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FMDF – Chapter 7


It must be hectic for Diana to prepare for a large tea party that can’t be avoided; in contrast, I was rather relaxed, ready to enjoy it.

There were many thick papers piled up on my desk now. In order to help the butler who is always struggling, I have received some internal documents that he handled. All that was needed to be mechanically stamped.

“With all due respect, I don’t mind if you take charge of the estate.”

The butler Uross said in an almost imploring tone. But my attitude was firm.

“I’m just a spouse on paper. I don’t want to cross the line.”

“Well, but with Lord Kaelus not taking care of his work properly, the people of the estate are bound to stop working, madame.”

It was a very earnest voice, I stared up at the butler with my seal in my hand.

What does the marquis think of me? What do you believe in to ask me to take charge of this important estate?

Yes, of course, I am a marquis wife who has the authority to touch the family business on paper legally. But let’s face it. Am I really Kaelus’ companion? Am I seriously the  Marquis’ owner? One day, I just rolled into this house. Frankly speaking, I dare not speak to the marquis’ housekeepers like the butlers and ladies-in-waiting.

Still, Uross’ expression looking at me was so desperate that I decided to listen to him first.

“What’s the situation?”

“We need more budget for last year’s flood recovery right now. It’s already been a long time since the chief’s request arrived.”

“Wouldn’t you be able to talk to the marquis for such urgent matters? He’s much better now.”

“Lady Hestia….”

I say this, but I know the truth. Kaelus came in and out of his study little by little, and began to take a walk, but he was still unstable. There were many times when he stood blankly for no reason, and his emotions fluctuated. It will still take more time for him to return to his old sober self.

“Phew… Okay. Then please send me the urgent ones first. I’m only going to do the ones I can do.”

“Oh, that’s enough, Lady Hestia.”

Uross’ expression became so bright that I couldn’t bear to ruin it.

After the butler disappeared, I said to myself, stamping my seal mechanically.

“It’s a disaster you brought on yourself…. You could’ve just stayed still, why would you come forward.. Whew….”

After a while, the butler brought a document that was almost the thickness of a university book and put it down in the corner of my desk.

“…I asked you to bring the least to me, Uross.”

“I did as I was told, Lady Hestia,”

I hated that smile on his face.

 In the end, I decided to postpone the simple labor of stamping only for the butler for a while, and first look at the documents that needed the decision of the marquis.

Even though I had been fooling around for more than two years in a novel, I did not forget the rhythm I had in my real life. I filled in the necessary numbers by drawing a blank on the paper. The butler glanced at my work and opened his eyes wide.

“Oh… That’s a very unique way of doing it.”

“Oh, really?”

Well, there’s no way of using Excel in a rofan novel.

The butler, who was looking over my shoulder, carefully added another question.

“If you don’t mind, could you tell me how to do it?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that. Let me know when you’re free. It’s not that difficult.”

“Oh, thank you!”

Looking at the internal documents, I naturally learned the current status of Kaelus’ territory and Ilion. Last year’s flood did not cause much damage to private houses compared to other regions, but the embankment was weakened and needed to be repaired with a large amount of money.

The estimate sent by the mayor of Ilion was a formidable amount.

“Is the Chief reliable?”

“He tends to be sincere and honest. I don’t know if he works efficiently, but there’s no way he’s going to falsely report it. When I sent someone to check, there was little difference between the status and the documentation.”

“Well, then I have to assume that this estimate is not exaggerated.”

So the bottom line is that we need to take the embankment maintenance funds out of another budget. It seems that this should not be decided immediately, but rather by looking at other documents.

And a more fundamental issue than that. I need to get permission from Kaelus.

“Butler, I’ll be right back, so don’t worry.”

“Oh, if you need anything, I’ll….”

“No, I’m just going to get some fresh air while I’m out.”

“I see, Lady Hestia.”

Legally, of course I have the authority to touch the estate, but I honestly think that I am not actually welcomed by Kaelus. Therefore, no matter what the employees think of me, such as a butler or a maid, the doctor; I must get permission from Kaelus, the lord himself first. That way, I can be confident in myself and confidently push ahead in front of people who might die under my authority.

When the butler finds out what I mean, he might grab me by saying, “No, you’re really the marchioness.” I have no choice but to go to Kaelus as soon as possible, quietly.

Kaelus was sitting on the terrace of his room. The servant who was next to me noticed that I had come and quietly withdrew.

“Kaelus, this is Hestia.”

He slowly turned his head to my voice.

“What’s going on?”

Still a low voice, but I know it’s not because it’s malicious. I think that’s the original Kaelus.

By the way, every time I see that “adult beauty,” my heart beats. Kaelus-nim, did you come down from heaven or were you kicked out, or did you fall? I was the one caught by him but he was still pretending to be a statue in a museum. .*

*TN: I think it’s referring to her being mesmerized by him but he’s cold as a statue. 

I quickly gathered my mind before the thoughts dominated me. I can’t interrupt his rest for a long time, so I have to hurry up and tell him what to do.

“If the marquis will allow me, I will go over the affairs of Ilion with the butler. There seems to be some urgent issues to deal with.”

Then Kaelus laughed, clicking his tongue.

“Well, I guess I’ve been slacking off too long.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean it like that at all! I actually want the marquis to rest more. However, there was a report from the chief that the time for repairing the embankment should not be delayed any longer…”


I added in a bit of a hurry.

“I’m not asking you to let me handle everything on my own, but I’ll work with the butler on the urgent things that must be done right now. Of course, I will report to the marquis afterwards.”

Kaelus leaned his head back languidly, a voice that flows like a sigh, with a sort of empty smile.

“…It’s truly fortunate that someone can take my place, isn’t it?”

“But I can’t do it as perfectly as the marquis. It’s impossible to fill the marquis’ shoes.”

“That’s what I used to think. I couldn’t feel relief to leave it to anyone, so I thought things would work out only if I did it myself.”


Kaelus glanced at me.

“But now I don’t know why I did my best.”


My heart throbbed. I felt the pain of a person who tried to abandon their life for a moment.

The words came out of my lips with difficulty,

“I wish I could ease the marquis’ burden a little….”

My humble heart. If I could give him everything I could for him to survive, I would be happy to do so.

I don’t need a give and take. I don’t have to receive anything from Kaelus. There’s nothing I’d like to gain or want in this world anyway.

Besides, this isn’t my real life. One day, I fell asleep and came into the novel, and when I go back, I will suddenly leave as if I were sleeping.


Kaelus’ eyes were slightly lowered. What are you thinking?

After a moment of silence, Kaelus opened his mouth again.

“Take care of my affairs. A follow-up report is enough, so there’s no need to come and check for my opinions.”

“Thank you.”

I was about to bow out, but he called me to stop.



He looked away from me and said, looking out at the terrace.

“…just call me by name next time. Isn’t it annoying to call me marquis each time?”


For a moment, I was dumbfounded by what I heard. My mind went wild. I managed to answer in a creeping voice.


My face flushed with heat. I left the place almost as if I were running away.

The servant, who was waiting outside, looked at me with a curious look, but I passed by without time to say hello.

“Whoo… Whoo….”

I ran straight down the hall and barely breathed until I got to my room. I couldn’t breathe and ran all the way here.

“…? Lady Hestia?”

The butler, who was processing the documents in the room, stuck out his head. I raised my hand to say it’s okay.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… I was walking a little faster….”

“You could have come slowly….”

I drank a sip of lukewarm tea, nodding my head roughly at from the butler who seemed confused.

Still, my chest beat wildly. What do you mean by name? Call me by my first name? A title is enough!

“It’s crazy, really…”


The butler’s startled response surprised me.

“Ah…! I was just talking to myself. It’s not a big deal.”


There’s a mountain of work in front of me, but I don’t think it’ll be hard at all.

I feel like I’m getting closer to my favorite. The exaltation that he would remember me in everyday life.


I’m in a lot of trouble trying to stop the laughter from leaking.

A few days later, when I returned home with a slight reflection on my face from Madame Harmonia’s salon, the butler held out a letter.

“Who sent it?”

I couldn’t tell anything just by looking at the outside. But the butler did not immediately respond.

“You’ll know when you open it.”


I feel guilty because the butler doesn’t say it right away. But I brought it into the room for now.

I quickly opened the seal and read the contents. But unexpectedly.


It’s the same name when I open my eyes wide and look into it again.

No, why would Helios secretly contact me like this! And why did the butler deliver this to you like that? The fact that you said, “You’ll know when you open it,” means that you knew who sent the letter.


I have something to say about your vision, so I want to meet you quietly.

I lifted my head up in a cool manner. What is the real purpose of Helios seeing me?

Specifically, if he pointed out “prediction,” it means that he is interested in that part. If Helios is interested in the information about the future I know.

“Do you want me to hold your hand….”

The prediction of a border provocation from Diana must have been very impressive for Helios. If he was good at scheming, he would have felt quite attracted to my ‘ability’. Only on the premise that I’m a total ally.

To guess why he contacted me directly without Kaelus’ knowledge, He might have considered that the bond between me and Kaelus is relatively loose. And he also kept in mind that Kaelus’ condition is not yet good enough to bring up to the public.

“What should I do….”

Patting the letter, I got lost in thought.

Honestly, I don’t want to be close to Helios. How dare he hurt my favorite? After pretending to be sorry in front of Kaelus for a short time, I think he just focused on making love with Diana.

I’m glad I’m not shameless though. If I were a person who only put my greed first, I would have contacted Kaelus proudly revealing my name regardless of whether he was well or not. He must have been sorry to tell Kaelus, “Let me borrow your wife.”

However, I have no intention of meeting Helios secretly from my end. The reason why I dragged out my life in a novel that has passed the ending is only for Kaelus. What glory can I gain here as a helper of Helios?


The tone of the letter was extremely businesslike. There was no area to complain that I didn’t like the way he spoke. I still have a long way to go to my goal and must ignore how I feel.

I’ll have to let Kaelus know first.

“Well, Kaelus…… It’s Hestia.”

Oh, I failed. I just can’t call you by your name.

“Come on in.”

Still, I took courage in the steady response and took steps.

Kaelus was out of his usual gown and was dressed in a neat indoor suit. What he has in his hands is an official gazette issued by the Imperial Palace. I guess he’s finally interested in how the outside world goes. That’s a relief for sure.

“What’s going on?”

Without questioning my half-hearted address, he immediately asked. This side of him is much better for me.

“His highness sent a letter quietly to me. I think I have to say something about my foresight.”


“I’m a little worried that it didn’t go through Lord Kaelus, so what should I do…….”

He tilted his head to his side and asked in return.

“Why? It’s only natural that he has business with you.”

“But it’s somewhat shady that he contacted me as a ‘Hyperion’ without telling you.”

Then he chuckled.

“Why, do you feel like you’re having a secret meeting with him?”

“No way!”

I raised my voice almost reflexively. Wow. This is a joke, too!

But it’s proof that you’re more relaxed than before. It’s good to take it positively.

After a long sigh, I continued calmly.

“I don’t want to do anything else behind your back. I’m not saying I have to ask for permission each time but I think you should at least know.”

Kaelus looked at me and sat down slightly.

“I’m surprised you care so much about my position.”

A smile formed spontaneously.

“But you’re my spouse.”


Kaelus had an unexpected smile, too. However, he turned his head and opened his mouth indifferently.

“Meet Helly first. He’s more persistent than he looks. Even if you refuse this time, he will contact you again anytime.”

“I see….”

If you don’t want to be bothered, just do it quickly. What Kaelus said was roughly what he meant.

Anyway, since we’re done talking, I was going to go outside. By the way,

“You’re still acting like I’m your employer. As you said earlier, am I not your spouse?”


In a moment, I stopped in surprise. Out of the blue, what kind of quarrel is this? 

“And when I said you could call me by my first name, you put up honorifics… At this rate, no one in this house will recognize you as a marchioness.”


An embarrassing smile came to my mind.

The name is, huhu, I can’t help it. What should I do? However, if you want it this much, I have no choice but to practice with determination to devote my whole body to prepare my soul. 

And if he’s worried about my treatment in this mansion now, I’d like to let him know that it’s not as serious as his concern.

“I’ll try to call you by your name. And the servants don’t treat me so badly that you have to worry about it. It’s the opposite. They’re all kind.”


The expressionless Kaelus somehow seemed to show a sign of displeasure. I can’t do this. I think I’ll get in trouble if I don’t show you how hard I’ll really try.

Take a deep breath.

“Thank you for your concern anyway. Kael, Lou, S…….”

I kept trying to put the “nim” on it, but I managed to call his name with a blur of words!

Soon after, I turned around and ran out before he could say anything about the flood of embarrassment.

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