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FMDF – Chapter 27

I came to Countess Erinnis’ mansion with a carefully prepared ‘promotion celebration’ cake. If possible, I will send it to each family through an errand man, but wouldn’t it be better for me to deliver it to a close aristocrat?

“Oh my…! How can you be so cute and pretty!” The duke’s chef is really good!”

As expected, Erinier’s response was somewhat fussy. This gave a lot of energy to the person who brought it.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

I responded with shyness.

The topic soon shifted to the ceremony of the imperial palace. In particular, the emperor’s health was the main topic of conversation.

“He looked very pale.”

Erinnis opened her mouth in a cautious manner. I nodded in agreement.

“It didn’t seem easy to move around. It’s like he’s not getting any divine effect.”

I led the focus of the conversation shift to Diana. The worse the public opinion of her, the better.

Erinnis’ face darkened.

““What kind of saintess is a saintess without holy power? If it were not for the crown prince, she would be just a priest.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Besides, how much does she hate the aristocracy? She is now a member of the royal family, not a commoner, and yet she thinks that she is not privileged at all.”

I criticized Diana in a very acrimonious way.

Erinnis glanced around. Confirming that no one overheard our conversation, she put her face close to me and lowered beer voice.

“Actually, duchess…”


“Once the duchess’ information on the temple is completed, some nobles have promised to formally raise an agenda for the abdication of the crown princess at the state council.”


I couldn’t help but be surprised.

As expected, they are aristocrats who are sensitive to the trend of the times. With Diana’s social reputation at its worst, the fast-paced crowd is already gathering and plotting a new crown princess.

However, this is limited to the aristocratic society. Diana’s popularity in the common community remains strong.

I have also made this point.

“The crown princess has not lost her support from the people yet. Isn’t it too early to discuss the abdication already?”

“So we’ll make a big deal of it after the duchess’s accusation.”

As Erinnis said, the bond between the temple and the crown princess and the accounting books of the temple could seriously damage the morality of the crown princess.

No, it’s bound to happen. That’s how carefully I’m making the accusation.

She seems similarly insane, too.

“What the Duchess does never fails, doesn’t it? I believe it will be the same this time.”

I shook my head with a gesture.

“You should always keep variables in mind. What if the emperor and the crown prince are on the side of the saint and actively defend her?”

“Whoa, you’re not a duchess who wouldn’t even consider it. All the nobles in the Empire acknowledge that Hestia is meticulous.”

In fact, the promotion to duke itself was one of my “defense strategies.” Helios blocked my accusations by trying to make a political deal with me over the duke title for Kaelus.

But he can’t stop him from accusing her.

“…the countess is really… You know me very well. Whoo-hoo….”

I couldn’t help laughing.

Since we’ve talked about the abdication, let’s ask a little more.

“But I have a question.”

“Oh, go ahead, duchess.”

“If you discussed the abdication of the crown princess, a successor would have to be nominated, right?”

Erinnis shook her head at my question.

“Phew, as expected, the Duchess is sharp.”

She sighed with a smile.

“In fact, each family has a secret claim to their family’s daughter. We’re going to work together to get rid of her, but the real problem is next.”


“There’s going to be a huge political battle.”

What a pity. Isn’t it peace that Kaelus managed to create? The political stability gained only by the disappearance of the Duke Orcus family.

I asked her secretly.

“Is there anything you want to say about young lady Diocke?””

Unexpectedly, a violent reaction came out.

“Why not? How proud is that vain, immature thing that the Crown Prince has summoned her to the imperial palace…”

Erinnis looked genuinely haggard.

“Oh, my God. The crown princess must be a thorn in your side.”

“But surprisingly, it isn’t like that. I don’t know what the crown princess is thinking.”

My tongue is clicking.

“Hmm? Why?”

“Well, do you know what that immature Diocke is saying? She has met a friend who has a good heart for the first time in a while and drinks tea every day.”


My mouth was wide open because of the absurdity

There should be a limit to stupidity.

Let’s say that Diana fell for Diocke, who received her fortune, and made a large investment.

After a few words, however, she should stop trying to figure out what kind of person Diocke is.

This happened because Diana almost cut ties with the aristocratic society. If she had kept her bond with Madam Harmonia, there would have been no ridiculous situation.

You’re best friends with a woman who wants to  push you out and desires to be Helios’ second wife. What a joke this is.

Erinnis poked her forehead with annoyance.

“Honestly, we can see clearly. Why did the crown prince bring Baron Potos into the palace all at once?”

“The crown princess invested a large sum of money in his business. They’d be in trouble if they run away at any loss.”

She nodded vigorously at my answer.

“It’s the same as Diocke and the crown princess who don’t know much about the world.”

She’s right. They’re playing amongst themselves. How are they in sync?

The crown prince was initially opposed to Diana’s investment. And yet she has invested heavily in the Potos merchant ship, and the money will soon return to royal debt.

It doesn’t matter if it benefits, but the problem was that the ship was already destined to sink.

Therefore, Helios has taken all the preservation measures that can be done in its own way.

When we were talking.

A maid of the Countess, who had left her seat, ran in a hurry.




Erinnis as well as I looked at the maid with a quizzical look.

“What’s the matter?”

“Sudden news has arrived. Baron Potos’ merchant ship sank!”



Oh! Finally!

There was a silent cheer next to the astounded Erinnis.

I asked her quickly.

“How much have you invested, Countess?”

“Oh, I… Whew, it’s not that big. I saw the duchess carefully considering investing, so I only invested about a month’s income.”

Oops. I saved Erinnis unintentionally.

I spoke in a deliberate and urgent tone.

“The social world will turn upside down. I should go to the palace first. I have to meet Baron Potos.”


Erinnis, as if she had come to her senses, sprang up from her seat.


I headed straight for the palace.


I’m so sad. I should have seen the look on Diana and Diocke’s face when they heard the news!

How much did she chew on me while drinking tea gracefully? But will you do now? Now it looks like you’re chewing on shit!


I laughed so hard that I even shed tears.

The carriage slid through the main gate of the palace. Instead of the Lily Palace where Baron Potos stayed, I first found the Lion Palace.

My original status as an aide to the crown prince has now been added to my status as a duchess. No one stopped me.

I went straight to Helios’ office.

“Your highness the crown prince!”


Fortunately, he was still in the room. I didn’t walk in vain.

I brought up my business right away.

“I heard the news. The prophecy was right again, right?”

“Sigh, yes. The news came quickly.”

Helios closed his eyes and pressed his hands against his head.

“Do you know exactly how much Diana invested in?”

“I’m sorry, but that’s….”

“She spent a whole year’s budget of the temple’s. As soon as I found out the amount, I imprisoned Baron Potos in the palace.”

Wow. I didn’t think about it, but I didn’t know Diana had that much.

The budget for the temple was indeed enormous. Especially since the role of the temple was dedicated to the relief of the poor and medical practice, the one-year budget would be well equivalent to the annual income of Illion, known for its wealth.

Somehow my heart felt better.

“Then what about the lost ship…?”

Helios replied with gritted teeth.

“I’ll make him work like a dog until the baron’s life is over.”


Even though I already knew everything, I felt disappointed. If it’s like this for me, it’s probably worse for Helios.

Finally, in the face of the disaster that came to reality, the pent-up anger erupted.

“Diana didn’t even tell me the amount herself! I coaxed the baron couple into finding out!”

“Your Highness.”

“How can she do this! With how much I’m trying to protect her…!”

The golden eyes of the desperate male lead were painfully distorted.

I clenched my lips and watched him expressionless.


I hope Diana looks the same.

May all those who have made my favorite despair suffer.

You just reap what you sow, so don’t be so upset.

Anyway, the disaster became a reality, and Helios was in a position to somehow resolve the damage Diana caused.

I waited for Helios to calm down and carefully brought it up.

“You have to plan to repay the funds first. First, seize the rest of Baron Potos’ property.”

“Even if it is seized, we have no choice but to collect it by dividing it by the loss ratio with other investors. Of course, Diana will take an overwhelming part, but it’s not worth the total loss.”

No matter how fast and smart the royal family may be, they cannot make up for its own damage. This is because other victims are likely to protest as a group.

Even in modern times, we punish people who take their money first. Such conduct was also outlawed by the empire.

I understand the situation, but it’s still better than letting go.

“It’s not a short-term payback anyway. As he said, we have to make the baron family pay back as much as possible.”

Helios shook his head roughly.


He nodded with a long sigh. Then he immediately called the captain of the guard.

“Is Baron Potos in the Lily Palace?”

“Yes, the soldiers are guarding the palace, and the servants are watching to prevent the baron from harming himself.”

“Okay, get a full list of the baron’s property and seize it. Don’t miss a small thing, everything.”

“I accept your orders, your grace!”

The stern royal guard immediately bowed down.

I asked Helios again as I watched him go out.

“After the news, what are you going to do with the holy princess?”

“Well… Honestly, it’s hard for me to see Diana’s face…”

Helios sighed long again, seemingly trying to control his emotions.

At this point, it is hard to hold back laughter.

“But you should meet her. Haven’t you been helping to clean up the mess this time?”

It is also funny that Diana always makes mistakes, and Helios is responsible for all the repairs.

If the couple works together to overcome the crisis, the relationship will get closer, right? Honestly, I don’t think so.

“Before the temple stormed into the palace with a debt document. It’s a lot of money, so I don’t think the temple will just watch.”


Helios breathed a sigh in succession.

Anyway, I checked the expression of the lion palace, so there is no reason to stay here anymore.

I left Helios’ office after being courteous.


Actually, I didn’t want to meet Diana. However, I wanted to check out her mental breakdown from afar.

I don’t even have to face Diana in person. Just snoop around the Lily Palace and I’ll find out.

So I left the Lion Palace and walked straight to the Lily Palace.

A few rushing carriages passed by. The nobles who walked from the main gate could not bear to ride and often walked into the Lily Palace.

I watched the scene leisurely.

To be honest, the baron’s own fault for the sinking of the merchant ship was not that great. However, as a business entity that bears that such a risk, it must fulfill its responsibilities.

In that sense, his family’s night flight before the return was truly reprehensible.

It is very foolish to believe that ‘my business will never go down’. Businesses sometimes fail regardless of your own will, and vice versa, they might be lucky enough to prosper.

Therefore, it was certainly a dangerous choice for Baron Potos to have such a big business at a time when he wasn’t in a hurry enough to risk his fortune.

As I walked slowly, I encountered Countess Erinnis coming out of the palace.

“Ah, Duchess!”

“Countess Erinnis, Have you met Baron Potos?”

She frowned and shook her head.

“His Highness has banned us from visiting. The guards are guarding the baron’s room.”


“The baron can’t come out either, but we can’t meet them either. And that seems to be the case with the saintess.”

“Whoa, her too”?

“Yes. I kept waiting at the door just in case, but I saw the saintess come in a hurry and I saw the saint come in a hurry and go back.”

Helios must be furious. Even Dianna is treated the same as the ordinary aristocrats.

Wouldn’t this make the two of them far from reconciling? It’s a pleasure for me.

Anyway, that reminds me of a good way to tease Diana.

Start an action.

“Countess, you’d better leave your meeting with Baron Potos behind and gather first with the people who have suffered damage and share information.”

“Yes, I will. There are a lot of people here.”

As soon as she nodded, she hurried away again.

Usually, the Lily Palace was quiet and had a sense of silence, but today was an exception.

Cries and loud shouts were heard here and there. Someone was sitting on the floor crying pitifully.


I was briefly disillusioned with myself whether it was right to pretend not to know their losses. But soon I made up my mind again.

In the end, they also tried to make a lot of money easily with a small amount of money. If you put it in debt like Diana, it can only be explained as greed.

Passing through the chaotic corridor of the Lily Palace, we arrived in front of the room where the Baron Potos family was staying. As Erinnis said, armed guards stood firmly at the door.

“You’re going through a lot, ladies and gentlemen.”

“Oh, Duchess Hestia.”

The guards also responded briefly to my calm greeting.

Instead of expressing my intention to go inside, I asked them about the situation.

“Is the baron family inside?”

“Yes. His Highness has ordered that no one be allowed in.”

“Aha. I see.”

I already know it, but I purposely checked it one more time. And then I poked at them.

“Really, are you sure the baron family is inside?”

“What are you talking about?…?”

The guard’s eyebrows were slightly distorted. You must be curious about the meaning of my question.

I replied in a very cold tone.

“If they stayed in this room for many days, it means they might have made an escape route.”

“Duchess, such a thing…”

He shook his head determinedly, as he retorted bitterly.

“There’s no harm in being careful. Go and get permission to search from your highness. During the search, I will hold the baron’s attention.”

“It’s… oh, I see, duchess.”

One of the soldiers quickly ran out of the hall.

The noisy hallway slowly quieted down. Seeing the nobles moving one by one, it seemed that Erinnis was bringing them together.

As expected, she was very actionable. It is refreshing to understand and implement it quickly even if you say a word.

If Diana has any sense, she would get in between. But anyway, she’ll only be depressed in her room, and she won’t come out.

Soon the guards who had gone to Helios returned.

“His Highness has given me permission. The duchess is coming in with me.”

Success. Helios listened to me first.

The guards backed down. Then, the sealed door was pushed back.

Then the nobles who were still in the hallway flocked to us.

“The door is open!”

I glanced at the desperate expressions.

With all the attention in one body, I headed to meet the baron in a haughty posture.

It’ll be delivered to Diana soon, right? What she failed, I succeeded.


A servant in the drawing room found me and was courteous. I asked after a brief bow.

“Where is the baron couple and young lady?”

“They’re in the dining hall inside. There are two maids watching.”

“Good job.”

The soldiers quickly began to look around the room. I left them behind and moved to the dining hall to meet the baron family.

In the meantime, they’re still being fed. Should I say they’re too bold or comfortable.

The baron family was holding a simple refreshment. As soon as they saw me, they sprang up from their seats.

“Ah…! Duchess…!”

“Duchess Hestia…!”

I looked at them with cold eyes.

“You seem to be eating well, right? There’s a lot of howling outside the door right now.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

“Well, you have to stay healthy and alive to fulfill your responsibilities, so I won’t blame you too much.”

“Thank you…”

After beckoning them into their seats, I spoke in earnest.

“His Highness has seized all your property, including the house. Have you come up with any countermeasures for the future?”

“We’ve actually just heard the news, so we’re not in a hurry…”

That’s an excuse, too.

I clicked my tongue and shook my head.

“Please do your duty like a decent aristocrat. I mean, don’t betray the people who trusted you and invested in you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind…”

“Don’t even dream of running away at night. I want you to be treated like a nobleman in this land.”


Following the baroness who answered regularly, I looked at Diocke, who had been silent for a while.

“And Diocke, after spending a few days in this palace, she seemed like a new crown princess.”

Diocke opened her mouth with a blue face.

“Duchess, I…!”

“Shut up. You had bad intentions for my husband, and now you dare.”

There is no reason to be kind to people who are crushed when they cannot see a hole through needle.*

*TN: a way out 

“I’m sorry…!”

As expected, Diocke bowed her head in a flustered manner.

In the meantime, the guard who finished the search approached me.

“Duchess. Everything’s fine.”

“I see. That’s a relief.”

I slowly got up from my seat.

I didn’t know what was going on, but round eyes came to me and stayed.

What’s the matter? I was the only one who wanted to come in here. I’m trying to get right in front of Diana’s nose.

Think about it. How could people who didn’t expect the ship to sink have made a way out in advance?

Honestly, I didn’t know Helios would let me in so easily, but anyway, the purpose was achieved smoothly.

It would be nice if Diana could jump.

I spoke to the servants.

“Keep an eye on them. Don’t make a fool of yourself.”

“I’ll do that, duchess.”

I turned around with a very cold air surrounding me.

“Let’s go back now. Guards.”

“Yes, duchess.”

I came out of the door with his guards hanging behind me.



The pink-haired beauty of the world.

I bowed down for now, trying to keep my face from laughing.

“…to the noble little moon of the empire…”

“How did you get in there?””

Oops. Even when our mistress is pissed off, she’s still stubborn. You’re doing it all without even getting a yes.*

*TN: she’s going in without Helios’ approval

I smiled brightly.

“We inspected the accommodation with the permission of the Crown Prince. I was afraid I’d find a unsavory device.”

 “What qualifications do you have?”

A sharp question.

Before I knew it, nobles surrounded me and Diana.

If I do it well, it’s going to be a big fuss.

I looked around and sighed.

“Little as an aide to the crown prince, much as a duchess of this empire.

My confident retort seemed very unpleasant to Diana. The blue eyes slowly began to turn red.

 “How dare you be ahead of me?”

“How could that be? I’m just being cool-headed and doing my part.”

The one who gets angry first loses. Of course, victory and defeat have already been skewed.

I smiled slightly.

“You’ve lost a lot of money, so it’s no wonder you’re upset. I understand.”


Diana screamed.

There were small sighs here and there. How embarrassing for people around them to lose their dignity and collapse of the royal family.

“As long as Baron Potos doesn’t hurt himself, won’t he be able to repay all this damage in the future? Please leave it to me to face them, and your highness, rest in peace.”

I took a big step back on purpose just in case I get slapped.

“Then I’ll leave now, your highness the saintess.”

You can’t do anything because I’m out of range. Even more so because there are no teacups to throw.

“Oh, by the way, the affected investors must be coming together and trying to come up with a solution. Why don’t you join them?”

Tears began to fill Diana’s eyes. That’s the kind of thing she does with her mouth open.

“Hestia, don’t live your life like that.”

Wow. What a cliche. It’s hard to pretend to flinch because of courtesy.

The answer was omitted neatly. I bowed to her as an example of farewell.


And at that moment, I didn’t forget to twist my lips slightly and laugh at them.


That evening, eating with Kaelus, I told him about the royal court uproar.

“I think all the nobles of the capital came running.”

“It would have been a disaster if he hadn’t kept him.”

Kaelus’ calm reply made me feel like it was no big deal.

“The Crown Prince was very angry, too. Even though he already knew it, he couldn’t control his emotions when it became a reality.”


“The money that the Saintess has drawn from the temple is a year’s worth of budget. It’s going to come back to an imperial burden, so he certainly deserves to be angry.”

“Well, he can’t help it. The temple will be in trouble, too. It’s a misguided use of money for relief.”

Kaelus’ point is correct. This case alone was enough to fill the complaint.

The subject soon changed.

“Did you manage the Attica estate properly?”

“Oh, the palace sent me tax documents first. The rest will come in step by step.”

Kaelus said in a very cold tone.

“You shouldn’t be in trouble because of the lack of handovers.”

“Ha ha, I’ll check thoroughly. Thanks to my experience in Illion, I’m not that unfamiliar.”

There has yet to be an answer from Harmonia to Attica.

I wish she would give me a positive answer soon. Because she’s a pretty good person in terms of ability alone.

“Even if all the documents are handed over, you need to go to the territory yourself at least once.”

He is indeed the most thorough personality. It was revealed that the documents alone are not satisfactory

“Yes, I’m going to go after the work here is done. The liaison has already departed, so the fact that the Lord has changed will be told in a minute.”

“It would be better to make a strong impression so that the chief doesn’t look down on you. Duke Orcus was pretty high-handed.”

“Aha. If you know where I’m from, that’s for sure. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Kaelus’ careful advice warms my heart.

You must be busy with your own work, but you’re caring about me like this.

Every day is like a dream thanks to receiving so much attention from my favorite. A pleasant dream I never want to wake up to.



The conversation was interrupted for a moment. The table became quiet because each of us was concentrating on our own thoughts or meals.

Then suddenly Kaelus opened his mouth.

“I have a question…”


I replied with an expression that he could ask as much as he wanted.

Then Kaelus hesitated rarely.

“What I told you at the party….”

For a moment, my heart sank.

“…why are you hesitating… what’s the specific reason …”


Have you been suffering from it all this time? Were you blaming yourself because I didn’t  immediately accept your request to be a ‘real couple’?

How much did he think and agonize over my words because he was not sure about our future together?

I’m a very careless person. Unlike Kaelus.

Just because he let it slide then doesn’t mean he’s convinced.

I’m sorry that I made my favorite person speak with difficulty.

I stopped my hand moving the dishware.

I have to answer seriously this time.

So that he doesn’t suffer any more. If I don’t comply with the courage he’s worked hard to bring out.

“Kaelus, you know I like you very much, don’t you?”


White face. Tightly closed lips. Breathless silence.

I smiled lightly.

“But just because you like it, because I helped you a little bit, it somehow felt unfair for me to mortgage your whole life.”

“What does that mean?”

Fine eyebrows with slight distortion. My favorite’s expression is pretty in any way.

“There’s nothing to look for in the distance. If you look at Diana and Helios, you’ll get the answer.”

It feels bitter in my mouth.

If there is a crucial difference between Diana and I, I am acutely aware of my lacking.

I’m acting meticulously, but I’m actually full of mistakes.

“I can be your helper, but I’m not fit to be your equal. It’s better to like you from a distance, than to walk with you at the same eye level…”

My true self is really nothing.

I don’t want to be like Diana. I don’t want to be a stupid woman who’s caught in her empty shell and grabs Kaelus by the ankles.

I have been able to create an image of being able to be competent so far thanks entirely to the ‘prophecy’ and information in the rofan novel.

Without it, I’m just an ordinary person who doesn’t have anything special.

Soon, the “future” I know will also be gone, and there will be a time when the information on characters in the novel will no longer be useful.

Will I still be able to pretend to be a “competent duchess” as everyone is currently mistaken?

I don’t want to face the same end as Diana.

I don’t want Kaelus to make a choice to rely on me for his future just by looking at my image.

“You’re still young. You’d better leave as many choices open as you can.”

Whether the choice was me, Diana, who was driven to the throne by the nobles, or someone else.

At least right now, if Kaelus chooses me to be around on an impulse, it may become too painful later on.

“I’m not saying no completely, but I mean you’d better wait and see before you decide….”

Look at Helios. What happened after he got married in a hurry as his emotions told him to.


Kaelus looked angry for some reason.

It was understandable. What is so good about me? I refuse to propose to someone like Kaelus, who is such a great being.

It’s ridiculous. That would be absurd.

But this is for the best.

“I am a woman who has run out of prophecies, but I am not as great a person as you might think. I know my place well.”

I smiled awkwardly.

Kaelus’ lips were painstakingly opened.

“You think you’re not great without your prophecies.”

“That’s the truth, Kaelus.”

There’s something about me and this world you don’t know yet. My favorite.

It seems like I know everything because I’m an transmigator and a regressor.

But I’ll never reveal it. It’s a cruel truth that the main character was chosen separately in this world.

Especially for someone like you and me who wasn’t born as the main character.

Kaelus opened his mouth again.

“Hestia, I beg to differ. Even if you think so.”

His voice trembled very slightly.

“I don’t want someone capable and great.”

A white, hardened face, as if not trying to show emotions as much as possible.

“You’re all I need.”

A heart-rending confession.

Tears welled up. But I tried to laugh.

“Thank you.”

Still, the conclusion remains unchanged.

It is a matter of knowing well what results a choice faithful to one’s emotions will achieve in the future without having to experience it on its own.

There is no need to walk on a muddy road that is clearly visible.

Kaelus lowered his eyes.

“I said I’d wait, so I’ll wait.”

I smiled and nodded.

“Thank you again.”

If more time goes by.

When you have a hard time mentally, the feelings you feel for the person next to you will calm down.

Don’t make it easy to decide your life just by being thankful or affectionate.

I hope he doesn’t rush into love just like Diana and Helios.

I sincerely wish Kaelus happiness.


Baron Potos’s sinking of merchant ships quickly heated up the society.

It was rather difficult to find someone who didn’t invest in him, so Helios first seized Potos’ property and accounting books and began to take measures to compensate for damages.

While busily identifying the victims and the amount of damage, the temple finally moved. It officially demanded the repayment of the loan from the crown princess and the imperial family.

Unfortunately, the upset society has been overturned one more time. In addition, the common people’s society has begun to stir. It was surprising that the temple lent such a large amount of money to the royal family, and its use was completely different from the image of the temple with integrity.

The reason why the temple has no choice but to stand on the surface despite these difficulties. That’s because they felt a crisis that if they didn’t claim the damage now, they would lose money forever.

The fox-like Helios had to report the damage to the authorities within a fixed period of time. If he did not come forward within this period, there was a concern that Helios would later say that it was unknown.

In addition, it was very advantageous for Baron Potos, who was ultimately responsible. as large debts would vanish into thin air.

“Those who sleep on their rights, do not protect them.” Helios made great use of this law.

“Definitely not everyone does this, crown prince. How can you be so smart?”

I was tongue-tied reading the official gazette.

Anyway, this will speed up the downfall of Diana and the temple.

Kaelus stayed in the palace until late and helped Helios with his work. He’s about to leave for the border, and is being really hard pressed.

That said, I wasn’t free either.

Documents on the operation of the Attica estate were delivered from the imperial palace, and they had to work buried in the mountains of documents. I don’t know what my fate will be, but I think I should manage my territory right away.

In the midst of all this confusion, a welcome guest came.

“The madam of the Salon has come to see you.”

“Oh, is Harmonia here?”

How nice to see you!

I rushed down to the drawing room in a heartbeat. I hope Harmonia had a positive answer!


“Ah, Duchess Hestia.”

She stood up and greeted me with unwavering grace.

“With the sinking of the merchant ships, the society is in a mess these days. The salon is really noisy about this, right?”

“Why wouldn’t it? fufu…”

Seeing a small smile, I think she’s found a lot more stability than before.

“By the way, have you thought about my suggestion?”

“I’m here to give you the answer, duchess.”

Harmonia smiled softly.

“As the duchess said, I’ve concluded that it would be better to leave the capital for the time being and change the surroundings.”

“Oh! Then….”

I looked at her with exultant eyes.

Harmonia smiled and nodded.

“The duchess gave me a very grateful offer. I’ll go to Attica.”


I didn’t hide my joy.

“There’s no one around me who’s better at human relations than madam. Please be a great bridge between commoners and aristocrats.”

“I’m a little worried that it might not meet the duchess’ standards, but I’ll still do my best.”

Before Harmonia’s mind changes, I’m going to stamp it. I immediately called the butler Uross.

“Butler. Bring the seal from my room.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Uross soon brought all the seals of the duchess and the lady of Attica that I possessed.

As Harmonia watched, I wrote clearly on the white paper.

<Madame Harmonia, who holds this guarantee, is recognized as an assistant to Hestia, the lady and Duchess of Attica.>

I wrote my name under the finished document, signed and stamped two seals.

“No one can doubt madam’s identity.”

“Thank you, duchess. It’s very reassuring of you to guarantee this.”

“Of choose. You’re the one who’s headed for the land on my behalf.”

Harmonia’s eyes bent gently.

“I’m going to hand over the salon to a reliable acquaintance. We’ll start as soon as we complete the transition.”

“Okay, in the meantime, I’ll send you the information I need quickly, Harmonia.”

Her smile suddenly became lonely.

“Honestly, I’m not that I’m  disappointed. I just wish I could have been more supportive of the Crown Princess…”

“Madam did the best she could. No one will blame madam.”

What more can you do for a person who covers her ears so that she can’t listen? No advice will reach Diana until she opens her eyes and becomes humble.

Change is something you have to do on your own, not because others tell you to.

I pointed out Diana’s mistake without hesitation.

“When they’re by your side, you have to realize that person is precious. What’s the point of regretting it after it’s gone?”

Not only Harmonia, but also Kaelus.

How many people have been hurt by Diana’s shallow attitude toward people.

“I just want her not to doubt my true feelings of concern for her…”

Harmonia smiled resignedly.

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