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FMDF – Chapter 30


Again, it was best to concentrate on work to forget unnecessary worries.

The inspiration that came to mind on the day the courtier visited was put into practice, and in an instant, things to do snowballed.

Uross followed my instructions steadily. He posted a notice on the bulletin board on the main street during the day.

The story is that “The Duchess Hestia is looking for a medical talent.”

The reaction was very immediate. From that night on, letters began to fly right in front of me.


I gulped down the nutritional juice put in by the maid, Clarice.

After Helios left, I decided to force myself to eat a lot even if I had no appetite.

Damn it, I shouldn’t be too lazy to nourish myself so that I don’t get hit twice by that jerk.

I experienced the fact that if I don’t eat, I don’t have energy, and if I don’t have energy, my thoughts leak. What a nasty lesson it was.

I called in the doctor and sat next to him.

“Let’s go over the papers together, sir.”

“Yes, Duchess…”

I heard a groan somewhere, but I decided to coolly ignore it.

The people who sent the letters certainly came from the new shrine. In recent years, some people quit the shrine, and some people quit quite a long time ago and engaged in other jobs.

I asked my doctor secretly.

“Are there any of them skilled enough to teach others?”

“Well, some people stand out.”

The reason why common people had no choice but to visit the temple even if they hated it was because there were no suitable places other than the temple where they could receive treatment at a low price.

We must make sure that no one looks at the temple. In order to do so, even if you don’t visit the temple, there must be no difficulty in your daily life.

“Let’s sort out the people who can start the treatment right away.”

“You have to divide it into two categories. Ma’am, it’s better to separate those who can see you in person from those who can only assist you.”

“Oh, yes.”

You should always listen to what the professional says. I immediately accepted the doctor’s suggestion.

Soon after, the butler was also called to my room.

“I need to buy a building with a lot of rooms. It should be available as a clinic.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll find out as soon as possible.”

“Oh, and look for another building. Uross. This time, a good place to be a training camp.”

Uross took notes of my instructions and nodded.

“I’ll pick a few suitable candidates. Why don’t you choose one out of them?”

“Okay, that’s much better.”

He is also a good worker, so he proceeds with what to do without me instructing him one by one.

The doctor smiled softly.

“It would be better for you to be busy than free.”


To be honest, I wish I was much busier than this. One might lament that it is a disaster that was brought to you, but I want to get busier and forget the anxiety and loneliness that permeates.

“Well, let’s read the next letter.”


The doctor sighed and picked up the thick glasses again.


Because of the huge notice on the bulletin board of the downtown area, the business within the city quickly became known in the social circles.

And surprisingly, this time the temple responded.

A lengthy protest before me. In summary, however, it ended in one sentence.

“What? How dare you trample on God’s authority?”

No, since when has medicine been a thing of the temple? So all the doctors of the aristocracy are sinners who ignore God? What about the palace?

“Wow… I guess I’m doing it right because the temple is angry. I should continue to do this. Hmph.”

I gritted my teeth with a snort.

That arrogance will be over when the complaint comes out to the world soon. It’s too late to regret after the decapitation.

However, there is a reason why the temple is so sensitive. This is because after the duke’s notice was hung, the young retainers of the temple began to stir.

In fact, many of the letters that arrived at me were from the retainers who still belonged to the temple. In many cases, they were secretly sent away by holding them to the side of visitors to the temple, avoiding strict ministers.

In fact, my notice did not promise any treatment of medical personnel.

Nevertheless, this agitation can be seen as meaning that young priests are not already very attracted to the temple.

Then is it all the more my fault for the departure of the young priests? It’s the owner’s fault for not taking care of the rabbits!

“You’re always busy blaming others.”

I clicked my tongue and threw the temple protest into the fire.


Before long, the butler, Uross, held out a few documents before me.

“We have distinguished between ready-to-use buildings and buildings that require some repairs, madam.”


I took a close look at the list that Uross summarized. Soon after, the doctor, who had been called in, began to pick the right place with me.

“The mansion was used for residential purposes, but there are many large spaces such as banquet rooms and dining halls. If it’s well-decorated, it will be a good clinic.”

“Well, how about this one? It was used as an academy in the past, but it has been empty for several years. I think we can use it as a training center if we just fix it.”

“Oh, that would be fine, madam.”

We ranked the candidates appropriately. If I failed to get a candidate that is on the priority list, I can move on to the next one.

It was disadvantageous to drag on too long. Since the duke’s servants had already been poking around looking for things, there was a concern that landlords would call the price high if rumors spread that they were buying buildings from the duke.

I hurried to get ready to go out. And I decided to accompany the doctor because I needed more perspective from the field worker than myself, an amateur.

All real estate transactions must be checked at the site before signing a contract.

“It’s wider than I expected. Hmm…”

“The wider one is more useful than the narrower one. Ma’am, I think it’s a good idea to convert this mansion into a clinic.”

“Okay, it’s good enough to isolate the infectious disease patients.”

It was decided that the mansion, which was formerly the residence of a certain family, would be reborn as a private clinic.

Meanwhile, a large building, an old academy, was left empty for a long time because it could not find a suitable owner. So before I actually looked around, I was worried that it might have been too old.

However, when I looked at it with my eyes, it was not as shabby as I thought.

“If it is repaired, it will last long enough, madam.”

“That’s right. It’s not easy to find another suitable place to gather people and teach them at once.”

When I expressed my intention to purchase the building to the owner of the old academy, he quickly signed the contract without thinking twice. It seems that he has been suffering from difficulties in dealing with it.

Thanks to this quick movement, we were able to successfully purchase the building without any interruptions.

“Sir, The duchess will be busy looking at people, but please quickly create a list of picks that you need to fill in at this clinic.”

“Hahaha, leave it to me. Ma’am, I’m really looking forward to this business.”

There is no one who will not devote themselves o a well-motivated task. Therefore, I was able to leave the details to my doctor with confidence.

The establishment of the clinic was quiet and proceeded very quickly.

I decided to meet the former priests who sent me the letter in person.

Even if they left the temple, they could still have a devout faith. However, I decided not to set ‘maintaining faith’ as a condition of working together.

What I want is proper working ability, not having the same ideas as me. In addition, to separate temple and medical practice as I aimed, I needed to be free from this problem first.

“Morothy, we’ll have a meeting at the duchy…”

I invited them to the duchy, replying to each of the selected letters. Although it is in the form of a group interview, it was actually not necessary to pick more out of here, so it had to be seen as a kind of meeting.

 “Whew, as expected, we have to be quick. That way, we won’t give them* time to fight back.”

*TN: the temple

It was too late to try to do so. I can’t wait for the day the bomb explodes.


“Come back soon, Kael…”

I was able to endure a little because I pushed myself so hard to be busy on purpose.

Still, his absence is frightening and disturbing.

The only reason I live in this world.

I can’t wait for my favorite to come back to my side.


I’ve filled up my day a little too much. To forget the anxiety and fear that appeared like a ghost, I had to concentrate on something.

The doctor’s examination was also done every morning. One thing that bothered me was sending Helios a daily report of the examination.

“His Highness is quite interested in your health…”

Since I sent him to the palace, it is natural that the doctor thinks so.

“Phew, he seems to want to relieve himself of what he owes Kael.”


For the duke, Helios and Diana’s marriage was a pretty complicated affair. So my doctor agreed with me without much explanation.

It’s about time to wrap up the examination with the opinion that there’s nothing wrong today.

“Madam! I got a call from the border!”


The butler, Uross, rushed in.

I snatched a letter from him and opened it quickly.

“The negotiations ended successfully…! We’re leaving soon…”


My favorite kept the war at bay.

Now all you have to do is come back safely.


Kaelus’ short letter really said, “The negotiations ended successfully,” and “We’re leaving soon.”

And the rest of the words that I didn’t read to the servants.

<I can’t wait to see you.>


In the room where the doctor and the butler left me alone, I wiped away the moisture from my eyes. 

“Whoa, I’m so blessed…”

I think I’m already loved by him more than Diana.

All the sweet words that were only told to Diana in the original novel are now directed at me.

Not only the favorite and the heart but also the body were united. Indeed, as he wished, we are even closer to a ‘true couple’.

“A married couple… who spend the rest of their lives together….”

But it still feels very strange to me.

In the first place, I never thought I would live in this world until I got old and died. This is a novel for now, and I never recognized it as a reality where I would stay forever.

However, I didn’t really look for my way back. When I woke up one day, the world had changed, so I had a vague idea that it would be the same when I went back.

If I can’t go back to my original world anyway, I may have to make my life here somehow until then.

“But… I’ve never thought about how to live my life in a novel…”

I murmured with a vague feeling.

The character I possessed was also an extra without presence. My identity was not more than a thoroughly fanatical reader.

It was no different because it was a world where Kaelus died and didn’t exist. Since the will to live had already disappeared, why would I have had to make my life there?

I was just living because I couldn’t die. In the meantime, I was too scared to take my own life like my favorite.

What was I afraid of? The answer was simple.

I’m afraid the moment I die will hurt so much.

The biggest concern was just how much physical pain it would be. I hesitated because I was afraid it would be painful as soon as I touched the ground if I jumped, and hesitated because I would be suffocated if I fell into the water.

So I couldn’t die. Funnily enough.


Isn’t it ridiculous? Even though moments of life are constantly painful, the pain you feel right away when you’re about to die is the biggest obstacle.

However, thanks to that, even if there is a “I don’t want to live,” I may continue my life steadily instead of dying in anger.

After living like that, I’ve returned like this.


The truth is I’m not confident.

There is nothing more to be learned from the fanatic notes. From now on, Hestia in this novel must live with the foundation she was born with.

If Kaelus liked me because of the cheat key I’ve used so far.

“…What should I do…?”

Of course, he never told me why, but I never asked him outright.

Why does he want me to be his true companion.

“Well, to be honest, I’m a lot better than Diana… Hehe….”

But with that logic, maybe there’s someone else in the world better than me.

Can I fit in well with Kaelus, who has done everything and has nothing anymore?

Will I be accepted as a member of this world when I have not made my life affectionately* and have lived looking at everyone around me as a convenient tool to use?

*TN: she didn’t appreciate her life

Do I admit to myself that it is okay to live in this works for decades more?

Are I prepared to accept this place as my whole reality?


To be honest, I am very afraid.

But it’s worth the courage to do it.

If I could spend my whole life receiving the love of my favorite in the world.

If we can live happily with a smile without losing him again.

Then this will be my new reality, and I will no longer be a common and ordinary rofan reader, but as the Duchess Hestia.

“Phew, but I have to tell my favorite first.”

There is still one mountain to climb between Kael and me.

It’s about my ability and my identity that Helios had discovered. I confessed that I was not a visionary, but a regressor.

It doesn’t matter whether I was a visionary or a regressor.

The issue of this matter is that I have lied to Kaelus from the beginning.

Will Kaelus accept me like this?

Will he be able to maintain his trust in someone like me?

“Whoa, let’s talk. You won’t know until you talk to him!”

To know the answer,

I have no choice but to pluck up the courage.


I started the day with a tight schedule as usual.

“Today, I’m going to go check how much progress has been made in repairing the building.”

Then Clarice, who brought the coffee, carefully spoke.

“But isn’t today the day master arrives in the capital?”

“Kaelus will stop by the palace first. He has to report the outcome of the negotiations to His Majesty.”


I grinned on purpose.

“There’s too much to do all day.”

I said this, but in fact, as Clarice said, my heart was about to explode after waiting for Kaelus all day long.

I’m relieved that he’s back safely.

The excitement of meeting him soon.

And fear before confessing the truth to him.

If I don’t do anything, I’ll be suffocated by all kinds of emotions.

I’ll try my best to be myself and be brave.

Didn’t I worry before Kaelus left? I mean, I’m not as energetic as I usually am.

Therefore, it must be clearly demonstrated that the concern was a quirk. To do this, even if it is annoying, I have no choice but to distract my nerves by doing other things.

“I’ll be back, Clarice.”

“Yes, ma’am….”

The lady-in-waiting nodded reluctantly.


I stayed outside until late in the afternoon.

The old academy building had been empty for a long time, even though the framework was strong, so there were many old corners all over the place. The workers seemed quite nervous when I came out and checked the status of the work.

I said with a smile on my face.

“Please be careful not to cause any defects in the future.”

“Yes! Duchess!”

The working class leader replied in a voice full of shouts.

Then I headed to the mansion for the clinic. It could be used immediately if it was cleaned neatly, so the priests from the duchy were working with beads of sweat.

“Get plenty of rest while working, everyone.”

“Thank you, ma’am!”

Since they are from the same family, I ask them much more gently.

When I returned home after finishing all my business, I made the carriage run slowly.

“Ugh… I’m nervous…”

As I got closer to home, tension that tightened my heart appeared again. The urge to stay outside a little longer and go in is soaring.

But no. Because Kaelus told me to wait ‘at home’ just before he left.

Even if I go outside to forget the tension and anxiety, I should go back and greet Kaelus ‘at home’ in time.

I finally got off at the front door of the mansion with my pounding heart.


As soon as I arrived, Uross came running like a baby.

“It’s time for master to arrive soon. I got a call a long time ago that he’s coming home after refusing to have an imperial dinner.”


It’s supposed to be an emperor’s dinner, but you don’t want to! Even though Kaelus is a duke, is that okay?

“Anyway, ma’am, it’s about to…”

But before Uross’ words were finished, loud carriage wheels were heard from outside.


I couldn’t move from the spot and looked at the front door, with my pale face.

The sound of the carriage, which was ringing like thunder in my ears, stopped. Then I heard the door open.

The sound of shoes hitting the floor.

The butler plodded along and opened the porch.


I closed my eyes tightly for a moment.

Then, slowly, I opened my eyes again.


The brilliant silver-haired Kaelus appeared before me like a mirage.

It’s a rather shabby appearance from a long trip, but it didn’t hide the brilliance of my favorite.

Oh, I’m glad you’re okay.

“Did you just arrive?”

It was only then that I could smile.

Kaelus rushed to meet me after completing the task given by the emperor.

How could I refuse his hand?


As soon as I held his hand, a strong grip clasped my hand.

Kaelus began to climb the stairs without saying a word. I was caught by him and had no choice but to follow him.

We climbed completely up the corridor connecting to our rooms.


His pace seemed to accelerate little by little, but he couldn’t hold back a few steps and ran at all.

The bedroom door of Kaelus opens with a roar.

We ran in, holding hands.



Before I could confirm that the door was closed, Kaelus swallowed my lips roughly.

A deep nostalgic scent.

A burning desire.

The intense emotions that I could feel from body contact melted my whole body, which had been frozen with tension, all at once.

“Ha, ha….”


It was not until I was out of breath that our joint lips came up for air.

The red lips smiled with a captivating curve.

“Well, as promised.”


I fell down on the bed as if I was being pushed. And a waterfall of silver covered my vision.

A frank conversation of the body, with nothing to hide.

It didn’t matter at this moment because Kaelus, whom I had missed so much with anxiety, was holding me without washing up first.

I held Kaelus’ face tightly in my hands. My lips were frantically searching for his lips.

 I have to feel his breath right under my nose. I have to confirm with his breathing and body temperature that he has returned to me safely.

“Hess. Hess…!”

Kaelus called me by my name and gave me his lips willingly. I jumped into it as if I were a desperate beast running for water.

I hugged him, almost clinging to his arms. Unable to control my overflowing affection, I hugged him and gave him strength. Smiling, our position on the bed was reversed.

Now he’s lying under me. He smiled brightly.

“Hug me.”

I followed him with a full smile.


No more words were needed.

I lifted myself up slightly. In front of Kaelus, I pulled back my skirt and threw off my underwear myself. With my lower body exposed, I sat lightly on his thigh this time. I boldly touched his bottom. A nice belt ornament was dragged out of my hand.

Only then did his penis stand up proudly.


In ecstasy, I licked the pole from the root to the top. A faint groan escaped from somewhere.


The blood vessels wound around the penis swelled up. I carefully lifted my pelvis and set it on top of it. And slowly, very slowly, I lowered myself.


A foreign object broke into my body. A painful groan came up automatically, but I endured and swallowed.

I can’t allow a man who’s traveled a long way to move. Now is the time for me to quench his thirst. 


I took a breath for a moment with my hand on his chest.

“Hess… it’s okay…?”

To Kaelus, who was struggling to ask, I replied with a smile.

“I’m fine…. You stay still…. I… I… I’ll do it….”

As long as my favorite is happy, I can do anything.

I moved my pelvis slowly, which I swallowed up to the root. In a circle, as smooth as possible. As if embracing the loveliest thing in the world, with sincerity.



A little exclamation broke out. I put my reason aside for a while and followed my senses for a moment in wriggling as if I were a creature of my own will. I instinctively shook my waist, so that it could touch my most sensitive spot.

“Ha, ha…!”

The silver eyelashes that stretched through Cylus’ closed eyes trembled.


My heart was filled with indescribable joy. How sexy his expression is when he enjoys sexual harassment. This is a privilege that only I can enjoy.

I leaned forward and hugged him. His heart beat directly on my chest. The sound of his truly living breathing reached my ears.

Alas, I can be sure now. My favorite is really alive and well and in my arms. As promised to me.

His arm gently wrapped around my back. A sighing voice.

“Hess… I missed you…”

I caressed his face and hair fondly. And in response to his confession, my vagina, containing the penis, tightened as much as it could. His fine eyebrows twisted in an instant.


I laughed silently. This is what makes a man happy.

Whenever he, who has always been neat, is disturbed little by little, a mean desire slowly blooms. After lifting my pelvis slightly, I dropped it with force.


Kaelus, who responded quickly. Before I knew it, I felt a tingling sensation. One more time on my ass.

“Oh my gosh!”


In a moment, a sharp electric current ran through my head. It’s stuck tight. My lips opened by themselves.

“Ha… ha…!”

“Oh my…!”

Alas. As much as I want, I stabbed the spear where I wanted it. An indescribable pleasure spread throughout the body. The pleasure of staying in my body for a very long time, both crumpled and relaxed.

“Gasp, gasp, gasp…!”

A silver-haired handsome man groaning under me.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…!”

At this moment, I have everything.

I dug deep into his lips. He immediately circled my tongue. The satisfaction of owning him entirely as mine. I feel awfully good.

I raised my upper body again. Then, as if he had done it to me, I hit it back with force.*

*TN: as in she slammed down. She didn’t hit herself 

“Ha…! Oh! Ah……!”

A coy groan broke out. The sensation of a thick pillar pushing through my skin is thrilling. I am overwhelmed by the presence that fills my body. The blood is boiling. My body temperature gets hot.

“Ha, Hess…! Ahhhhhhhh!”

Kael’s hand clenched my pelvis. Strong enough to leave white fingerprints on my skin. 


My mind began to turn white. I slammed my back in a trance.

A little more, a little more.

“Ha, hah…!”

Ah! Yes, this is it!

“Ugh! Ugh!”

An unaffordable pleasure gushed from the top of the head.

“Oh my god!”

Then, a tight groan came from below. At the same time, a warm energy spread inside the lower abdomen.


 I crumbled over my favorite’s body. I buried my face in the back of his neck and let out a short breath.

A finger came through my hair.


The dying voice seemed exhausted. I also opened my mouth in a cracking voice.

“As soon as I got here, I went too far… Let’s go to the bathroom now.”

Then came a little laugh. His reclining upper body vibrated slightly.

“Ha ha… That sounds very tempting…?”

Oh, no. I didn’t mean it that way.

I took Kaelus by the hand and pulled him up. 

“Take off your clothes first.”

Until now, we had conversations with our bodies without properly changing our clothes. Only then did I feel embarrassed. What’s the rush?

Kaelus smiled broadly.

“That’s a great suggestion, Hess.”

We took off what we were wearing one by one and wrapped our tongues around each other again. Walking naturally to the bathroom.

Kaelus and I had one more long talk like that.




“I’m not tired…?”


Outside the window was already dark. Still, the moon was shining brightly tonight.

Perhaps they realized that the conversation between the couple was continuing, and the servants managed to avoid the room.

I’ve been out all day, but Kaelus must have been riding a carriage much longer than I did. Nevertheless, we went straight to his bedroom without any time to catch our breath.

“You refused the Emperor’s dinner. At least you’ll be hungry.”

Then, purple eyes full of color bent mischievously.

“So you’ve had enough.”

“No, I mean…!”

Argh, seriously! Why didn’t you ever describe my favorite person as such a sly personality! Author!

The long fingers crept through the legs again.

“Are you still not satisfied? Then….”

“Oh, stop, Kael…!”

I almost cried with tears in my eyes. I’ll make sure you eat dinner before it’s too late!

Kaelus fell from me in a tasteful way, with great regret. In the meantime, I quickly picked up a gown and put it on my body. Perhaps because it was Kaelus’, the end dragged on the floor.

I rang the bell and called the servant, and a quick meal entered the room as if it had been prepared in advance.


“What’s wrong, Hess?”

“No, it’s just… I’m embarrassed…”

Doesn’t it mean that the owner and his wife waited until they resolved all their frustration? I just want to become the dust of the universe and disappear.

Nevertheless, Kaelus smiled and laid one plate one by one on the table.



The meal after exercise is very delicious no matter what you eat. It seemed like my appetite had returned after a long time.

Come to think of it.


Suddenly, the doctor’s “prescription” came to mind. What he said was that I was losing my appetite so much that the only answer was for Kaelus to return.


I had no choice but to laugh at Kaelus with a mysterious expression.

“I’ve hardly eaten in the days since you left. So I went to see the doctor, and he gave a prescription to wait for you to come back because it’s a psychological cause.”


“The doctor is a great doctor.”

Kaelus sighed briefly.

“I thought you were a little thinner than before, but it was because of me.”


As I continued this and that conversation, I carefully read the room.

How can I say it? The truth that I was actually a regressor.

I think the timing is right now. It seems the most appropriate time to sit face to face naturally.

But how do I bring it up?


“Yes, yes?”

“You must have something to say, right?”

Purple eyes stared at me and asked.

I was at a loss for words.


I was possessed. Completely.

I focused my attention on the plate as much as I could.

“I don’t think you know, but you’re not good at hiding your expressions in front of me.”


A strange sense of dismay. Still, Kaelus smiled with lowered eyes.

“I’m very happy.”

I also smiled with a weak face.

“I’m glad to hear that’s a relief.”

Kaelus held up his cup and leaned back slowly on the sofa. The long legs are twisted, so it’s really like a pictorial.

“Now, tell me anything. Hess. I could listen to it all night.”


Still, I’m nervous, too.

In this case, it is better to boldly throw the confession first. That’s how you can cut down on useless thoughts.


Kaelus waited calmly for me to hesitate. He didn’t even show any expression on his face.

The truth is he’d be heartbroken too.

Don’t you think so? When the other person suddenly says he has something to say, they are nervous until the other person hears the truth.

I’m not the only one nervous. We both feel the same way.

It was only then that my mouth dropped.

“…I’ve deceived you this whole time.”


It may sound like a bolt from the blue, but Kaelus waited silently for my next word.

So I have to do my best to respond to his sincerity.

“The truth is… I didn’t have the ability to predict things.”


The purple eyes grew a lot, but soon they regained their composure.

“Ha… as expected…”


What do you mean, as expected?

Did you guessed beforehand?

Rather, I was more surprised.

“Did you know?”

“Not exactly. It was just a guess. I didn’t think the prophecies you’re talking about are real prophecies…”


I don’t even know.

Then Kaelus sighed lightly.

“Hess, a long time ago I asked you if it was logically possible to change the future. Do you remember?”

His words carried me back a long way to the past.

Come to think of it…

“Was it when we just got married?…?”

“Yeah, I guess you remember that.”

Yeah. I remember.

I didn’t understand what he said at all, but I was frightened by his philosophical and scientific questions.

“It wasn’t explained logically. “Prophecy” would refer to the already set future, but is it possible to know it in advance and change it? Then that’s no longer a “prophecy.”


Crazy. I still don’t understand.

Kaelus laughed low.

“But everything you said ‘prophecy’ actually happened. It was a case that definitely existed.”


“So I guess to myself, the future you know is the ability to explain at least not ‘foresee’ but something else.”

It’s amazing that he deduced this far in a single conversation.

There is nothing lacking in my favorite.

“You’re right, Kaelus.”

Thanks to my favorite, I felt much more at ease. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“I’m not a prophet. I’m just a regressor who’s gone back in time.”


Knowing that I was hiding the truth from him, he waited silently for me to open my mouth.

I also have no choice but to live for my favorite.

“I died in the temple and woke up again and found myself back in the past. As soon as I woke up, I ran straight here. I had to save you.”

“Then was that the day you returned?”


Kaelus’ face with indescribably complex emotions.

Are you imagining how I felt as soon as I came back to the past?

“I’m sorry I lied to you.”

“It’s all right, Hestia. There must have been a good reason.”

He answered calmly.

It made me laugh. Why was I so frightened this whole time?

“Aren’t you angry?”

“It’s true that you saved the empire with the future you knew in advance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a prophet or a regressor.”

Kaelus came close to me and sat down. Naturally, I looked up at him.

“But I’ve been fooling you all along?”

The long white fingers gently caressed my face.

“I don’t have to be angry because I understand.”

“I was really worried…”

This is all because Helios made a fuss in front of me. His reaction was so intense that I was afraid that even Kaelus would do the same.

The more I think about it, the more unlucky I am.

“Hestia, if I’m that angry at you, I’m a very petty human being.”

Now his thumb gently touched my lips.

“Trust me, Hess. I wish you would rely on me.”

Once again, I can feel the breath of fascination.

To the point where I can’t breathe.

“To be honest, Hestia.”


“Sometimes I’m surprised by myself. I want everything about you. Body and mind.”

Kaelus’ smile was so giddy.

“Once I had the urge, it was hard to control myself.”

I laughed out loud.

“Kael, you already have everything.”


His hand rested on my shoulder. I’m a little tired. If I don’t refuse, I’ll naturally be pushed down.

The purple eyes looking down at me from above took on a strange glow.

“It’s still not enough.”


A heavy sense of the whole body.

I think the long night will continue again.


The next morning.

In the end, I failed perfectly to return to my room. I opened my eyes from Kaelus’ bed, and I was immediately examined by my doctor.

The doctor carefully finished his morning checkup. But that’s enough of that!

“By the way, since master is back, you don’t have to report it to the palace, do you?”

My mind went blank.

“Sir, it’s…”

“What? You’re going to report to the palace?”

My favorite voice sharpened at once.

I slapped my head and my doctor looked puzzled.

“What? Yes… Your Highness has ordered…”


As soon as the doctor finished speaking, a hard voice rang in my ear.

Oh, damn it.

“I need some explanation. Is there anything else you’re hiding from me?”

What? Kael, you said you wouldn’t get mad about this.

I’d like to plead, but first of all, I’ll have to explain it quickly before he misunderstands more.

“I’ll take care of it, sir. Let’s go back for now.”

“Yes, ma’am….”

The doctor retreated nervously, wondering if he had made a mistake.

Kaelus opened his eyes and folded his arms.

Shoulders that shriveled up.

“I was actually caught by the Crown Prince. That I’m a regressor….”


I bowed my head.

“When you weren’t there, he came as Hyperion once. I made a slip of the tongue after exchanging a few words with him…”

“Heli was here?”


I’m in trouble. I think he’s really mad.

Kaelus rose from his seat, creating cool air.

“What should I report to him? Can I tell him that you’re perfectly fine?”

“Huh? Are you going to the palace yourself?”

Anxiety followed me to my feet.

“Why, can’t anyone go?”


Kaelus picked up his coat on the wall with a bang.

“I’ll be back, so you can rest at home.”

“Well, but I’ve got a lot of work to do today, so taking a rest is a little…”

Then he jerked back at me.


I had no idea what was going on.

“Okay, I’ll stay home.”

“Ha… Yes.”

Wow. Did Kaelus just get mad at me? You’re angry, right?

The butler was surprised when he prepared the carriage.

“Are you leaving already?”

“I’ll be back.”

Without answering the butler’s question, Kaelus left with a cold wind.



Let’s just say the facts.

“He found out that Hyperion came and went.”


Fortunately, Uross was quickly convinced.

It seems that there is a separate button that raises Kaelus’ anger. From now on, I’ll have to avoid it carefully.


On this day, I sat down with the doctor to discuss the opening of the clinic. It was because there was a lot of work to be done over the upcoming meeting with former retainers.

But his worries were elsewhere.

“Madam, I didn’t make a mistake this morning, did I?”

No, that’s not it. I made a big mistake.

But I couldn’t upset him, so I decided to answer him in moderation.

“I guess it was strange that the crown prince cared about my health, too”

“But why did he look so angry…?”


If you know, just be quiet, doctor.

“We’d better work hard. Don’t upset him for no reason.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Let’s save ourselves before the fire breaks out. We agreed implicitly and then went back to work.

It was almost lunchtime when Kaelus returned.


I sighed for a long time and carefully watched the incoming favorite.

“You’re back…?”


Kaelus said, leaving his coat to the butler.

“You’re not eating yet, are you?”


“Good. I’ll see you at the dining hall a little later.”


Well, I think he’s less angry.


I sat down at the table with a sneaking tension. Soon Kaelus also appeared in comfortable indoor clothes.

Servants moved away so that we could have a quiet conversation.

“That is.. How are you doing?”

“Well, what do you think we talked about?”

Kaelus looked straight at me with purple eyes.

“Well… I don’t know…”

“Don’t worry. I just ‘reported’ the doctor’s diagnosis.”

“Are you sure that’s it? The crown prince didn’t say anything weird?”

I can feel the strength in his eyes.

“What’s that weird thing you’re thinking of?”

“Oh, I mean… About my return….”

Why am I cringing? I didn’t commit a crime.

Kaelus drew a glimmer of glare.

“Come to think of it, you said it before. I’m guessing death is the reason for the loss of prophecy.”

“Yes, I did.”

“But the truth is that the future after that is unknown because you had died at some point.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Once again, I’m truly glad I didn’t even get caught being an possessor.

If that’s even caught, alas. The mere thought of it makes me dizzy.

“Heli was very worried that you wouldn’t change the future.”

“I’ll be able to change it. I collapsed because I was sick then, so I just have to take care of my health so that I don’t get sick.”

For now, I only fave an answer on the surface of “returner.”

But in fact, there is a fundamental inner problem of possessing. This is something you have to solve by taking time to think about your identity.

Anyway, Kaelus readily accepted my answer.

“That’s why he wants to get a report from the doctor every morning.”


I had a headache, closed my eyes and pressed my hands around my temple.

“Will you be able to do it well?”


I replied casually, but he looked up again at me and I flinched again.

“Alright, I’ll stay put.”

“You have a very natural talent for really, inadvertently scratching my stomach.*”

*TN: worrying him

From the rare long-worded retort, I think he’s really upset.

“I don’t know if I should thank Heli for worrying about you, or if I should be angry.”

“Well, let’s just be thankful….”

I rolled my eyes and said. It seems that Kaelus’ expression is ridiculous.

But I have something to say, too.

“I was jealous, too. The crown princess even held a large prayer meeting at the Lily Palace for your safe return, but I was grateful.”

“Ha, did Diana do that?”

“Yes, I’ve heard a lot about it. But thanks to her, you came back safely, so that’s enough for me.”

Kaelus threw down the tableware.

“While I was away from the capital for a while, all sorts of things happened.”

Would it be better to talk about all the social issues about Diana? He’s going to open a complaint against the temple soon, so I think it’s better.

“Even so, the social atmosphere is very unusual these days. I don’t think the question of the crown princess’ qualifications will end at just word of mouth.”


Kaelus’ eyes seemed to keep saying the next thing.

“According to Countess Erinnis, some nobles are discussing the abdication of the crown princess behind the scenes.”


His eyebrows were raised.

“But I don’t think it’s really going to happen. The emperor still firmly supports her.”

“Even so, if the pressure of the nobles increases, they will be shaken. If they refuse to hold a cabinet meeting to make their case, there’s no difference.”

Indeed, if aristocrats boycott as a group, the emperor will have no choice. It is true that the imperial power is still weak to wield independent power like a tyrant.

“Once the indictment is made public, the discussion of the abdication of the crown princess will come to the surface.”

After speaking calmly, I asked quietly.

“What do you think? When the nobles ask you to speak your mind…….”

Kaelus replied without hesitation.

“I have nothing to say, exactly. Isn’t it right for the parties to decide the matter between the crown prince and his wife?”

Of course, his answer is very standard. But to step back like that.

“But you have to think about your position. Silence may be considered rather a sign of approval for the abdication.”

“To be honest, Hestia.”

Kaelus’s gaze turned to me with a serious light.

“Seriously, I’m not interested in that matter. All I want is for them not to get in between me and you.”

His tone was very determined.

I smiled to reassure him.

“There’s no way there will be a gap between us. No matter how hard they try to shake it from the  outside, you don’t have to worry as long as you and I are in balance.”

“Yes, that’s true, Hestia.”

He sighed quietly.

“But it’s true that it’s unpleasant. We’re busy just focusing on living happily among ourselves, and it’s getting on my nerves.”

“Anyway, the abdication of the crown princess is not just a matter of family within the royal family. You’d better organize your position in advance, too.”

Whether you’re on the side of the emperor as you’ve always been, or you’re on the side of the aristocracy, speaking for them.

Or be neutral, as Kaelus believes.

“One thing is for sure, the fight shouldn’t be prolonged, Kael.”

Wasn’t it the peace he gained by removing the Duke Orcus family despite Diana’s lashing out.

Frankly, it’s a problem if Diana stays as a crown princess, and it’s a bigger problem if she’s deposed. After being deposed, there will be a division among the nobles to occupy the vacancy.

War is inevitable anyway. But it will be possible to shorten the period.

He has stabilized imperial politics with all his honor and political fate on the line, and it is a pity that the stability is collapsing so quickly.

I hope, if I can, that none of what Kaelus has achieved will be damaged.


“Yes, Kael.”

He looked at me for a long time and then spoke slowly.

“A cabinet meeting will be held soon. I’ll report mainly on the outcome of negotiations with the kingdom, but…”

His words slowly made my heart beat.


Looking into my eyes, he grinned.

“Yes, Hestia. I’m going to read your indictment in front of the crown prince and the nobles.”


Finally throwing the last bomb.

A weapon that would fatally injure Diana and the temple that Helios failed to stop twice.


My heart began to tremble.

Kaelus, who was willing to sacrifice memories for me.

The pretty past made with friends will soon be dyed dark with his own hands.

“…Thank you, Kaelus.”

I owe him a lot.

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