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FMDF – Chapter 16


Shortly after receiving the letter, another invitation arrived from Countess Erinnis.

“The concert…?”

Originally, various events were often held in the residence of Countess Erinnis. It was because her daughter married early so she had all kinds of parties because she was lonely alone in a big house.

Day after day tea, reading, exhibition, etc. I guess it’s time to hold a concert.

 I’m reading the invitations in a hesitant mood.


A short but very powerful phrase stood out.

“…If you could accompany your husband… I’d be more grateful…!”

I squeezed my hands without realizing it.

Accompanying Kaelus. Kaelus and our first social event as a couple.

 I should be jumping for joy, but I was terrified.

“Are you sure it’s gonna be okay? Will Kaelus be able to handle all the eyes of the people?”


Honestly, isn’t it obvious? There is no need to think deeply about why Erinnis even mentioned Kaelus while sending me an invitation.

It was curiosity. It’s a low level of gossip.

A party to a love triangle that has stirred up the public. They’re curious about the recent status of the “loser,” who has been out for months under the pretext of illness.

Although I’m a political ally of Erinnis, I clearly felt at times like this that we were never friends.


However, there is a reason why I can’t ignore this invitation even if I’m upset.

It’s not just because of political meaning. No, other than that, it’s because I can’t predict Kaelus’ intentions on my own.

To be honest, Kaelus’ condition has not fully recovered. Even so, it was not possible to immediately block Kaelus’ outside activities from the inside.

At the very least, it’s right to ask him for a doctor and add my opinion that he should take more rest instead of going out.

“Phew, I’m going to go ask.”

I shook off my seat and stood up. Holding Erinnis’ invitation tightly in my hand, I went to Kaelus’ room.



I knocked lightly at the slightly open study door.

The servant in the room quickly identified me and went inside, it seems, to inform Kaelus.

“Come on in.”

I could hear his voice. The servant walked up and opened the door wide. I nodded my head slightly and thanked him and went inside.

Various newspapers, books, and thick bundles of documents were scattered on the desk in the study. He must have faithfully accepted my prophecy that there would be a threat of war and was studying countermeasures.

I felt truly sorry.

“I’ve interrupted your busy schedule. I’m sorry.”

“No, I was just about to cool my head.”

How can he respond so easily? I was moved by Kaelus’ consideration.

He closed his eyes and pressed his hand against them and said, “My eyes are tired because I’ve read so many letters.”

 “Well, you should get your glasses fitted. That would be a lot easier.”

“Well, that’s not bad.”

I should ask Uross to recruit a good optician.

“But what’s going on?”

“Oh, it’s not a big deal….”

I opened my mouth whilst fiddling with the invitation.

“Countess Erinnis is inviting musicians to a concert. She asked if you could come with me….”

Now that I’ve said it, I’m so embarrassed. It’s like asking him out!


Kaelus looked at me expressionless. I spoke quickly to gain momentum.

“Well, that doesn’t mean you have to go. I know you’re sick, but the countess is inviting us like this because she’s curious. It’s actually not worth thinking about. I asked you first, so I’ll write a polite reply to decline.”

I spouted like a loaded gun and quickly stepped back.


“That’s not bad, either.”


For a moment I thought I heard something wrong. I mean, what’s not bad?


When I asked again, I got an answer in a businesslike tone.

“The concert. I mean, it’s okay to go.”


Without hesitation, my mouth opened wide.

“Why are you going?”

“You asked. Can I go with you?”

“Oh, so I mean… It’s….”

Wow, seriously, how could I stutter so stupidly! All I am now is a babbling fool!

Kaelus folded his arms while fixing his posture.

“Why are you so flustered?”

“Because I didn’t know you’d say you’d really go!”

I answered almost screaming. Then, I caught my breath for a while, calmed down my breath, and continued talking.

“You know why she called you. I’m just asking you in a formal way because I can see that you’re just trying to fill in the low interest, but I’m afraid it’s presumptuous to throw it out.”

I added earnestly at the end.

“To be honest, I don’t want you to go.”

But Kaelus responded with the same tone all the time.

“I know, but I don’t think we should hide and avoid like this forever.”

“You don’t have to deal with it now. After a little while, after a full recovery…”

He shook his head at my words.

“I can’t afford it. I have to step up for foreign negotiations soon, and as long as I stay locked up until then, no one will believe my mental state.”


Ah! The prophecy who told me beforehand made this kind of boomerang. If I knew this would happen, I would have told you a few days later!

Kaelus waved his hand.

“I’m done talking. Tell the countess I’ll be with you. When is the concert?”

“A week…later….”

“That’s enough. I see.”

He pulled his chair back down in front of his desk. It was a silent sign of the end of the conversation.


I was forced to step down.

And I came back to my room rather absentmindedly.


A strange groan came out of my mouth.

“I’m going crazy….”

I really didn’t expect him to accept the invitation. Of course! Who in the world would volunteer to go up to the stage of that vulgar show!

Lying on the bed, I stared vacantly up at the ceiling. Soon there was a great sigh.


Approximately twenty people attend the concert. The proportion of men and women is not exactly even, but it will be about fifty-fifty.

It’s not a lot, but it’s not a small scale, and since it’s the guests that Countess Erinnis has chosen and invited herself, the weight of society must be considerable.

If Kaelus appeared there.


I don’t even want to imagine it.

Gossip-excited eyes will always follow Kaelus. I’m sure they’ll catch every breath he takes. At the same time, they will have all kinds of stories in their heads. What does that sigh mean? What’s wrong with his eyes? It’s obvious that useless speculation will stick to every little gesture.

Why did Kaelus call such a position “not bad”?


I can only sigh one after another.

I can’t even take his doctor with me. Otherwise, Kaelus’ intention to prove that he has recovered will be for naught.

I can’t do it. I have to follow him around and take care of him. He might be a little annoyed, but people who suffer from panic disorder can have a seizure at any moment. It’s much better for me to follow him in a more aggressive way than for him to collapse suddenly.

 I lifted myself up from the bed. And with reluctance, I picked up my pen.

“With my husband… I’ll see you….”

 I can see the expression of Erinis who received the reply. I’m getting angry. It’s a suggestion she just threw at me, but it’s kind of annoying to bite me like this.

If I knew this would happen, I’d just say I’m going alone. I thought Kaelus could make the least rational judgment. Of course, I expected you to answer me to go alone. That’s why I thought it’d be nice to ask.

“Damn it…”

I kept swearing in my mouth.

It’s not that Kaelus doesn’t understand the rationale for accepting the invitation. As he said, it is necessary to show that he is really in good shape to undertake diplomatic negotiations with the fate of the country.

But there’s no reason why it should be such an awkward outing with a married couple. Shouldn’t he just say, “I’ll meet the emperor again and deal with state affairs?”

“Oh, I don’t know..”

I closed my eyes tightly. The more I think about it, the more I don’t know what’s inside of Kaelus’ mind.

It has already been done anyway. Calm down and get ready for the next one.

I tried to calm down and called the maid. The maid, who was doing petty work, quickly understood and moved.

Soon Clarice came to the room.

“Did you call, ma’am?”

“Yes, I have to go to Countess Erinnis’ concert in a week. With Kaelus.”


I shook my head as I looked at her in disbelief and admiration.

“So please prepare clothes for couples to wear together. I think the maid knows better about this than I do.”

“That is not so, but leave it to me.”

Clarice replied with a jubilant look.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a couple’s cozy date. 

However, I gave up explaining everything. Because I don’t have any mental strength left.


I only responded with a weak voice.


It was no secret that the marquis and his wife will attend the concert of Erinnis and it quickly spread.

My head throbbed at the incessant letters.

“Anyways, what a big mouth.”

Erinnis must have been talking again after receiving a reply. She’s quite a mouthful to her close friends.

I don’t know who the musician to play is, but I was right this time. Now, it’s become the most boisterous concert in society.

Meanwhile, Clarice called out again the tailor, Tekima, who had reformed my dress before. I ordered my existing suit to be fixed in line with Kaelus’s robes.

Tekima asked in a confident voice.

“What kind of atmosphere do you want, marchioness? It’s the newlyweds’ first social outing, so being young and lively would suit you.”

“No, I want a calm and intelligent atmosphere.”

I shook my head in disgust. Tekima replied regretfully.

 “But it looks good enough over time. There are things that you can’t do if you don’t do it now…”

Clarice responded to his remarks.

“Sir Tekima is right. Ma’am, isn’t it time to dress up boldly? You can’t do it when you’re older.”

“But look at the suits that Kaelus has.”

I tried not to raise my voice.

“The style he prefers is generally calm. If you want to dress him up as you want, you’ll have to make a new suit for him.”

But Tekima rarely gave up.

“Then I’ll make the marquis’ clothes all at once. If I stay up for a few nights, two suits are easy!”

“That’s ridiculous. The concert is less than a week away.”

I dismissed it immediately.

After a moment’s hesitation, Tekima began to persistently assert himself again.

“Then I’ll try to mend the clothes I have. If you’re really nervous, I’ll make a pair as the marchioness wants, and with the atmosphere of a young couple that I come up with. What do you think?”

“Can you make it in time? I don’t think I can concentrate on one thing.”

Despite my sullen response, Tekima nodded loudly.

“I’ll show you something that you’ll be satisfied with. Don’t worry, marchioness.”


It’s strange to be so boastful. Still, I acknowledged his ability, so I reluctantly answered yes.

“All right, Tekima. Don’t let me down.”

“Oh, thank you! Marchioness!”

Tekima bowed deeply over and over again.

I shook my head in a jaded mood. Ugh, just try whatever you want. If I don’t like it, I won’t call you next time.


That day, I had dinner with Kaelus and told him about the day.

“The tailor made an unexpected suggestion. Let’s make a different style of dress.”

“Oh, really?”

Kaelus, without much agitation, only raised and lowered his eyebrows.

Somehow I was embarrassed to make a fuss, so I continued in a calm tone.

“Yes, he said it would be perfect to wear at this time said, ‘How about a young and lively atmosphere like a newlywed couple?’”


“I didn’t feel like it, so he said he’ll make two. One in a calm style, two for you as he suggested.”

“Will it be possible within the deadline?”

“I don’t know. But the tailor says he’s confident.”

“Then I have no choice but to believe it.”

“I know.”

A conversation that is so ordinary. Words that leave behind private life, not public affairs.

I suddenly felt strange. It really felt like we were a married couple.

We pretend to be a couple based on the contract, yet we can have such a small talk and such a long conversation.


I was speechless at the sudden unfamiliarity.


A sudden call. My favorite’s voice awakened me.

I smiled quickly.

“Oh, nothing. I was thinking about something for a second.”

“I’m curious. Can you tell me?”

Kaelus asked, tilting his head slightly. A dry tone of speech with no sign of any particular interest.

I laughed awkwardly.

“Just, it was so natural that I felt strange for a moment.”


What a strange explanation. But I can’t think of a clear expression.

Kaelus looked at me quietly.

“It’s strange, La*….”

*TN: he trails off here so we don’t know what he was going to say


Did I sound upset? I added hastily.

“I mean, thank you for being so nice to me even though the topic is so trivial.”

He opened his mouth with his eyes fixed on me.

“You’re welcome, it’s insignificant.”

Somehow my heart heated up. It must be because of those pretty purple eyes.

“Well, let’s go…?”

My gaze went down by itself. Even my face was burning.

After a pause, his calm voice was heard.

“…It’s a matter of dress for social gatherings, of course it’s important.”

Oh, yeah. That’s right. I almost forgot.

Kaelus is right. Isn’t his attendance at the concert aimed at promoting his health? From head to toe, no rough patch is allowed.

The hot heart sank. I raised my face again.

“Come to think of it, it is.”

Kaelus nodded quietly.

“I want you to tell the tailor that I’m looking forward to the work, too.”

“I will. He might burst on the spot.”


The air at the table remained calm until the end of the meal.


It’s due.

Because Tekima even made a suit for Kaelus, Kaelus was also present to check the results.

I was rather nervous. It was because it was the first time for us as a couple to greet outsiders side by side. Of course, there were a few times in front of Helios, but it was just passing by.

I hope Tekima has created a fantastic work. Wouldn’t it be a big deal if Kaelus got angry?

Soon butler Uross told me the tailor arrived. Kaelus and I headed to the drawing room where Tekima was waiting.

Tekima, who has a generous body, greeted him by wiping his forehead with a handkerchief.

“It’s an honor to meet the famed marquis.”

“Are you the tailor? You managed to meet the date.”

Kaelus responded with a dry tone that didn’t hold much emotion.

I checked the dress I ordered immediately.



I honestly, genuinely admired it. It’s really well made.

First, the calm and intelligent concept that I wanted. The dress was based on dark purple and navy to avoid being too heavy, and the beads were densely embedded with elegant curves.

Next, the bright suit set that Tekima suggested. White background was used for men’s and women’s clothes, and crystals and colors were tactfully mixed. The crystal jewelry decoration, which varies in color subtly depending on the angle of view, was also very impressive.

I didn’t expect much, but it was a result that I had to admit was genuinely pretty. Somehow I felt awkward.

“Well, you did a great job, Tekima.”

I tried not to show off my excitement and praised him with a gentle gesture.

Tekima, who was very nervous, also looked relieved.

“I promised I’d never let you down, marchioness.”

I glanced back at Kaelus.

“How about you?”

Kaelus also affirmed with his unique expressionless face.

“You’re good. Both are fine.”

Oh, thankfully, he successfully satisfied Kaelus too. It’s more amazing than it looks. It’s Tekima.

Tekima also smiled as if he had crossed a big mountain.

“Thank you, marquis!”

Kaelus rose slowly from his seat. I think he’ll go back to his room now that he’s done with his business.

“I’ll ask for you again next time. Good job.”

“Thank you!”

Leaving behind the jubilant tailor, I also left the drawing room with Kaelus.


All that was left was to decide which one to wear to the concert.

Honestly, I liked both of them, so it was hard to decide at once.


I put two pairs of clothes side by side on the mannequin and agonized for a long time.

Then there was a small knock, and Clarice, the maid, came in with a coffee kettle.

“Madam, I brought you a drink.”

“Thank you.”

Clarice said as she put the tray down.

“I guess you haven’t decided yet. The concert is tomorrow.”

“That’s true….”

I bowed my head. Alas, what should I do with this decision-making obstacle?

“You’re worried because you like both, right?”

“That’s right….”

I murmured and replied, but instead, a laugh was what I got in return.

“Then how about choosing this white dress? If you don’t mind, it’s good to try something bold sometimes.”


“It’s not a big party for the royal family, it’s a small concert, so it’ll be less burdensome. Now is the opportunity.”

It was increasingly plausible to hear what Clarice said. I asked for a definite answer in a slightly unsure voice.

“It’s going to be okay, right? Kaelus has never had this kind of vibe before….”

“Oh, it looks good on you. Whatever you wear, you’ll look great, madam.”

Oh, that sure answer.

Yes, Clarice is right a hundred times. My favorite would look like a prince even with a rag! 

“Okay, then I’ll choose this one.”

She smiled and walked away with an empty tray.

I took a deep breath and looked at the white dress set in front of me.

“Phew, that’s good. Like a young newlywed couple…!”

I sincerely hope that other people will accept it like that.


Finally the day to go out with Kaelus.

While preparing diligently, his doctor came to me and gave me some medicine bottles.

“If the master has a seizure, use it, madam.”


My expression seemed rather worried, so he smiled softly.

“You don’t have to worry too much. He’s really recovered a lot. It’s all thanks to you.”

“That’s what it’s like in the house. You never know what’s going to happen out there.”

“Well, I mean, you’re with the master, so nothing will happen. Hehe….”

 I don’t want to hear anything that makes me feel relieved. I sent him out with a rough answer.

Soon the maids clung together, smoothed our hair, and began to put cosmetics on our faces.


As I closed my eyes still, I wondered what Kaelus was doing.

“Kaelus, are you getting ready?”

“Yes, I think you’ll finish sooner.”

I guess so. I tried to keep my composure by exhaling quietly.

An indescribable tension.

I didn’t know going to a social gathering with Kaelus would be so nerve-wracking. It was a lot worse than I thought.

I was determined to go to an outside event with him someday. Nevertheless.


Let’s be honest. The reason I’m nervous is not because I’m entirely worried about Kaelus.

I care about him.

I’m afraid of what Kaelus will think of me when he sees me having a “social life.”

Pretending to be noble, pretending to be dignified, but hiding malice and shrewd tricks behind it, and dressing up as a pretense.

I’m afraid my favorite will see through it.

From now on, I must shamelessly act as a cultured lady at the gathering of Countess Erinnis and her friends. In front of Kaelus, who lives with me.


I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed enough to die.

 I don’t show any sincerity, but I’m smiling brightly and chatting.

How beautiful for my favorite to see. How insignificant of a human being I would seem to him.

It will be revealed in every detail in the eyes of my favorite.


My heart feels heavy.

In the world of this novel, my actions are extremely duplicitous and full of malice.

Taking the opportunity of Kaelus being locked up in the house, did I not engage in too many conspiracies and tricks?

My not good self. Kaelus is about to witness this reality of me in public.

I want to hide in a rat hole.

Yes, this is what I really mean. The true heart of me ripping Kaelus off. Wanting to hide my trifling kernel.

“Madam, it’s done.”

“…good work. Thank you.”

No matter how much fancy makeup you put on.

You can’t hide a real dark face.*

*TN: as in her warped personality


I even changed my dress, and I’m perfectly ready to go out.

I came out into the hallway. On the other side, Kaelus was coming out of the room.

Despite the subdued mood, I smiled without realizing it.

“You’re so cool, Kaelus.”

“You, too.”

A short answer, but that was enough.

The maid was right. My favorite looks good in any clothes.

It was always a serious and sober image of Kaelus. However, such bright-colored suits also look good without any awkwardness. Long silver hair, which is slightly sparsely braided, also plays a part in this atmosphere.

“Shall we go?”


A bare hand without gloves leaned out in front of me.

I hesitated for a moment. Can I reach it?

Kaelus is different from me. A man of consistency in appearance. It’s a long way from me with a dark core.

But you shouldn’t feel awkward. Outside this house, we’re a couple.

I snuck my breath and put my hand on his. I felt warmth over the white lace gloves.


I rather appreciate the indifferently wrapped touch.


It was not long before we reached the house of Countess Erinnis. We arrived a little earlier than the appointed time.

“Marquis Kaelus! Marchioness Hestia!”

We were just getting out of the carriage door when the countess greeted us in a higher voice than usual.

Kaelus responded in a calm tone.

“Thank you for inviting me, countess.”

“Oh, I should be thankful! Thanks to you, the concert became a hot topic….”

Erinnis did not hide her excitement but did not lose her dignity. A woman who is very good at acting.

I said with a jealous smile.

“We came a little early just in case it was crowded, but I don’t know if it was rude.”

“No, don’t mention it. Marchioness, I’m rather pleased.”

The countess guided us to a small hall. The piano and cello were placed, so they seemed to be holding the concert here.

There were already a lot of guests in the hall even though they came early because it was so famous. As soon as we entered, all eyes were on us.

“Ah… You’re all here.”

When I spoke in a slightly bored voice, Erinnis replied with a gentle smile.

“Whoa, I know.”

Our seat was at the same table as the host. Which means we’re the most honored guest among today’s guests.

Despite the concentrated gaze, no one approached willingly, perhaps because of the peculiar coldness that Kaelus breathed out. I’m rather glad. It’ll be less annoying.

In fact, I had a hard time just walking as if nothing happened. I felt breathless pressure everywhere.


Erinnis’ butler came and quietly put the tea set down on the table. Of course, Erinnis knows that I prefer coffee, but it didn’t suit these gatherings because it could allude to when we met.

As the butler tried to pour the tea, Kaelus waved his hand and stopped him. I tried to pull my stiffening face into a smile.

I heard a low voice.

“You look very nervous, Hess.”


I admitted without reserve.

“Maybe it’s because it’s my first time out with you.”

I answered in a whisper so as not to be heard by others. To the point where Kaelus had to tilt his head slightly towards me.

He nodded slightly. Then he calmly lifted the teapot.

“I don’t think we’re in a situation where we can ask for coffee.”

Thankfully, I dropped the teapot by myself. In a place with so many eyes, without hesitation. In the same manner as I used to do at home.

Many people who have watched this scene will soon be excited. Did you see that? The marquis are much closer than we thought!

I clenched a warm cup. A ripple broke out in the glass.


My heart suddenly became cold.

In this world, I was an extra named “Hestia.” Not really myself, but a novel character.

Was it who I am at home? No, it’s not. From the name to the identity, it was all the “Hestia” that I possessed. I can’t believe I’m depressed by my double-faced self. It’s not even funny.

Every moment of breathing and living here is acting. As a fictional extra, Hestia. Even the Kaelus, who holds out a teacup for me, doesn’t know the real me outside the book.


Don’t be mistaken.

This is not reality.

“…The tea you make is as delicious as coffee.”

The hardened face slowly loosened.

Yes, I can do the same as the marquis. There’s nothing to be ashamed of just by pretending. I’m just pretending in the world anyway. Pretending to be Hestia from a commoner. Pretending to be a prophet.


Kaelus lifted only one lip slightly, with a gesture of arrogance. A gesture of pointing out the obvious.

I laughed after him.

Let’s not forget my purpose. Let’s just stick to it.

Why should I be ashamed of Kaelus? As long as he’s happy, everything’s okay if he messes up my farce.


The cellist invited by the Countess played a typical aristocratic style. A familiar style that is not very unconventional.

With the appearance of Kaelus, everyone’s mind is in the gutter. Even the performance is like that, so how can we appreciate it properly? Before I knew it, the cellist’s performance became background music.

Erinnis spoke cautiously and friendlily.

“Marquis, have you recovered?”

“Yes, I feel much better.”

Kaelus answered briefly but without disrespect.

I opened my mouth with a smile on my face.

“Thank you very much for giving me a comfortable seat, countess.”

“Whoa, it’s worth the courage. I really didn’t expect the couple to come together.”

She gave Kaelus a slight look, and then lowered her voice.

“But I’ve heard an interesting story lately, Hestia.”


“His Majesty is bedridden. And for quite a few days.”


Has it been revealed?

It was a secret among secrets that the emperor had fallen ill. The fact that only a few in the palace, including myself, know.

At that time, Diana immediately exercised her healing power, avoiding an emergency. However, even though she continued to pour out her power since then, the emperor could not easily get better. I dug into this very point and worked a crack between the crown prince and his wife.

I raised my eyebrows as if I hadn’t heard it before.

“No way. Her highness is here. She will always exercise God’s power.”


Erinnis took another glimpse of Kaelus and then went on.

“…Something must have gone wrong with the saint.”


Oh, after all, you got caught. Diana.

I quickly covered my lips with my hand. I’m afraid I’ll get caught smiling.

“Something’s wrong?”

Erinnis nodded silently, and without further explanation, she bit her lips.

Oh, no. Do you want to see me fretting over curiosity? That’s absurd.

Well, that’s good. You have to keep up with the beat.

“Ah, Countess…!”

“Ho-ho, I’m in trouble here, so I’ll tell you later, Hestia.”

She laughed with great delight.

Kaelus suddenly looked back at us in wonder. I snuggled up to him and whispered low.

“His majesty’s condition must have leaked out.”


His face was expressionless and his eyes lowered slightly. A sign that he understood me.

The three of us on the table shared a ‘secret’ by exchanging meaningful eyes with each other. Well, Kaelus and I already knew this.

In any case, Erinnis told us about the health of the emperor and the issue of the power of the saint, which is an important matter of the country, and it was intended to empower me, who is on the front line of confrontation with Diana. At the same time, suggesting that she could also be Diana’s enemy at any time.

Kaelus asked Erinnis in a rather crooked tone.

“I thought you wanted to be friends with the crown princess.”

“Whoa, I can’t help it because she rarely gives me the time of day.”

Erinnis made a very graceful excuse.

Her words reawakened the harshness of society. The fact that if you don’t accept someone as a friend, you may soon meet them as enemies.

My relationship with Erinnis is not strictly a friend. But it’s a political ally with the same purpose. It’s extremely profitable, but it’s rather comfortable because the range of trust is clear.

I slipped out of thoughts.

“But you’re probably doing well with the young ladies, right?

“Oh, of course. Thanks to the marchioness’ advice, I’m having a lot of fun these days.”

She continued in a laughing tone.

“There are many people who are impressed by the marchioness’ moral principles. They asked me to introduce them to the marchioness.”

“Oh, my God. Not to that extent….”

Then, Kaelus, who was listening to the conversation, casually snapped.

“The teachings of the temple are not very pleasant to hear.”

Simple but powerful truth. There is no human being in this world who likes bitter sounds.

Advice based on affection for the other person does not sound sweet to the other person’s ears. In addition, what is the point of pointing it out with Diana’s authority? At a time when even that authority is in fact faltering.

But apart from the content, I looked at Kaelus with an anxious heart. It was because he had an evaluation of Crown Princess Diana.

Erinnis seemed surprised, too. No wonder, Kaelus loved the saintess so passionately that the whole world knew it.

But the purple eyes were as dry as ever.


He didn’t say anything more.


Fortunately, Kaelus remained stable throughout the concert. Sometimes, the curious eyes of those who greeted them were also easily accepted.

But I asked just in case.

“Do you feel stuffy? How about your breathing?”

“It’s okay. It’s bearable.”

A reply that came back peacefully. But soon enough.

“… I’m a little tired.”


I was relieved inside. He didn’t force himself to pretend to be okay and told me the truth.

I looked around quickly. The concert was just over and now we were gathering in groups of twos and threes to chat.

“Let’s go back, Kaelus.”

To be honest, the timing is not good. How much they will talk about the marquis after we disappear?

But nothing is more important to me than my favorite’s state. Chew me out or bite as much as you want. Kaelus is tired, so we have to go home quickly!

I looked for the host as calmly as I could so that I didn’t seem to be in a hurry.


“Oh, you’re about to leave.”

“Yes, I think so.”

Let’s see. She quickly notices and speaks first without a long explanation. Thanks to that, I could say goodbye comfortably.

She quietly escorted us out of the hall so as not to spoil the party.

“Thank you again. Thanks to you, the concert was very successful.”

“I’ll see you again when I get the chance, Countess Erinnis.”

With a polite reply, we got into the carriage that had just arrived at the front door.

Little by little, we moved away from Erinnis’ mansion.


A sigh of relief broke out on its own. I heard Kaelus snorting softly next to me.

“Huh, are you that relieved?”

“Hahaha… Actually, I don’t hate meeting people, but I’m not that comfortable.”

“That’s likely. Especially in society, you can’t just enjoy it.”

He nodded understandably.

I felt awkward and touched my forehead with my fingers.

“Anyway, luxurious people will love it. Because it’s been a long time since you’ve been outside.”

“I don’t think I caused any trouble today.”

“Just showing up is enough. That’s how big your presence is.”

Then he smiled bitterly.

“Well, if you’re a piece of gossip.”


Kaelus was more cold to himself than anyone else.

He must have been so afraid because he already knew what the world would look like, but he endured it resolutely in front of this many eyes today.

I really want to hold your hand. I want to compliment you for doing a great job. I want to say thank you for hanging in there. I want to warm his heart, which must have been lonely after losing Diana.

I managed to smile as I suppressed my choking heart.

“You did a great job, Kaelus.”

The cold purple eyes stared at me.

“You, too.”

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