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FMDF – Chapter 21


After a while, Kaelus, who went to the palace, returned.

I came out on the porch with the butler and greeted him.

“How was it?”


Kaelus looked fine except for his pale complexion. It was his first time going out alone without me, and it was almost a perfect outing.

The butler retreated quietly so that Kaelus and I could be alone. I thanked him with a wink and followed Kaelus to the room.

“What did the prince say?”

“He was a little surprised.”

Kaelus sank down on the sofa. I asked questions over and over again, but diligently hung his coat, and brought the bag back to its place.

“Anything else about the prophecy?”

“He said he’d have to call you in person for a detailed explanation sooner or later”

Slowly raising his upper body, he picked up a teapot on the table.

“He didn’t reprimand me?”

“There was no mention of you. Just asked me, ‘Was it because of this that you wanted to come back quickly…’ ”

I took a sip of the tea he poured me.

“So, how did you respond?”

“I just said yes.”

Kaelus chuckled.

“As you say, I pointed out a number of signs that he might have overlooked, and it was quiet.”


Did you admire Kaelus’s sharp insight?

This time I asked what I was worried about the whole time.

“The crown prince didn’t call you a friend again, did he?”

Then Kaelus put on a bitter look.

“I did want to say something. But I didn’t say it out loud.”

“I’m sure he was going to complain that he had no one to open up to.”

At my cynical retort, he tilted his head to the side.

“Is there a possibility its something else?”


I was embarrassed at the sudden question.

Kaelus said with his usual dry face.

“I’m saying this because I think too simply of Helios.”


I was caught off guard and couldn’t say anything.

To be honest, I think I know Helios as well as Kaelus. I thought that I almost understood the character’s personality and state of mind while binge-reading the original novel nine times.

However, the original does not describe every moment of Helios or Kaelus’ life in detail. It’s something only they know that lives directly in this world.

Like he doesn’t know everything about Helios, neither do I.

So what Kaelus says makes sense to some extent.

“…You may be right.”

I bowed my head.

Kaelus quietly put down the teacup.

“But I’d like to talk about something else this time.”

“Anything else?”

I asked back in wonder. This is because it is quite rare that Kaelus has something to say first.

His expression was somewhat serious. I was even more nervous.

Heart pounding like a child on the verge of being scolded and waiting for his mouth to open again.

“…I need to take a nap first.”


Kaelus slowly got up and crawled into the bed.


If you want to say it, you can say it quickly, or you can say it later! Where did you learn how to be at ease like that?

I don’t know why, but it’s unfair.

But my favorite needs to sleep well, so I need to walk quietly so that he doesn’t hear footsteps.


While Kaelus sighed, I returned to my room and panicked alone.


What the hell is there to talk about?

I’m so curious that I’m going crazy because I’m dying to know. I want to remove the blanket, shouting out, ‘Is it time to sleep now?’

When I sit still, all sorts of thoughts pop into my head. Is it a territorial internal affairs issue? Is he talking about divorce? Did he find out that I’m not really a prophet? Is he trying to tell me to stop harassing Diana and Helios?

It’s all negative anyway. That’s why I’m more anxious.

I took a deep breath and pulled myself together.

“Phew… yes. It doesn’t matter what it is….”

Let’s blow away the unprovoked anxiety with a long breath.

There’s no need to be nervous. If Kaelus says he doesn’t want me around anymore, it’s enough to leave without hesitation.

I made up my mind from the beginning. I’m not trying to get anything from Kaelus.

I’m not by his side because I want to be loved by my favorite. I’m trying to make him live.

What glory would I gain from living with my share? This isn’t even my house anyway.


Let’s be calm, let’s be calm.

I gulped down the cold coffee.


A long time later, Kaelus finally woke up from his nap. It’s a nap, but when he woke up, it was almost dinner time.

Clarice, the maid, came and informed me.

“Madam, the master wants to eat with you.”

“I see.”

The time has come.

I tried not to think on purpose about what he was going to say. Whatever comes up, don’t panic and stay calm with a calm manner.

I entered the dining hall with a trembling heart.

“Did you have a good rest?”

“Oh, my head is quite clear.”

Kaelus, who was here first, replies casually. Am I the only one who’s nervous?

I started eating.

“But what you have to say is…?”

Eventually, I couldn’t help but bring it up first. I should solve this first, even if I’m so nervous.

Kaelus smiled faintly.

“You must have been very curious.”


That’s not true!

His smile grew a little, as if to reassure me that my silence was interpreted as positive.

“It’s not a big deal. Don’t worry too much.”


What’s with that smile?

Perhaps he was sorry for me, who was so nervous, Kaelus eventually opened his heavy lips slowly.

“I felt something after meeting Heli today.”


“It was all thanks to you that I was able to recover to this extent.”

His face flushed with sudden gratitude.

“…what? I…”

What’s wrong, Kaelus? I’m tearing up for no reason.

His voice echoed calmly.

“It’s an undeniable fact. At least if you grab everyone in this house and ask them, they’ll all say the same thing.”


I couldn’t say anything because I was choked up. Oh, really, what’s wrong, Kaelus.

“It’s silly, but I still don’t know what you really want. There are so many things that just can’t be explained by just wanting to be my spouse.”

“Haha, how wonderful it is that you got married. Especially to someone who doesn’t have anything like me.”

I tried to hold back my tears and laughed,

“But for that matter, you didn’t satisfy your self-interest much. In fact, what you did as a marchioness was all for me as a result.”

My heart keeps pounding at the plain way of speaking.

What’s wrong with him? Are you trying to say, ‘Let’s stop and get divorced now that we’ve recovered?’

I haven’t even completed my revenge yet.

“Kaelus, why are you saying this all of a sudden…?”

I managed to keep my smile alive.

Then, the purple eyes suddenly became blurred.

“Because I’m worried about you.”


I quickly asked back to an answer that I didn’t understand.

His expression slightly darkened.

“I was like you.”

“…? …!”

At first, I was surprised, but I realized it at the moment.

What he said in common was his past dedication to Diana and my present dedication to him.

“Kael, that’s….”

I reflexively tried to answer that we were completely different. But Kaelus shook his head heavily.

“Do you want to say it’s different? But no. You and I are the same.”


The voice was so determined that I couldn’t argue with it again, so I shut up.

A quiet table.

“…I don’t want you to do that.”

What do you mean? I asked inside.

“I hope you don’t try hard for me without asking. Even if it seems nothing right now, in the end, it will remain as a disease of the heart.”


As far as I’m concerned, listening to him now,

I just want to cry my head off.

“I thought I was happy just to give it to her. The choice is what up to her anyway, so I was grateful enough just to have helped her.”


“But I wasn’t. People, people, they unconsciously want it. I hope it will come back as much as you gave.”


I listened to him in silence. I couldn’t bring myself to speak because I felt like crying at that moment when I opened my mouth.

“I’m sure you don’t mind now. You want to deny it.”


“But you have to admit it. Someday, you can be disappointed and collapse because you can’t receive the reward you gave me.”

He doesn’t know.

What he’s giving me back now.

I slipped away tears with my fingertips.

“Kaelus, that’s all I have to say.”


“I’ve been paid back just by you staying alive and not dying anymore.”


“What you want from Diana and what I want from you are completely different. Don’t worry about it. I’m not going to collapse.”

Tears clouded my eyes and I couldn’t eat.

I left the dining hall.


I came back to the room as if I were running away.


To prevent sobbing, Ibit my lips tightly and held back the sound from leaking out.

A suppressed cry. 

I’m upset. I’m upset. It’s cold.

Why did you pretend to understand me? You know how I feel.

I’m definitely not trying to treat Kaelus like he did with Diana in the past.

I really, truly hope that Kaelus is so happy that there is nothing more to explain.

I do not presuppose myself in his happiness.

To put it more extreme, even if Kaelus divorces me and remarries Diana, I’m willing to support him as long as he’s happy.

Even if he curses me for being a pushover, if it means that he wants to live with the woman he loves anyway, I can send my blessing to do so.

“Kaelus, you fool….”

So the bottom line of what he says is, after all, that I should not live for him anymore.

He’s worried about me, he’s worried about losing all my motivation by being disappointed like myself.

That’s why you want me to live with my share, that’s what you want to say.

It’s nothing else that makes me cry.

It’s because you worry about me unnecessarily. It’s too much to take care of yourself, so why are you worried about me?

I don’t know what I’ll be like a year from now, but there’s revenge that I can’t do unless it’s now, so why are you holding me back?

I didn’t care at all if Kaelus didn’t know my affection. But I didn’t expect this kind of response.

“Oh my..”

Don’t be sorry for me, don’t be thankful. There’s nothing to be afraid of being like you, Kaelus.

Because I’m not like you. I have no lingering feelings in this world. Except for you, Kael.

To tell me to end this fanaticism is no advice to me, who lives in the joy of fanning my favorite.

That means to deny my present.


At a time when I was sobbing silently for a long time.



The voice of the butler Uross came urgently. I quickly wiped away my tears and quickly opened the door.


“Madam, the doctor has taken him to his room!”

“What? The doctor?”

I felt like my whole body was cooling off in an instant.

He’s been holding out without medication for the last few days.

Without time to think deeply, I moved my feet first. I came out of the door and ran. The destination is Kaelus’ room at the end of the hallway.


I pushed through the unclosed door.

Two startled pairs of eyes turned to me at the same time.



I just hardened myself.

The reality was very different from what I imagined in my head. I remembered that Kaelus had a violent seizure after meeting Helios who came to his house in the past.

The sight before me was calm and calm. The doctor opened his mouth with hesitation.

“He had a mild seizure on his way out of the dining hall….”

“It’s just that I couldn’t breathe for a moment, Hess.”

Kaelus replaced the doctor’s last words.

I was dazed as if I had been hit by a giant hammer on my head.

“It’s because of me…?”

“Hess. Wait a minute.”

Kaelus shook his hand and pulled his doctor back. Soon all the maids in the room, including him, went outside.

It’s just him and me.

I was half panicked and stared at the man in front of me.

Did you really have a relapse because of me? Then with me, he can’t recover…



Sitting on the bed, he called me. Still, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

“I’m fine. Come here.”


“I’m telling you, come check it out. It’s not a big deal.”

His persistent call forced my feet forward. I hesitated to approach his bed.


Pale complexion. You said it wasn’t a big deal, but did it hurt a lot?

My face is distorted again. Tears filling one’s eyes. What should I do because I’m sorry?

“Hess, why….”

“Sorry, I do…!”

I was crying but I kept my voice going. Tears trickled down like a child.

“I, like that, get angry… I left…”

“No, it’s not. Hess.”

While I couldn’t see properly because of my tears, someone’s warm hand gently pulled my hand.

Despite the extremely weak force, I was drawn by it as if I were stuck and flopped at the end of the bed.

“I’m sorry I made you cry.”

“No, I….”

“Hess, listen to me first.”


It’s a soft tone, but it had the power giving no room to resist.

While it was quiet everywhere, only Kaelus’ voice rang softly.

“It’s actually for myself that I brought that up to you.”


“Pretending to be worried about you, I was actually afraid. I’m afraid I’ll hear a reproach from you in the future.”

Perhaps he bowed his head, his long silver hair slid forward.

“Hestia, I….”

A brief hesitation but soon the voice continued.

“Maybe I won’t be able to do ‘love’ again.”


I have a throbbing pain in my chest. Because I know why Kaelus is so disappointed.

It is because Kaelus uffered so badly from his first love. This is because he loved with all its heart and passion failed miserably.

After a big failure in love, everyone will be the same. In the future, you will never want to love, and you will never believe the feeling of love itself.

How I wish I could say flatly otherwise. Life is long and long, so what is there to worry about if you can guarantee that another love comes after a failed love.

But life is not something that no one can guarantee.

Therefore, neither can I hastily answer to Kaelus that it is not.

“As hard as you try for me, I thought I couldn’t give it back. And my experience overlapped in my head. I was afraid you’d be discouraged by me.”

Kaelus spat out like a sigh.

“People’s hearts are so insensitive. I’m afraid you’ve done your best to me, and I’m going to leave you exhausted.”


“I just wanted you to do it moderately, enough not to resent me.”

A feeble confession.

Again, I don’t want to go through the same black loneliness as before.

I don’t think he’ll love me, but I don’t want to lose my love for him.

You have no shame in thinking for yourself.

So he told me not to work too hard.



He did not answer. Is he blaming himself?

I have to give him certainty. The fear that is gripping Kaelus must be dispelled.

“Kael, I promise. That’s why I won’t collapse, I swear to you.”


“You know what kind of person I am. I just have to do everything I want to do.”

I may sound a little sorry, but let’s talk about it.

“Kaelus, it’s the most important thing for me to achieve my goal, I don’t care much whether someone loves me or not. I’m telling you.”


“So don’t try to force yourself to love. That’s cheating on the other person.”


Kaelus looked at me with purple eyes as if he had something to say.

But it was obvious what he was going to say, so I shook my head.

 “You want to tell Diana that you felt this way at first, right? But let me be clear. There’s something else I want.”

Sounds very cold to strangers. You’re saying to the other person, ‘I don’t want you’.

But that’s what Kaelus needs most today.

“Kaelus, you can give me as much as you want. And I’m not going to leave.”

I smiled with a tearful face. It looks a little silly, but I don’t know why I want to reassure him.


Kaelus, smiling and crying, with a mysterious look on his face.

It seems like he is appealing to me with his eyes and his whole body that he doesn’t want to go through such terrible loneliness that he wants to die again.

How can I not do that? I will stand by Kaelus no matter what while I am in this world.

I smiled softly.

“It’s late at night. You’ll be on your medication, so go to sleep.”

How scared must he been to have had a seizure as soon as he left the dining hall.

So I also pledge to myself. I will never scare him.

“…Hestia. Well, I have a favor to ask of you.”

His slightly blurred purple eyes turned towards me.

I looked at him without a word and answered in silence. Tell me anything. I’ll listen to everything.

“Stay here with me, until I’m completely asleep. Don’t leave.”


An unexpected remark.

I was surprised for a moment, but I nodded at once.


I sat on the edge of the bed, looking for his hand and clasping it to confirm my words.

“…good night.”


The brilliant purple faded slowly into the eyelids.

With our hands clasped together


I sat motionless for a long time.


After a while, regular breathing sounds rang out in the quiet space.

I smiled a little and let go.

I hope you only have happy dreams.

My favorite.


A few days after that. A heavy rain day.

Nevertheless, I hurried to get ready to go out despite the inconvenience. I had a lot of work to do, so I couldn’t afford to spend time at home just because it was raining.

Kaelus leaned against the doorway, his arms folded in his gown.

“Do you really have to go out in this weather?”

“Well, but I don’t have time to be lazy.”

I tried not to look at Kaelus. His bare chest was exposed so bare through those baggy robes.

After holding his hand until he fell asleep at night, his attitude suddenly became intimate over the past few days.

I felt sorry for him. Rather than feeling burdened, I don’t think I can breathe with the excitement. Maybe I should take some of the medicine that Kaelus is taking.

Kaelus clicked his tongue disapprovingly.

“Tsk, but it’s raining too much.”

“Everything runs on the pavement to the palace. The carriage will be alright.”

“Who was worried about the carriage?”

I chuckled at the complaints.

“I know, Kaelus, I’ll be careful. It won’t take long, because I’m coming straight back from the crown prince.”

As if watching his mother go out without him, Kaelus is quite persistent today.

Clarice, who was with me, added.

 “If Hestia is behind schedule, I’ll send someone to pick her up. The carriage won’t leave the boulevard anyway.”


As if he had nothing to say, Kaelus finally closed his mouth.

I can’t help but laugh. It seems like I’m dreaming that my favorite is calling me this much.

With a well-sealed envelope of the prophecy, I climbed into a carriage bound for the palace.


In the days before I went to see Helios, I was very busy processing letters constantly.

The first letter received was none other than a reply from Baron Potos.

<I can’t help but feel sorry for the marchioness’ anger.>

The baron’s grovel was palpable in every letter.

Anyway, the conclusion was easy. To correct the hype about my investment plan.

But it’s hard to tell from his words whether he’s really fulfilling his word. So I had to write a letter to Harmonia, too.

<If there’s any speculation about my investment, please tell them I haven’t decided yet.>

Harmonia replied that she would soon do so.

Next, I received a reply to a letter from Countess Erinnis. The same letter that Diocke was aiming for the second wife of the two greats, crown prince and marquis.

And she paid the right price for the interesting information I leaked.

<Diocke is a very vain young lady.>

It was a very satisfactory price.

Erinnis will take care of the rest of the work. I just have to wait for the scandal about Diocke to spread in society.

When Diocke, in a hurry comes running, she slowly coaxes her by shaking a carrot that looks good in front of her*.

*TN: baiting her like a predator with the illusion that she’s going to help with the rumors

There is no one better to use than a vain, stupid human being.


“The Empire’s great little….”

“Alright, get up.”

As soon as I saw Helios, I took a courtesy, and immediately I got a gesture to omit it, as if he were annoyed.

Are you back to your usual character now? No wonder it’s nice to see you.

I stretched out with a light sigh, hmm. Thanks to the beautiful black-haired handsome man, the surroundings are very bright despite the gloomy weather.

Helios looked out of the window and asked grimly.

“If you’re coming through the heavy rain, you must have tremendous business.”

“Didn’t you tell me before that it is not for me to judge the importance of prophecy?”

“…I did.”

Helios gave a grim affirmation.

I smiled brightly and held out the envelope I had brought.

“Remembering that, I brought the prophecy like this. Your highness, please look carefully at the seriousness of the matter.”


The golden eyes that look at me sharply. He does know, right? I’m feeding him now.


While Helios was reading the prophecy, only the sound of rain pounding on the windows rang in the room.

“The Baron Potos’ merchant ship will sink soon.”

“Yes, your highness,”

He paced around the window with a letter.

“There must be a lot of aristocrats who invest in the baron.”

“Yes. I met him a few days ago and he said he was planning to attract more investors.”

Helios stopped pacing. The keen golden eyes shone as if they could pierce me.

“There will be a lot of damage.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But why not stop the investment?”

A suspicious look on my face but the answer is already in place.

“In fact, I also thought at first that I would warn those who invested in Potos’ merchant ships of danger. But Kaelus stopped me.”

“Kael stopped you…?”

Eyes that were bounded in an instant.

I somehow became bitter. Because Helios still trusts his friend who broke up with him.

“Kael says, of course, you have to take risks with your investment. He’s right. Merchant ships always have the potential to sink. There’s no need to protect investments prepared for that.”

“But if the investment is large, it’s like losing the wealth of the entire empire.”

“Then we have to think on what pretext to stop aristocrats from investing. If you say so, who will listen to it right away?”


Helios frowned. He seems to be troubled by the difficult situation.

I said coldly.

“It’s impossible to stop all the damage. We can only try to minimize it.”

Helios, who nodded slightly, seems to have understood what I said to some extent.

To suggest a realistic plan, we have no choice but to meet investors and persuade them one by one while hiding the prophecy’s existence. The imperial family cannot officially ruin the baron’s business.

“I’ll try under the table for now. I’m going to encourage people I know not to invest in the merchant ships as much as possible.”

“Yes, that’s the only way to do it right now.”

This concludes the important business.

I asked one thing that I was curious about all along.

“Well, your highness the crown prince. This is a little bit of a different matter, but…”


A beautiful face looked at me in wonder.

I coughed with a gesture.

 “Well, I realized that when I visited the emperor before, you also hid the existence of the prophecies.”

“Oh, you mean that.”

Helios sighed bitterly.

“It’s not for a grand reason. However, it was difficult to convey hastily because one of your predictions was about the safety of the rich.”


“It’s quite cruel to know in advance what your destiny will be like. I don’t want the emperor to lose hope.”


I sympathized with Helios’ true intentions.

Kaelus was born with the fate of a supporting role that was forced to be completely pushed back.

The original novel is only aimed at the happy ending of Diana and Helios, and is not very interested in the ending of the supporting role that made their love stand out. It might not be possible to tell more about the supporting character’s story, but the other story usually depicts the backstory of the main character’s story. Moreover, the novel does not even have an extra book.

After I was possessed as an extra in the novel, I sat on the sidelines of this world and never decided to let Kaelus know, ‘You’re destined to be abandoned anyway.’

The reason was simple. Because, as Helios said, I did not want his glorious life to collapse all at once by telling him in advance of his irreplaceable fate.

But if Kaelus knew that he would not overcome despair and choose to die.

What choice would I make then?

Suddenly, a grave voice was heard.


“Yes, your highness.”

I quickly slipped out of my thoughts and came to my senses.

Helios asked in a rather feeble tone.

“Have you ever suffered because of the prophecy?”

I had a silly laugh. Why does he care about my feelings?

“Fortunately, I don’t know everything, so I’m not much different from ordinary people.”

The prophecies are a bitch. I’m just deceiving everyone with the future I remember before the return as if I were a prophet.

Helios breathed a long, stuffy sigh.



I looked at him in silence.

Helios must be having a hard time these days. His beloved wife is getting twisted, and his father is always in bed, and his only friend has declared their friendship off, and nothing is going to work out properly.

But there is still a long way to go. Helios needs to suffer a lot more than this so I can feel better.

You have to pay the price for bringing Kaelus to his death. It’s not something you can only pay back with this frustration.

Helios’s gaze turned to me again. I quickly fixed my face on his face.

“But I’d like to ask you something else.”


“What happened at Diana’s tea party before….”


I let out a sigh without realizing it.

At that time, I flipped out in front of Diana, and then left, I briefly encountered Helios.

How can you not forget that time and bring it up like this? It’s a punishment.

I bowed my head first.

“On that day, I apologize for my insolence to the crown princess.”

“No, I don’t mean to blame you.”

Wow. What’s going on?

I was starting to get nervous. Something always happens when that guy does something he doesn’t do.

Surprisingly, there was no hostility in Helios’ face.

“Didn’t you get hurt that day?”

“What? Oh, yes.”

I remember being hit by the tea. As expected, Helios had a very good memory.

I smiled bitterly.

“Did the crown princess demand an apology? Well, I’m thinking of visiting her when her anger is relieved.”

“Actually, it’s a very shameful thing to tell you.”

Helios also stretched his lips bitterly.

“I haven’t been able to talk to Diana very well lately.”


It’s hard to keep a straight face. I’m in trouble because my cheekbones keep going up.

Helios, who doesn’t know my troubles, continued to talk.

“I was going to talk to Diana about the tea party, but she avoided the conversation. I had no choice but to hear the details from the servants.”

“Oh, my. What a pity.”

“But your remarks went quite far, too. It was like insulting Diana and me all at once.”

It’s not that he’s angry, it’s more of an objective way of speaking.

So I responded plainly.

“Yes, I know. So I’m willing to apologize. Although, Your Highness Dianna will not apologize for insulting my husband and I.”

“Whoa, that’s… Yeah, you’re right. I’ll apologize for her.” said Helios, shaking his head.

But I shook my head at once.

“I don’t want anyone apologizing for her. Now that I’ve said it, I’ll be honest with you.”

I strained my eyes and looked into Helios’ eyes.

“How long will your highness be cleaning up after Your Highness Diana? Even as a saintess, wasn’t she always satisfied with the cleaning up of your highness and Kaelus?”

“Hey, Hestia.”

As if it had hit the nail on the head, the gold eyes were sharply distorted.

The response is pleasant, but I don’t really want to fight now.

“I’m sorry, Your Grace. I ended up spitting out unfiltered words.”

“I’m telling you, you don’t know fear.”

However, his voice is not as angry as expected. an angry but helpless air of acceptance.

“…yes. All you want is an apology from Diana.”

Oh, that’s a pretty sharp insight.

Actually, that’s what I’m ultimately hoping for. More precisely, Diana apologizes to Kaelus.

I purposely hardened my voice.

“Your highness the crown prince, it may sound a bit harsh, but Her Highness Diana may have a cause, but she won’t be popular.”


“If the saintess does not change her attitude, it is all up to the crown prince. You have to convince the holy princess as soon as possible.”

Of course, I’m saying this knowing it’s impossible. The more he hears these words, the more likely Helios will be to burst into laughter.

He laughed bitterly again.

“You never speak in a roundabout way. You’re so straightforward that you’re annoying.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll take it as a compliment.”

At the end of his gaze toward me.

“…I envy you, Kael. Sincerely.”

An outburst of inner thoughts.

I answered back in a jest.

“Oh, is your highness, famous for his fiery love, jealous of a couple who are made of paper?”


Helios’ mouth was stretched again.

I thought he would say something back, but it’s still quiet. That’s a relief.

Anyway, I’m done with my business, so I should get going. Any later, Kaelus will be worried.

“Then I’ll leave now.”


The golden eyes suddenly sank into a murky state.

I don’t know why, but I decided to get off my nerves easily.

I backed out of his presence.


The carriage drove through the heavy rain again.

As soon as I landed safely on the porch of the mansion, I asked Clarice, who had come to meet me.

“Is everything all right with Kaelus?”

“Yes, but he’s been checking out the window, so you’d better hurry up and go.”

“Ha ha… Okay.”

Leaving behind the smiling Clarice, I went straight to Kaelus’ room without having time to change my outdoor clothes.

  There was always one person left all the time in the space where Kaelus was still. It was because he was still anxious to be alone.

I made a sign at the door. Soon the servant inside came out, checked me, and let me in right away.


A picturesque sight.

A slender shadow with long hair was standing by the window where the rain splashed.

I feel emotional for some reason. I guess I got sentimental because I could hear the sound of rain in the dark room.

The unrealistically beautiful portrait moved gently.

“Did you just come back?”

I grinned at the dry yet soft voice of Kaelus.

“Yes, it’s not too late, is it?”

“I see.”

Kaelus approached, dragging his slippers. I also sat down on a nearby sofa.

As usual, he stuck out a warm tea in front of me. I was very glad to be warm when I ran in the cold rain.

“I told the crown prince one more piece of prophecy. It’s about Baron Potos’ merchant ship.”

“Wow. Did you tell him in the end? It’s much earlier than I thought.”

An unexpected tone. I’m embarrassed for some reason.

“Well, I didn’t mean to keep my mouth shut forever…….”

“I thought you’d let him know after the ship set sail.”

He chuckled. I smiled, too.

“Then there’s no point in predicting.”

The conversation was interrupted for a moment because I was drinking tea. Still, I feel comfortable that it is not awkward.

I opened my mouth as if it were a passing remark.

“The crown prince says he envies you.”


Kaelus also asked dry as if it were no big deal.

“Yes, I can’t talk to the crown prince these days.”


“Actually, it was a little unexpected. Conflict within the imperial family is a very sensitive issue. He must be very wary of me, but he can’t say that.”

Then Kaelus snorted softly.

“Helios must be determined to trust you. Anyway, we’ve decided to be friendly.”


That was a pretty sincere feeling. He’d rather confess than calculate rationally.

However, there is no need to report his psychological state in front of Kaelus. He could no longer handle the emotional trash, so he declared his friendship with him over.

Therefore, it is sufficient to convey the proper dynamics of Helios.

I asked jokingly.

“It’s gloomy because it’s raining today. Do you want me to hold your hand when you’re sleeping?”


Kaelus smiled absurdly.

“You’re having fun treating me like a kid, aren’t you?””

“Ha ha, it was a joke.”

I evaded it with a moderate laugh. I’m thankful that we can exchange jokes like this without any burden.

The purple gaze slipped away from me.

“If it doesn’t clear up after dinner, do it.”

“Oh, shall we?”

I asked back on purpose, glumly. On the other hand, Kael only nodded silently.

All right. I’ll have to hold a rain ritual to pour out the storm.


Sadly, the rain that had been falling all day stopped just in time for the evening.


Kaelus returned to his room with a somewhat teasing look.

I pulled only my innocent handkerchief out of desperation. Should I have held the rain ritual more sincerely?

But it wasn’t good enough to stick to the iron plate on my face, so I had to come back to my room alone.


I saw a pile of work on the desk.

Yes, this is the god of the world telling me to stop being a fan and do my job well.

I changed my mind and sat down at the desk. Then J began to review various reports from the Illion estate one by one.

Public health was the most important thing I put my heart and soul into dealing with the territorial affairs instead of Kaelus. It was because the habit of living in a neat modern Korea remained even after I was possessed.

By supplying soap, personal hygiene has been solved to some extent. However, in most cases, the decision of permanent residence is necessary for public health.

So after the embankment repair was completed, I steadily ordered sewage maintenance through the management of the estate.

“At least Illion needs to make the street smell gone.”

I read the document carefully, chewing the tip of the pen.

The issue of sanitation in the estate was also very closely related to my ground objectives. The cleaner commoners’ daily life are, the less they will be sick. Then soon, the visits to the temple will be less frequent.

And this was already showing up as figures. When Illion people’s use of soap became a habit, it was showing its effectiveness, though not rapidly.

“Okay, budget approval…!”

After reviewing all the carefully arranged items, I melted the wax and pressed the marquis’s seal ring onto it.

“Whoa… Let’s get some fresh air….”

I opened the terrace door wide to cool my hot head. A cool night breeze blew in. The clean air after the rain stopped was pleasant.

I glimpsed the other side of the building.


Laughing softly enough to be heard only by me.

There was also Kaelus on the other side of the terrace. It was a dark night when the rain had just stopped, so I couldn’t see his face well, but it was clear that he was facing me.



Me too, we just looked at each other like that.

We’re going to play the timing game. I might be standing like this all night before someone goes in first.

“Hehe. I can’t do it.”

You can’t keep your best friend on the terrace, who’s not feeling well.

I waved to him gently.

Good night. Sweet dreams.

Greeting inwardly, I left his sight.


The bad days went on for days. It’s about time; I missed the sunny weather.

At last she came to the marquis.

“Madam, Baron Potos’ young lady is asking to see you.”

“Oh, is Diocke here?”

The butler’s words made me giggle. I’ve been waiting so long to see why she was not coming.

I relaxed down to the drawing room. Thinking about Diocke who must be nervous, I think I’m going to hum.

As soon as I entered the room with my neck straightened, the guest jumped to her feet.

“Lady Hestia, marchioness…!”

Diocke stooped to me with an air of helplessness – maybe a high-level performance.

I deliberately pretended not to know and answered in a bright voice.

“Oh, my God, Diocke. You’re here in spite of all this wretched weather. You must have something important to say?”

Isn’t it scarier to ask with a smile? Diocke replied with an even more restless look.

“I seem to have caused the marchioness a great misunderstanding, so… I’m here because I wanted you to relieve your anger.”

“Hmm? What do you mean misunderstanding? What do you mean I’m wrong?”

“Lady Marquis…!”

Diocke’s face grew redder and redder.

It’s only fun when you play a joke moderately. I had a flash of laughter.


“Yes, marchioness….”

She also noticed the change in the atmosphere and shrugged.

“As you know, I was a commoner and became an adopted daughter of an aristocrat. And I came up to the position of the marquis’ wife.”

I leaned forward in Diocke.

“A woman who was under your feet came up here, and you didn’t feel anything? That’s disappointing.”


She was sweating profusely.

I fiddled with my finger, gazing ecstatically at the seal ring.

“You took me for granted, Diocke.”

“No, marchioness! I’m…”

“Shut up. Don’t open your mouth any time.”

Elegantly smiling and yelling is the best effect on making the other person emotionally uncomfortable.

If you had a scintillator to stand up to me, you’d cut me in here once, right?

And fortunately, Diocke had such a strong heart.

“Sorry, marchioness! But please listen to my excuse first…!”

Wow, it’s pretty good. If I’m is prepared to use abusive language like that, I won’t be scared even in front of Princess Diana.

I raised my chin and listened to her in silence.

“My behavior must have been deeply disconcerting to the marchioness. Please forgive me. I’ll be careful from now on.”


“But I swear I didn’t mean to flirt with the marquis. If you were displeased with my conduct at the dinner, I will beg for your pardon.”

Her oath is very light. I snorted.


Nevertheless, Diocke did not stop.

“And to the crown prince… Oh, marchioness! Seriously, I didn’t have such an indecent mind. I was very embarrassed by the rumor that I had committed an offence to the marchioness…”

Oh, my.

She seems to think that rumors were misinformed when she hinted to Erinnis that she was deliberately “trying to get the crown prince’s wife.”

However, Diocke’s ambition may already be growing inside, but it has not been revealed yet.

The baron family, including her, are destined to run away at night soon, so we will let them enjoy it moderately.

“All right, Diocke.”

I straightened my shoulders to the fullest.

“But I don’t usually believe in verbal apologies.”


Diocke rolled his eyes nervously and looked at me.

I smiled a smile.

“How is your father’s business going these days?”

Without questioning the sudden questioning of the business, Diocke’s face turned almost still.

“Ah… but the marchioness is very angry with my father…….”

“You know very well. It’s not something that can be solved by yourself today.”

“Then my mom and I will come back and see the marchioness!”

“No, you don’t have to. I just told you. I don’t like verbal apologies.”

I beckoned her close.

“So tell me first. How’s the money coming in?”

“Ah… It’s…”

Diocke hesitated whether to really answer or not.

It seems that the work will continue smoothly only when the atmosphere is warmed up a little.

“Then shall I tell you what I think first? I don’t think you’re getting the funds as fast as you expected yet. I immediately denied what Baron Potos had said.”


“So I felt a little sorry. Your family’s business has been disrupted, and your reputation has spread.”

“Lady Marquis…”

Diocke looked at me with tears in her eyes. If this is acting, there will be no problem passing the audition.

But there’s no reason for me to concede that she’s crying.

“There’s a way to prove that your father and daughter are truly apologizing and to solve the lack of funds at the same time, do you want to hear that?”

“At once…solve…?”

Diocke’s eyes were suspicious for a moment, but soon they were clear.

“How can we not listen to the wise marquis’ wife? Please give me your opinion.”

She quickly changed her attitude to flattery mode. I guess you learned this as a world-wise art. It’s too bad.

That’s true, it’s a mistake that anyone who has just become an adult and steps into society makes at least once. To think that you’ve overcome the crisis by saying “yes, yes” only on the surface.

Even though she is thin enough to notice at once unless she is seriously dark around him, she is mistaken that she has lived a great social life.

I spoke in a casual tone.

“Make the crown princess invest in the merchant ship of your family.”


Diocke failed to manage his facial expression nicely.

There’s no socialite who doesn’t know what I’m on with Diana. The recent bitter quarrel between the two at Diana’s private meeting has already spread widely.

And the most important thing. Diana doesn’t spend money like hell.

“If you persuade the crown princess, I will also accept the baron and your sincerity.”


Diocke could not easily give a positive answer, with his mouth open.

They seem to be realizing how difficult this mission is. However, it is a position that cannot but be accepted.

If she turned down my request. Confidence in the merchant ship business will continue to fall, and Diocke’s reputation will get worse and worse.

I added in a grumpy voice.

“By the way, I want you to keep it secret that I asked for it. If you talk about it, it’ll only get in the way of persuading the crown princess, right?”


Diocke clenched his lips.

She’s probably tapping the calculator hard in her head right now. What are the chances of making Diana invest.

At the same time, she’ll be trying to figure out why I want Diana’s investment.

“Well, Lady Marquis. With all due respect, may I ask why you want it?”

As expected, the question came up.

I smirked.

“I told you earlier. I’m feeling a little sorry for your father. If the merchant ship’s funding is insufficient because of my willingness to invest, I think I can offset it to some extent with the investment of the crown princess.”


Dioke, who has closed her mouth again, seems to have a complicated mind.

The justification is perfect, but it seems to feel strangely reluctant. I’m sure you can’t find anything to refute.

It’s all on your own. Who told you to mess with me?

“Well, it’s a difficult task, so you don’t have to take it. If I refuse to apologize to you and your father, that’s all.”

“No, Lady Marquis. I’ll do as you say.”

Diocke raised his head with a stiff look. There is a determined determination that there is nothing she can’t do. Oh, my.

I purposely laughed brightly.

“Hahaha, you are strong-minded. My eyes are not wrong.”

“Lady Marquis…”

After raising Dioke to my heart’s content, I kept my smile on my face and lowered it seriously.

“I’ll see what you and the baron can do. I’ll bury my unpleasant experiences and prove to you that I’m good enough to ride with you.”

“……Of course. I’m just grateful for the opportunity.”

Diocke said in a cracked voice.

Still, Baroness Potos and her daughter will face Diana more easily. Because I’ve laid out the board well in advance by delivering the prophecy through Helios.

Which way will Diana lean, between my prediction of the “sinking of a merchant ship” through Helios and the persuasion of Baron Potos and his passionate daughter?

Frankly, the answer is obvious.

I slowly rose from my seat.

“Next time I see you again, please bring the news I’m looking forward to.”

It was a sign of the end of the conversation. Diocke also followed me up, and then politely saluted.

“I won’t let you down on what you’re looking forward to. Please trust me and my father’s sincerity.”

I nodded quietly at her.

Then she showed her back to me and walked out of the drawing-room.

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