybe Kaelus didn’t want to hear it. The story between Helios and I.

Well, sometimes not knowing is the best medicine, but I thought that was too simple. Next time, I should carefully consider Kaelus’ position.

Just in time, a tray of refreshments was brought over. The conversation was interrupted for a moment. It was not until the servant had left that I spoke again.

“His majesty is about to fall ill.”


Kaelus held up his cup and froze. On the other hand, I continued calmly.

“He’s not going to be in critical condition right now, but he’s definitely going to be weaker than he was before. The crown prince’s shoulders will become heavier.”

“…is that your first foreshadowing for Heli?”

His voice was frighteningly cold.


Before returning, I remember the tumultuousness of the whole capital. The emperor, who seemed to be doing well without any problems, suddenly collapsed. The Imperial Palace and the nobles turned upside down, and Diana stayed by the emperor’s side all the time since he fell and used her healing power. In fact, it was the last time she was able to use her power.

I don’t know if this was the cause, but Diana’s healing power never showed this level of power again. Maybe the special buff that was given to her ended with the ending of the novel.

After careful selection of what to say, Kaelus managed to squeeze out his voice.

“…and with that wisdom, can you save his majesty?”

“I’m not sure I can completely prevent it. But it’s much better than being ignorant.”

It’s not a lie. I don’t know what kind of illness the emperor fell ill with. Even if Diana is prepared in advance, it is not certain whether the sudden attack itself can be prevented. Still, I thought that first aid would be possible much faster if I stayed close.


Kaelus sighed heavily. Apparently shocked by my words that the emperor was about to lie ill, Kaelus said nothing for a while.

Being close to Helios, Kaelus naturally respected and followed the emperor. The emperor, who knew his parents’ circumstances early on, considered him as another son.


I waited quietly for Kaelus to sort out his feelings. It wasn’t long before a weak voice came out.

“When are you going to the palace?”

“If possible, I will see the Crown Prince tomorrow.”

I’m an official aide, so I didn’t have to wait until I get his invitation. With my answer, Kaelus seemed troubled, and soon looked straight at me with his purple eyes.

“Then I’ll go with you.”

“…! Is that okay with you?”

He nodded heavily when asked back in surprise.

“I’m not going to Helios. It’s because I want to see your Majesty in good health one more time.”


  I could understand his feelings. But will his mental strength, which has not fully recovered, be alright?”

He smiled bitterly as if he had read my expression.

“I can see what you’re worried about. Are you worried about me running into Diana?”


The silence was affirmation, Kaelus sighed quietly.

“We can be careful not to meet her. And it’s been a while, so it’ll be fine.”

  “Then shall we go together? I’ll stay with you until I see him.”

He looked at me, still.

“Are you nervous?”

“Of course! If you fall down again….”

“No, not that one.”

I heard Kaelus’ voice after cutting my words.

“I mean, am I worried that I’ll be clinging onto Diana again?”


I closed my mouth.


Kaelus’ purple eyes sank darkly. What does he think I’ll answer?

I said what I wanted to say without wavering.

“If it’s more painful to force yourself to forget, don’t it.”

My wish is quite simple. To make Kaelus happy.


The way he stared at me tickled for no reason. I said it again as if I were expressing my opinion so that he wouldn’t misunderstand what I meant.

“When you have severe mood swings, you have difficulty breathing. That’s all I’m worried about.”


“The reason I married you is not to repeat that miserable future that I had seen before. Please love and hate as your heart desires. As much as you want, regardless of my existence.”

He grinned.

“It’ll be settled in two years anyway.”

Before that, I will surely make Diana regret it. I am confident of winning.

My favorite, second lead Kaelus, where coolness and passion coexist clearly. I can do anything if the fascinating character comes back. This is my world where my story unfolds, the story of the author is over.

In the story I create, the character doesn’t have to love the creator outside the novel.

Kaelus spoke slowly with a blank face.

“…You don’t have to be next to me at the Imperial Palace. In the meantime, you meet Helios. If I come out from seeing his majesty first, I will come over to you.”

I had to nod my head.


The palace is full of servants, so even if Kaelus falls down without breathing, they can take action immediately. but to trust the infrastructure of the Imperial Palace.

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