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FMDF – Chapter 28


Another shock hit the cluttered society. It was because of the news that Madam Harmonia’s salon, which has served as a social love room for decades, will be handed over to a new owner.

It was madam, who was one of the few pro-princess figures in society. Even if she hadn’t revealed everything, most of the customers who visited the salon would have had a hunch that Diana was involved in her decision.

This was also seen in the letter sent to me by Erinnis.

“That’s another person who’s taken a leave of absence from the Crown Princess….”

I shook my head excitedly and giggled.

Anyway, even the nobles who were hostile to Diana from the beginning.

The departure of Harmonia, a representative figure who was intimate with her, was very symbolic. Even her departure from the capital meant that in the capital society, someone who was favorable to Diana was wiped out.

Although Diocke was close enough to share tea with Diana, she was definitely not on her side when she had her usual behavior.

Therefore, the fact that Diana didn’t even grasp Dioke’s identity proved that she had completely lost her social connections.

All that was left for Diana was really the temple.

But even the temple pressed Diana with an IOU. For her, she’s been stabbed by a trusted person with an ax.

“Hmph. Do you think I’ll cut you some slack?”

Soon the temple will also sink with Diana. I can’t let you escape alone.

Maybe they borrowed Diana’s hand because they couldn’t openly pursue profit in the name of the temple. It’s very cowardly.

The sinking of a merchant ships has also begun to cast doubt on the temple.

This is because people realized that the temple, which had always been struggling with budget shortages and asked for donations, actually had as much wealth as the lord of Illion.

A temple that sympathizes with the people who have nothing is just an illusion. In fact, on top of the heads of the common people, they were immersed in the wealth of wealth. Even when the common people were moaning about the epidemic.

“So… … they claim to be servants of God… It’s really a betrayal of the divine teachings…”

I wrote down every sentence of the complaint carefully.

It was an oar that had already been stirring even before the water came in. However, thanks to this incident, we will not only row but also sail and continue.

But the accusation does not belong to Diana’s staunch political opponent, Duchess Hestia.

Surprisingly, Duke Kaelus, once an ardent supporter of Diana, will act.


The hand that was refining the complaint suddenly stopped.

Before reading this document at a cabinet meeting, Kaelus faces a representative of the enemy across the border.

An ice-cold diplomatic negotiation, a very important task at stake.


Along sigh.

By the way.


At the same time, I suddenly realized it.

A huge problem that has never been recognized.


A fact that didn’t exist before the return, a work that I couldn’t ‘predict’.

It was the safe return of Kaelus, who crossed the border.

Why did I think of this now like a fool?

The success of diplomatic negotiations was convinced not by prophecy but by thorough preparation.

Therefore, that did not immediately lead to the guarantee that Kaelus would return safely.


The absence of ‘prophecy’ felt by the skin in an instant. It was much more hopeless and frightening than I expected.

In fact, strictly speaking, the diplomatic negotiations themselves have not been successful. Helios was the main subject before the return, but this time it was changed to Kaelus.

But will my favorite fail to prepare and work for a long time? Kaelus’ diplomatic power is far superior to that of Helios.

“Yes… Let’s trust my favorite…”

All I have to do is trust.

The negotiations will succeed. And he’ll be back safe and sound.

The emperor won’t let him go alone. The duke of the empire is moving directly, so he would be given the imperial guard as a guard.

If they don’t, I’ll lie down in front of Helios’ office.


I held the tip of my fingers still and straightened them out of tension.

A world without ‘prophecy’ that came like lightning at the most important moment all of a sudden.

Honestly, I’m scared.


“The departure date has been set.”

Kaelus called me into his study and said this quietly.

I wanted to be calm in front of him, but my face turned pale.

“Oh, I see…”

I lowered my head slightly to hide my hardened expression.

But it seemed rather strange to Kaelus.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong?”

“No, there’s not…”

Kaelus seems to have interpreted my expression in a different way.

“No way. Is there a prophecy here?”

The lack of prophecy is rather the problem.

I tried to force myself to laugh.

“No, a prophecy hasn’t appeared. That’s why I’m worried…”

In the end, I gave it to him frankly.

Kaelus laughed quietly.

“It’s not a big deal.”


He took it lightly, but it is a huge problem for me, who has lived this life relying on ‘regression’ and ‘possession’.

However, the voice of Kaelus is calm.

“You can’t predict everything anyway, can’t you? It’s been like that until now.”

“But I was able to know beforehand what was important…”

Information exhausted at the most important moment of all.

So I feel more frustrated.



As if trying to soothe me, I hear a very soft voice.

“What kind of prophecy do you want to see?”

“What I want to see is…”

He doesn’t need to worry.

“The success of the negotiations. And for you to come back safely.”

If I could choose one of the two, I would wish for the safe return of Kaelus without a second thought.

The well-being of this empire is not my concern.

I only have one favorite.

“Then we can both make it a reality.”

Kaelus said with a smile.

I smiled faintly at him.


And yet a heavy heart still persisted.

It was still heavy.


I felt the need to meet Helios before Kaelus left for the border.

I have to talk about it in front of my eyes. It’s a big deal if he can’t pay attention to Kaelus because of something else.

“Come to think of it, he was always busy before I returned…”

Helios belatedly recognized the imminent invasion of the kingdom. The lack of awareness of danger signals outside the border due to a number of domestic problems was the main cause of the humiliating agreement.

Now, it’s gone because of Kaelus, but Helios, who is also busy, may be missing something else.

So I have to check it out myself. Before it gets really bad.

We arrived at the Lion Palace.

“Duchess Hestia, please enter.”

I saluted the servant who gave me his permission.

Helios was sitting in front of the desk in the office and working in full swing.

“Are you here?”

“Yes, your highness,”

Now he greeted me first before I even had the courtesy.

He knows that I hate him, but he shows a very favorable attitude. Is there still a residue of emotion that was slightly shaken by me?

“You’re very busy.”

“Isn’t it the same for you? You must be busy trying to figure out the Attica estate.”

An indifferent answer from Helios.

Anyway, I didn’t come here to decide who was busier, so I quickly went down to business.

“I heard that the departure date for Kaelus has been set.”

“Phew. That’s right.”

Helios nodded dryly.

I opened my mouth with a stiff accent.

“How do you plan to escort the Duke?”

His safety was also directed at me with a serious light.

“I’m going to add elite guards to the level equivalent to my escort.”

“I’m sorry, but could you be more specific? The number of guards, the armament they have, etc…”

Instead of answering my question immediately, Helios stared at me for a while.


“…Your highness?”

“Even if I tell you the numbers, will you be relieved?”


He hit the nail on the head.

Even if Helios told me the exact number of people as I asked, I wouldn’t be satisfied there. Add more, arm him more, I’d be constantly anxious.


“Yes, your highness.”

“We will protect Kaelus thoroughly. He will come back safely.”

That confident way of speaking is very intrusive.

What can he do? With some omnipotent power.

“You never know.”

Unknowingly, a rebellious reply pops out.

“How can a man be sure of his future when he has no prophecy?”

This is the root of my anxiety.

As I no longer know the future of this world, I have no choice but to be defined as a member of the world in this novel.

Being from outside the novel, looking down at everything from an omniscient point of view and then falling to the ground in an instant.

An indescribable sense of emptiness. Darkness. Uncertainty.

In the many fantasies I’ve read, the main character always melts into the world they possessed without any anxiety or awkwardness.

But I.

“Are you afraid?”


I couldn’t answer a single question of Helios’.

I’m afraid of the reality that comes to me.

“Hestia, you couldn’t have foreseen everything from the beginning anyway. This is also….”

I’ve heard this a lot somewhere. The same thing my favorite said.

Do you really need to listen to it twice?

“There won’t be any more.”


I hate him trying to placate me with plain words.

“I will no longer have any prophecies. In the future. Never.”


Helios’ golden eyes stared at me.

“My abilities are gone. I won’t know anything beforehand. How can I prepare for the future without any information? Is that even possible?”

It was despair that did not come in my real reality where I did not possess. Because everyone was on the same terms as me.

But in this possessed world, it becomes so disastrous. All the advantages that made me adapt to this world safely have disappeared.

 I used to be above the whole world on one level, but now I stand on the same level as them and became the same thing.

I will compete for survival with the people of this world without achieving anything on my own.

How disadvantageous I am.

“Hestia. Hestia. Look at me.”

A voice is heard beyond the blackened vision. The voice of Helios, the main character of this world, created for him.

“That’s how we’ve always lived. I’ve enjoyed incredible blessings for a very short time through you, but when it’s gone, you can just go back to your original life.”

That applies only to you. I’m not me.

Why doesn’t this bloody charade ever end?

“If you don’t have wisdom, will Kaelus throw you away right away? Do you want me to dismiss you from my assistant? Of course, I appointed you on the condition of the prophecy, but even if you don’t have it, you are worthy enough.”


When there is no answer, his voice rises even higher. As if he was begging me to listen.

“It’s not a sudden thing. You predicted it on your own. Your powers will be lost.”


“You said it was in two years, and now it’s a little earlier than that, but anyway, you don’t have to be so afraid.”

At first I thought so, too. The reason I’m afraid is because I don’t know the future in this world.

But a little while ago, I definitely realized.

The real reason for my fear and despair. That’s right.

Between the two worlds, I don’t know where the real reality is that I have to take root in.

“…you know nothing…”


As I listened to Helios swallowing his breath, I gave a bitter laugh.

“No one in the world would really understand me.”


Helios. Diana.

Even my favorite, Kaelus.

I revealed a distant abyss that I could never reveal to my precious Kaelus, only to my immediate opponent who had nothing to do with me.

My whole body was losing strength. I should go back now.

“………I apologize for the unacceptable manner s, your highness the crown prince.”

“Hess, it’s fine….”

“I am no longer qualified to serve you. I’ll give up my job as an aide.”


Helios looked at me in bewilderment.

I don’t need my role anymore because I don’t have any more prophecies to hand it over.

I smiled at him without hesitation.

“Kaelus’ safety… I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

Again, focus on the immediate goal.

That is the only place I can put my mind to.


I spent a few days in a gloomy mood.

I had to be more careful to face Kaelus every day, but I failed to hide my feelings perfectly.

I ended up causing him unnecessary anxiety.

“I heard that you rarely eat meals these days, Hestia.”


I smiled weakly.

“It’s just… I didn’t really like it….”

He’s leaving tomorrow, and I’m giving unnecessary worry to someone who has to leave on a serious mission.

I don’t know how far I can go.

“It’s alright. All you have to do is get back safely.”

“Of course.”

I stopped laughing at the immediate response without any hesitation.

“I’m sure you made a promise.”

Kaelus’ purple eyes looked at me seriously.



“Heli is very worried.”


When I looked at him, I heard him again calmly.

“Didn’t you say you’d quit your job?”


What am I supposed to say?

I nodded indifferently.

“Yes, I’ve done my best. I don’t have any prophecies anymore.”

Unlike Diana, who still had the power to heal, I was not a “competent person” from the beginning, and I have no money at all.

It’s better to get rid of useless titles as soon as possible.

“I don’t mind but Heli thinks otherwise.”

“That’s strange. Why would the crown prince say that when he clearly knows what I’ve done to them?”

A somewhat sarcastic tone.

It’s not even funny. Why did you first treat me like a liar and a fraud and now you pretend to be worried?

In front of Kaelus.

Recognizing that my mood was quite low, Kaelus spoke more carefully.

“Because he accepted that you are competent regardless of your actions. He’s a natural ruler.”

“That’s true. He’s such a cold-hearted person.”

With that coolness, he used to throw Kaelus out, and now he’s crippled Diana.

He says he will protect him, but the evidence is that he never actually follows his will. He is just sitting in the Lily Palace with the status of a crown prince.

  It seems to be “protective” enough for him.



I also respond to my favorite person who keeps calling me.

“Shall we take a walk together? I want to spend a lot of time with you before I leave tomorrow.”


You promised me you’d come back safely.

I hate the anxiety that fills my heart again. This weak mentality, despite vowing to trust him, breaks down the resolution every time.

It’s pathetic.


Warm hands wrapped around my frozen fingertips.

I looked up at Kaelus blankly.

“Your hands are cold.”

Kaelus smiled quietly.

At some point, he comforted me a lot.

When did it change like this? I should be my favorite’s shade and shield.

“…Thank you.”

I can’t help but smile.


Only the sound of stepping on the grass echoes quietly.

A dark night with only starlight. The moon is not out today either.

On the contrary to the stormy inner thoughts, the outside world is very calm.

A world that rolls indifferently regardless of my confusion and wandering. This huge world, completely out of my hands, is vague and frightening.

Protect Kaelus. Please.

I have no choice but to cry out like a helpless creature.

“Why are you so weak? It’s not like you.”

“Ha ha…”

Whether there’s a war or not, whether this empire’s wealth is taken away by the kingdom.

My favorite. Can’t you just stay safe with me?

How can I breathe and live in this fear without you?

If I miss you even for a moment in front of my eyes, I’m going to die of anxiety.

If he disappears like this forever.

“Don’t worry, Hestia.”


“Helios set up an escort almost as much as the emperor’s. Unless there’s really a war going on, I’m sure I’ll come back safely.”


Nevertheless, one in a million.

What if one of the literally 10,000 cases goes wrong? My heart keeps sinking because of the various imaginations that occupy my head in an instant.

“It’s weird because you’re always brave.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“It’s not a criticism, it’s a concern, Hestia.””

Kaelus stopped and looked closely into my eyes.

“Is it such a big problem that you don’t have the prophecy to be safe?”


I swallowed my breath and tears.

“But there’s been a lot of unforeseen things that have happened, but why this time…”

Not in a reproachful tone, but in a sincere way of consoling.

The white and beautiful hands of my favorite gently covered the top of my head.

“Believe in the time we spent together. Hestia, as proof of the past when I was able to prepare thoroughly thanks to your wisdom.”

He lowered himself before me and looked up at me.

“If you’re afraid of the future, look at the past and the present that you overcame. These are the things that guide you when you are in an endlessly difficult situation.”


“Yes, without prophecy, we can draw enough of the future. There’s a mirror of the past and the present.”

Kaelus smiled softly at me.

“I have a future that I can definitely draw right now. Come back safely, be a true couple with you and be with you from now on.”


Crying crept out of my throat. It’s no use biting my lips.

My favorite’s voice made me smile.

“But I’m actually a little nervous.”


Fingers swept the moistened corners of my eyes.

“I think Helios is quite interested in you.”


My heart stopped beating for a moment.

I wished you wouldn’t let your heart drop like that, but you idiot!

“So I’m definitely going to come back. I can’t budge a step this time.”

Kaelus chuckled as he stood up.

“So you can count on it. If my legs are cut off, I’ll crawl back with both arms.”


“Haha, that’s what I’m saying. I promise I’ll be back in front of you with all my limbs.”

Kaelus reassured me with his sincerity, so I should stop responding.

Let’s put aside tears and anxiety for a while, and lighten his heart.

I turned my head with a jerk.

“Not only that, but you have to come back with a healthy face. Your face is the most handsome in the world.”

“Well, that’s a given.”

Kaelus responded by putting his forehead to mine.

Then, let’s move on to a very natural flow.



The two lips met. And soon they dug in hot.

It got entangled violently without breathing.

A perfectly still world

It was filled only with Kaelus.


The night went on without a hitch.

“It’s very late. You’re leaving in the morning, so go to bed.”

I stood in the hallway on the second floor and hurried Kaelus.

Don’t you have to be in a carriage for a long time? Just sitting still will exhaust your strength.

The scoundrel pushed his back forcibly.

 “You’re going to have to get some sleep. You need physical strength to go a long way.”


Kaelus turned reluctantly.

Confirming that he took a few steps, I trudged into the room.


I dragged my weak legs.

I flopped down on the bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.


a hallucinating kiss in the garden.

The lips and the texture of the tongue are still vivid. It’s as if he’s ordering me to never forget this sense.

But when I lie alone in the dark, the anxiety that rises like a ghost permeates my heart again.


A grimace. I cried with bated breath for fear of being heard.

Please let him be safe. Please let him be safe.

I prayed and prayed endlessly to the God of this world, who had been resentful and ridiculed.

If I concentrate on my immediate favorite, I can forget the fundamental fear that encroaches me.

The only string that can hold me as I am lost and wandering in my original world is Kaelus.

Never again, I don’t want to live in a terrible world like before the return.

The life where Kaelus disappeared and I continued without meaning. I’m afraid to experience that black time again.


The only reason I live.

I didn’t know it would be so scary to see my favorite go to a far place beyond my reach.

In the meantime, he didn’t rely on me. Actually, I was relying on him for my life.

I’m crying like that.


The bedroom door opened silently.

And without time to even scream.


A heavy shadow that looms above the bed.

The familiar body scent and fiery body temperature pressed me down strongly.


It was my favorite. The only reason I live in this world, my beautiful Kaelus.

When I realized the identity of the shadow, all kinds of emotions that could no longer be suppressed burst out at once.


Hot breath rushed over my lips. Between the slightly open lips, something hot and soft broke in mercilessly.

  My mind went blank. My view became blurry, too. A vine of tongue tore through me fiercely.


At first, I gave up my lips and then my whole body.

Long, beautiful fingers laced through mine and soon four legs were a tangled mess.

The stacked body was as hot as fire. At the gesture of rubbing like a beast, my temperature became like his and heated up.

I can’t believe it. I’m sharing my body with Kaelus.

But the clear five senses proved it. In every breath there was Kaelus.

The ones that occupied my lips came off at last.

“Ah… Hess….!”

A voice full of lust, which had never been heard before, tickled my ears.

I shivered all over without realizing it. The shiver ran through the body.

“Ka, Kael….”

What is happening to me. Is this really okay?

With my beautiful favorite, like this.

To roll around in disorderly roll.


But I couldn’t continue my thoughts any longer. Kaelus’s fiery hand began to run wildly through the hem of my robe.

In an instant, my round chest was revealed. I instinctively raised my hands and covered my chest.


Kaelus smirked, and removed my cold hands from my chest. Then, he dragged down my underwear as if it were punishment.


I trembled helplessly. Kaelus’ purple eyes swept down my bare naked body.

  I can’t stand it. I’m ashamed. I closed my eyes tightly.

“Kael, stop…”

But there was no answer. Instead, the sound of undressing was heard even with my closed eyes.

A horribly low voice called me.



I couldn’t bear to open my eyes. After that, Kaelus didn’t call my name anymore.

Two complete bodies overlapped on the bed. Hot, moist lips bit my earlobes. The moist tip of his tongue licked my skin.


A chilling sensation that made my whole body flinch ran down the spine from the top of my head to my toes. The five senses of the whole body were awake at once. The deep part of the lower abdomen throbbed with the breath of Kaelus that brushed against the skin. This feeling stimulated the muscles inside the pussy.

“Oh, well…!”

Alas. Here it comes. I’m afraid and glad of this sense that will devour me.

The arms, legs, chest and stomach, and thighs were in close contact with each other’s. His legs moved naturally and spread my legs. A hard, hot dick weighed down the swollen mound.

A short kiss was sprinkled finely around my neck and collarbone. A body that keeps getting buried.


I twisted my body, unable to resist the tickling pleasure of riding up. But my struggle was as insignificant as a slight rebellion, because of the heavy weight of my body.

“Ha… Hess……!”

The voice that bursted out like a sigh was very hot. As if he’s going to get burned if he touches me.

A round breast clasped in his grasp. As if in a trance, he rubbed my chest in his hand. The tip of the tongue licked and cleaned the nipple, like sweet cotton candy.


An almost lightning-like shock.

My body was already as sensitive as if it were not mine. The body began to prepare for union in earnest. Deep between the legs became hot and moist.

How did I know? His long, delicate fingers slipped down my thighs and scratched gently underneath.

“… It’s wet.”

A languid voice rang satisfactorily.

My face flushed with heat. I don’t know what it looks like. I didn’t even know I was shy in front of my favorite.

“What’s wrong, Hess? I’m very happy.”

Kaelus’ long fingers slowly entered. I couldn’t make a sound, just opened my lips and puffed out my breath.

“Ha, hah…!”

“Just hang in there. I’ll make it painless.”

The sticky whispering voice is terribly decadent. I doubt it’s the Kaelus I’ve known so far.

I raised my trembling hand and touched Kaelus on the shoulder. The hard muscles were felt in the palm of my hand. I realized it again. He’s a man, too. A healthy male who desires to sleep with a woman.

“Ah, ah…!”

Reason grew numb. The foreign body that penetrated the body was soft and persistent. I shook my head here and there for the pleasure of the frantic invasion. A faint groan escaped through my lips.

Kaelus, who seems to be somewhat amused.

“You’re quite sensitive, Hess. That’s why it’s better.”

“Ka, el…!”

My heart pounded hard. He’s tasting every inch of my body and touching it. All I can do is give up my naked body and struggle underneath him.

“Ah, uh….”

The stimulus continued. Gradually, the inside of the lower abdomen clumped together.

And then at some point.


I couldn’t even groan and jumped up. Kaelus finally found the most sensitive place.

“Is it here?”

“Ugh…! Ugh!”

I couldn’t control the joy that overflowed my whole body. The waist and pelvis were twisted and shaken arbitrarily. The struggling legs kept slipping on the smooth quilt.

“Ha ha…”

A low-pitched laugh. My mind went blank.

“Oh, yes…!”

Unthinkable, nothing but a beastly instinct. As if I would not miss even a small stimulus, my whole body’s senses stood on edge.

The murky noise sounded embarrassingly loud. I could feel the swelling of the pussy filled with wetness.

Was I this obscene? I can’t believe I’m spreading my legs in front of my favorite. To my shame.


I bit my lips again.

Despite my desire to hide, Kaelus’ kiss was just sweet. He wrapped his tongue around mine around and around, sticky and soft, and persistent as if with a little obsession.


Top and bottom are committed at the same time. The sharp pleasure is scratching me like a log.

I can’t stand it any longer. I feel like I’m going to faint like this.


In an instant a small climax struck. My whole body trembled. The body, which had been fully stretched, was loosened.


It’s frantic under the bridge. The muscles in the inside of the pussy were fluttering.

My body, eager for a man.

“Ha, Hess…”

Kaelus pulled out his stuck finger and licked it. Far from being obnoxious in the blatant display of lust, my heart beats.

My most beautiful favorite. My love. My Kael.

No more, take me.

His hands held each thigh apart with force. A hot, hard dick sharply pressed the wet part.

“…I’m going in.”

As soon as the short notice was over, it pushed in.


Even though I was already ready to combine, my body was too soft and weak to accept what was big and strong. A scream broke out in frustration.

“Ha, ha…!”

At one stroke to the end, Kaelus tilted his head back. A shivering groan a look of joy as if to quench one’s deep thirst.

I’m satisfied, too. I’m rejoicing.


I was just panting. I didn’t even groan at the pain of my raw flesh being ripped apart.

A kiss of apology sank gently on my forehead. His breath was shaking as well.

I barely opened my eyes and looked at him. I raised my hand and placed it on Kaelus’ face.


I told him with my eyes. I’m fine. Don’t hold it in. Pour it all out. As you wish.

The purple jewels glistened as if they were holding tears.

“Hess… I love you…”

I smiled without saying anything. I’m a little bit upset about the pain, but I’ll still do my best.

“Ah… Hess…”

His voice broke out like a breath. The brilliant silver hair fell on me like a waterfall.

As soon as the lower body in contact seemed to have fallen slightly, it hit hard.

“Oh my god”


The blazing eyes penetrated sharply. Flames flared before my eyes.


It was a strong confrontation again. A ball of hot fire exploded in the body. The whole body flared up. My lips opened and I burst out of breath.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God.…! Oh, my God!

At last he began to move. The long silver hair shook like curtains. The overflow of affection burst forth violently.

“Yes! Oh…! Ahhhhhhh!”

The flesh clattered against each other. The noise that’s going through the cracks. Even the harsh breathing that he gasps out.

Everything felt by the five senses was breathtaking. The giddy and ecstatic pleasure completely stained the body and spirit.

“Ha…! Ha…!…! Oh my God…!”

“Ah! Ahhhhh…! Sigh…!”

Oh, it’s working. I’m groaning beneath the man.

I’m his. Not only the mind but also the body. 

I will give my everything to my fascinating favorite.

Now, I mean, it’s all predatory. 

My Kael.


The intense lightning-like pleasure penetrated deep into the body. The flames, which were burning, spread all over the body in an instant. An unbearable heat. I bent my neck and twisted my back.

“Gasp! Oh my! Ha…! Ha…!”

Kaelus fell into a trance, and just drove in and out like a beast. His breathing became increasingly rough. The muscles of the whole body swelled up.

“Ah! Ah…!”

My eyes began to turn white. My instincts cheered loudly.

“Oh my god!”

At that moment, the glare of silver fell like a waterfall from head to toe. The whole body contracted vigorously as if it had been electrocuted by an electric current. The muscles that embraced Kaelus tightened.

My dear Kaelus had also climaxed.


He moaned loudly and poured hot sperm into my body.

The two bodies that hugged each other trembled. And immediately after that, the bodies that had exhausted their strength collapsed.

“Ha… ha…”

Kaelus, who scratched me sharply, left an indelible mark on my body and mind.

“Gasp… Gasp….”

Kaelus managed to lift his arm, breathing heavily. Sweaty arms wrapped around my waist like a vine again and pulled me in.

“Hess, there’s still a lot of night left.”


As if he were still hungry, he ran greedily over my lips again.

“Uhhh …!”

It can’t be helped. If you’re still hungry, I just have to give you the floor.

Eventually, he was engraved into my body so that the starlight that came to mind that night would fall.


The day had dawned.

In the end, I greeted the morning with little sleep.


Without a word, a heavy arm stretched out from behind and wrapped me around.

“…We have to get up. You’re leaving soon.”

I squeezed out a voice that couldn’t bear to come out. I thought I’d cry if I looked back, so I kept my back turned on him.

“Stop getting up.”


Suddenly, a strong force pulled on my shoulder. I was forced to turn around.

Long, soft silver hair trapped me.


The purple eyes that only contained me are very pretty.

Smooth skin. Beautiful muscles that are delicately curved are connected along the chest and abdomen.

“You’re still crying.”

His expression seems somehow amused.


I turned my head away from his gaze. Despite the melancholy feeling, my face instantly flushed.

His lips bit my earlobe.

“The sound you made all night long lingers in my ears. What should I do?”

“Kael, stop…”

“If I knew your crying was this pretty, I would have done it earlier.”


Kaelus’ hand kept touching the wrong place. I raised my trembling hand and tried to grab him.

“Stop… the time…”

At this rate, he would not even be able to eat breakfast and ride the carriage. A carriage ride on an empty stomach is a lot of work.

But whether you know how I feel.

“One last time, Hess.”

Kaelus skillfully squeezed between my legs.

I couldn’t stop him any more.

My legs struggled helplessly, sliding on the quilt, as my body laid heavy again.

Once again, we shared our body temperature under the already bright world.

“Well, Kael…!”

Kaelus also knew that he was running out of time. A lost touch penetrated between my legs without hesitation. The tender skin, tinged from accepting a man all night, spilt greedily again.


It’s ridiculous. I feel like my body has been completely tamed by him overnight. How can it be this easy? Was I this hungry for men?

Kaelus folded his eyes and smiled.

“What? You like it so much.”


My face flushed with heat. I couldn’t make any excuses because of my honest body.

Kaelus lifted his chin proudly and looked at me. Then he grabbed my thighs and lifted them up.

“Oh, Kael…!”

The sound immediately went to my pelvis at once. The wind revealed the inside of the valley, which should be hidden in the most secret place. In my moment of embarrassment, Kaelus buried his face there.


The hot, soft tip of the tongue penetrated the pussy. I felt a completely different sensation from his fingers, and without realizing it, I put strength into my waist.

A soft voice. 

“Here you are. Your scent is the strongest.”


I turned my head suddenly. How can you say such racy words with such a normal face?

“Well, that’s enough… If you don’t get ready…”

I raised my trembling hand and pushed Kaelus’ head, which did not fall between my legs. I bit my lips so that I wouldn’t be caught having sexual desire. I’m afraid I’ll let out a shallow moan.


But overshadowing my efforts, he really caressed me with great care.

My hand that pressed down on his head was  gradually drained of strength.

“Uh, stop, stop…!”

Hot liquid flowed incessantly from the inside.

I’m going crazy. I really have to stop, but honestly, I don’t want to stop. I love the pleasure that my favorite gives. My body wants him more than my heart.

“Ha… ha…!”

As he slowly reached his limit, Kaelus finally raised his head with a long sigh.


He licked his lips with his red tongue. With that giddy decadence, I could only stare blankly at him.

Suddenly he smiled deeply.

“I can’t stand it anymore either.”

The stiffly swollen man settled at the entrance of a wet woman. And then.



The pain of an unfamiliar union. But I was willing to endure it.

Because this pain is only for a moment, knowing that greater joy will come later.

“Ha, ha, ha…!”

To the groans of Kaelus, the plop of our genitals made a loud noise on the bed.

There was no time to be embarrassed. He’s only a beast with his mouth open and panting.

“Yes! Oh, yes…! Ugh!”

Unable to afford a leisure feast, Kaelus was ferocious from the start. His pushing motion shook my body violently up and down.

“Ha, ha…! Ha…!”

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ha!”

With the goal of reaching our peak quickly, Kaelus and I just gasped like a beast and focused on mating.

And finally.

“Oh my God…!”


The rapturous morning sex came to a halt. The attached man and woman trembled together and soon fell.

“Ha, ha…”

Kaelus snorted, sprawled on my chest.

“Hahaha… It’s a big deal… I don’t want to get up…”

I held back my tears and hugged Kaelus’ head without saying a word.

It was really time to leave.


A carriage from Helios arrived at the front door. Kaelus stood in front of me wearing the kravet I gave him as a wedding gift.

The head of the escort saluted him with respect.

“His majesty and the crown prince have ordered you to be safe.”

“I should say thank you.”

Kaelus’ expression was as sober as ever. I couldn’t find the face that was filled with excitement until just now.

After loading up all the necessary luggage, he looked back at the duke’s servants in the row.

“While I’m away, remember that Hestia is your only master.”

“Yes, my lord.”

The butler Uross replied on behalf of the servants.

I was the last person Kaelus greeted just before he got on the wagon.

Instead of facing each other, he held me in his arms and whispered in my ear.

“Don’t think uselessly, trust me and wait in this house, Hestia.”


“I won’t let go of the gift you gave me for a moment. So you should keep thinking about me.”

“Yes, Kael.”

“We’ll go straight to bed as soon as I get back, so be prepared.”


He smiled with satisfaction. Our lips touched lightly and fell apart.

“Then I’ll be back.”

After saying goodbye, Kaelus stepped into the carriage without hesitation.

The wheels of the carriage slipped quietly, followed by a mounted manor.

But more soldiers were waiting outside the mansion for a carriage with Kaelus in it. Indeed, Helios did not break his promise, but sent Kaelus with elite soldiers on the level of escorting the emperor.


Nevertheless, there are things that can’t be helped with human resources.

I can never sleep comfortably until my favorite returns safely.

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