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FMDF – Chapter 5


Finally, it was the day of Countess Erinnis’ tea party. What a bloody effort I’ve made for this day! I learned etiquette every day from the head lady-in-waiting and memorized the summary of the social points given by Madame Harmonia. I must never, ever fail today.

The time of the party is about when we eat brunch. The sunny weather is also perfect for chatting in the garden.

“Then I’ll be back.”

“Have a good time and come back safely, Lady Hestia.”

I was sent off by the butler and the lady-in-waiting and got into the carriage. This time again, a large carriage of the marquis was used. It was so majestic that no one would doubt my status. Of course, there were people who were still wary, seeing this carriage, but it was a special case anyway.

It was not long before I reached the house of Countess Erinnis. I arrived a little earlier than the appointed time on purpose. Thanks to that, I was able to act naturally and relax my mind.

If you are invited, it is polite to greet the host first.

“Countess Erinnis, I’m Hestia. Thank you for inviting me.”

“Good to see you, marchioness.”

An elegant middle-aged woman greeted me with a warm welcome. I can find out now whether that smile is real or not.

I walked alongside her. There is no need to shrink back. I’m a marchioness anyway, even if people here think I’m from a humble background.

“Everyone is very curious. How did the words of Marchioness Hestia subdue the minister of the temple?”

“Whoa, I’m a bit embarrassed to hear you say that. It isn’t that great if you had heard it.”

“But it’s not something that everyone can do. If you don’t mind, could you let us hear it? What did you tell him?”

Despite meeting for the first time, Countess Erinnis was quite friendly. She had a soft tone and an easy way of talking. She’s a great socialite.

My seat is right next to the host. It showed that today’s tea party was arranged because of me. I quickly counted the chairs. Six in total. It’s not a very large number. It seems that only best friends were invited.

After taking the seat under the guidance of the Countess, other guests followed. The sense of time seems not to be exactly accurate, and when everyone gathered, it was a little over the appointed time.

“The person who was looking forward to meeting everyone came like this. Ladies and gentlemen, Marchioness Hestia.”

I also responded with dignity to Erinnis’ elegant introduction.

“I’m very nervous to sit among famous people. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

I didn’t try to pretend to be noble. I am the daughter of a lord of the land named Elea, whose name is unfamiliar. I’m sure the fast-paced socialites know all this. Therefore, it is better to show a slightly shy impression to be liked.

The tea party continued generally in an amicable atmosphere. Like Madame Harmonia, they showed interest in how I became a marquis wife and the disturbance in the temple.

However, one of the participants raised sensitive questions, as if to remind them not to let go of their tension.

“But Lady Marquis. After marrying Marquis Kaelus, aren’t you nervous about his past love affair?”


The time has come. It was kind of an ulterior motive to ask me like that even though you knew it was sensitive. You shouldn’t look foolish here.

“Is there any reason to be nervous? It’s not even a marriage made out of a coalition anyway. However, as long as the marquis acknowledged my qualities and accepted me as a companion, it can be considered a stronger relationship than a couple’s relationship with emotions. At least as long as I prove my ability, there’s no fear of breaking up this marriage.”

Although I talked about my qualities and slightly faked it, I succeeded in revealing that I was a formidable character to these worn-out ladies. In addition, by deliberately referring to the “emotional relationship,” I did not miss giving subtle shade to guests so that they could think of Diana and Helios in their heads.

The Countess of Erinnis quickly took my words.

“As soon as the marriage was completed, I was already impressed by the platform that the marchioness showed me. She’s the one who has to lead the affairs of a vast marquis, and I think that’s a must.”

Then a voice of agreement came from here and there.

“As the Countess said. You need the right people to handle big things.”

“You’re right. Hohohohohohoho.”

I know those words were not entirely in my defense. It sounds like turning Crown Princess Diana around, but at the same time there is a warning that I should be careful not to be treated like her.

Then, someone asked again.

“Now that you’ve challenged the temple, I’m quite curious about the marchioness’ next move. Can you give me a hint?”

I blushed slightly and bowed my head.

“I’m still a bit too shy to say anything, so I’m going to learn a lot from you guys for the time being.”

“Oh, I see….”

Fortunately, it must have been a satisfactory answer for the ladies. They all nodded without much displeasure.

Still, I think it would be good to give them some hints about my position. That way, I can judge properly whether it’s good or not to go out as much as I want.

“As is well known, my husband was once at odds with the crown prince over her highness, the Saintess. But isn’t it all in the past now? I’m going to make every effort to make Marquis Kaelus a pillar of this empire. As a reliable companion that the imperial family can rely on the most.”

As I have said, the gist is simple. It means that I will make this empire impossible to run without Kaelus, and that I will grow my strength to the point where they cannot last without reaching out to Kaelus, whether it is the emperor or the crown prince.

However, my true intention is quite simple to say that it contains political intentions. I just want to show Diana that Kaelus is a hundred times, a thousand times better man than Helios.

Meaningful looks were exchanged between the ladies sitting around. Countess Erinnis smiled deeply.

“I was impressed by the great ambition of the young Marquis. You were extraordinary from the start, and you had that in mind.”

“Then I will often seek your wisdom. Please lead me well, who is not good.”

I lowered my posture with great humility.

All the people here are married. And the age group is generally in their 30s, that is, it is at least 10 years older than aristocratic infants led by Diana.

The outward appearance of me is a blue young woman who has just taken off her girlish shirt*, so it may seem unreasonable for me to hang out with.

*TN: someone who is new, just entered society

However, it’s not the young aristocrats who don’t even have decent titles that actually drive society, but they are the ones. The proper exercise of authority as a peerage with a title. This is the kind of people I need to get along with.

What should be pursued in society like Countess Erinnis? Friend to support romantic love like Diana? Friendship that opens up my heart?

That’s funny. If you want to find a true friend, you have to leave society.

In this world, we only use each other. All I have left to do is to figure out how helpful that person is and won’t get in the way of my ambition. Therefore, the energy to play around with the young people of aristocracy who can’t exert much power is a waste. It may be fun to play, but it’s not real.

  In addition, it is extremely rare for a single person to have a title directly, such as Kaelus. Noble Englishmen my age are usually on the same political lines as their parents. Therefore, in order to increase efficiency when it comes to effort, it is better to target the parents’ generation.

  If Diana wants to take the lead in social opinion as a crown princess, she must capture these ladies. Unfortunately, however, when I heard the following conversation, it did not seem so.

“There’s no news that the crown princess is having another meeting, right?”

“Yes, she invited a lot of her close friends the day before yesterday, but she hasn’t told us anything yet.”

Foolishly, Diana seems to prefer hanging out with friends who get along with her. I could hear all the ladies clicking their tongues all the way from here.

And it’s very good for me. I tried to hide my laughter. I just had an idea.

“Not long ago, I had a cup of tea with your highness. May I give you a hint?”

I said deliberately and naively. Then I got a response at once.

“Oh, really?”

“You’ve already been to the palace?”

I nodded furiously.

“Yes, thankfully, they sent me a personal letter first. It was before the crown princess invited the young ladies.”

“Oh, my God, you’re the marchioness. The two will care about you the most.”

“That’s what I mean…!”

The Countess of Erinnis spoke cautiously.

“Then Marchioness Hestia, don’t talk about us. Can you find out a little bit? When is she going to have another party, and if possible, who she is inviting….”

I answered with a light answer.

“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

I could feel the meaningful exchange of eyes. Just now, I’m in a fence with a feeble bunch of people.

Yes, this is the world of society. a hard-fought battlefield. There is no naive friendship or loyalty, and it is a game that requires you to turn your head every moment.

I got homework from the tea party of Countess Erinnis. The homework is to get information about the next social gathering from Crown Princess Diana.

But I don’t intend to be naive and really informative. Wouldn’t this be an opportunity to discredit Diana? Since I’m working, it’s good to kill two birds with one stone.

“We’ll see how well Kaelus will protect you, Diana.”

I rummaged and mumbled through fanatic notes meaninglessly.

How many buffs will there be? Will she still be the main character after the novel? Well, that’s it. We’ll see.

In fact, in many secondary creations, the main character does not necessarily match the original. The point of appreciating the original is different from person to person, and the impressions vary widely. It is not strange to sympathize more with the supporting character, not the main character, and to have more affection for them.

Therefore, I am now creating a second novel that I binge-read. The main character couple, who were originally good characters, can be transformed into villains as much as possible in the new story I make.

Won’t the original author be offended? In reality, it may well true. But isn’t this a novel? A world where no one but me knows this is a novel. Then I’m the only one who can appreciate it. There’s nothing I can’t do!

“Anyway, I’ll have to go deal with Diana first.”

I don’t know what I heard from Helios who met Kaelus last time, but anyway, his attitude will be different from when he first saw him. He knew that Kaelus tried to kill himself, and I was the one who stopped it.

Now they won’t treat me like a greedy crook.

Once again, I carefully looked through my fanatic notes to found out if there was anything to use. Just in time, something useful popped out.

Singing joyfully in my heart, I wrote a letter to Diana asking for an audience.


It’s the result of holding onto this card. I’m looking forward to it.

The messenger sent to the Imperial Palace returned with a reply.

“Oh, this is Diana’s handwriting.”

A round and pretty typeface. It was reminiscent of the letters that pop on a snack bar. The reply said that the audience would be granted as expected.

I decided to talk to Kaelus for now.

“Excuse me….”

I habitually tried to call the butler, but I stopped for a moment.


Shall we visit in person this time? I’m sorry to call a butler or a maid every time to ask about Kaelus’ movements.

After a deep breath, “Phew… No, let’s do as we always do.”

I gave up quickly. I can’t help it because my heart is shaking. I don’t know if I can knock on the door properly.

Eventually, the bell rang to call the maid. I asked the maid to bring in a butler or a maid. So the butler finally came to my room.

“Did you call me, Hestia?”

I’ve gone through a few laps around the room, but this was still comfortable.

“I must see Lord Kaelus. Where is he now?”

“Oh, he’s resting in his bedroom.”

I asked the butler, who answered promptly, in a polite tone.

“Then can you deliver it to the marquis?”

“Yes, I see. Well, by the way, ma’am….”

Uross nodded but hesitated.

“What’s wrong?”

“…can’t you just come and see him right away? .I’m sure my master won’t mind.”

He answered with a playful gesture.

“Oh, I guess you’re too lazy to go back and forth being in the middle”

“No, no, ma’am…! It’s not that…!”

The face of Uross quickly became dark. If you don’t act in moderation, you’ll bleed.

“Ho-ho, all right. But to be honest, I still feel awkward with Kaelus. So please work a little harder.”


Uross withdrew in a sweat.

After a while, the butler came back and told me that I could go now. Finally, I took Diana’s reply and visited Kaelus’ room.

“It’s Hestia.”

“Come on in.”

A short answer. I carefully opened the door.

Kaelus sat comfortably leaning against the sofa. Maybe he was reading a book, or I could see a book that was turned upside down on the table.

I quickly went to business without any time to catch my breath.

“I’m going to visit the crown princess in a while. I wanted to tell you in advance.”

“I see. I see.”

As soon as I finished what I had to say, I turned around quickly. by the way.

“What? Is that it?”


For a moment I turned around in surprise. Kaelus had a ridiculous look on his face.

“It takes a long time for the butler, and I mean, is this all for a simple purpose?”


There was nothing to be said for that. Kaelus’ expression was even more absurd.

“That must have been it.”

“I’m sorry….”

I can feel my face burning red. Oh, my. What a shame.

I heard a false laugh.

“Ha… Don’t bother the servants with this much work from now on. Just come to my room yourself. It’s not that big of a deal….”


I couldn’t bear to raise my head. I turned right away and ran out almost as if I were running away.

As soon as I came back to my room, I breathed a long sigh.


Seriously, it was the most embarrassing moment since I came to this house.

Kaelus made a point. Calling the servants back and forth for nothing, frankly, is just for me to be comfortable.

“I know… I was short-minded…….”

What’s the point of belatedly being embarrassed? For Kaelus, my image has already become a commoner woman who pretends to be a nobleman while haughtily manipulating her subordinates!

Besides, what must have the servants have been thinking? Why am I such a heavenly creature, calling them every time I have a small business?

“Phew, what a dark past.”

I opened the window wide to cool my burning face.

 I should’ve done what the butler said. I said it in a roundabout way so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed, but I thought he were joking.

I’ll never make a mistake next time.

The day I finally go to meet Diana. While dressing up splendidly with the help of the maids, one thing suddenly came to mind.


The ladies of the house suddenly stopped.

“Madam? Did you feel uncomfortable?”

“Oh, no, no. Nothing.”

I waved my hands hastily. The maids were restless in their work.


Actually, I just remembered the pink diamond ring. The one that Kaelus tried to present to Diana and was turned down. It was almost like a proposal ring, and even after seeing it, Diana turned her back on Kaelus.

I’m sure Diana also remembers the ring. If I were to appear with the ring on my finger today, I could make Diana quite restless.

Let’s give it a try.

“Well, I’ll be out for a second. I’ll be right back, so wait for me.”

“Eh? Ma’am…!”

The ladies-in-waiting were taken aback by the sudden rise from my seat. After smiling apologetically, I left.

I’m very nervous because it’s my first time visiting Kaelus’ room. However, I should no longer cause inconvenience to others.


After breathing loudly in front of the door.

“… Mr. Kaelus. Are you inside?”

Argh! I’ve done it! I can hear a tremble in my ear. Every time I see Kaelus, I feel so refreshed! Making eye contact with your favorite is really, really hard.

“Hestia? Come on in.”

Oh…! I heard the answer!

With indescribable emotions, I opened the door. When I looked up, there was already a sexy, silver-haired man sitting down.

But with the soon-to-be-business voice, “What’s going on?”

I quickly came to my senses.

“Well, I have a request for the marquis. I’m sorry, but can I borrow one of your belongings?”

I said it without breathing. It wasn’t until I finished talking that I breathed.

“My stuff? Which one?”

“It’s a pink diamond ring. What’s in the drawer of the study.”

Only then did Kaelus’ eyes slightly widen.

“Ah… That….”

“I’ll use it only when I go to the Imperial Palace and return it right away.”

As I bowed my head, I heard a little laugh.

“No, you don’t have to. You can just keep it.”

“Oh, really?”

It was unexpected. I don’t have to return the precious thing?

Kaelus smiled bitterly.

“It’s not even mine anyway.”


My heart throbbed. It must have been a proposal gift for Diana. I brought back a painful memory to him.

“Thank you. I’ll be right back.”

“Good luck.”

It was a polite greeting in its own way, but Kaelus received it as a light joke.

Anyway, it’s an unexpected gift. Obviously, he said. I want you to take it. What a blessing!

Immediately I got the keys to Kaelus’ study drawer from the butler. Then I flew to his study and finally saw the precious diamond ring, which I had only read in the novel, in real life.


God, how could you refuse this? Diana, you’re amazing

When I returned to the room with the ring box in my hand, the ladies-in-waiting, who had been waiting for me until then, were delighted.

“Oh, ma’am!”

“I’m sorry I left. Let’s keep going.”


The ladies-in-waiting, who answered energetically, were all nice and grateful.

“It’s rather heavy…….”

A small complaint was made in the carriage to the Imperial Palace.

The large diamond ring on the finger was quite heavy. I thought it might not fit on my finger because it was tailored to Diana’s size, but fortunately, I managed to get onto my ring finger. Phew.


Still, I can’t help feeling proud. I feel sorry for borrowing it for a while, but he even said I could keep it! This is the first gift I received from my favorite.

I’m telling you, I’m not impressed because it’s expensive. But because my favorite Kaelus gave it to me. It doesn’t matter that much that the ring was given to Diana once. The important thing is, this is mine!

I have to face Diana soon, but I’m more excited than nervous.

Soon, I arrived in front of the palace of the Crown Prince and his wife. The place is called “Lily Palace” because there are many white lilies around the palace. When I came here before, I couldn’t think of it because there were less flowers, but today, it’s a very white flower field.

The ends of my tied hair were rolled up high. This is the hairstyle that the ladies-in-waiting have done with all their heart and soul. Overall, my whole being was dressed up in a lively atmosphere. The pink diamond also looked remarkably good.

After waiting in the reception room for a while, Diana appeared with her elegant beauty. That pink hair is amazing every time I see it. That hair color was probably the most impressive for Kaelus, too.

Be courteous.

“Thank you for allowing me to attend. Your Highness the Crown Princess.”

“I was wondering why you wanted to meet me. That’s why I accepted it.”

Diana seemed quite accustomed to the position of the Crown Princess. I can feel the dignity of her natural hospitality.

I smiled deeply.

“As an aristocrat, shouldn’t you do your best for the royal family? Please trust my pure heart, your highness.”

I purposely raised my ringed hand to cover my smiling lips. It was a diamond that was shown off to the fullest, so there’s no way you didn’t see it.

She fluttered her eyes and smiled and looked at Diana’s expression. It would be nice if she could show her crumped face in front of my eyes. But Diana, accustomed to the new role of crown princess, did not change her expression easily.

“…Okay. I’ll listen to your story first.”

Oh, you’re quite wary of me. Helios seems to have tipped Dianna off after visiting the Marquis. It’s not going to be a good thing.

Anyway, I decided to start a conversation. I held out a pre-prepared envelope in front of Diana.

“I believe you already know that my special abilities is not fake, your highness.”

“You mean foresight. Yes, as you said, the thief was really caught.”

Diana glanced at me and opened the envelope. There were some lines in the envelope that I had written.

“Is this…?”

I replied with a grin.

“It says what you need to prepare for in the future. I think it would be better to use this ability for our country.”

Without saying a word, Diana fixed her gaze on the paper.

It was a card drawn from a fanatic notebook. At this time of year, there was an enemy provocation disguised as a bandit on the border belonging to the old duchy – the duchy of the Duke of Orcus, who died after drinking poison tea. Before the return, it was much later discovered that this was actually an army of other countries, and Prince Helios was quite troubled by solving this problem.

So I prepared it. So-called, the prophecy of the powerful!

“Your Highness must have received a report of bandits appearing on the duchy’s border. But they’re not really bandits. It’s the enemy’s army trying to check the defense.”


Diana’s sea-colored eyes shook finely.

I remembered when this happened before I went back.

Instead of the sickly emperor, Helios, the crown prince, had to struggle alone in the conflict with the enemy. It would have been much easier to solve if Kaelus had been alive because Kaelus was a brilliant politician and diplomat.

After struggling to prevent it from spreading to war somehow, Helios managed to reach an agreement and end the conflict on the condition that enemy merchants do business in the imperial territory for free.

But things have changed in this life. Once I intervened in this conflict with “foresight,” and Kaelus is alive and not dead.

This empire is peaceful and it’s none of my business. The only reason I used this foresight to deal with Diana and Helios is because there’s something else I want to get right now.

Diana asked in a questioning voice.

“But why didn’t you tell Heli this yourself? Do you have any particular reason to let me know?”

Oh, that was a pretty good point. I bowed my head in shame.

“I’m ashamed to tell you, but I’m afraid to see the crown prince.”


Those eyes that say, “Huh?” Honestly, it’s cute. You look pretty no matter what you do because your face is pretty.

“The crown prince may be difficult to understand, but… The crown prince is a person who is difficult for a person like me to face. However, as a saint, the crown princess met me once when I was in the temple. That’s a friendly face in its own way…Anyway, that’s why I asked your highness to see me. I wanted to ask you something.”

“I see.”

Fortunately, Diana did not pry. She must have been convinced by the way I put it. Indeed, who can look at Helios’ sharp golden eyes properly? It must be hard except for the heroine.

But honestly, I wasn’t too afraid to look directly at Helios. I returned once and read the original novel so hard that I was confident that I was knowledgeable than anyone else when it came to the main characters.

Diana asked again, straightening up.

“Okay, so what do you want to ask?”

I answered right away.

“I was just wondering if there would be another tea party like the one you hosted the other day. Although I was not invited by you at the time, I also want to serve you with all my heart….”

I smiled shyly, trailing my words. Although I am a marquis wife, I seemed to reveal that I an innocent commoner woman. I hope this will ease Diana’s boundaries even a little.

Diana shook her head. She breathed a little sigh.

“Even so, letters asking for it are coming in every day. I’m planning to schedule it soon, even if it’s your requests.”

“Oh, I see!”

I was so happy. At the same time, I lowered my voice.

“Then you’ll have to consider the list to invite, your highness. You have to make friends who will be your strength in the future at this time. If this is the case, you’ll have to put them together as powerful people…. By the way, may I ask when you think the due date is?”

In fact, the list and date of the tea party were a sensitive issue. It was common for experienced nobles not to confess unless they were very close.

But Diana has just become a crown princess, so you never know? It’s a low probability, but I made a bold bet.

But Diana’s expression hardened. Contrary to my wishes, the education I received from Madame Harmonia as a saint seems to be in vain.

“That’s a very blunt question, Marchioness Hestia.”

“Ah……! I’m sorry, your grace!”

Oh, my God. Did you notice? I got up immediately, bent over, and apologized.

However, I did not back down.

“It was a poor etiquette, so I made a mistake with my narrow opinion. I simply thought that I would be able to understand more trivial things because I had given a major prophecy for you. Please forgive me for being rude because of my ignorance.”


Diana did not immediately respond. A hesitant look on her face.

Yeah. If you have a conscience, you won’t act like this, right? I gave you important information that might affect the nation first, but if there is something going, there should be something coming. Shouldn’t the deal be fair?

Politics, after all, is also a kind of trade. To reach an agreement by suggesting what each person wants and what each other needs. Diana is stupid if she doesn’t understand what I’m saying.

“…You have a point. No, maybe it was on purpose. Telling the future to find out about the tea party…”

Diana smiled softly at her words.

“As I said, my abilities are not very small. But if please understand my desire to be close enough to the crown princess to offer her prophecies, this humble woman has nothing more to ask for.”

She reflected on herself as I spoke. She’s a mean person. When I went to the temple just before I went back, I heard it from the retainer.

“Trivial things….”

Diana murmured quietly. Then she said with a wry smile.

“That’s right. Compared to the problems in this border area that you’ve told me about, the tea party thing is just a small thing.”

“Your Highness…”

Suddenly her voice became hard.

“I learned a very valuable lesson from you. But you better not try to teach me like this next time. I’m the crown princess of this country, and you have to be polite.”

Oh, I was disappointed. In addition, I have now learned how to present my identity in this way. Man, after a little while, you’re about to be crushed by my feet.

As if I were sorry, I bowed my head.

Diana continued.

“There’s nothing to tell you clearly right now, anyway. I’ll send you a separate letter as soon as I decide.”

There was no ulterior motive in her tone. I didn’t get the information I wanted, but I decided to accept it calmly because it was a good harvest.

I raised my hand, placed it on my chest, and bent down somewhat calmly.

“I am just moved by your kindness.”

However, Diana’s expression when she received the courtesy suddenly felt strange. Like in the midst of a mystery.

“The ring…”


I held back my laughter for a moment. I was disappointed when I showed it to you earlier because you seemed so uninterested, but you’re responding late.

Proudly, I raised my hand with the pink diamond.

“It’s a gift from my husband. When did he prepare it, what a beautiful gift! I’m so moved that I don’t know what to say, your highness.”

“Is that so…?”

Why? You want to talk? Are you dying to tell me that this ring was actually yours?

“Well, is it a jewel that is a little lacking in your eyes…? Somehow you don’t seem to like it.”

I tried to look innocent, and she said, “What do you mean it’s not enough? That’s not true. The Marquis gave you something very precious.”

She tried to smile as she said so. At this point, I felt like I was going to finish talking about the ring.

But that’s not gonna work. I’m just getting started.

“Come to think of it, this pink diamond….”

Little by little, I murmured with a smile.

“…it goes very well with the hair color of Her Majesty the Crown Princess…… It’s like….”

I managed to maintain a smile, blurring the end of my words. By alternating between Diana and the ring. That’s how dramatic it is. Ah. This excellent acting ability.

“Ah…! No way…?!”


Diana said nothing momentarily about the change in my facial expression.

This reaction has a special meaning. It’s a momentary silence, but in fact this reflexive response is a better representation of her true feelings.

This means that I will not deny the truth of the ring that I belatedly found out. You really don’t want us to be happy? Or do you just hate it when I’m happy without knowing anything?

I quickly continued my next performance before she came to her senses.

“I, uh… I see…. I didn’t know that….”

“…! Oh, Hestia, it’s…!”

As soon as Diana realized the situation and opened her mouth, my well-made tears flowed down my face. As if she was at a loss, she wandered his gaze and murmured.

“I was happier..… when I didn’t know….”


Diana was completely frozen.

It must be embarrassing. Never in her life had she been such a villain. Saint Diana has always been a good woman.

It was worth it, wearing the ring on purpose. I found out that Diana still cared about Kaelus, and I was able to give her a glimpse of her conscience with high moral standards.

Her voice stammered.

“Yes, I didn’t mean to…. I’m sorry, Hestia….”

I wiped my tears with my fingertips to look as miserable as I could. I smiled helplessly.

“That’s ridiculous, your highness, I’d rather thank you. I almost fell into a big illusion without knowing my place. Thanks to your advice.”

Diana tried desperately to placate me.

“Thank you is something I should say. I heard from Heli. You saved his life.”

The psychological position has reversed. Now I have the upper hand.

“Thanks to my small ability, I was able to help a precious person. I will continue to be there for you as long as I can.”

“Yes, I’ll ask you to do it.”

It was a desperate request.

Diana’s efforts are great, so let’s call it a day.


I laughed as loud as I could in the carriage back home. God, I didn’t know it was this thrilling!

How can such a perplexing expression come out of the face of Diana, who was so kind and pretty! Literally the expression, ‘Oh, what have I done?!’.

If Diana had been a little more aristocratic, she would have pretended to not know about the ring in front of her. She got caught because of her pure heart.

“Oh, you’re so pretty…….”

I kissed the big jewel. To be honest, I didn’t wear the ring with much expectation, but it really exceeded my expectations.

When I arrived home, the butler Uross greeted me.

“How have you been, Lady Hestia?”

“Yes, I’m glad I didn’t go in vain.”

I answered with a big smile, and he opened his eyes wide.

  “I guess the audience went well.”

“Of course. The crown princess told me a great story.”


That’s enough of my story, and the most important thing is always Kaelus.

“Is Marquis in his room?”

“He’s been in the study all this time after taking a little walk.”

“Oh, I see. When he’s upset, he often looks for light novels, so make sure you have as many as you can.”

“You really know everything about our master. Is this also your ability?” said Uros, with his tongue sticking out.

“Well, sort of. Whoo….”

Uross tilted his head.

“Lady Hestia says her foresight doesn’t go into detail, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

“Oh… It’s a little different from time to time. Hahaha….”


My heart ached. I made a hasty excuse, but fortunately he accepted it roughly and moved on.

Anyway, the intended reason I went to see Diana was to find out the schedule of the meeting, so I sat at my desk and wrote a letter to Countess Erinnis.

“The Crown Princess… She doesn’t have any plans right now… But she told me that she would let me know separately..”

I carefully drew the words while reciting them. Then, an elegant handwritten letter was completed as if it had been written by a native aristocrat. I sent it to the countess immediately.

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