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FMDF – Chapter 4.1


Countess Erinnis. She was a socialite who worked with Madame Harmonia, recommended by the butler. Her husband passed early, and her only daughter was already married and had left home. Under the pretext of the vast mansion being lonely, her house is always full of parties and readings. A person who is troubled even if deeply entangled, but cannot be completely turned away.

And crucially, her mouth is pretty light.*

*TN: as in she can’t keep a secret

“How far should I go to wrap this up?”

Therefore, it is foolish to confide my identity to her straightforwardly. I should hide what I want to hide properly and reveal what I want to reveal. The skill of concealing is also essential.

The most important thing for me is how much Countess Erinnis has a good feeling for Diana. Her position was largely neutral during the original work.

And this is proof that Diana is not a fully recognized position in the aristocratic community. Diana’s most powerful ally is not a nobleman, but the temple.

“The temple will have to row when the water comes in.* You’ve become a member of the royal family. How can this be?”

*TN: The temple will have to deal with the consequences of Diana becoming royalty and leaving the temple when it hits

The nobles did not voice much opposition to Diana’s ascension to the throne. The reason was the death of the Duke of Orcus and his daughter Princess Letona. When the two villains, who took the lead and opposed Diana, drank their own poison tea by Kaelus’ trick, the nobles immediately changed their attitude and no longer disturbed Diana.

However, that is the story of the ending of the novel, and no one knows how the complaints that are boiling inside will come out after the ending. It would be nice if Diana noticed this well and tried to win the support of the aristocracy.

Unfortunately, I’m going to move a step first.

I don’t want to dominate the social world like the late Letona or Crown Princess. However, it is enough to provide food that is good to eat to talkative people. Of course I’ll also be chewed up by them behind my back, but if I don’t mind it then it doesn’t matter.

Because my purpose is not for me to reign over Diana, but just to make her regret it. In any case, I am the daughter of a lord in a mountainous background named Elea, so in their view, I am just a humble origin just like Diana. Therefore, there is no need to try to blend in among the nobles. In any case, it would be nice if I could get along with Countess Erinnis.

“Phew, it’s Madame Harmonia who you should be concerned about right now.”

As recommended by Uross, she was born as a daughter of an aristocrat, but did not receive a separate title or marry. A strange position that straddles the middle of a commoner or aristocrat. Thanks to her, she had considerable influence outside the aristocratic society.

Madame Harmonia was quite sympathetic to Diana, a commoner. She also encouraged her side not to give up her love for Helios. It was Madame who taught Diana the court etiquette. If the temple is Diana’s political ally, Madame Harmonia was Diana’s spiritual helper.

Why was Madame Harmonia, who was clearly on Diana’s side, more important than Countess Erinnis? It’s because the word of Harmonia can shake Diana even more. Therefore, it means that the cost-effectiveness is better if I target Harmonia.

I am a true reader who has read the original novel nine times. I am fully aware of the likes and dislikes of Countess Erinius and Madame Harmonia, so I’m confident in winning their favor.

The butler said he would contact Madame Harmonia first, but I shouldn’t just wait. I, like Diana, who has risen from commoner to aristocrat, should not give Madame the impression of being arrogant.

I also left the mansion modestly in time for the butler’s messenger to depart. The butler and the  lady-in-waiting were informed of the trip, but they did not specify the destination. After a long time, I dragged my own carriage and headed alone to a downtown salon.

“Welcome. Well…….”

The staff at the salon greeted me very gently, but hesitated about my name. He kindly presented his business smile.


I smiled quietly at the wide-eyed employee.

“I want to see Madame separately.”

“Oh, I see! Just a moment, please!”

The staff rushed into the room. I like it because it’s not slow.

Standing like that for a moment, a woman who lifted the hem of her dress gracefully approached me with a measured step. Just as she opened her mouth, she put her finger to her lips and signaled for silence. Eventually, Madame lowered her voice and spoke in a whispering volume.

“Lady Hestia, Marchioness…!”

“I’m sorry I came all of a sudden. Can I talk to you in a quiet place for a moment?”

“Oh, you’re welcome! This way….”

There were quite a few people in the salon. I’m glad I wore a wide-brimmed hat. Curious eyes turned this way a few times, but soon recovered.

I entered a quiet room where the noise was silenced well. Harmonia offered me a seat but did not hide her excitement.

“Oh, my God. I just saw the posthumous artist’s letter!”

I lightly confirmed. 

“I know. But to show Madame my desperation, I’d much rather do this  face-to-face.”

Harmonia’s important reason for liking Diana was the honesty and humility that Diana showed. Then I can ingratiate myself with Madame in the same way.

“Ah… but a woman of great statute like the marchioness..”

Her eyes are filled with admiration. I think I did the first step well.

“I’m from a weak background, too. And it’s on the fringes of society. We got married all of a sudden, but honestly, there are so many shortcomings. I really need Madame’s help.”

“Oh my….”

Madame covered her lips with her hand and admired it in a small way. I think she’s doing it on purpose. It seems to be a kind of reciprocating gesture rather than a particularly bad meaning.

“In fact, the Marquis’ presence has been a hot topic in the past few days. Before I help you, I also have a question, can I ask you?”

“Of course, Madame. You don’t have to be shy”

Of course, I answered positively.

Madame was curious about this. How I’ve been living. And how did I marry Kaelus? Why did I turn the temple upside down after I got married?

The answers were generally expected, so the answers were not that difficult.

“My adoptive father is Lord Elea. He took me as his adopted daughter because he had no children to send to imperial society.”

“Actually, I have admired the Marquis for a long time. I was worried that he might be deeply hurt after the wedding of the Crown Princess, so I walked to the Marquis without realizing it. The Marquis, who found me like that, gave me a marriage certificate right away, maybe because of my vain feelings.”

“I owe you an unbelievable favor, and I will pay you back. So I went to the temple. My husband generously gave out his own land for the saint, but he didn’t get a response. You can think of it as a kind of liquidation of the past when the land was returned.”

In a calm tone, Madame Harmonia’s curiosity was answered. The concept I chose is a foolish country woman who had unexpected luck. But don’t show off. Be humble. Isn’t this great?

She nodded in agreement.

“The world knows that the Marquis of Kaelus was very fond of the Crown Princess. Everyone was worried about the marquis, but that’s what happened….”

“I know my place very well. I have no intention of hastily imitating her Highness, Lady Diana. I just want to repay him for letting me have a happy dream, even for a short time, until he regain his composure and files for divorce.”

“Oh, don’t you ever think that, Marchioness! You’ve already proven yourself worthy by dealing with the temple!”

Harmonia shook her hand hard.

At first glance, it feels like she’s on my side, but I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Because her attitude when I’m not in front of her is the real one.

I held Madame’s hand with a desperate look.

“I’m so embarrassed that I’m afraid I’ll cause trouble for the marquis because of my poor knowledge. So madam, help me please. I have to go to the tea time of Countess Erinnis in a little while, so please teach me not to be humiliated in the spot.”

She smiled a little.

“I understand the situation of the marchioness. It’s simple, but I’ll do my best.”

“Oh, thank you. Madame! First of all, can you sort out the social issues that might come out of the Countess’ tea time? Because I can’t sit there like a honeyed mute*….”

*TN: starstruck

“I’ll do that. And be aware of the subtle feud between the nobles. That way, you won’t make a mistake.”

Harmonia carefully pointed out. As expected, a social veteran is different. There were many things to learn, so I promised to organize them well in my notebook and send them to the marquis.

“It really helped me a lot. Madam, I won’t forget your kindness.”

I thanked her with dignity. Harmonia smiled, slightly covering her lips with her fingers.

“Then can I have you come visit my salon often from now on?”

“Oh, I will.”

If it’s a saloon with the best social issues, people will naturally gather. It’s a clever suggestion. I accepted her offer without difficulty.

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