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FMDF – Chapter 19


After being caught in her secret, Diana certainly seemed to have changed her mind.

“Oh, you’re finally here!”

I hummed.

Finally, the long-awaited invitation came. We invite you to tea time with Diana and her friends!

But no hair was pulled out. The date on the invitation was the very next day. She wouldn’t give me time to prepare.

It’s annoying, but it’s not like I can’t get over it.

“Phew, don’t you think I should dress up?”

I can never beat Diana by appearance. She’s the beauty of the world from the start. She’s a good girl, pretty, and the male characters in the novel couldn’t help but fall in love with her.

Therefore, we must compete in a thorough atmosphere. It is important to firmly build my own image that Diana cannot imitate.

I rushed for Clarice and Tekima.

“Tomorrow is the tea time of her majesty the crown princess. But I want to be perfectly prepared.”

Clarice opened his mouth with a serious look.

“First of all, make sure to wear the seal ring. There’s nothing like showing your authority at once.”

Tekima also said, wiping his forehead with a handkerchief.

“Do you have any direction or strategy in mind? We’ll pick your outfits and accessories accordingly.”

I lined up all my clothes and accessories in front of them. At the unfolding spectacle, some of the maids did not leave the room and snooped around.

“Well, that’s all I have. I want a color that is completely contrasted with her highness. I don’t have to look good.”

It was not only to Tekima and Clarice, but also to the ladies of the house.

What do I need now? It’s collective intelligence!

When I gave permission, each of them began to speak up. The room soon became noisy.

“Why don’t you wear all black? Your hair color is black, so I think it’ll look good on you!”

“It would look like the crown prince. Rather, Lady Hestia, the people there are mostly single young girls, so how about a dignified atmosphere?”

“Oh, my God, Lady Hestia is the same age!”

I guess it was pretty loud. In the middle of the noise, I heard a gentle tap on the open door.

“Lady  Hestia. It’s Uross.”

I suddenly came to my senses.

“Oh, was it too loud? I should have kept the door closed.”

“Haha, it’s not. It’s just that the master is curious….”

Gosh. There is a person at home who is quietly studying diplomatic secrets, but I stopped him by bothering him.

My face turned red apologetically. Just when I was in a hurry to tidy up.

“Something’s intense. Can I join you?”


My favorite is here! He tied his long silver hair to the back to show off his pure beauty! Oh, where’s the gun? There can’t be two suns in the world, so I should shoot the sun in the sky right now.

The people gave way to Kaelus. He sat next to me with his long legs crossed, quite rightly.

“Keep going.”

Oh, I’m getting hit. This proud and imposing figure.

“Well, then….”

I slipped my hand onto the burning cheek. It’s hot.

After coughing once, Clarice continued what she was really doing.

“I’d like to recommend some heavy colors, too. But considering your age, it’s not a bad idea to expose yourself as boldly as young ladies.”

No, exposure?!

“Oh, the lady-in-waiting thinks the same as me. It would be pretty cool to paint on the exposed skin.”

What? What are you drawing on my skin?

But what a great idea this is, the ladies of the house began to exclaim.

“What a great idea!”

“No one will be able to take their eyes off of you!”

Then Kaelus asked suddenly.

“Where are you going? Why are you thinking so hard?”

“Her highness the crown princess invited me to tea time. With her young friends….”

As I answered, my voice gradually became smaller. In the end, I was struggling not to fall behind Diana.


Kaelus was silent, too.

Shame is shame, and anyway, shouldn’t we solve what’s coming tomorrow? It’s in front of Kaelus, but I have no choice but to put an iron plate on my face*.

*TN: put on a strong front

I raised my red face, and continued to prepare.

“Well… let’s pick the right dress.”

At my word, Clarice quickly picked up a dress.

“This color looks just right, Lady Hestia,”

Tekima quickly helped.

“I’ll have to touch the shoulders and chest. I can do it in no time.”

“Okay, let’s decide on this.”

A quick decision.

Clarice’ choice of dress fell into Tekima’s hands. He scrambled without hesitation even though everyone, including Kaelus, was watching. Maybe it’s because he knows it’s not a very expensive fabric, so he’s very bold.

“It’s done. Marchioness, would you like to try it on?”

I woke up and said to Kaelus.

“I’ll go change.”


He answered by nodding, his finger supporting his head.

Inside the dress room, Clarice and the maids helped me change. How the cut fits so well, Tekima’s dexterity should be recognized anyway. The end of the freshly cut fabric are not finished, so it’s a little loose, but it can’t be helped right now.

I came out after changing clothes.

“Well, what do you think?”

Skin that shows more boldly under the collarbone line. Almost all sleeves were cut off to make it a sleeveless dress.

Tekima diligently picked out the accessories by wiping his forehead with a handkerchief.

“Put on these long gloves that go up on your elbows…. Oh, bracelets are perfect for your wrist.…”

“What about the necklace?”

Even though Kaelus casually asked, Tekima was not detered at all.

“Well, I wish the rope were thicker, but that’s fine. If we paint on the skin, it’s better that the jewelry isn’t too intense.”

“Where and what are you going to draw?”

Somehow, questions and answers only come and go between Kaelus and Tekima.

“As I recall right now, I’m going to draw a long curve up and down all over one of her arms… then the side of the neck and shoulders….”

I turned gently around not to disturb Tekima’s inspiration.

“I’m planning to draw petals and stems in a curved shape, but do you want anything else?”

Snake. Viper. It’s going to be very intense.

But I murmured inwardly. Because if I really did, there would be a flock of sheep—with pure expressions.


Kaelus looked at me with serious eyes.


Ugh. I don’t know. My favorite is staring at my body. My face is bleeding like it’s going to explode.

At last he spoke.



I didn’t understand as quickly and just blinked. On the other hand, expert Tekima was much faster than me.

“Oh! That’s a very good idea, marquis.”

“Instead of red, I’d do blue.”

Kaelus added with an indifferent look. Tekima nodded and took notes.

“Yes, I see. Blue flames are hotter by nature.”

I can’t stop laughing at Tekima’s face.


Tekima quickly returned to the studio, saying he would complete the reformed dress. Clarice and other maids moved in perfect order and organized the room.

Meanwhile, I poured coffee for Kaelus.

“It was too loud…?”

When I asked awkwardly, an unexpectedly simple answer came back.

“No. It was a rare sight in this house, so it was quite fun.”

I calmly explained how I was invited to Diana’s tea time.

“Actually, Madame Harmonia asked me desperately. There was no suitable advisor around her, and she said she wanted me to be close to her.”

“Oh, but you don’t like her very much.”

“Honestly… I don’t like her personally, but I don’t want to completely ignore madam’s request. What’s more surprising is that the crown princess sent me an invitation.”


Kaelus looked down slightly, as if he were thinking something.

I’m going crazy. I’m starting to get excited by myself again. The pure, silver-haired, cold-looking man who’s lost in thought!

Before the round of silly comments spread out of my head, I quickly took a sip of coffee. Wake up, wake up.

A faint sigh came out of his lips.

“The crown princess seems to be in a pretty bad situation.”

“Oh, you think so, don’t you? I guessed similarly.”

I added with a wry smile.

“I don’t think she invited you in a good way. She might rebuke you on the spot again. Still, it’s a pretty bad choice for a change of pace in her situation.”


Kaelus touched his chin and slowly shook his head.

The surrounding area became quiet, and only me and Kaelus were left in the room.

Let me ask him again at this point. I wonder if it’s inconvenient for him to confront Diana so fiercely.

“Well, Kaelus.”


Kaelus raised her eyes indifferently.

“Please let me know if it bothers you. I mean, this is how I meet with  the crown princess.”


He twisted the tip of his lips slightly.

“To be honest, I don’t care. But sometimes I think about this.”

A lonely continuation of words.

“…whether I like it or hate it, I wonder why I’m so eager when it’s annoying to have ’emotions’ in any way.”

It was something that only those who truly felt skeptical about life itself could say. It breaks my heart that I seemed to have tasted his pain that is still in progress.

Even if the outward life was slowly returning to its former days, the wounds deeply engraved on his heart were not easily healed. Maybe I can never erase it.

There is no such thing as a wound that disappears with a wash. It may fade a little over the years, but it is impossible to live as if it never existed.

So you shouldn’t hurt someone recklessly. Whether it’s big or small, the wounds of the heart can remain like scars for the rest of his life.


I bowed my head. No matter how much I make a fuss, I can’t completely heal that deep wound in Kaelus.

However, instead of me who is doing my best to heal his wounds, I am just acting as a person who sympathizes with his pain and represents revenge that he cannot do.

When is the most unfair and resentful time in your life? It’s hard and painful for me, but it’s time for my opponent to stretch her feet.*

*TN: Diana can’t be sitting peacefully anymore so she needs to prepare to run

However, such emotions are possible only when there is some strength left in the body and mind. If life has collapsed beyond even this.

As Kaelus said a while ago, even “being unfair and resentful” becomes difficult. I don’t want to feel any emotion, I’m just dazed and barely holding my breath.

Is it frustrating? Why don’t you take revenge quickly? Do I want to use that hate as leverage to urge him to stand up? But that’s the arrogance of a woman who hasn’t lost everything.

“Tomorrow, I wish you good luck.”

Kaelus laid down his coffee cup on the table. And as always, I slowly got up and walked.

“…Yes. I’ll be back.”

I feel like crying for no reason.


Despite the tight schedule, Tekima stayed up all night to finish and brought the finished work early the next morning.

“As I said yesterday, I’ll draw a picture on the exposed area, marchioness.”

Another important weapon along with the dress.

Even though we aren’t painting all over the body like modern artists do, this ‘temporary tattoo’ that Tekima decided and prepared was also a kind of body painting.

A protective sheet was laid on the bed. I lay on my stomach in comfortable pajamas.

When I put my exposed arm on the pillow, the work finally began.

“I’m going to use an indelible pigment for hours. It doesn’t spread easily even if sweat or a little bit of water touches it.”

I was slightly impressed by Tekima’s explanation.

“When the hell did you study this stuff?”

“Madam marquis. I have a party going on all day long in my head.”

I lay face down and laughed. The wind made Tekima look serious.

“Oh, I can’t draw if you shake like this.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

The room soon became quiet.

Tekima concentrated horribly. Even though he must have been tired from working all night, he was full of energy as if he were not tired at all.

A colorful pattern was soon formed on the flat skin.

Blue flames. The image that came to mind when Kaelus looked at me.


My heart is throbbing. My heart is bursting with emotion.

I got a big present, unexpected. Something incredible that I dare not price.

I’m so thankful for Kaelus that I don’t have any regrets even if I die like this.

Blue flames. Blue looks colder than red, but it’s actually much hotter.

Well, it seems too self-conscious to give this meaning, but whatever. How can a successful fan be like this? An invincible fan who survived transmigration. Aren’t I the obsessive reader who regained the second lead that was blown away from the original after the original?

When the work on the arm was finished, he moved to the back of the neck this time. The tip of a careful brush passed cautiously over the skin.

I wish there were pictures in this world. I miss it, too.

The painting was finished before I knew it.

“Thank you for your hard work. Marchioness, it’s done.”

Tekima sighed loudly and backed away. I stood up in front of the mirror.


“Do you like it?”

“Of course! How wonderful.”

“It’ll be better if you put on your dress, marchioness.”

Tekima smiled confidently.

In that case, we need to check it out. With the help of the maids, the dress was quickly put on.


Indeed, his confidence was not in vain. The blue flame, which rises from the long gloves and spreads on the forearm, itself was a colorful accessory.

Clarice, who was smiling with satisfaction, nudged.

“Kaelus would love to see it. Why don’t you go there?”

 “Do you think so?”

Pretending not to be able to ignore the invitation, I found Kaelus’ room looking ready to go out.


I couldn’t enter confidently and knocked on the open door. Fortunately, he recognized it.



I hesitated into the room. I lifted my arm slightly and turned around in place.

“It’s complete.”


Kaelus’ purple eyes were rarely enlarged. It looks pretty good to him, too.

“Thanks to you, it became a wonderful work. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I’m glad it suits you.”

I can’t express my gratitude for him in words, but I still want to say it.

“I mean it. Blue flames. I’m so grateful that you thought of this image after seeing me. I feel like I got the biggest gift in my life.”

“…I don’t think you’ve ever received a gift, have you?”

“Ha ha, that’s not it, that means it’s the most precious.”

I laughed out loud.

“Then I’ll be back.”


Instead of talking, Kaelus responded by raising his hand lightly.



As soon as I entered the palace, I felt people’s eyes catching. The court ladies who were passing by even stopped walking.

I can’t help but stand out. I’m not wearing expensive jewelry, but I have something more beautiful than jewelry.

As Clarice advised, a seal ring was proudly placed on the finger. None of the young lovers attending today owned the family’s seal ring. So this ring suggests that the water we play are different.

I headed for my destination with a brisk step. The patronage of the lily palace. It was a place full of flowers that Diana took care of herself.

Diana was also talented in gardening in the original work. Original fans used to refer to her as Druid.

“Oh, Marchioness Hestia!”

Madam Harmonia, who was here first, greeted me warmly.

“How are you, Madam?”

“Oh, my….”

Her reaction is very dramatic, after all, when I deliberately took it in a nonchalant way. Breathing in and covering her lips with her hands, she looked at the guests once and came back to me.

“Oh, my God, I’ve never seen anything like this before!”

“Whoa, thanks to a good designer. Oh, and this flame pattern was my husband’s idea.”

I stretched my chest.

Young ladies my age couldn’t take their eyes off me. I’ve brushed you off at banquets, but it’s my first time greeting you formally, so I introduced myself with dignity.

“My name is Hestia. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

I winked at Harmonia. Obviously, she promised to be on my side here? Didn’t she tell me before that I just had to stay put?

“Ho-ho, you’ve come all the way here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, marchioness.”

She, who was also experienced, soon noticed the meaning of my eyes.

There was no aristocrat who didn’t know the uncomfortable relationship between Diana and I. The young ladies also exchanged eyes with each other, and finally one brave person came forward and greeted me ceremonially.

“I’ve heard a lot about Lady Marquis. I hope you enjoy the refreshments and go home.”

There is a sense of vigilance that is not completely hidden. But I didn’t bother to be offended. I’m not here to make friends.

Meanwhile, as Harmonia said, there were attendees who were curious about me.

“Well, if you don’t mind, may I ask how you dressed up?”

“Oh, of course.”

I replied with a beaming face.

“You know, her majesty likes to be frugal. So instead of fancy dresses and accessories, I drew pictures using skin as a canvas.”

“Oh, oh….”

It wasn’t originally intended like this, but it’s a better interpretation than a dream, and it’s a good meaning, so it’s enough to say it on the spot.

Anyway, the important thing is to emphasize to them that I’m not here to fight Diana.

“I was thinking about what I should draw, but my husband gave me the answer. So like this….”

I showed the blue flame on my arms and neck. A small exclamation burst forth among the ladies.

Someone threw it out of course.

“Marquis Kaelus seems to be very fond of the marchioness, doesn’t he?”

It’s finally out. Curious pride that Kaelus would love a woman other than Diana. It’s just bad luck because they are Diana’s friends.

I raised my chin leisurely.

“To be exact, I’m fully acknowledged as a trusted companion to the marquis. Doesn’t that sound like Kaelus?”

I glanced indifferently at the colorful gaze at me.

“Love is indeed a sweet dream. But life is a reality. My husband and I agreed to stick to this reality.”

 “Then are you very satisfied with your present life?”

Another asked. I nodded my head as if it were natural.

“What can I say? I couldn’t be happier.”

Their eyes slowly shrunk from my unabated attitude. That’s right. The world thinks the pushover is more easy.

At the time when we were fighting with young ladies.

“Her highness the crown princess is coming in.”

A solemnly ringing voice. We all rose from our seats to greet the elders of the imperial family.

Soon Diana, accompanied by the maids, appeared.

Pink hair swaying in the air, blue eyes that seem to capture the ocean as it was, and spotless white skin.

It is a beauty that you have no choice but to admire every time you see it. A creature so loved by God that on the surface she was an unquestionable saintess.

We all bowed down to be polite.

“Honor to the great little moon of the empire.”

I deliberately lowered myself a beat behind the others. I don’t forget to make eye contact with Diana at that short moment.

“Honor to….”

A smile flashed around my mouth. Diana, how can you entertain me in front of me today?


It took a moment of hesitation to respond.

Her feelings were felt in between. Shewouldn’t want to accept the courtesy until she’s satisfied, but there are other young lovers besides me, so she had no choice but to open her mouth.

“…Everyone get up.”

Raising myself, I smiled broadly. I’m so glad to see her.


A fresh scent of flowers and the murmur of water flowing from somewhere. It is a landscape that seems to be in the middle of Mother Nature.

“I really don’t know what to do with you showing me such a wonderful place, your highness the crown princess.”

It’s the first time I’ve been invited to her private meeting, so of course I should be grateful. However, it is important to watch carefully what kind of expression Diana makes at this remark.

Diana looked straight at me with a faint smile.

“I invited you here because I thought I would talk to you a lot in the future. Do you like it?”

Oh, look at this. Something’s definitely changed.

Unlike before, when she openly showed off her dislike with a stiff face, now she seems to have some kind of revenge on me.

Of course, if she was as good at facial expressions as I was, she wouldn’t have noticed at all, but unfortunately she was a beginner.

In the past, when she only lived as a cider heroine, what would she have done to hide her true feelings and devise a scheme? I have the absolute advantage in this kind of underwater fight, as a woman who’s been good at stealing.

“Yes, I’m so thrilled. Isn’t this the place where only your beloved friends come in?”

“That’s a little exaggerated. Anyone who wants to chat with me can see this garden.”

Wow, our actress has improved a lot. I can’t believe you can smile so brightly on the outside while holding a knife inside.

Then I’ll have to raise my eye level a little. You can’t get stabbed if you let your guard down.

Diana’s maids poured tea into the guests’ teacups. Of course, a light full-color liquid was filled in front of me.


Just looking at it, it doesn’t look like it’s going to taste good. Where else are you bringing a cheap tea and forcing it to be frugal?

Diana’s friends, including Harmonia, were already familiar with the tea. They all had their teas gracefully, without a change of expression.

You guys are amazing. Should I pretend to drink, too?

“By the way, Marchioness Hestia.”

“Yes, go ahead, your highness the crown princess.”

For some reason, Diana spoke to me first. It’s unusual, so I’m determined.

“I heard from the temple’s priests that you have not yet prayed for repentance in the temple.”


I glanced at Harmonia with an embarrassed smile. What? That’s a different story. You said she wouldn’t attack me!

But Harmonia also seemed surprised. As soon as she met my eyes, her face quickly turned red.

I knew this would happen. I just sighed.

“I’m sorry, Your Grace. The construction was busy so I couldn’t leave. I’ll be sure to stop by soon.”

“It is said that you were diligent in attending social events. No matter how busy you are, don’t you always have to keep your priorities?”

That’s your priority. I’m different.

But Diana would never admit it, so I’ll have to make a decent excuse.

“Your words are right. Even though I couldn’t find the temple myself, God knows my sincerity in asking for forgiveness. You are the one who always sees the heart of the heart.”

Even if you go to work regularly in the temple, it’s useless if you don’t have sincerity. Then the opposite should be admitted.

Little by little, there was tension.

Fortunately, the youngsters did not rush to help Diana. You may have been tipped off by Harmonia in advance, or you may have been sympathetic to the cause of Countess Erinnis.

Whatever it is, just staying still is a great benefit to me.

As Diana and I slowly showed signs, Harmonia quickly intervened, thinking that this should not be the case.

“By the way, I heard something very interesting from people from Illion.”

“Oh, what is it?”

The young ladies, who had been looking around, also welcomed the change of the topic as if they had waited. Harmonia gained more strength when it gained support.

“The marchioness is providing cheap soap to the people of the country. I heard that ordinary people are very satisfied with the quality.”

“Oh, you mean that.”

I smiled.

“As a commoner, being in a noble family made me want to share the good things widely. Cleanliness is also important to God.”


“First, I started supplying Illion, which I controlled. We have to help the people of the land maintain a clean body and mind at all times.”

After I finished speaking, I looked at Diana with a defiant look.

Now, what do you think? What are you going to pick on?


Invisible flames are popping fiercely in the tightly pulled air.

Then Diana opened her mouth.

“Soap… …I’ve heard rumors. They say it’s very fragrant even though it’s cheap.”

“I wanted to make it feel as luxurious as possible. My husband’s advice was very helpful.”

I said with a pleased smile.

Then some young lady responded favorably.

“I guess Lord Kaelus is really interested in Lady Hestia. I can’t believe he advised the marchioness’ soap business as well as the flame you’re decorated with today.”

“Lady Marquis is truly incredible. You were recognized by the cold marquis.”

Aha. Are these the kind that Harmonia talked about? A bunch of people who said they liked me.

I’m sending them heart-shaped eyes, too.


The voice of Diana, who sank steadily.

“…you’ve encouraged me to admire the nobility.”


She set her eyes straight on me with firm confidence in one’s logic.

“Scent actually doesn’t play a big role in the cleaning power of soap. Instead of removing the scent, it could have been supplied more cheaply, or even for free.”


Wow, it’s more than I expected. I was wondering what you were going to find fault with, and this is how it goes.

I shut my mouth in silence. Diana’s counterargument continued.

“If you really cared about commonors, you should have supplied it for free instead of reaping the benefits. The really poor will not even be able to pay for the soap.”


“But you didn’t do that. On the contrary, even if it costs more to produce it, you purposely made soap that smells like what aristocrats use, and you made the common people buy it and use it to admire and praise the lives of aristocrats.”


“It’s a truly clever and thorough governance strategy. Isn’t the marchioness also a commoner? Why didn’t you look a little lower?”

“…I’m sorry.”

For now, let’s listen to the end of what that righteous heroine says.

 “Hestia, it’s a pity if your soap business is to deny your origins and fuel the desire to rise in status for the common people.”

My origins? The one I was set up as a commoner extra? What about you, Diana? Weren’t you originally a commoner?

Is she going to say that raising the status of the common people is not right while being so good-natured? What’s so wrong with a normal person pursuing a way to eat and live well?

I slowly raised my head. It’s time for a counterattack.

“Your highness, holy lady. Aren’t you the same as me?”


Diana’s big eyes were distorted for a moment.

Harmonia whispered urgently.

“Lady Marquis…”!”

I didn’t even look at madam.

“Your Highness Diana. Your highness, as a commoner, will you not deny that you have risen to this position?”

“Hestia, I’m not like you. There’s a misunderstanding.”

“What do you mean by misunderstanding?”

Tea time is completely ruined.

Harmonia bowed her head. She’ll be ashamed to see me. She promised me everything would be all right, just sit down and go, but it turned out like this.

However, it was rather good. You’re not going to push me to be Diana’s advisor anymore. If I turn my back on Diana perfectly today, it’s the icing on the cake.

Diana replied quite proudly.

  “I didn’t make any effort to become a nobleman. I just did my best in my position. And so I made a covenant with Helios, and as a result I became a crown princess.”

So according to her logic, it’s not her fault that she became a royal by dating? Am I wrong because I became an aristocrat by contract marriage?

I twisted my lips up.

“Then you deny all kinds of political marriages. I’m sure some of the young people here are having such a political marriage, but aren’t you going too far?

All the young lovers who were brought in by surprise held their breath. Diana immediately refuted.

“The need-to-take political spirit and your case are completely different. What on earth would Kaelus propose marriage to get from you? All you had was the status of the adopted daughter of the lord of Elea.”

There’s nothing I can’t say.

“Everyone in the world knows it, but they don’t dare to say it. While Caelus was wandering because of my marriage to Heli, you were..”

Ha. I can’t listen to it anymore.

“I took the marchioness’ place with a cheap trick. For your own benefit….”




People were silently appalled by the blatant ridicule.

I showed my twisted smile to my heart’s content, as if I were dying of joy.

“Alright, Diana. Since everyone here refuses to say it, I’ll say it while I’m at it.”

I love this close tension just before it explodes.

I pointed my finger at the tea cup.

 “Everyone, did you enjoy your tea?”


A pale color that is not thickly brewed.

An incredibly low-grade tea served by the royal family to the nobles. If you pick rosemary growing somewhere in this garden and brew it, it’ll be thicker and tastier than this.

I asked again with a grin.

“Is this tea really worth drinking? Even I, a commoner, can’t drink this tea.”

Amid all the blatant complaints.

“Don’t you originally prefer coffee to tea? Of course it won’t suit your taste.”

Only Diana stared at me with her eyes open.

“Even if I enjoy coffee more, I’m the marquis’ hostess. I’m not so uneducated that I can’t tell the difference between these cheap teas.”

“How long has it been since you lived as an aristocrat?”

“It’s a lot longer than your highness, who became a royal family at least a few months ago. I had long since acquired a peerage as the adopted daughter of the lord of Elea.”

Maybe it was uncomfortable for me to talk back clearly, but someone tackled me sharply.

“How dare you. Your Highness…!”

“Shut up. There is no one here but the royal family who is more noble than me.”

I hit back coldly. lifting up a finger’s seal ring

The ‘royal’ who is more noble than me shut up with a stiff expression. Are you afraid of a dark, evil woman who confronts a white saintess fearlessly?

But it’s only the beginning. The blue flame is just burning.

“You mean this is a treat for the aristocrats who follow you when you serve a bad cup of tea? Please come to our marquis. I’ll give you a taste of the finest Louis Voss anytime.”


Oh, my God. The good saint is screaming

“What’s so evil about letting the common people use some fragrant soap? What sin is it as a human being to pursue a better life by being faithful to his desires?”

“I will never forget this profanity.”

“Is it such a big mistake to become an aristocrat by contract marriage? Then can’t those who have lived as nobles even wash away their sins? Oh, by the way, did you repent deeply before God when you became a royal by marriage?”

“Shut up, Hestia.”

It was Diana, who imitated a fairly solemn royal family. But you were only a commoner not too long ago.

“Am I greedy because I became an aristocrat by political marriage? Than the princess who has become a crown princess with only one fiery love.”

I let out a cold flame.

“You’re just very lucky.”


Diana stood up slowly and caught my eye.

Then there was a move that followed. Her hand picked up the cup in front of her.


There’s tea sprinkled on my face.


“Your Highness…!”

I silently took out my handkerchief. The tea is still hot, maybe because it’s not cool enough.


I wiped his tea-stained face without saying a word. I glanced at his forearm. Fortunately, as Tekima said, the temporary tattoo was fine.

The surroundings were quiet, as if in cold water.

Elegantly, I stood up from my seat. And with the closing comment, I killed her.

“Now that I think about it, I’m suddenly curious. Madame Merope, who devoted herself to the imperial family, is now doing where and what….”



Harmonia and other participants turned pale.

Unless you’re a fool, you understand everything I’m saying. Even if you’re loyal to Diana, you’ll be thrown out like Madame Merope.

I bowed my knees in a modest manner and took an example.

“Thank you very much for sharing your honest feelings today. I wish you all the best.”

The answer is useless. I turned my back on her.




Oh, you’re having a hard time today.

As soon as I took a few steps to leave the garden, I came across a dark shadow at the entrance.


“…Your highness the crown prince.”

I held back my distorted face and bowed. Then, I tried to get out of the position quickly.


“Your clothes are wet… Your face is a bit red, too.”

“I’m sorry, Your Grace. I’ll be on my way.”

I can’t afford to deal with the male lead right now. Even though I look fine, I’m actually completely groggy because of the fiery fight with Diana.

At this moment, the voice sounds like a thousand soldiers.



Alright, now.

I quickly brushed past her without making eye contact with her.



A long sigh spontaneously broke out in the carriage. Then I laughs and sighs again and again.


I want to laugh as loud as I want, but I can’t do it well because I’m exhausted.

What was the last word that pressed Diana? Oh, was, “You’re just lucky.”

“I was stabbed, and stabbed”

It is certain that she also has a subtle entitlement. In the original story, there is a tea-sprinkling scene that appears only once in front of the villainess, Letona.

I tried to gently touch the face that was properly drenched in tea.

“Oh, my… It stings a little….”

It’s not a burn. The tea is so cheap that I don’t think it’ll affect my skin.

By the way, having stimulated Diana to this extent, there will surely be a backlash later. But there is no need to be scared already.

At a time when all of her troops are lost and only Helios has held firmly, is there anything left for Diana to wield?

On the other hand, today’s splendid sword dance in front of Diana will bring together anti-Diana aristocrats by word of mouth.

After the death of the Duke Orcus, they dare not rebel against the emperor and Helios. But since I’ve caused such a wonderful accident, everyone will come running and hide behind me.

I’m good at it, they get the money.

The marquis’ wife, a commoner, will take the lead and carry the gun. Then, when the crown princess’ position is shaken, I will quickly insert my supporters into the position.

A clear picture. I just laugh.

“Well, it doesn’t matter.”

Yeah. Honestly, I really don’t care.

My ultimate goal is that Diana regrets losing all her people on her side and cry.

My real goal is for Diana to kneel down and apologize in front of Kaelus.

You’re so lucky that you’ve been walking all along the cider road, and when you’re done with the heroine buff, experience the vacancy Kaelus desperately.

Isn’t it “luck” that she was born with the best beauty in the world and suddenly gained healing power? It is because of the generous setting of a “God” and an “author” who did not put any effort into it.

Then you should be thankful. You must be deeply humble to the grace given unconditionally.

Still, what’s so good, talking to Kaelus about human morality and holding his neck stiff?

“It’s a real war now, Diana. I’ll hit the ground and make you regret it.”

 I’m a blue flame.

  I’ll burn everything up for my goal.


As soon as I got home, I wrote to the two sibling models who were in the middle of a soap commercial in Illion.

“To Helena and Pollux…”

At first, I thought about supplying marquis’ soap to the capital here just like Illion. Therefore, they also tried to extend the advertising contract.

But I changed my mind after listening to Diana at tea time.

The supply soap will be kept exclusively in Illion.

Soon the incidence of Illion’s disease will be noticeably reduced. I plan to wait silently until the gap with the capital widens considerably.

One more thing. It’s right not to release free soap on purpose, as Diana claims. But the reason is different from her conjecture.

You don’t know that it’s precious to get something for nothing. Even at a low price, you feel that it is valuable only when you make them buy it with money.

“Now, this time to the soap master….”

I also wrote a letter to a craftsman who developed a method of making low-end soap.

Do not manufacture or sell in the capital because the crown princess is displeased.

I deliberately used Diana as an excuse. Without having to explain it for a long time, just say that the royal family hates it, and that’s the end of the reason.

However, it was decided not to prevent residents of imperial city from purchasing low-end soap distributed in Illion. It would be perfect if Illion is rumored to be a good place to live.

If so, how will the temple power of the imperial city be weakened?

“You’ll be pretty busy. To publicise the property disclosure agenda…”

Of course, it is not something that can be done immediately. First of all, public opinion should be gathered behind the scenes through Harmonia. It is after public opinion has been formed enough to emerge as an official agenda.

And in the meantime, I draw on the corruption of the temple as covertly as I can. We should break bread when it’s crucial, so that people will fall into the temple.

“There’s no place that you can’t brush dust off. Hmph.”

A place where people gather somehow creates a stinky corner. Even if he is a priest who should be clean, isn’t he also a man?

There must be money spent without explicitly revealing where it was used. Some of the donated goods as relief goods were used privately by the priests. Maybe they had a big get-together with donations.

All those petty practices will be arrows that fly in and stick in their bodies. One or two will do. It’s fatal if you get hit in a vital point.

“I want you to sink with the temple, Saintess Diana.”


That night, just after dinner with Kaelus, while leisurely drinking coffee, the butler Uross came to my room.

“Well, ma’am, it’s late, but we have a visitor.”

“Really? Is it Madame Harmonia?”

“Yes. How did you know?”

I was not surprised. After the mess during the day, her seat must’ve felt like thorns.

“Let her in.”

Uross immediately retreated.

Soon after, Madame Harmonia appeared after him.

“Lady Hestia.”

An earthy complexion. She looks like she’s dying.

“Welcome, Harmonia.”

“Lady Marquis, I really don’t know what to say….”

“Sit down for now. Haha….”

I laughed deliberately lightly because I felt so sorry for her.

 I poured coffee before her so that Harmonia could calm down. The butler left the tea behind, but I’d rather just have coffee than the tea I make.

She raised her glass with trembling hands. After a careful sip, she let out a long sigh.

“I apologize to the marchioness. There’s no excuse.”

“Would it be madam’s fault? It’s largely because I couldn’t just accept the crown princess’ provocation.”

“Even so, I was the one who insisted on recommending the marchioness, who refused.”

Harmonia looked at the glass in her hand mixedly.

I smiled bitterly.

“Madam. Did you really think that the crown princess would be willing to listen to my advice?”

“I believed in her good nature.”

“Oh, you should’ve considered that she’s a stubborn person.”


Harmonia bowed her head.

I clicked my tongue.

“But I didn’t expect it either. I didn’t think there was going to be a hasty fight with madam and other young people. But now we need to change that notion.”

“Sorry, marchioness. It’s my fault.”

It was rather pitiful of her to shrink so much. It doesn’t feel so bad to have this upper hand, but it should be just right.

“Well, it’s alright. It’s all in the past. Instead, I attended tea time as madam asked, so she should also keep her promise. Got it?”

“There’s no question, Hestia.”

Harmonia nodded heavily.

I chuckled.

“By the way, I ran into the crown prince while I was leaving. What happened after that?”


Harmonia smiled bitterly.

“As expected, he immediately noticed that the atmosphere was in a mess.”

Helios came in as soon as I left the sponsorship.

[Oh… It must be a fun tea time.]

At his words, the participants bowed their heads in unison, and only Diana looked at Helios with tears in her eyes.


[What’s going on?]

The young ladies and Harmonia were hesitant about whether to keep their seats or step aside so that the crown prince and his wife could talk.

Then Diana said.

[I had an argument with Marchioness Hestia]

[I’m here after hearing the news. It’s surprising that she’s invited to your tea time.]

Harmonia closed her eyes tightly. Diana would have invited Hestia reluctantly at her strong suggestion.

Helios looked around carefully and fixed his expression.

[It wasn’t a very dignified argument]

No wonder, the area around the table was very messy with tea water splashed here and there. This was why Helios came in before the maids had finished organizing.

Diana responded coldly.

[I know, right. I came here with a lot of effort, but I ended up showing a poor appearance.]

Harmonia listened to the conversation between the two with nervousness.

Helios also seemed to realize that Diana had become very sharp. Without further ado, he turned back.

[Let’s talk again later, Diana.]


Diana did not keep him.

It was impossible to bring the ruined tea time back together. Harmonia rose cautiously, exchanging glances with the young children.

[We’ll be on our way now, your Highness the crown princess.]

[We’ll see you next time you invite us, your Highness.]

They escaped the patronage of the lily palace as if they were running away.

Harmonia sighed long again.

“Phew… After that, I led them back to my salon. Because it’s my fault. I forced the marchioness to tea time, so…”

“It’s not just madam’s fault.”

I comforted madam in a gentle tone. She shook her head.

“Thankfully, they comforted me, too. It was a topic that I brought up to try to change the uncomfortable air, but it ended up getting worse shape.”

“You mean the soap?”

“Yes, I just thought it was a good thing, and I’ve never thought of it like her highness.”

I know. I was surprised, too.

How can you find fault with that? Why isn’t it free after selling it at a low price? Oh, my. Oh, my God. She’s just looking for a lot of stuff to bite off.

I giggled.

“The crown princess is a person who can’t take me down somehow. To be honest, I’m not surprised to see that kind of person very often.”

Of course, the original heroine Diana was not a common kind of human being. In the original work, Diana used to present a “cider” to such vicious people by sticking to one’s ‘belief’.

But I deliberately brought the saintess down to the usual petty human level.

She’s no longer the main character, she’s not a saintess.

“Actually, you’ve been through a lot, madam. A person who is envious of others’ success. To me, the crown princess is just that much.”


“Of course, she may have been of such a noble character that madam once admired. But people change one day, right?”


Harmonia couldn’t say anything.

Now that I’ve made Diana a little jealous, I should make her reasonable doubt a more solid fact.

“Harmonia. Why do you think the crown princess is jealous of me?”


She couldn’t answer quickly, her face hot. It’s too obvious. And since it’s childish.

“Because I married Kaelus. The crown princess has pushed Kaelus so hard that she still doesn’t want to lose his love.”

“Lady Marquis…!”

I giggled at the shrill Harmonia.

“Hahaha! Isn’t it so funny? The noble saintess is not satisfied with the best man in this empire.”


“She wants everyone in the world to look only at her. Like a queen bee.”

Toward the frozen Harmonia, I spoke in a confident tone.

“She’s just a self-loving, up-and-coming commoner. Stop denying the truth, Harmonia.”

She was completely discouraged by my bold remark.

“Lady Hestia…. Don’t tell me you’re talking to someone else like that..”

“Oh, no way!”

I laughed and waved my hands.

“I’m not that stupid. But madam was a witness at tea time today, and she’s a woman I strongly believe in, so I’ve been honest.”

“…Thank you….”

Just in case, let’s make sure she joins.

“That won’t happen again, but please don’t tell anyone about me today.”

“Do you mean this, marchioness?”

Harmonia bowed her head.

I clapped my hands lightly to call attention.

“Anyway, I’m sure the young ladies were really surprised because of me today. I’d like to apologize, so could you arrange a table soon?”

“Oh, marchioness?”

“Yes, the location is good here, or madam’s salon is good. Or we can have a picnic on a sunny day.”

Harmonia smiled faintly at last.

“You’re a desperate woman. Can you go far? If the marquis doesn’t mind, why don’t we have a meeting here?”

“Oh, good.”

Comforting those young people who must be fed up with Diana’s cheap tea. Honestly, the taste of the tea I made won’t be comforting, so I’ll have to use quality coffee beans.


The next morning, a letter from Countess Erinnis came in.

“What? The news is so fast.”

As she boasts web-like connections here and there, yesterday’s tea time seems to have entered her ears. You must have had a connection with someone in attendance.

Anyway, I’m a woman who can never let her guard down. Erinnis was another source of tension than dealing with Harmonia.


The content was generally to confirm what happened the day before. It didn’t mean anything bad, but she didn’t dare imagine it.

Erinnis said that the young ladies were amazed at how boldly I faced Diana. She didn’t really need to sugarcoat or hide it, so I mostly admitted it.

I wrote back with a sneer of laughter.

“I wanted to approach young girls more sympathetically, but I was wrong, Erinnis.”

Maybe she’ll find out what I mean by this line. I will put my dissatisfaction with Diana on the surface in front of the captivated young ladies and praise myself as an adult who can bravely step forward.

At the end of the sentence, I wrote that I was going to invite the greatly surprised young ladies to the marquis and soothe them, and sealed the letter tightly.


Now I’ve lit the spark. When it starts to burn in earnest, even the great male lead will be unable to stop it.

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