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FMDF – Chapter 20


A few days had passed since the day of the fight with Diana. It was the day that Kaelus returns to the cabinet meetings after a long time.

I’m worried, but on the other hand, I’m thrilled. It is proof that his mental illness, which he had been suffering from, has healed to some extent.

I was busy early in the morning with my butler Uross and maid Clarice.

“I’ll put all the necessary documents in this bag.”

“The emergency medicine is in the inside pocket of the outerwear.”

“If you’re in a hurry to find me, please come out of the meeting right away. I’ll be waiting.”

At my pouring request, Kaelus said with a chuckle.

“It’s like putting a baby in the water.”

“Hahaha… I’m sorry….”

A suit of dark gray, long silvery hair tied neatly. The appearance of my favorite, often depicted in the original, was reproduced in front of my eyes.

Tears welled up for some reason.

“I’m all set.”

Cool and beautiful. My favorite is the most handsome in the world.

Since I decided to go to the conference hall with Kaelus, I was dressed formally.

However, I decorated it as simple as possible so that my existence does not stand out more than Kaelus. To the point where people will think I’m not a spouse but a secretary.

But that was exactly what I intended. That’s just enough for my role today.


In front of the Lion Palace where the cabinet meeting were held. The carriage with the marquis’s writing on it stopped.

Outside the palace, there were people who spent their free time before the meeting began.

As soon as I opened the carriage door, I heard a buzz.

“No way, was the rumor true?”

“Is the marquis really back?”

“Ah… I’m relieved. Sincerely….”

I tried to reach out to Kaelus with a casual face.

“Everyone is surprised.”


Kaelus’ finger touched my hand lightly.

When he got off completely, he walked straight to the entrance of the Lion Palace. I followed him with a veil over my face.

Originally, it was the emperor who presided over the cabinet meeting. But the emperor stepped down under the pretext of the crown prince’s political lessons – of course the truth was revealed.

Therefore, the chairman of the meeting was Prince Helios.

“There will be no major discussion on the agenda today. I don’t know if there’s a sudden agenda.”

“Yes, and don’t bring up the prophecy that I told you beforehand.”

“I got it.”

Kaelus and I walked down the hall and exchanged briefly.

There was still time left. However, Kaelus did not seem to have any intention of relaxing outside. As soon as he arrived in front of the conference hall, he turned to me.

“I’ll go in.”

“Okay, I’ll wait here.”

Although there is a separate space for secretaries to stay, I decided not to. If Kaelus had difficulty breathing or dizziness, I have to run immediately.

I stood timidly beside the stern guards. I don’t know how much longer I’ll have to stand like this. Still, I was willing to endure it.

After a while, Helios surrounded by guards appeared with the sound of footsteps.


Following the courteous escorts, I also bowed my head with a veil down.


Suddenly, the shadow stopped in front of me. Please just walk by. please.


A grotesque sigh.

However, Helios did not pretend to know me and went straight into the conference hall.


I was a little relieved.


The Cabinet meeting lasted for hours.

The royal servant who recognized me approached and asked.

“Why don’t you take a break in the lounge for a while? I don’t know when the meeting will end….”

“It’s okay. This is more comfortable.”


The servant looked troubled, and soon accepted my wish and withdrew.

In fact, there are often cases where a secretary of nobility does this. However, this is rarely done by the aristocrats themselves. So I wanted to keep quiet without revealing my identity.

However, wherever you go, there are people who want to touch people who stay still.

“Are you, by any chance, Marchioness Hestia?”

Another carefully approached which made me sigh inwardly.

“That’s true.”

The way I spoke was polite, but my whole body was full of feisty air. Then the other person shrank even more.

“I’m sorry to interrupt. Baroness Potos told me to deliver this letter.”


Baron Potos. In the original, he was one of the aristocratic extras who just passed me by name. But the reason I remember the name is not because of the original.

There was a time when the novel ended and after Kaelus died, I worked at random for a living until I returned.

I had no desire to live, but I did not have the courage to die on my own like Kaelus, so I endured life without meaning. At the same time, in spite of the loss of my favorite, I frantically collected the backstories of Helios and Diana.

One incident that was heard in the midst of that. A merchant ship owned by Baron Potos was sunk by a storm.

Numerous nobles invested in the trade goods carried by merchant ships and lost a lot of money. However, the bigger problem was that the baron family, who learned the news a step earlier, ran away at night.

How famous Baron Potos’s night flight was, I heard it often enough to get a scab on my ear while washing dishes in a noble family.

The baron’s family consisted of a baroness, his son and daughter, in addition to the baron himself. In particular, Diocke, the Baron’s daughter, was busy coming and going to the imperial palace as the Baron’s aide.

However, there was a separate purpose for Diocke to follow the baron. Baron Potos’s real intention was to put Diocke in the eyes of the crown prince, instead of Princess Diana, whose position was shaken.

However, his ambition sank with the sinking of the merchant ship. I haven’t heard about them since.

“If it’s to Marquis Kaelus, I’ll take it for now. He’ll give a reply to you later.”

“Oh, thank you.”

The servant soon disappeared.

I looked at the letter in my hand for a while.

A message from Baron Potos. It wouldn’t matter because Kaelus allowed me to look at most invitations first.

I came a short distance from the conference hall, and quietly opened the envelope.

There is a string of rhetoric, but it is simple to sum up. ‘Let’s eat together.’

Compared to the invitations that have been received from countless marquis, it was a dinner invitation that was not very special. This time, however, I decided not to ignore it at my discretion, but to listen to Kaelus’ opinion for now.

Because he had to foretell that his merchant ship would sink and investors would lose a lot of money.

If you take advantage of this point, you may be able to make the situation favorable.

“The Baron Potos…”

First of all, I’ll have to look into the details of the merchant ship.


Soon the door of the conference hall, which had been tightly closed, opened wide. The first person to come out of the door was Prince Helios.


I met his eyes for a moment. But he just passed by.

Soon after, with the tired aristocrats coming out of the long cabinet meeting like ghosts.


My favorite, who walked slowly, left the conference hall at the end.

I hurried up.



Kaelus looked at me with a pretty exhausted look.

Ah, this is how parents feel when they see their children who took the CSAT for hours. Tears welled up.

“You must have had a hard time, right? Let’s go back.”

“Yeah, I think I’d like to take a rest.”

I quickly took the briefcase that Kaelus had in his hand. You should return home quickly before your mental strength falls to the floor due to a sharp decline in physical strength.

I was in a hurry, so my body kept going out first. I grabbed Kaelus’s hand, who was walking slowly, without realizing it.


Oh, my.

I let go reflexively.

Kaelus’ purple eyes narrowed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Without realizing it….”

I bowed my head in embarrassment.

In the twinkling of silence.

“…I think I need some help.”


I doubted my ears. He raised his head.

His usual dry eyes stared at me.

“Stretch out your arm.”


Is this a dream or real life? Kaelus asked me to reach out my arm first!

I think there are too many lucky days these days. Can a fan be like this? It is widely believed that a maniac can’t win the lottery.

Oh, maybe it’s because this is a novel, not a reality. That’s why author’s law doesn’t apply.

I see. I guess that’s why.


I tried my best not to shake my voice.

A warm weight was placed on the arm that hesitated. Cool, warm, and thrilling body temperature.

“Come on, Kaelus.”

I kept pace with his slow pace.

A strange sensation that seems to have slowed down even the flow of time.

Am I breathing? Am I moving forward?


A smile naturally spread inside the veil covering the face. I bowed my head slightly and hid my expression completely.

The marquis’ carriage was waiting in advance in front of the Lion Palace. Kaelus leaned on my arm and climbed cautiously onto the carriage.

“Sleep for a moment.”


My favorite closed his eyes with a drooping answer.

I swept my arm unnoticed by him. The weight still lingers like a hallucination.


I should calm down first when I get home.


After returning home from the cabinet meeting, Kaelus had to rest the whole time. Therefore, the letter about Baron Potos was not received until the next day.

“When I was at the Lion Palace yesterday, the servant gave it to me.”

I handed over the baron’s invitation to dinner in an envelope.

Sitting languidly on the sofa, he picked up the letter with a rather insincere movement.

“Dinner? Why are you showing me this?”

No wonder he is wondering. This is because I have rejected most of these invitations.

The condition of Kaelus was also worrisome, and there was also a reason why the intention they invited was too obvious. In short, there was no need to struggle with the meeting that was not very nutritious.

Baron Potos’ invitation to dinner was similar at first glance. So I revealed the hidden circumstances to Kaelus.

“It’s a little special this time. You know Baron Potos owns a merchant ship to and from another country, right?

“Yeah, but?”

“The merchant ship will sink.”


Kaelus sat up slightly from his limp body.

I went on and on.

“I don’t know the exact date, but in the next year, the merchant ship will meet a storm and sink. The aristocrats who invested in merchant ships would lose a lot.”

“It must be the same for the baron himself.”

“Yes. The problem is that the baron family, instead of paying off their debts, runs away.”


Kaelus looked at me in a ridiculous way.

“He’s a person who doesn’t even have basic decency.”

“Yes, but if you meet him and find out about the investors, you can save the people who will suffer if you can’t stop the merchant ship sinking.”

But he shook his head with excitement.

“Everyone has to take the risks of investing. You don’t have to use your prophecy to stop it.”

As expected, my bias is cold. It’s not like I’ve stopped admiring that cold charm.

In the end, I shrugged my shoulders and confessed my true intentions.

“Phew, you’re right. I’ll be honest with you. I want to get information from the investors that Baron Potos has. I think you can use it to your advantage.”

Only then did Kaelus’ expression slightly loosen.

“Oh, was that what you meant?”

“In fact, there is no excuse to stop people from investing in merchant ships. I can’t even say I saw a prophecy.”


“There will be people who will lose money, but it’s enough for me if I know who the investors are.”


He thought for a moment with his eyes down, and soon raised the corners of his mouth faintly.

“I’ll accept the invitation. It’s not difficult. You may reply that I will go.”

“Oh, thank you!”

I didn’t think you’d accept it so soon!

I couldn’t help but be genuinely grateful.

“I won’t forget your help, Kaelus.”

“You don’t have to thank me so much for everything. Because I got a lot of help from you.”

He murmured like a sigh.

But I’m already at the maximum level of excitement!

“Ha ha, thank you for being so helpful. I mean it.”

With my words that did not hide my joy,


Kaelus turned his eyes away.

Isn’t that cute? That cold-hearted favorite is not good at saying thank you.


It was a simple meal, so less than three days after exchanging letters, Kaelus and I sat down at Baron Potos’ dinner table.

“Oh, it’s an honor to have you here, Marquis Kaelus!”

The barons greeted us groveling to the point where we thought it was an exaggeration.

No, to be exact, Kaelus.

When I stepped into this mansion and saw the attitude of these families, I realized for sure.

The real purpose of their attempt to invite the marquis, or Kaelus, to dinner was to present their daughter, Diocke.


I was so speechless.

It’s a dinner invitation that I asked for, but it’s grossly unpleasant.

I remember Baron Potos being so obnoxious to Helios before he returned and bringing in his daughter. But this time it’s not Helios, it’s Kaelus!

The saying that personality doesn’t go anywhere is just right. I must have looked very funny because I was a commoner marquis wife. I thought I had a place in society in my own way, but nevertheless, there are always people who look down on me like this.

Even Diana, the commoner crown princess, looked down on me.

Now that I’ve been treated like this, I can’t just eat. Be prepared to scratch off what you want with just one meeting today*, Baron Potos.

*TN: just forget what he was planning due to this rude meeting

Diocke, who pretended to be innocent, grabbed the hem of her dress brilliantly and bent her knees.

“I’m relieved to see you recover, Lord Kaelus. Please enjoy your time.”


Kaelus is indeed the coolest man in the empire. Diocke is just looking down with a cold gaze.

We were guided by the baroness and headed for the glorious dining hall.

Maybe it’s because it’s a house that owns a boat, but they just splashed money everywhere in the house. That’s not even close to the income of Kaelus, who owns the Illion estate.

As we sat down at the table, the maids quickly carried the dishes.

The barons talked about their personal affairs and their recent status. Since the purpose of the event was ‘How about my daughter as a second bride?’ He seemed to be trying to go in a light atmosphere as much as possible.

“I was so happy to hear that you were back at the cabinet meeting, marquis.”

 “Yeah. Now you seemed to have a good mind, so we were relieved.”

The baron and the baroness spoke with great tenderness.

But my favorite asked in a very businesslike tone, after casually raising his head once.

“By the way, when will the next merchant ship depart?”

“Oh… our merchant ship, you mean…?”

The barons looked at each other and then turned to Kaelus again.

“If you buy the goods with investment money and ship them…. Will you leave soon?”

“I don’t think the exact date of departure has been decided yet.”

Such a sloppy answer did not work for Kaelus. The baron managed to smile in embarrassment.

“Sorry, yes. We haven’t got all the money yet…”

“But you don’t have to be impatient. Marquis, it hasn’t been long since my last voyage.”

The baroness quickly added.

Diocke tried to cut off the topic of conversation properly.

“Come to think of it, you look a little thinner than before.”

Oh, it’s not a bad start. Come on, Diocke.

“Is that so?”

A snapped answer. Oops, Miss Diocke. I think you’ve failed.

Kaelus slipped the ball to me.

“Hestia, didn’t you say you were interested in the merchant ship of the Potos?”

“Oh, yes, I did.”

Wow. I’m so happy to have a partner who’s in sync.

I looked at the baron with a grin.

“I’m surprised you haven’t collected all the money yet. I understand that the baron’s investment in merchant ships is quite creditworthy.”


Only then did the baron realize that I had the initiative in this meeting, not Kaelus.

After exchanging significant glances with the baroness.

“In fact, in terms of the size of the funds, we’ve gathered around the same level as our last departure. But wouldn’t it take some time because the project we’re planning is bigger?”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, we’re looking to recruit new investors as well as those who have invested steadily. Is the marchioness interested?”

At the baron’s question, I blushed shyly as if I had been caught in my innermost thoughts.

“I heard there’s a lot of net profit left.”

“Hahaha, that’s just nagging.”

The baron is trying to lure me into a new investment – a prey – and I’m trying to dig up information about investors from him.

We’re going to hide our true feelings and throw bait to get what we want.

“If Lady Marquis invests, we will give you at least twice as much profit.”

“Oh, does business work the way you want it to? Double the bottom line, it’s like a dream.”

Even in modern times, revenue-guaranteed transactions are fraudulent or illegal. You have to apply the brake once here.

When I slipped back, the baroness joined the war.

“That means it’s a safe business. And if you’re a high-ranking aristocrat like a marquis, you deserve it.”

“Well, then….”

I blurted out the end of my speech as if I were hesitant. Then I turned to Kaelus.

“Kaelus. Well, the investment is…”

“Do as you please. I’ll add more if it’s not enough.”

The barons looked rather surprised. It seems quite strange that Kaelus supports me firmly.

There’s only one person here who’s not happy. Diocke has a bitter look on her face. I think you wanted us to be a show window couple*.

*TN: just for show, not a partnership

The son of the baron couple, who had been quiet all along, finally stepped in.

“The bigger the seed money, the better. You have to bury a lot of money to make a big profit.


I snorted inwardly, pretending to be troubled.

Before returning, I think I know why these noblemen ran away at night.

They raised funds and launched a merchant ship, but it sank into the water, and their daughter was not a princess in place of Diana.

Since the merchant ship had completely disappeared, it was just lost. There was nothing left anyway, so it wouldn’t matter if they threw it all away and ran away.

Anyway, I don’t have a good heart to tell them the impending disasters.

Let’s put a stop to it and stick to my purpose.

“It’s worth thinking about investing a lot of money. By the way, Baron Potos.”

When I spoke softly, the baron’s upper body came forward.

“Yes, go ahead, marchioness.”

“May I know what kind of people invested in merchant ships? I think I’d be pretty sold if someone reliable had invested.”

Let’s see how the baron will react.

“Oh… the names of the investors?”

The baron asked back rather than embarrassed.

“Right, you said the amount of money you’ve raised is similar to the last time, so I wonder if the investors are the same people.”

“Um… Well, you’re asking for some pretty sensitive information…”

The baron rolled his eyes and looked at the baroness. The baroness was also reluctant.

“Some of the investors asked me not to identify them. If we don’t want to lose our credibility, we can’t help it…”

It’s harder than I thought. But if you’re a businessman, you have to put up a barrier like this. Rotten apple.

Therefore, a stronger weapon was prepared to break through this iron wall.

“If you provide me with information, I’ll invest at a price that you won’t regret. Of course, we will do our best to secure the information.”

Kaelus added immediately to my words.

“I guarantee what my wife says. Or, if you don’t trust our investment commitment, we can do a little bit of a pre-investment here.”


“Oh, marquis….”

The baron couple’s eyes glistened.

In the meantime, my heart fluttered and I clenched my fist secretly.

Did you hear that? Kaelus guaranteed me!

What is one of the moments where words make your blood rush to your ear? I mean, you don’t ever stand up for other people’s guarantees!

But my favorite did the hard thing.


My voice trembled with emotion.


Kaelus raised only the glass of wine with an insignificant face.

That indifferent response drives people crazy. That’s really mean. amazing.

Baron Potos was greatly pleased.

“If Marquis Kaelus says so….”

The baron’s son was instructed by the baron and hurried out. And after a while, he came back with a folded envelope.

“I’ll really just give you the name, except for the investment, Marchioness Hestia.”

“Oh, that’s enough.”

Things went so easily that I was rather dumbfounded.

All thanks to Kaelus’ solid support. To be honest, I didn’t do much.

In the first place, Kaelus accepted this unnecessary invitation only for my needs. I received unspeakable help.

My life goal of making him happy is burning more and more. I have to do my best.

Anyway, after I got what I wanted, I was quite relaxed. The only thing left is to eat deliciously.

And Diocke must have thought the same thing.

“Now that we’re done talking about business, I think we can talk about something light.”

The baroness and her brother also responded.

“Haha, I know. This is also to celebrate the marquis’ complete recovery!”

Congratulations on your recovery. You’re not showing off your daughter?

I swallowed my laughter inside and smiled with dignity on the outside. Anyway, rice is innocent, and I’m ready to eat deliciously.

Diocke kept talking about this and that to get Kaelus’ attention. But each time, Kaelus consistently gave short answers of no more than five syllables, disappointing the barons.


Watching the scene, I suddenly thought a lot of thoughts.

It’s already been months since I married Kaelus. Before returning, I lived for about two more years after the end of the novel, so if there is no big change, I have a little more than a year left in the world.

Of course, that weak Baron Potos won’t be the father-in-law of Kaelus, but I hope that Kaelus will have a place to mind after I leave, even if it’s not necessarily Diocke.

Well, Diana could come back to Kaelus’ heart. But until she sincerely kneels down before him and regrets, Kaelus will not be so thirsty as before to remove his liver and gallbladder. He’ll look at her with more lukewarm feelings than the first time.

Frankly, I have doubts. Can Kaelus love a woman other than Diana?

Isn’t there a saying like that? You can’t forget your first love until you die. Even if it’s not that, Kaelus’ position in the original work was a tragic second lead looking at “love that can’t be achieved forever.”

Or even if he falls in love, he’ll try to find a woman that resembles Diana in that new “love.”

Of course, now that the novel is over, connecting Kaelus and Diana may be a little bit unlikely.

However, once his image is in my head so is Diana, I keep connecting her to Kaelus. It is by no means a good habit.

“Lord Kaelus. This souffle is our chef’s specialty. It’s really good.”

Diocke tried to slide in tirelessly.

“I see.”

Kaelus also firmly stuck to the short answers.

I feel rather sorry for her at this point. Indeed, Kaelus was a sweet-looking man only for Diana. I guess this setting doesn’t change.

But on the other hand, Diocke is truly a brave woman.

How dare you seduce a man who has a tumultuous love triangle with the current crown prince and his wife in the past, even though it is a contract marriage, in front of his formal spouse. Whatever else, I should at least acknowledge that spirit.

I took advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity to save Diocke and end the boring meeting.

“I’ve got to go back now. I lost track of time while talking.”

“Shall we?”

Kaelus kept a cold expressionless face until the end, even though it may sound very welcome.

Baron Potos bowed very politely to me and Kaelus, who had become ‘big hands’ customers.

“I’ll see you soon, marquis, marchioness.”

 He seems to really believe that I will invest a lot of money.

I replied with an elegant smile.

“Yes, I look forward to seeing you again, baron.”


When the carriage door closed completely, we sighed almost simultaneously.



The sound made me giggle.

“You did a great job, Kaelus.”

“You’re the one.”

Kaelus shook his head. He blocked Diocke’s wave attack with a short answer like a knife, and seems to have consumed his physical strength unseen.

I thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

“Thank you for supporting me in front of the barons. Thanks to you, I achieved my goal so easily that I couldn’t believe it.”

“It’s nothing compared to the help I’ve received from you.”

“Oh, I didn’t help you to get anything in return. I just did it because I wanted to.”

“Then let’s say I’m the same.”

Without losing, Kaelus replied.

Somehow I felt warm inside my heart. Even if I speak so calmly, I can feel that he is truly grateful to me.

Instead of opening my mouth more, I smiled shyly at him. The purple eyes that look at me are also slightly bent.



For such a short time, we exchanged glances without saying a word.

I thought my face would be heated if I looked at it longer, so I quickly closed my eyes and looked for my handbag.

“Oh, where’s the envelope that my Baron’s son brought me….”

“Oh, Hess…”

I eagerly pretended not to know Kaelus’ voice, which seemed to be somewhat despondent.

An envelope that is quietly placed in a handbag. I’m saved! I can break this strange, tickling atmosphere with this!


There were no particular remarkable details in the neatly written names in the envelopes.

I handed the list to Kaelus.

“The list of investors is normal. It contains all the names of the most powerful nobles in the capital.”

“You’ve been through a lot, that’s a shame.”

I shook my head softly at his words.

“But I didn’t suffer for nothing. We know who the other people are who didn’t invest.”

Baron Potos said he was definitely looking for new investors besides them.

So I can use this list to choose who to rescue or push into the abyss.

First, I asked Kaelus.

“Are there any of these investors that you want to save?”

“Well, not really.”

A dry answer. It really doesn’t seem to exist. Then I guess there’s no one I should pay particular attention to.

Then, suddenly, a question came in.

“Are you going to tell him about the merchant ship?”

“Well, there’s no particular reason to hide it….”

However, I don’t want to let him know quickly.


“…As long as I get the right timing….”


I spoke to myself without realizing it.

Kaelus looked at me in wonder.

I chuckled.

“Even if I do the same thing, the effect depends on how I get the timing right.”

I have to tell Helios that the merchant ship will sink.

However, I decide the timing. In the best interests of Kaelus and I.


The fact that the marquis has returned to politics has two great meanings.

The first is that his mental illness has recovered and his daily life has been restored.. And secondly, inevitably, he had to have frequent encounters with Helios.

Helios is another party that drove Kaelus to a dead end. But without any protection, Kaelus has to face him in this dog-like situation.

However, isn’t there a limit to following and protecting your favorite person? The rest must be trusted by Kaelus*. Otherwise, he’ll be offended by the overprotective protection against him.

*TN: she needs to trust that he can handle it or he’ll be offended

I spoke to Kaelus who was getting ready to go to the imperial palace.

“As you watch the story progress, please pass on this prophecy to the Crown Prince.”


Kaelus stopped trying to tie his tie and picked up the envelope I had put out.

“Yes, it’s the kingdom’s war threat you’ve been preparing for.”

“Oh, I see. Is it time?”

I nodded my head.

“You’ll see some signs. You should point out the signs to the crown prince without passing on them.”

Obviously others would think that the kingdom is sending troops to deal with nomadic tribes on the border, as it has always been.

Once the imperial emperor is notified under this pretext, it has the effect of not being recognized as a significant threat. Therefore, even if it feels that the enemy’s troops are larger than usual at the border, no special preparation will be made.

If Kaelus has to face Helios inevitably, it would be better to discuss such a major national event. Don’t let him talk about his personal affairs unnecessarily.

Still, I added a word to my own selfishness.

“If the crown prince tries to talk about something personal, just say no and come out. You can do that in your own right?”

Kaelus replied lightly.

“I see, but I can’t do anything if he gives me orders again.”

“He wouldn’t do that again, would he? I’ve told him before, so that’s….”

At the end, however, I blurted out my words without confidence.

Frankly, there is no reason not to do so again. He had a history of trying to break into a secret library.

“Heh. If I respond appropriately, there’s no problem. Don’t worry.”

Kaelus replied with a snort.

I hope you come back safely.


While Kaelus went out to the palace, I received a letter from Countess Erinnis.

And soon I was in a daze.

“What a ridiculous person!!”

What a cheap mouth the Baron Potos has!

No, I didn’t express my intention to invest with certainty, but he’s already bragging here and there that I’ve decided to invest in merchant ships!

In fact, it’s not a bad way to do it just by sales strategy. For those who need to recruit new investors quickly, the fact that the marquis and his wife expressed their willingness to invest at dinner has an advertising effect in themselves.

However, the person involved is not feeling too good to be talked about in this way.

“They’re drinking kimchi soup first*. Really……!”

*TN: idiom to count one’s chickens before they hatch (i.e getting ahead of themselves)

I immediately wrote back to Erinnis.

“Thank you for letting me know… By the way, do you know anything about the barons?… In fact, at dinner….”

An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.

If the barons are selling me this way, I can set fire the same. Spreading the hidden ambitions of those humans all over the world.

What to say to Erinnis is simple. The baron family tried to get to the throne and the marquis’ seat with Diocke at the forefront. Maybe it’s because we’re both commoners and easy. What does she usually say and do at social gatherings?

“Well, you’ve touched the wrong person.”

What if I throw this bait to Erinnis? I can already see it. She is anxious to shake her mouth off to her close friends*.

*TN: eager to gossip

Then, I wrote another letter. This time it was for Baron Potos himself.

“I’m indescribably disappointed by the baron’s hasty words and actions….”

You’re asking me to be concerned about security.

There are so many people in the world who are generous to themselves.*

*TN: only think about themselves

I threatened to withdraw my investment intention if the rumors spread further, and sent this letter to the baron.


I cooled down, fanning my hot face.

Now we have to think about the future.

Unless he is a fool, the baron will flinch and try to pick up the words he uttered back. At the same time, he will try to patch up Diocke’s rumors. That’s Diocke’s sullen ambition, which I spilled a while ago through Erinnis.

 “Hmm. It could be useful somewhere.”

A  self-contained victory.

I’m talking about Baron Potos’ family, who was trying to use me.

I spread the list of investments in the Potos merchant ship along with the fanatic note. With the tip of a pen, I tapped between the two and went back and forth, thinking deeply.

Investors, or those who didn’t invest.

Marchioness Hestia, who thought she had invested but didn’t.

I put some important keywords and put them together here and there, and soon something began to be caught faintly.

“Oh, if I do this….”

I scribbled the scenario briefly on a fanatic note.

One scene. Baron Potos hurriedly corrects the marquis’ wife’s investment in merchant ships..

Scene two. The prospective investors who thought I was investing turn their back on it.

Scene three. Business in trouble. Baron wants me to step up and appease potential customers. In addition, they ask me to collect rumors about Diocke.

Scene 4. Then I accept his request conditionally.

“Conditions… What conditions…?”

I chewed the tip of the pen as I now had a habit. Now, how are you going to be useful, Baron Potos.


At that moment, there was a keyword that suddenly caught my eye.

“Those who didn’t invest…!”

It’s a baron’s merchant ship that’s about to sink. Therefore, investors will lose a lot of money sooner or later, and those who do not invest will be able to preserve their assets.

So what if you make someone invest here who hasn’t decided yet?

“Hahaha… Diana….”

I laughed with a somber sound.

I set my terms in favor of the baron. Making Diana invest in his merchant ship.

Humming, I hummed in my fan’s notebook.

Scene 5. Under my terms, the baron attracts Diana as an investor.

The details need to be more refined, but the approximate scenario is complete.

From one scene to four scenes, it seems that it will proceed smoothly without any special behind-the-scenes work.

The problem is scene five.

Baron Potos and his daughter Diocke are ambitious but not very clever. In addition, Dianna is famous for not listening to other people’s words even if she dies.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to persuade Diana entirely with their own power. I have to do some basic work to make things easier.

 “Should I see Helios after all? It’s no big deal.”

An uncomfortable encounter with Helios. But if you want to catch a tiger, shouldn’t you go into a tiger’s den?

I flicked my tongue out a new piece of letter paper and envelope. The same one I gave to Kaelus earlier.

The so-called prophecy-only envelope. It was a high-end letter paper used only to give prophecies to Helios.

My prediction for writing here is none other than Baron Potos’s sinking of a merchant ship.

It’s easy to think that I have to hide it to persuade Diana to invest, but it’s the opposite. It is better to use Diana’s psychology in reverse.

Helios has faith in my prophecies anyway. But Diana does not.

Diana’s distrust of me must have been very extreme, having already had a big fight at tea time not too long ago.

Even if she believes in the prophecy to some extent, if she hears this prophecy from Helios’ mouth, she will try to do the opposite of my prophecy.

Why? Because if you give up your investment, you’ll admit to what I’m saying!

Diana wouldn’t want to look like she’s quitting her investment because of my words even if she dies soon. Especially for Helios.

 I diligently teased my pen.

“There’s no use trying to be proud….”

I completed his wisdom by muttering. Baron Potos’ merchant ship will sink.’

Sooner or later, there may be another fight between husband and wife. Diana’s investment? It doesn’t matter if it actually happens.

The real point is that this will make Diana and Helios irrevocably distant. And that brings Diana back to her fond memories of Kaelus.

Arrogant heroine, Diana.

I hope you regret it and regret it again.

I want you to look back desperately on who you owe it to for walking on the cider Road.

I hope you realize what it was like to throw it away coldly to choose Helios and hit the ground belatedly.

I resent your life for living without rough ups and downs.

And curse your god who made you do that.

“… The novel is over now.”

Isn’t the world outside the original a playground for fans? Something like that that’s perfect for enthusiastic readers like me to create a secondary one.

“Diana, do you know who your god is? Do you think he knows better than me?”

I snorted.

Knowing the secrets of the created world is truly a tremendous power.

I will use this power only for the happiness of Kaelus.

For my derelict favorite.

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