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FMDF – Chapter 24


After the royal luncheon event of the foreign envoys, which made headlines in many ways, was over.

I was invited to tea time by Countess Erinnis and headed to her mansion.

“Huh. What are we going to talk about this time?”

The tea time that the Countess holds with her friends is simply all kinds of gossip. A gathering full of important information, but also useless information.

Listen to what you hear in moderation and ignore the rest.

Presumably, today’s pumpkin seed theme will certainly be Diana’s luncheon. Maybe not just Erinnis, but wherever socialites gather, they’ll talk about the simple, pious lunch.

There’s a lot to talk about. From the simple menu to the emperor’s appearance.

In addition, the sight of the Lily Palace, which showed that the temple has penetrated deeply into the palace, must have brought a sense of crisis to the aristocratic society.

I giggled and leaned my back against the carriage wall.

“Well, it’s going to be fun today.”

Chatting is always fun.


“Welcome, marchioness!”

Erinnis welcomed me with a big smile. Other ladies greeted each other with smiles.

“Whoa, I’m not too late, am I?”

“Yes. I’m just about to start.”

A parlor of five or six people. Luxury teas and snacks soon spread out on the table.

It’s official chat time.

“As expected of the saintess. It was a very generous meal.”

“Actually, it’s not easy to be that stubborn. I’m sure she must be able to read the people around her.”

“Would Madame Merope have left the imperial palace if she had noticed?* Whew, I wish I could hear from her about what she’s doing..”

*TN: would she have left if Diana noticed that people didn’t like her methods and wasn’t stubborn

Perhaps because they were noble women who had long interacted with Madame Merope, who was a court lady, they expressed their nostalgia for her.

Then let’s touch the sensitive area.

“It’s not just Madame Merope, is it? Few of the servants and maids left in the Lily Palace worked with Madame Merope.”

The reaction was explosive.

“I mean, that’s a shame.”

“Isn’t it just a pity? To be honest, I’m angry. I can see how much the saintess ignores and despises the aristocracy.”

Erinnis smiled, too.

“Instead, she filled the vacancy with shrines. If it’s the saintess’ word, people will be loyal without asking twice.”

As she said, the people from the new shrine would undoubtedly believe that Diana would treat them with red beans*.

*TN: saying you’ll believe someone’s claim that a fermented soybean lump can be made from red beans. I.e. that you’ll believe anything

How can you surround yourself with people who only say things that are good to hear?

Of course, it is true that any human being does not want to hear bitter things. But it’s not all wrong just because you don’t want to hear it.

In particular, if there is a field that you do not know well, even if the expert is an ugly human being, they should be kept by your side.

From Diana’s point of view, Madame Merope was such a figure.

“We have to stop the priests from being active in the palace more. At this rate, the minister is about to enter the palace.”

I spoke in a heavy tone.

Erinnis added in a timely manner.

“The temple has forgotten its duty and is constantly greedy for the imperial palace. It’s because the saintess paved the way well.”

The ladies soon had a good look on their faces.

“It’s hard to see the face of the minister in the temple. Where and what is he doing?…”

“I’m sure he’s playing in the Lily Palace, pretending to be an aristocrat.”

“Isn’t that ridiculous? The saint who calls for thrift and frugality must have no intention of saving time.”

Public opinion is gathering that people from the new shrine should be thrown out of the palace. It seemed like I could appeal directly to the emperor at a cabinet meeting if I had a proper excuse.

Erinnis glanced at me with a meaningful look.

In fact, the ‘excuse’ is already in hand.

Helios ordered Diana not to invest in Baron Potos’ merchant ships with imperial finances. However, Diana got money from somewhere else and invested.

Where did the funds come from? It must have come from the temple.

The signal sent by Erinnis means that we can use this as an excuse to pressure Diana.


But I shook my head slightly.

It’s still early. At least when the merchant ship departs and floats on the water, the bomb is worth it.

It is difficult for Diana’s funds to be recovered by publicizing this matter before the ship leaves. A situation must be created in which she cannot retrieve it even if she wants to.

In short, it means that there must be no way to recover the money before it can be given a decisive blow.

Therefore, I suggested another way to persuade people more emotionally.

“Why don’t you find people in poor homes who haven’t been treated properly?”

I exchanged my gaze with Erinnis and went on again.

“It’s been quite a while since the rain stopped, and I think the reason the epidemic hasn’t completely subsided is because they’re neglecting poor patients in the temple.”

“Well, in the past, the epidemic would have gone away. Isn’t it because the priests aren’t where they belong?”

Her appropriate support.

This is why it is so nice to have a political ally.

I continued with a nod.

“It’s enough for everyone here to find examples one by one. The temple will lose its cause if we do well.”

“That’s not hard!”

The people sitting around were soon persuaded by our words.

I bent my lips at an angle.

“When I’m ready, I’ll go to the cabinet meeting myself. I will accuse the temple in front of the best nobles of the empire.”

“Oh… Hestia is so determined!”

Erinnis smiled, too.

“It would be even better if we had a banquet for noble families. I’ll step up and do it.”

“Thank you, Countess Erinnis.”

The ladies sitting here are the mistresses who lead their family. It is different from the power of aristocratic young ladies who have no choice but to obey their parents.

When they start moving all at once, the social center of gravity will naturally shift.

No one will dare to oppose our cause.

It was time for the dissatisfaction of the nobles who had endured so far to explode like a bomb.


After deciding to make a public debate, I devoted myself to organizing the accumulated data step by step.

First of all, the marquis’ employees investigated the risk of transmission.

“The incidence of disease relative to the population is certainly lower than that of the capital…“

Probably thanks to sewage maintenance and the supply of soap.

Using my ability to make presentation materials in the past, I expressed information with intuitive figures and tables.

In the past, when Kaelus wrote a report, I helped him once in this way, and I remembered that he liked it very much.


A spontaneous laugh. When I think of his expression of admiration at the time, I am pleased again.

Now that the disease has occurred, it’s time to calculate the cure rate. I meticulously recorded the number of people coming to the temple to be treated and the number of people actually getting sick in the slums. And I counted the number of people who couldn’t go to the temple even though they were sick.

In fact, statistics seem to be very objective data, but in reality, they could be interpreted in various ways depending on the purpose of use. That’s why there is a common saying, ‘Playing with statistics.’

So, I decided to play a little bit of a prank, too.

“If you make the denominator smaller, the number becomes larger.”

Only the number of visitors to the temple of imperial city and Illion were selected. Using this number as a denominator, the number of disease occurrences in both regions was raised to the numerator. As a result, there was a much larger ratio difference than the disease incidence rate calculated using the total population as a denominator.

In terms of this ratio alone, the situation in the capital seemed almost three times worse than in Illion.

The difference in numbers that anyone can see is heartbreaking. No one would dare say, ‘Ah, that’s it!’

And if I add one more thing, I add to the icing on the cake, that is, the number of people who haven’t been treated in the temple.

Of course, the number of people was higher in the capital, and therefore, the number of patients who could not visit the temple was much higher in the capital. In addition, Illion has already improved its hygiene significantly.

“If this is the case… Game over.”

It’s important to get a head start in every fight.

If I capture the eyes and ears of the audience with this “announcement material” at the cabinet meeting, even the emperor and Helios who want to cover for Diana will not be able to speak up on the spot.

The primary goal is to make the world aware of the laziness and greed of the temple.

Then, once this goal is achieved, it will expose Diana’s incompetence and lack of qualifications to the world with Baron Potos’ merchant ship sinking.

To be honest, the crown princess is not a role to go back and forth with the support of the people. It’s not like she was elected in an election.

Even if the whole country beats Diana, it doesn’t mean she will step down immediately from being crown princess.

However, covering up for the criticized crown princess is a huge political burden in itself.

 If the nobles who seek cooperation turn their backs, and the people who are supposed to support them rather criticize them.

“Helios, if you don’t abandon Diana, the next emperor will be in danger.”

Rofan male lead Helios. He was originally a hard-headed power character.

May the character recover again.

The role of Helios, a lover, ended with the ending of the novel.


I decided not to go to the palace for a while.

Not only did I not have any prophecy to tell, but it was burdensome to talk to Helios alone as an aide. In addition, I had to be meticulous in preparing to appear at a cabinet meeting.

But would everything go my way just because I made up my mind like that?


In the envelope, it was written in very neat handwriting, Marchioness Hestia should meet Helios, the crown prince.

A sigh broke out on its own.

I don’t want to go, but I don’t have an excuse to refuse.

I picked up the envelope and went to the study where Kaelus was.

I peeped into the open door.


My favorite was working with glasses on. It’s so wonderful that I can’t get enough of it.

I have to go in and talk to him now.


I’m sorry to interrupt you because you seem to have been concentrating for a while.

When I was hesitating outside the door like that door.


He looked up.



Oops. I finally got noticed.

“What are you doing there?”

“I’m afraid I’ll disturb you.”

I shuffled my way inside. Since I was caught anyway, it would rather take less of Kaelus’ time to deliver my business quickly and disappear.

Kaelus raised his eyebrows with a straight face.

“When you come to see me, it’s always a case of business.”

“That’s true…”

He wouldn’t believe it if I said it was because it was so pretty when my favorite was concentrating. Kaelus will never know how much I’m making silly comments inside.

I put the envelope from the palace on the table.

“The crown prince paged me.”

Kaelus looked at me with a slight frown. As if he was asking, ‘So what?’

“I don’t know why he called me because I don’t have anything to say to him.”

“Even without that, he seems to have something to say. Is there a specific reason for a boss to call his aide?”

That’s true.

Maybe I just want to be childish or whine to my favorite.

“It’s annoying that he told me to come even though I don’t want to.” That’s what I really want to say.

Don’t be such a child.

My favorite’s answer reminds me again.

“That’s true, too. I felt burdened for no reason.”

I smiled awkwardly and got up again.




In rare cases, Kaelus called me and hesitated.

“It’s, I think I made a mistake.”


He dropped his shoulders slightly.

“This isn’t what you want, and you can’t talk to me without business…”

My favorite came out with that, so I don’t know what to do with myself.

“Not at all! I’m just here to let you know as I’ve been doing. I always told you first when I went to see the crown prince.”

“But this isn’t it.”

The air made me more embarrassed when Kaelus was depressed.

“This isn’t what I intended either.”


He kept frowning awkwardly.

I was forced to laugh quietly.

“Kael, you don’t have to consciously try to be kind to me. It’s enough if you just treat me like you normally do.”


“Don’t force yourself to change it. I loved it when you signed the marriage contract without reading it.”

How can I prove that I mean it now? There is nothing I can do but smile brightly.


He closed his lips and looked at me. For some reason, the gaze is so itchy.*

*TN: it makes her uncomfortable

“Well, then… I’ll be back after the palace…”

I quickly turned around and hid my burning face.


I arrived in front of the Lion Palace with as much composure as possible. It was where Helios’ office moved.

I walked straight into the room when I arrived under the guidance of the attendant.

“It’s Hestia. I’ve been called by you.”

“Oh, you’re here?”

Helios calmly put down his pen and raised his face.

“Let’s take a seat.”

“Yes, your highness.”

It looked somewhat different from usual.

I’m always nervous in front of Helioz, but I should never let my guard down again this time.

The servant brought the tray. A savory aroma of coffee filled the office.


Coffee again.

When Helios served coffee before, the purpose was to get ideas for the dinner event.

What kind of bribe does this coffee want now?


I took a careful sip. Not only the scent was good, but the taste was excellent.

I put down the glass without making a noise.

“You must want something from me.”

Let’s cut to the chase and get down to business. This is how Helios and I talk.


As expected, he also put down his glass with an unexpected smile.

Come to think of it, why did he drink coffee just like me today? It’s even more suspicious.

“You never came back.”

“I’m not an obligatory politician. Look for someone else if you want someone to poke around.”

I said it out loud on purpose.

I have no intention of wasting time talking to Helios for a long time. I can’t afford to waste my time facing this guy.

Then he pulled up one end of his lip.

“Oh, my. But I think we should have a political conversation today.”


It’s a political conversation. What is there for him and I to talk politically?

Oh, there’s one. A matter of great importance.

“Is it related to the Crown Princess?”

“Haha, as expected of the marquis’ wife.”

His smile feels empty. I don’t think you’re laughing even if you laugh.

I straightened my back and straightened my posture. Don’t you think you should show an attitude appropriate to serious and heavy talk?

Helios slowly recovered his laughter.

“I was told that you and your friends were working on a plan.”

“Do you know what it’s for?”

“Of course.”

He nodded heavily.

I laughed ridiculously.

“Then you don’t have to negotiate with me, do you? I’m moving with a single mind that I don’t want to see the temple act as the master of this empire instead of the imperial family, your highness the crown prince.”

“On the surface, I suppose. But isn’t there another reason for you?”

He added bitterly.

“Not a grand cause for the empire, but a more personal purpose.”


I stared at the golden eyes in front of me. I opened my mouth, expressionless.

“Then you know better. The fact that political negotiations won’t work for me.”

“…Yes, maybe.”

Helios’ expression clouded.

“You hate me and Diana very much. Because you think we abandoned Kaelus.”

I think that’s true. Now you want to deny it?

I waited for Helios’ words without replying.

“At first, I misunderstood your purpose.”


“I thought that you were trying to take advantage of your time as a marchioness and then enjoy your private life. But now I understand.”

He had a lonely smile.

“You truly loved Kaelus.”

I responded coldly.

“I have never deceived or concealed such sincerity, Your Highness Helios.”

“Yes, it was consistent. That’s why I’m saying I misunderstood.”

Namjoo admitted without a hitch.

“In fact, what I’m going to talk about now is not a political opinion, but rather a personal plea. Hestia.”


“The real reason you want to attack the temple is to drive Diana to the edge of the cliff. Because she hurt Kaelus badly.”

“I won’t deny it.”

I gave a stiff answer.

Are you going to beg me to save Diana? I wouldn’t budge at all.

Either way, it’s going to be a waste of course, Helios.

“I want to protect Diana,  Hestia.”

“Yes, go ahead. Your Highness, I won’t stop you.”

It’s good for me if you two hug each other and sink together.

Helios smiled bitterly.

“I will hand over the Attica estate that you want right away.”


The Attica estate.

Land owned by the dead Duke Orcus and Princess Letona.

A vast area bordering the northern border.

But the transfer of this land has already been promised in a memorandum written by Helios when he appointed me as his aide.

“Your highness the crown prince, wasn’t that land obtained in exchange for my prophecy? Regardless of this, it’ll be mine anyway. You promised to stamp your seal, right?”

I couldn’t believe it, so I even laughed vainly.

Helios nodded darkly.

“I know. I’d like you to think of it as moving that time a little earlier.”

“For me, the timing isn’t even a big deal I’m sorry, but I can’t accept your deal.”

“Kaelus’ promotion to the duchy at the same time.”


I really don’t know how to react.

 I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. Anger.

At the same time, when I heard that Helios would immediately fulfill his promise to be promoted to duke, I was happy as if I had made my long-cherished wish into reality.

But I have to say everything I have to say.

“Your highness, when you wrote the memorandum, you certainly said that it would be difficult for you to ascend the throne without a just cause And he also said it’s not something you can decide alone.”


“But is there a different situation now than then?”

Helios answered calmly.

“I’ll make him a duke before he goes to negotiate with the kingdom.”


To prevent the kingdom from threatening to start a war, Kaelus was studying diplomatic strategies from that day until now as soon as he heard my prophecy.

Therefore, the negotiations of Kaelus were bound to succeed.

But Helios means that before confirming the success of the negotiations, he will first make Kaelus a duke.

“You’re going to make him the duke before the negotiations? Then what would you do with your cause?”

“His majesty’s willing to give full power to the highest aristocrat representing the Empire.”

Helios said in a serious tone.

“It’s getting closer to your prophecy. The promotion of the title won’t take long.”


“I’ll be honest with you. I made a memorandum in front of you. However, there was a possibility that the implementation would continue indefinitely because we couldn’t find a proper cause.”

I burst out laughing in vain.

“Are you confessing that there is a loophole in the memorandum?”

“Yes, I’ll admit it.”

My stomach was burning with rage.

That fox had made a way out! I stupidly didn’t realize that either.

Nevertheless, Helios looked serious all the time without a smile.

“I mean, I won’t take advantage of that loophole. When sitting at the negotiating table with the kingdom, Kaelus would be a duke, not a marquis. You will also be the lady of Attica.”


It is funny to see myself in the past when I was delighted with the perforated memorandum.

Along with that, I am relieved that there was an opportunity to revive the memorandum that almost became a piece of tissue.

What should I do?

Accept this deal and I have to stop attacking Diana.

If I don’t like it, I can reject this deal.

Or, like Helios did, creating a loophole that he wouldn’t notice.


Golden eyes stared at me.

I’ll have to clarify what he wants first.

“Your highness the crown prince, then, should I stop making a plan?”

“To be exact, I want you to stop accusing the temple, Hestia.”

I laughed out loud.

“Your highness, the shame of the temple cannot be hidden forever just because one person stops. Someone’s gonna take over what I’m gonna do.”

“I’ll have to think about it again then. But I’m trying to convince you right now.”

“The temple forces control over the palace. As I have said before, you know that the authority of this palace has been reversed not by his majesty but by his majesty’s mercy?”

“Even so.”

Helios’ face was once again shaded.

“I can’t give up on Diana.”

I twisted my lips up.

“And even if it ends up being destroyed?”

“I’ll do my best not to reach the worst outcome.”

He cast his eyes slightly downward.

I looked at him carefully and opened my mouth.

“……I thought you were a hard-headed ruler.”


A lonely smile.

I laughed sarcastically.

“What a great love. The wise prince is so bound.”


“It’s amazing that you’re trying to go back the long way, leaving the simple way to overcome this difficulty. I envy you, Your Highness. I’ll never see you like this again in your life.”


Helios still said nothing.

As if atone for something that shook him for a moment.

Like desperately trying to keep his vow never to covet ‘Kaelus’.’

That stubborn male character who won’t let go of Diana’s hand even if she would die soon.

Why do you have to push him away when he tries so hard?

I let out a short sigh.

“Phew. Alright, your highness the crown prince.”


He raised his head and stared straight into my eyes.

“I accept your deal. Before negotiating with the kingdom, you give Kaelus the duke title and you give me the Attica estate.”

“I promise.”

“Then I will also stop going to the cabinet meeting in person and accusing the temple. I will no longer accept the lives of the nobles.”

“Thank you, Hestia.”

At last Helios smiled faintly.

It doesn’t seem necessary to make a memorandum. If Helios doesn’t keep his promise, I can go to the cabinet meeting with a complaint.

The whole story is over.

I stood up from my seat. Helios followed me to my feet.


I gave him an answer by looking at him. Then he opened his mouth.

“I’m glad I could make a deal with you.”

“It’s because of my inadequacy Even your highness had been more careful when he stamped the memorandum.”

I retorted with a sullen retort.

Helios laughed softly.

“Haha, next time I see you, I might have to call you the Duchess.”

“I hope so, too, His Highness Helios.”

Replying with a blank face, I left the office.


After talking to Helios alone, I always talk to Kaelus.

Today was no exception.

After returning home, changing into my indoor clothes, I visited Kaelus’ room before dinner.

“Kaelus, I’m back.”

“Yes, you did a great job.”

It’s the same dry tone as ever, but the atmosphere has become softer.

Kaelus lifted the teapot on the table and poured it out.

“What did you talk about?”

I also answered casually to the casual question.

“In the near future, he will promote you to duke.”


Kaelus’ movement, which was lifting the teacup, stopped.

I added with a grin.

“He told me that he would give me the Attica estate.”

“Isn’t that what you asked of Heli the other day?”

As expected, my favorite with good memory.

Memories spring to mind. When I brought this up in the carriage to Illion, Kaelus even asked me if I had anything to do with Princess Letona.

“Yes, but foolishly, I wrote a flawed memorandum at the time and didn’t realize it. The Crown Prince pointed it out and asked for a deal.”


“Yes, I told him I would stop attacking the temple. For the crown princess.”



After this, neither Kaelus nor I spoke for a while.

After a long silence, he spoke first.

“……did you accept the deal?”


I nodded my head.

“He promised to name you duke before sitting at the negotiating table with the kingdom. In return, I withdrew my plan to accuse the temple at the state council.”

“You’re losing so much.”

“Well, it’s my fault. I didn’t find any loopholes in the memorandum in advance.”

Helios who used it was also amazing, really.

Kaelus’ expression was still crumpled and unfurled.

“But you’re not the only one who prepared a charge against the temple. I understand that Countess Erinnis was also working with you.”

“I said the same thing to the crown prince. Someone will accuse them if not me. But he says he’ll stop me first.”

Kaelus laughed heartily.

“You’re leading the way, so you’re the only one who needs to stop?”

“Well, but it was a good strategy for the crown prince to put out the fire.”

I murmured bitterly

Kaelus’ voice rang calmly as he tried to stir in the teacup without meaning.

“Is getting a duke and an Attica estate worth more than what you’re planning?”

“My plan doesn’t go down very badly if it’s delayed a little, but the succession of the title and the transfer of the territory will be nothing even if the emperor drags on his cause. That’s what the memorandum said.”

Stupid Hestia. Put your hands up and reflect on yourself.

Anyway, this has blocked my way to the cabinet meeting myself.

It would be nice if there was another aristocrat to come to the forefront instead of me, but the aristocracy who likes to take care of themselves does not have the courage to attack the emperor’s favorite Diana from the front.

Everyone hid behind my back. They let me carry the gun.

I clicked my tongue in displeasure.


“Yes, Kaelus.”

My favorite purple eyes suddenly shone.

“You said the terms of the deal are that you don’t file a complaint?”

“That’s right.”

“Then it doesn’t matter who it is.”

“That’s right, but there’s no right person. Everyone is busy taking care of themselves.”

I let out a sigh.

Just then.

“What if I do it?”


I didn’t understand quickly, so I just blinked.

Surprisingly, Kaelus smiled at me in front of my eyes!

“I will personally file a complaint against the temple at the state council.”


I looked at Kaelus with a rather absent-minded mind.

“You… you… will…?”

“Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Why are you laughing so happily?

Kaelus, you’re…!

“Don’t you know why I’m accusing the temple? I’m trying to bring down the saint! Even the crown prince holding hands with the saint will be pushed to the brink.”

I just can’t believe my ears.

“And yet you…!”

You’re gonna stick a dagger in Diana and Helios with your own hands?

You’re going to betray your one and only love with your hands?

“Hestia, I can do it.”


An unabashed voice.

I twisted my face wide and looked at Kaelus.

You love Diana.

Words that could not come out yet lingered in my mouth.

It’s enough for me to get my hands dirty by myself.

How come.


Tears rolled down helplessly at the simple call.

I’m so sorry. What should I do?

Because I’m stupid, even my favorite is rolling in the mud.

To make him betray the people he loved with his hands.

Isn’t that all I should have done? My favorite’s hands don’t get dirty, only I get dirty alone.

Be ashamed of yourself.

At that moment.


The view went black.

A warm warmth that envelops the whole body.

And a scent like grass.


Right now, when my favorite is holding me.

It’s like a dream.

No, it’s like reality.

“Don’t cry.”


“I want to ride the boat with you too*.”

*TN: he doesn’t want her to go through it alone


“Give me permission. Hestia.”

A clear yet soft voice.

His arms are very firm, cozily surrounding me.

The weight gently pressing down on the back is by no means light.

This is the warmth of your favorite.

I’m in his arms.

“Huh? Hess.”

I’m a successful fan.

Now that I am walking on the path of a maniac, I have nothing more to succeed.

Seriously, this is the end.

“Leave it to me. Because I can do it well.”


My favorite is also very persistent.

Finally, he’s going to destroy the temple’s honor for me and put your beloved Diana in a corner.

“You don’t trust me?”


Only then was I able to open my mouth and squeeze out my voice. My voice cracked because I was choking on my throat, trying not to cry.

I was burying my face in my favorite’s chest, but I couldn’t easily get out of it. I’m sure I’ll be a mess. My eyes will be swollen and my nose will be red.

And yet Kaelus didn’t snicker at me. It was just a leisurely, warm hand sweeping down my back.

“…I’m sorry.”


“I’m making you do messy things.”

“Not at all.”

His answer was heard only by voice.* As if it were natural, it was calm without any shaking or hesitation.

*TN: she can’t see his expressions

Even soft and sweet.

I’m dreaming now, I don’t really want to wake up.

I heard a low laugh on the top of my head.

“Then will you let me do it?”


With Kaelus saying this, how dare a fan refuse?

I suddenly felt the hot breath that touched my arms and ears.

“Good. Good job.”


A breathy voice.

It’s so low that I can only hear it, but it rings in my head like thunder.

For a moment, my body trembled and I couldn’t move.

A sense of dizziness that makes one’s voice cry out.

The view of the study over his shoulder in his arms fades out white.


No, I can’t. I can’t do this.

I need to find my reason quickly before I lose my mind!

 It is the virtue of a fan that does not cross the line.

To imagine strange things about a holy favorite is a profanity that a fan should not dare do!

“Uh, well…”

My voice crawled automatically in shame. As gently as possible, I pushed my body out of his hands so that he would not be offended.


Fortunately, Kaelus didn’t force himself and was pushed out well. I’m so thankful.

Still, it would have been too disastrous to raise my face straight, so I lowered my head and quickly wiped my eyes with my hands.

“I’m sorry, and… Thank you.”


Kaelus fixed his eyes on me without saying a word.

Then I can’t keep my head up because I’m embarrassed.

“The data… I’ll organize it and show you…”


“You don’t have to use it in a hurry. We’d better get what the crown prince promised first.”


My favorite finally answered! I took a breather with this.

The atmosphere quickly slipped away before it became any more strange. Then, I stood up quickly and bowed.

“Next time, I’ll never make a mistake like this and I’ll work hard.”



The calm voice made me stand at attention.

Kaelus lowered his head slightly and swept his hand up his forehead.

Words that come out with a sigh.

“Ha… yes. I’ll see you at the restaurant later.”


We’re finally free!

I scrambled out of the place.


The dinner was as calm as usual. I was so nervous that I was worried that the atmosphere would flow strangely again.


As I returned to the room and prepared to sleep, I kept sighing for no reason.

It was ridiculous, so I laughed.

“What’s wrong with me today…”

I think it’s a little off. I still haven’t come to my senses after the extraordinary incident where I cried while hugging my favorite.

I laid on the bed and took a deep breath.


Kaelus’ body scent, like a pungent smell of grass, lingers like a hallucination at the tip of the nose.

“Oh, my!”

I tucked my blanket over my head. I’m going crazy with a fever.

I must forget it quickly before my imagination unfolds endlessly.


I forced myself to close my eyes and go to sleep. I tried consciously not to think about anything.

After a long time.


Before I knew it, I fell asleep.


If you work very hard to be a fan, sometimes you can enjoy the honor of your favorite in your dream.


As soon as I woke up in the morning, I sat up looking disheveled.

I’ll forget about it later, so I have to think about it quickly.

What was the dream like?


Thinking about it makes my heart flutter again.

I was lying down. And from above, Kaelus was looking down gently.

I didn’t have sleep paralysis, but my body couldn’t move as I wanted. I couldn’t move as if I was stuck on something.

The situation was very sexy even in my dream. Instinctively, I thought that my favorite would attack me.

The good thing about a dream is that what you think comes true.

As my favorite face got closer, something immediately touched my lips. And the strange feeling on the tongue.

If your dream is too vivid, you can even feel the touch sometimes. There was a real sense of something winding around my tongue.


I pressed my finger against my lips and tongue. Well, this wasn’t it. It was different from this.

 The funny thing is that the moment I felt the strange sensation, I became conscious. Aha, this is a dream. I thought I was dreaming.

Then the slowly blurry face seemed to say something.

“Uh… What did he say…?”

Did I say “It’s a dream”? Was it “Is It a Dream?”?


After that, I can’t think of a dream before I fell into a deep sleep again. That’s where the happy dream ended.


When my mind is clear, this dream will soon fly out of my head.

But this pleasantly exciting feeling will remain in my heart all day long.

That’s enough.


Having accepted the deal with Helios, I had to write to Countess Erinnis.

“You’d better stop working on building a plan…”

I wrote it up to here and sighed heavily. Now we have to give a reasonable reason.

“…the crown prince… Get ready to fight back… I think there is….”

I did not mention specific types of counterattacks. But with this hint, the quick-witted Erinnis will stop doing enough and wait for the right time.

The fact that Kaelus is accusing the temple must be kept secret to the end. That way, you can detonate the bomb without interference from Helios.

The best timing is when people’s attention is drawn after the promotion of Kaelus to duke.

A justification has already been laid out. Loyal to the authority of the emperor and the Imperial court, he will accuse the emperor and the empire of the unclean conduct of the secular greedy temple.


Honestly, thank you so much for saying that you would do it, Kaelus.

It’s hard to think of any other aristocrat who could replace me who was caught up in my dealings with Helios. Especially since I don’t trust the aristocracy personally, I would have had to engage in another political deal to find someone to replace me.


After all, I’ve left Kaelus to clean up my mess.

I’ve repeatedly vowed not to make mistakes, but I can’t always handle it perfectly and made a hole like this.

The role of a wicked woman who carefully designs evil deeds is by no means easy.

I should’ve realized it when I was possessed as an extra. It was just a surprise for me.

I intervened in this world to save my favorite, but I only realize my lack of ability every time.

“But you just have to hang in there a little longer.”

I comforted myself by talking to myself.

Let’s hang in there a little longer. Please hang in there for just a little bit.

We’re almost there.

Before the regression time passes, the goal can be achieved sufficiently.

Those who hurt Kaelus will kneel down and apologize to him, and Kaelus overcomes the wounds and lives happily ever after.

That’s why I’m living this life.


A few days later.

At last an important piece of the puzzle was put together. Baron Potos’ merchant ship succeeded in sailing.

In the end, Helios could not stop Diana.

The departure of the merchant ship could only be delayed for a few days, but the departure itself could not be canceled by the crown prince’s authority.

Whether or not to sail was a matter of many nobles’ understanding. Therefore, it was impossible to tie the ship to the port with a single command without proper grounds. Because there is a risk of collective opposition from the aristocracy.

There is no way to stop the ship from sinking. The only way was to keep the ship from leaving.

Now that Baron Potos will find out that the merchant ship has sunk, all investors, including Diana, will be embarrassed.

Even if Helios, who knows in advance that there will be great damage thanks to me, secures the Baron Potos family, there is no guarantee that all the money will be recovered.

Soon the whole society will be in tatters.

“I want you to cry in despair, Diana.”

I murmured like a wicked witch.

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