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FMDF – Chapter 26


As news spread that Kaelus was about to be promoted to duke, the marquis’ mansion was crowded with people coming to give gifts and greetings.

Of course, Kaelus didn’t even bother greeting them. Not only was he not interested in the group who wanted to get ahead, but he came out of the study because he was preoccupied with negotiating strategies with the kingdom just around the corner.

Still, I was the hostess, so I sat in the living room and greeted the guests. The sincerity they sent me is fine as long as I receive the gift well and not their heart.

I didn’t clean up the presents on purpose and piled them up in the drawing room. To make people feel intimidated every time they bring a present.


When I was alone in the drawing room for a while, a grumpy laugh naturally leaked out.

It’s time for the next visitor.

“Whoa, Marchioness Hestia. There’s not much time left until I call you like this. Next time, I’ll call you the duchess.”

“Oh, Countess Erinnis!”

A friendly welcome from Erinnis. I was welcomed by a person I knew well for the first time in a long time.

As soon as she sat down, she said.

“Honestly, aren’t you surprised? They even raised the title of a servant in diplomatic negotiations with the kingdom.”


The aristocratic society within the empire was unaware that there was a war at stake in negotiations with the kingdom. However, what they knew was that the kingdom was unable to recover from last year’s floods – a major incident in the original novel – and that led to frequent plundering at the border with the empire.

Due to the complacent perception that it would lead to war, I was in great confusion before returning, but this time it changed. Helios, who exercised his sovereignty on behalf of the emperor, proceeded stably with an outstanding servant named Kaelus.

Thanks to this, the imperial society was able to welcome the emergence of new dukes without much sense of crisis.

I giggled.

“People compare me to the Duke Orcus a lot, don’t they?”

“Phew, the marchioness really quick at what’s going on in the world.”

Erinnis shook his head with an obnoxious glance.

“When everyone heard that Hestia was being granted the estate of Attica, everyone was whispering that the marquis had absorbed the old duke completely.”

“Whoa, it’s all the more so because I’m fighting the crown princess like Letona.”

I didn’t deny it as it was old-fashioned.

Erinnis put the cup on her lips and put it down silently.

“But these days, there’s a strange rumor going around again.”


“The crown princess is wagging her tail at the marquis again… That’s….”

Erinnis was embarrassed and speechless to the end.

I burst into laughter because of the rather blatant expression in her usual elegant aristocratic accent.

“No, countess! It’s a perfect metaphor. I can’t believe you hit the nail.”

“Well, my words and actions were a little frivolous, right? I’m sorry.”

“Hahaha, no. I’m not surprised because I already knew.”

“Oh, did you?”

“Yes. My husband told me first. The crown princess has become kind.”

Erinnis drew a grin.

“The marquis and his wife don’t have to worry. Both of you are cool-headed.”

I also smiled, bending the ends of my lips diagonally.

“It’s not an emotional relationship. In that sense, the crown prince and his wife are quite anxious.”

“Hmm, but it was just as romantic.”

How can romance feed you? I repressed what I wanted to reply to with a dignified remark.

“Romance alone is not enough for the aristocracy and royalty. Isn’t love like a novel only in novels?”

I sighed briefly and then added.

“But I guess the crown prince intends to protect the saintess until the end.”

“Oh, that’s right. The marquis’s wife stopped making a plan. He’s preparing to fight back…”

Erinise also breathed a sigh.

I said with a certain determination.

“But the temple charges won’t stop. I’m waiting for the opportunity.”

“I will keep an eye on the trend of the crown princess, marchioness.”

A significant smile between political comrades.

There will be only a cliff ahead of Helios and Diana.


After Erinnis returned, Madame Harmonia appeared.

“Lady Hestia. I heard you have good news, so I came to see you.”

“Welcome, Madame Harmonia.”

I felt sorry for her thin face. She seems to be having a hard time because of Diana.

That’s right. It would’ve been easier if we cut it off quickly. I clicked my tongue inside.

My tea was so badly made that I slipped the teapot in front of her.

Harmonia smiled a little.

 “I guess it’s still not easy to kick in.”

“Phew, I’m trying, but I’m not getting better. I’m embarrassed, but I have no choice but to embrace it because I’m not good enough.”

I smiled softly.


Harmonia couldn’t easily move her mouth as if something was overwhelming her.

 I knew what she was thinking, so my thoughts slipped first.

“Her Highness Diana… Is that why?”

Harmonia’s eyes soon moistened.

“I’m sorry, marchioness. I’m here to congratulate you, but I’m so depressed.”

“You’re welcome. I’m most grateful to madam for showing her true feelings.”

I asked, placating her moderately.

“Did madam hear the rumor? The crown princess to my husband…….”

After deliberately trailing the end of the sentence, Harmonia dropped her head.

“I don’t understand how the most virtuous saintess of all can behave in such a disrespectful way…”

Somehow she is sadder than I am. Some might think that Diana had an affair with Harmonia’s husband – but she is, of course, single.

“Do you keep in touch with the saint?”

“As I said before, marchioness. Her highness hasn’t replied to my letter in a long time.”

Harmonia smiled bitterly.

“I’m not willing to give you any more advice. I’m just having a hard time on my own.”

“Madam, you’re going to get sick.”

She shook her head in a lonely way despite the worried words.

“My heart feels empty.”

I am genuinely confused.

She’s another person who suffers from the same aftereffects as my favorite. She is also suffering enough, if not as extreme as my favorite. I’m sure she’s disappointed because her affection for Diana was sincere.

I’ll have to soothe her empty heart somehow.

“Harmonia. I want you to think seriously about what I’m saying from now on.”


“Why don’t you close the salon for a while and travel to Illion or other territories?”


“Yes, I’m more worried than anything that madam might get more depressed. Alas, why don’t you help me with my work at Attica estate? Madam would make a great acting lord.”

“Are you talking about the marquis’ estate?”

“Yes, I’m about to be granted the vast Attica estate. There must be a lot of work to do. I can’t do it all by myself.”


Harmonia is starting to worry quite seriously.

I was more persuasive in her presence.

“I’ll be so busy that I can’t think of the capital for a while. It’s going to be a new challenge for madam.”


“Now I’m going to have to ask you a favor, Madam Harmonia. Please take charge of the management of the estate in Attica.”

“Will I be of service to the marchioness…?”

I nodded my head loudly at the question that came out without confidence.

“Of course!”

Harmonia greeted me with a much brighter complexion than when she first came in.

“Marchioness, thank you very much. Thanks to you, I feel very lighthearted. I’m here to congratulate you, but I’m going back to being comforted.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll be waiting for Madame’s reply.”

I sent her back with a bright face, too.


After that, I was completely exhausted by the constant reception of the guests until the sun went down.


I was exhausted from eating at the dining hall, so I told the maid to make a simple sandwich and bring it to my room, and then I stretched out to the bed.

“Oh, my. I smiled so much that my cheekbones hurt…”

I’m so tired that I can’t help but laugh. I must have lost my mind.

I heard a knock on the door just in time. The meal seems to be here.

“Come on in.”

I stretched out tiredly, only raising my voice. By the way.

“Oh my god”

An involuntary outpouring of breath. The body bounced up like a spring.

“Why are you so surprised?”

It was none other than my favorite entering the door!

Kaelus appeared with a tray of sandwiches and coffee cups.

 I gasped in surprise

“Oh… I…”

“I didn’t have the energy to come to the dining hall, so I brought it. I can eat here too.”

Kaelus was really going to eat a sandwich in my room, so he put the tray down on the table and sat down.

“Come here, Hestia.”

What’s wrong with you, Kaelus? My heart keeps racing because of you, so I think it’s going to stop any minute.

“Hmm. Didn’t you have the strength to come all the way here? Then…”

Suddenly he stood up with a sandwich, and I got up and came to the table.

At last, I slowly sat down on the sofa.

“……Thank you.”

I managed to open my mouth with a flushed face.

“I thank you, Hestia. You had a hard time meeting people in my place today.”

My favorite who smiles softly.

Seriously, with that face, I’ve settled all the work I have to get today.

It’s a very rewarding day.


Finally, the day came when Kaelus rises up to duke.

Throughout imperial history, it was rare for the marquis to be promoted to duke. So to speak, today is a historic day.

Therefore, I also stood before the emperor as the marquis’ wife. Of course, the title award and the warrant will be given simultaneously on the spot.

“A vast estate, heir to Attica…!”

I hummed and recited a verse that appeared in the original description of Letona Princess.

A refreshing morning air. It was still green outside because the lady-in-waiting hadn’t come to wake me up yet.


I hummed lightly and spun around.

Seeing the dance come out naturally, I’m sure I’m very excited today.

“The land of cold snow and ice! Duke of the North!”

I giggled.

If I were a man, I would have been the famous “Duke of the North,” but unfortunately, because I was a woman, I became the Duchess of the North instead of the Duke of the North.

Well, let’s take it easy. Even if it’s not a Northern duke, which is a typical rofan male character, it means that I am quite the rofan female character since I became Northern Duchess.

Good is good. Let’s think in a good way on a good day.

“Madam, are you up?”

“Yes. Come on in.”

As usual, Clarice came at a fixed time. One difference is that her expression is brighter than ever.

“It’s your last morning as a marquis’ wife.”

“Ha ha, that’s right.”

After Kaelus becomes a duke, my status naturally rises to duchess.

Some people would feel sick to their stomach. but is there a difference? If you are upset, you will bounce back.

The lady-in-waiting smiled and said.

“We’ll take care of the party while you’re at the palace, Lady Hestia.”

“Oh, yes. I look forward to your kind cooperation, Clarice.”

Her mood is as good as mine, and the evening party seems to play a part.


Since I became possessed, I have acquired a lot and climbed into a carriage.

Like me, well-dressed Kaelus is truly admirable.

“You look wonderful, Kaelus.”

“Really? You’re beautiful, too.”

Kaelus replied plainly, but the level of excitement equivalent to the lethal dose already hit my heart. I couldn’t say thank you and was speechless.

The carriage, which had become so quiet, arrived at the palace as it was.

Kaelus expressed his intention in advance that he did not want to make it grandiose, so the promotion ceremony, which is rarely held in imperial history, will be relatively simple.

Perhaps that’s why the air around the Lion Palace is as good as ever.

I entered the Lion Palace under the escort of Kaelus.

Waiting for us to appear, there were a number of nobles standing in the hallway without entering the hall.

“Oh, marquis! Congratulations!”

“May the marquis be blessed, too. What a happy day it is.”

I was completely distracted by all the congratulations pouring from here and there. The steps forward stopped before I knew it.

I was answering the greetings for a long time, but suddenly, the loud noise gradually subsided from the back.


Kaelus and I looked back slowly.

Helios was walking alone down the hall.

Everyone, including us, was courteous.

“Greetings to the great little sun of the empire.”

Helios nodded with a noble royal expressionless face.

“Everyone, get up.”

Given that Diana was not next to him, perhaps she would appear with the emperor.

It’s a shame in many ways for Diana and Helios. Rumors of a feud between the crown prince and his wife were already spreading in society.

If the two had the will to improve this chaotic atmosphere, they should have taken this time as an opportunity to join hands for show.

With his tongue in his mouth, Helios strode toward us.

“Today is a special day for both of you.”

“I am just grateful for the kindness of his majesty and the crown prince.”

Kaelus responded politely.

I glanced around.

People’s curious eyes flew in and stick in. How the crown prince treats Kaelus seems to be the show to watch.

The reason is simple. Because the pre-marriage triangle was re-established after marriage. What an exciting drama.

There’s one thing that’s different from before. If Diana, who is in the middle, chose Helios before marriage, she leaned toward Kaelus a year after marriage.

What kind of ending will it be this time? Will Kaelus hold Diana’s hand again? Will Helios just lose Diana like this?

The eyes around us sparkle with low interest.


“Your highness the crown prince, please lead the way in. We’ll follow you.”

I exhorted, keeping my tone as calm as possible.

The two quickly caught onto the situation. Helios nodded briefly and strode into the hall. Kaelus and I straightened our backs and followed suit.


The title ceremony was held in a standing manner without providing a separate seat for the participants. Only the royal family could sit on the glorious throne on the platform.

On top of several shallow steps were large chairs for the emperor. And next to it, the chairs of the crown prince and his wife were placed side by side.

From the top seat, a red carpet crossed the hall. It meant that the ceremony was very special and sacred.

Instead of sitting directly in his seat in the upper seat, Helios stood with us.

When I looked at him in wonder, he said casually.

 “It’s boring to sit alone.”


I almost burst out laughing.

Anyway, even if Helios was standing with us, I didn’t have much to talk to him. So I looked at Kaelus as if I were asking for help.

Fortunately, as if he knew my silent signal, Kaelus spoke to Helios in his usual dry tone.

“How is his majesty’s condition?”

“It’s too much to walk or stand long. I’m glad he doesn’t look so bad.”

Helios sighed quietly.

It is already publicly known that the emperor’s energy is decreasing day by day. Even so, it must be Diana who cannot honestly admit it.

Therefore, it is a bold decision to appear here today to award the title directly.

“His majesty must be very prepared.”

Helios also affirmed my muttering words.

“Because he felt the need to prove his health.”

I asked quietly.

“Is it related to the transaction between me and your highness?”

Helios’ eyes thinned. The tone was blunt, but the answer came out anyway.

“”….That’s a pretty screwed-up remark. Yes.”

It’s a real nuisance. Diana.

Wouldn’t it have been better to confess that your healing power has disappeared and establish your authority in a different way?

If that was the case, the sick emperor wouldn’t have to stand in front of the jackal-like nobles with his sick body.

“His Majesty is suffering beyond words. I’m so sorry that I don’t know what to do.”


Despite my rather sharp remarks, Helios said nothing.

By the way, rumors are so widespread in the society that Diana is distracted, and Helios cannot be unaware of this.

What does he think of his different-minded companion?

If there were only the two of them, I would ask them directly, but unfortunately, the award ceremony will begin soon.

I can’t do it. I have to promise next time.

“His majesty the emperor and the crown princess are coming in! Be polite, everyone!”

Helios took a step forward and stood on the red carpet. Naturally, Kaelus and I took a step back.

The Emperor and Diana, who appear at the venue soon after. The emperor held Diana’s hand and escorted her with slow steps.

Everyone bowed in unison

“Honor to the emperor, the supreme glory of the empire!”

The nobles waited with low posture until the emperor fully climbed to the upper seat and sat in a chair.

After Helios and Diana sat in place, the emperor ordered us to stand up.

“Get up.”

We all straightened up according to our orders.

The emperor smiled kindly.

“This is the day where all the people of the empire should be pleased. With the birth of a new duke family in this country.”

People’s eyes were once again focused on Kaelus.

A strong-hearted person who never blushes.

“Marquis Kaelus, come forward.”

After a light courtesy, Kaelus slowly advanced to the upper seat.

Diana stood next to the emperor with a tray containing a purple cloak and a scepter symbolizing the duke. Originally, she was replacing the role that the minister should play as a saintess.

The emperor slowly rose to his feet. His inability to show strong movements rather revealed his weakness.

“Under your orders.”

Kaelus knelt down in front of him. The emperor put the cloak around his shoulder by hand. Then Diana gave him the scepter, and he held it out toward Kaelus.

“Kaelus, the emperor’s servant, declares himself the duke of the empire. In addition, Hestia, his companion, is also a member of the noblest lineage under the royal family as a duchess.”

My favorite, wearing a purple cape and holding a colorful scepter in my hand.

As he rose and turned around, thunderous applause and cheers erupted.

I walked slowly through the cheers to my favorite. I grabbed the fingers that stuck out and kissed them.

We looked forward side by side.

The amazing sight of all the nobles at our feet.

My heart is full.

When the cheers and applause of the people died down, the emperor called my name.

“And Duchess Hestia. I will give you the Attica estate in the northern part of the empire. Help the Duke and work for the prosperity of this empire.”

“I’m just grateful for your kindness.”

I answered the emperor with modest courtesy..

The emperor’s soft voice rang out and headed for Kaelus.

“The duke and duchess, look at me.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

We held hands and looked at the emperor.

A soft smile broke out on the old man’s face.

“I’m very happy to see a new duke born during my reign. For the well-being of this empire, be an example of all the people.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, your majesty.”

“You are the pillars of this empire. I hope you will help Helios and I and become an eternal ally of the royal family.”

I couldn’t give a quick answer to this remark. Fortunately, however, the awkward situation was averted thanks to Kaelus’ skillful handling.

“I will not forget your request.”

“Thank you, Kael.”

I glanced at Diana with only my eyes moving.


A woman with a picturesque smile on her face.

The face of the resentful woman who told me to stay away from Kaelus is a lie.


We slowly descended from the top seat.

The cheering nobles surrounded us. And the salute that comes in.

“Congratulations on the birth of the noble duke couple!”

I looked at Kaelus with a proud face. He also faced me with a faint smile.

“Thanks to you, Hess.”

“What did I do? You’ve achieved it completely.”

Suddenly, the crowd surrounding us began to disperse. Turning around, Helios and Diana were approaching.

It was Diana who opened her mouth first.

“Duke Kaelus, congratulations. The purple cape really suits you.”

Countless eyes were watching this scene now.

Nevertheless, Kaelus responded with no tension and a very ceremonial attitude.

“I’m honored, your highness.”

Just as Diana was about to say more, Helios quickly stepped in.

“The duchess is now the lord of a territory. I believe that your ability will make Attica prosperous.”

“I will do my best not to disappoint you and his majesty.”

I also responded calmly like Kaelus.

Just in time, the emperor began to prepare to leave, so Diana and Helios could no longer stay with us and had to turn around.

“May the glory of God be with you, the empire and his majesty.”

The nobles honored the emperor who left the hall.

I bowed down with them, too.

“…May it be with you.”

Maybe the reason why the emperor doesn’t let go of Diana is because he thinks she’s God’s agent and God’s glory itself.

But you have to remember. God’s glory may exist, but it doesn’t stay with anyone forever.


After all the events at the palace were over, Kaelus and I returned home rather exhausted.

The butler greeted me.

“Are you back, Lord Kaelus?”

“Well, I’m a little tired.”

I asked the butler.

“How’s the preparation for the party in the evening going?”

“Yes, there’s no problem, madam.”

I nodded with a smile at the reliable butler’s answer.

 “Then I’ll take a nap and come down. I’ve been run over by people, and I’m pretty tired.”

“Yes. Don’t worry about this side and take a good rest.”

After confirming that Kaelus and the butler were heading to the other side of the corridor, I came into my room at a slow pace.


I returned as the lady of a great estate, but personally, nothing seems to have changed.

Some say that positions make people, but there is always an essential me that nevertheless remains unchanged.

Yeah, it doesn’t change.


Not just in one world, but the world itself does not change even if it changes.

Hestia, or the common rofan reader.

I tried to lie down on the bed and sat up again.  I went to the desk and opened the fanatic note.

There is no prophecy left now.

No, there is one.

“…What will happen to me…”

In the months before returning, I suffered quite a lot. I had a serious illness because I didn’t take good care of my health, but honestly, I had no intention of treating it.

I was left alone in a boring world without Kaelus, so I had no desire to live. I just lived because I couldn’t die.

One day, I thought I was going to die like that, so I tried to see the saintess’ face for the last time, but I was coldly rejected. No matter how sad and angry I was, I ran straight into the temple’s small room, sobbed with anger, and at one point I lost my mind.

“That’s not dying…?”

I’ve never died before or after being possessed, so I don’t know. But considering that this world is a novel, the rule of fantasy novels is that I usually die before I return, so maybe I am ‘dead’ then?

It’s pure speculation, but I don’t think it’s that wrong.


I brought a box that was well placed in the corner of the dress room. It was the scarf reform that I requested from Tekima not too long ago.

I gently opened the lid. The scarf that was wrapped around my neck was now a nice kravat to hang around Kaelus’ neck.

This is a wedding anniversary gift for Kaelus today.


Will I be able to give a gift on our wedding anniversary next year?

I’m not sure.

Once I take good care of my health so that I don’t get sick, I probably won’t face the same end as before my return.

But before that, let’s think more fundamentally.

Do I want to live here with my favorite forever?

Can I accept this life as my reality?

It was not my will to return in the first place. When I opened my eyes, I possessed an extra in the novel, Hestia, and when I opened my eyes again, I only went back to the time in the novel.

Since I’m living again, I’ve been trying to live my life by being a fan.


I let out a long sigh.

These days, I’ve been obsessed with these kind of worries. Maybe it’s because I think I achieved my goal?

But it’s not completely over yet, and I’m wasting my mental energy on this “useless” worry.

Don’t let my guard down.

Diana has yet to apologize to Kaelus. She did not break down with desperate regret.

My fate is not so important in this life, where I live as an extra anyway.

I’ll bet my whole life on something more important.


The party prepared by the servants themselves was jaw-dropping.

The music was so exciting that you can’t consider it a quiet mansion, and every table is full of dishes and snacks.

Even if there was no flashy decoration for the guests, the energy beyond it filled the grand banquet hall.

Thanks to the pre-announcement that we should not have a separate seat for our couple, Kaelus and I sat in front of a small table in the corner.

The bartender, who showed off his skills at a dinner with foreign ambassadors the other day, also enjoyed the party so much that it was impossible to tell whether he came to work or play.

“For the eternal health of Duke Kaelus and Duchess Hestia!”

“For you!”

“For you! Hahaha…!”

Kaelus also had a rare smile on his face.

“For the Duke.”

I felt a lump in my throat.

I hoped to see my favorite smiling face at the party. But really, he showed the brightest smile I’ve ever seen.


“Yes, Kaelus.”

He held up a champagne glass, so I lifted mine. The sound of a lightly striking glass.

Purple eyes are beautifully bent.

“We have something to celebrate separately.”


I held out the box of the kravet that I had brought.

“It’s small, but will you take it?”


The smile faded slightly from Kaelus’ face. A nervous look.

In fact, my heart is pounding and I’m about to burst. How will he react to my gift?

He opened the box and checked what was inside.

“This is….”

I couldn’t resist the bursting of tension and started babbling.

“Well, I didn’t buy a new one…… I fixed the scarf I was wearing with the kravet. I can’t tell you to wear it often because it’s old, but if you just hang it in the dress room and look at it once in a while…”

“Hess. Thank you.”

A simple and sincere word, as if I didn’t need any other modifiers.

I stiffened. His purple eyes looked at me so seriously that I couldn’t think of anything else.

“It’s the most precious gift I’ve ever received. Seriously, I’ve never received anything better than this.”

“Ah…. Um, Gah, Thank You…I….”

I stuttered like my mind was broken.

Seriously, when your favorite’s eyes look straight into your eyes, you can’t think of anything and just chatter like a fool.

Oh, what’s wrong with me?

Then Kaelus called my name once again.


I was about to say yes. But at that moment.


Another’s lips that press down on my lips in an instant.

Warm and soft, with a fresh scent.

What the hell just happened?


The red lips of a man that gently come off.

Silver eyelashes shake right in front of me.

“Hess. Hestia.”

I was too stiff to respond to his call.

A loud noise seems to be heard from a distant place.

I could only hear the voice of my favorite.

“What do you say we become a real couple?”


Something that hits my heart hot,

Tears welled up in my eyes.


A real couple.

A pure “couple” without a cold modifier, such as paper or contract.


The thing that I did to just let him live was so big that he came back to me.


When my eyes were lost, Kaelus wrapped his hands around my face and made me look at him.

The banquet hall was still noisy. Each person held a glass and shouted a toast and enjoyed the party loudly.

Only this space with me and Kaelus is silent as if it were a different world.


All the colors in front of me melt and mix at once. I don’t see anything right now. Just the feeling of being full of tears.

A man who waits calmly for me who can’t speak.

It’s so sweet. My heart aches because it’s so sweet.


“…a married couple is…”


Even though I barely opened my mouth, he waited in a hurry.

“If we are confident in the future we will be together… … It’ll come together…”

You can become a couple even if you don’t necessarily love each other hotly.

More important than emotional or sexual love is when two different people try to make a family.

That’s what someone calls trust and certainty.

When you and the other person share your lives, can you clearly picture your future in your head? Or is there no answer at all?

Are you confident that you will not regret each other when you say that this person, or vice versa, lives with you for the rest of your life?

Can you generously embrace even their ‘least favorite appearance’ that exists in one another?

I am Hestia and not Hestia at the same time.

I am a person who has a reality rooted in the world outside the novel and am also a person who has spent a short time in the world in this novel.

I’m a commoner duchess who turned my husband into a duke and owned a huge estate, but on the other hand, I’m an ordinary novelist who has nothing but information in the rofan novel.

After seeing my humble real self, pretending to be a person with the ability of prophecy that would run out, and having no real ability at all.

Could Kaelus still paint a happy future for me?”

My future in this world, I’m not sure for myself.

“Not yet, not yet… I think it’s a little early…”

It’s not because I don’t trust you, Kaelus.

I don’t believe in myself.

I’m just a big fan of my favorite, and I’m not a woman who shines enough to fit in with the empire’s best man, Kaelus.

If this was my reality, I would have lived harder to polish myself.

But isn’t this a novel? The world in print that I’ve been reading over and over and over again.

At a time when I wonder if even this body really exists.

“I’m sorry….”

Nevertheless, Kaelus answered, wiping my wet eyes with his fingers.

“It’s alright. I’ll wait.”

He might be disappointed, but he never stopped smiling.

“Instead, we can never divorce while you’re thinking about it properly.”


 I laughed at his words, which seemed light and serious.

What are you saying?

 How can I leave my favorite? Kaelus is the only reason in the world for my long life.

He spoke stiffly.

“I’ll give you my present on the day we become a real couple.”

“Oh, is it a ring?”

“…you’re not surprised.”

Can you believe he’s this cute?

My favorite is pretty no matter what.


The boisterous party continued into the night. The duke could not easily quench his excitement.

In the end, Kaelus and I, who couldn’t overcome fatigue, were out first. Even though we said we would go back to the bedroom, the maidservants and other employees only told us to hurry up and go to bed, but we didn’t think about going to bed.

What a joy it must be. It seems that they intended to pour out all their energy that they have not been able to properly burst out due to their quiet owner.

Eventually, I left the noisy banquet hall and came up to the second floor with Kaelus.

“Good night.”

“Yes, you, too.”

A short but friendly greeting.

It’s so Kaelus-like that I smile on my own.


After seeing each other open their own doors at the end of the hall, Kaelus and I went into the bedrooms.


I flopped down on the bed.

I crawled into the quilt. Because I had so many emotions and thoughts today, I really didn’t want to think about anything when I slept.

At a time when my mind was so slowly drowsy.


A low knock.

I forcefully woke my mind that was about to fall asleep and raised my voice.


“Hess. It’s me.”


I was wide awake in an instant.

No, who comes to a girl’s room in her pajamas at this late hour?!



Instead of responding aloud, the bedroom door opened.

My husband appeared with his silver hair hanging down in a sexy way. No, my favorite!

“Oh, what brings you…?”

It’s because it’s dark at night, otherwise my face would have been seen as it was about to burst red.

“I want to hold your hand until you fall asleep.”


If I say, “I don’t need that,” my favorite will get hurt, right?

More than that, can Kaelus’ character suddenly change like this? Why are you so aggressive? What’s wrong with you?

“Like this… all of a sudden?”

Wait! You said that you’d wait!

Whether he knew my silent scream, Kaelus asked, tilting his head to his side.

“Don’t you have to check in bed whether I’m suitable as a husband?”

Ugh! I think I’m going crazy!

I guess my expression was such a spectacle. I heard a little laugh from him.

“It was a joke.”

No, it wasn’t a joke. It can’t be a joke.

“I’ll really hold your hand, so I just want to see your sleeping face.”

The question, “Why?” hit my throat, but I tried to swallow it.

If I actually said that, Kaelus might be hurt.

How can I hate Kaelus, who has a crush on me? I’d rather be lucky if I don’t attack him.

But, as I’ve been thinking about before, maybe a better person than me who has a better future can appear in Kaelus’ life.

If he rushed to accept me as a companion, I’ll be so sorry for him in the future.

That’s why I hesitated.

“Can’t I?”

“…that much…”

I shuffled my way into the covers. Kaelus, sitting on the edge of the bed, lightly held my hand out of the blanket.

If I want to get him out of here soon, I’d better go to bed soon, right?

“Well, then…”

“Good night, Hess.”


Let’s not think about anything. You’re not thinking about anything.

My hands are paralyzed now. I’m not feeling anything with my hands.

There’s no one next to me. I’m alone in this room.

I hypnotized myself desperately. I kept suppressing my instinct to be conscious of Kaelus.

The thumps automatically fills the heart. I’m out of breath.

I’m short of oxygen.

I’m going to faint.


No way.

Am I going to die like this?



Fortunately, I didn’t die and opened my eyes. What I see in front of me is the familiar view of my room.

Then, the sudden memory made my spine shiver. Maybe, maybe, again?!

I swallowed my saliva and slowly turned around.


Behind my back was an empty bed.

It’s a relief, but it’s a shame at the same time.

You really left because I told you to. If you let your hair down in such a sexy way, you should’ve done something here.

I sighed quietly.

“You lewd devil…”

By the way, I wonder if any of the occupants of the mansion is okay after running like that yesterday. Maybe everyone just collapsed and can’t get up.

Slowly I pulled myself out of bed. I opened the terrace door wide and breathed fresh morning air.

After a while, there was a knock on the door and a maid’s voice.

“Madam, it is Clarice.”

“Come on in.”

Oh, I guess I succeeded in getting up on time.

But her face, which soon appeared, was, of course, full of traces of hard work the day before.

“Umm… Let’s get some rest today, Clarice.”

“It’s alright. A glass of honey water is enough.”

She retorted. But I don’t think it’s going to be okay at all.

“You’d better just do as I say. I know how hard it is to have a hangover.”


The maid couldn’t say anything.

I communicated instructions to all the duke’s servants through the yard. “Take as much rest as possible today.”

Breakfast was also prepared by the butler Uross, not the chef. Fortunately, he didn’t drink that much the day before.

“As soon as the cook wakes up, I’ll make a gift for each noble family.”

“Yes, it’s nothing urgent, so take your time.”

In commemoration of Kaelus becoming a duke, I decided to give gifts to each house. In this world, cake would be better than rice cake, so I decided to do it.

The first day as a duchess peacefully began.

I hope it stays like this until the day I reach my goal.

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13 thoughts on “FMDF – Chapter 26”

  1. This is good but she’s been fangirling too hard for too long. You can talk shit to the Crown Prince and princess to their faces but you can’t hold a dudes hand without losing your mind?

  2. Ahhhhh, I have contradictory feelings for Kaelus. Sure he has suffered, and now is trying to fall in love again, but I just feel that he is lucky and doesn’t deserve Hestia. Hestia deserve a fiery love as much as Kaelus had shown to Diana before, even more. Hestia idolize Kaelus so much, and what bother me is that her reason for living is Kaelus. I mean how can your reason for living be another person ahhhhhhhh. But what can I do, he is the character that she loves the most, and kaelus is very lucky to be her target of affection. I actually like the story very much, and I am thankful for the translation. I just that the imbalance of love, what a person gives for the other, left a bittersweet taste. Am I the only one who feels like that?

    1. Il faut se mettre à la place d’Hestia. Pour elle, ce genre d’amour est moins frustrant que ce qu’on imagine. Kaelus est mort aussi par amour. Il est conscient de l’adoration que lui voue Hestia et il lui a rendu cet amour par le respect qu’il lui a manifesté tout au long de leur relation. Il n’est plus aveuglé par la passion mais il aime Hestia, d’un amour plus mûr, plus réfléchis, plus posé et certainement plus durable que celui qu’il éprouvait pour Diana. Amour passion ne dure qu’un temps et bien des couples divorcent quand ils réalisent qu’ils sont incapables de surmonter ensemble les épreuves que leur réserve la vie. L’amour peut paraître déséquilibré d’un point de vue extérieur, mais c’est une notion subjective. Si aucun des deux ne se sent lésé, peut on en parler de déséquilibre ? Hestia comme Kaelus ont chacun leurs propres démons à combattre, mais pas à pas, ils avancent.

      1. Lovely, love doesn’t have to be as loud and bright as fireworks. As Taylor Swift said”I once believe love would be burning red, but it’s golden” Kael’s love is quiet, calm, and cold.

    2. I agree with you, and Kael has expressed his concern for Hestia in previous chapters. The series acknowledges that she gives love one-sidedly, and how she isn’t sure what other purpose her life has outside her beloved.
      I know the series is completed, but since I haven’t finished it yet, I’ll leave my hopes here for the plot to make Hestia find someone who corresponds her love with the same passion, whether that person is Kaelus or not, and another reason to live outside him.
      Either way, great series!

  3. This is in reply to the other comments who are talking about the imbalance between Hestia and Kaelus. It’s true they are imbalanced, but right now there’s really no helping that. The problem is that Hestia loves Kaelus as a fangirl loves her idol, but Kaelus loves Hestia as a person loves another person.

    Fangirls don’t really expect their idols to fall for them… a smile or a handshake is enough, anything more is too much… In fact we are happy to share our idols with other people who love/worship/adore them as much as we do, and we are happy for our idols to find love with people as exalted as they are. For a fangirl, their idol is too much to keep to oneself. Which is not to say our love isn’t genuine: in a way, it may be the purest love, because we genuinely want the best for our idols and want (next to) nothing back. But idols are idols, distant unreachable ideals that we would not dare profane with our vulgar selves. They’re not people with flaws and dirt and weaknesses (or: even if they have weaknesses, such things for us fangirls are not flaws but part of their charm).

    To Hestia, Kaelus is someone she worships and protects, he is so far above her. But to Kaelus, he is a regular person and so is Hestia, and he loves her as an equal. As such he wants to hold her, kiss her, do normal things for people who are at the same level.

    Until Hestia stops thinking of Kaelus as “her favorite”, her idol, a perfect fictional lead, and starts thinking of him as a real person — and herself as a real person living in that world — they won’t be able to have a genuine relationship.

    I hope they can manage it.

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