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FMDF – Chapter 14


A few days have passed since then.

I’m secretly waiting for a notice of dismissal from the imperial palace, but I haven’t heard from him.

“What’s the problem? My goodness.”

I grumbled and poured cold coffee into my mouth. Caffeine is the best when you use your brain.

 “Sigh… How can I make a rumor that I did a good job?”

The document I’m looking into now was none other than about the soap supply business.

Finally, craftsmen and apprentices arrived at the soap factory and were conducting mass production research. It was to quantify the production process after deciding what to put in and take out of the soap used by the nobles.

In the meantime, I have to think about how to distribute the large amount of soap produced to the territory.

In fact, spraying people with soap was not difficult. You can just hand it out to each house.

But more importantly, people needed to be diligent in using soap.

 “What can I do to make the soap work…?”

It was no use just putting soap in the house. You have to wash your hands well with it, but humans are lazy, so if there was no reason, they would never wash their hands.


It wouldn’t work very well to explain that you don’t get sick by using soap, because people here are obsessed with the idea that the reason for getting sick is God’s anger or punishment.

We need to do something else. 

Should I say you’ll be fined if you don’t use it? No, then they might hide it secretly.

Should I say that God is happy when you wash up? No. I don’t want to do this under the name of the temple. Moreover, the ultimate goal of the soap business is to weaken the temple.

“Ugh….I have a headache….”

I couldn’t think of a good way.

Almost instinctively I reached out to the coffee cup. An empty glass, and a lighter kettle.

“What? Did I finish drinking already?”

 I called the maid. Soon a young maid ran into the room.

“Are you done, ma’am?”

“Yeah. Can you fill up some coffee here?”


The child, who answered frequently, added in a somewhat pleasant tone.

“These days, some ladies have begun to enjoy coffee. I guess the rumor has spread that the marqius’ wife likes coffee.”

She soon disappeared with a brisk walk.


But I hardened silently. So, is coffee getting popular?

“The fad…!” 

Oh, my God. I guess my brain must be getting old.

Or maybe I lost my original world identity by assimilating into this world.

“Damn it, we can advertise it!”

It’s ridiculous. I guess my senses have completely disappeared because I live in a novel.

Advertising is informing people of a product. And to induce consumption. Even web novels are advertised!

It doesn’t mean that there is no ‘advertising’ at all in this world. From word of mouth between people to a policy of pushing at the imperial palace, it is all a kind of advertisement.

Moreover, I lived in modern times, where advertisements come out every time I turn my eyes. And yet why I couldn’t think of this earlier.

I scrambled through Madam Harmonia’s information.

I need to find out who is the most popular these days in the Ilion estate. Shouldn’t we use the best model?

“I’m going to make the soap scent all over the place….”

So I’ll make up for my stupidity.


Soon after, two special visitors came to the marquis.

“Oh, my God… No way, actress Helen!”

“What? No, Pollux came with you!”

Seeing the best theater actors in imperial city enter the front door, the staff of the marquis made a great fuss.

As a very precious guest, even if not noble, I, the wife of the marquis, came out and greeted them personally.

“Welcome. Thank you for your hard walk.”

The two siblings answered with bright smiles.

“Marchioness Hestia, the most talked-about woman in the world, called me, and I’d be willing to walk the rest of the day.”

Soon they moved to the drawing-room and sat face to face.

“The reason I invited you today is because I have a big favor to ask.”

Helen and Pollux looked at each other once and then at me again.

“If a noble asks, of course I’ll listen.”

“Whoa, you don’t have to put it that way. You all know that I was a commoner, but then I became the adopted daughter of the lord of Elea.”

Treat them with frankness. A flattering remark means no.

The two actors looked more serious.

“Anything we can do to help.”

Only then did I get to the point with a nod.

“It’s not that difficult. With the support of the marquis, we’re going to mass-produce low-end soap, and I’d like you to set an example for all the people of Illion to use. Of course, I’ll give you a good example.”

Almost the same thing was fashionable in Ilion and the capital. Helena and Pollux, the most popular stars in the capital, are also the hottest in Illion.

I’m literally about to sign the best advertising models right now.

“I want people to use soap voluntarily. Every time they go out and come back, and before they go to sleep.”

“You mean that often?”

Pollux asked, slightly startled.

I confirmed.

“Yes, the more, the better. If you use soap well, they’ll be as handsome as you are.”

“Hahaha, that’s…”

Why are you sweating, Pollux?

Since we’re going to do it, we have to make it clear. This is all the psychology of advertising. It’s the same effect. It was the same principle that pretty celebrities appeared as models in cosmetics advertisements.

Helen said with a suppressed look.

“Well, if you use marquis’ soap, it looks attractive to the opposite sex, right?”

“Oh, of course.”

I put the prepared documents in front of them.

“This is a contract for my request. The reason for this documentation is that I want you to do your best.”

The two read the contract carefully and each signed underneath.

“Founders and jewelers often make similar requests. Don’t worry. I will not fail to meet the marquis’ expectations.”

“Yes, that’s right. We’re going to show off our skills in Illion, just like we did on stage, marchioness.”

I also responded with a smile to the two confident siblings’ words.

“Yes, I believe you, Helena, Pollux.”


Not long after, several prototypes were sent from the soap factory in Illion. I went through the samples one by one with Kaelus.

“The craftsman did a lot of research, Kaelus.”

Unscented things. Something a little hard. Something slightly soft. Pigments, and so on.

Kaelus replied dryly.

“You don’t have to ask me when it’s your business”

“Well, I thought the lord would know best what the people of Illion like.”

To express my true feelings, I like that I’m doing something with my favorite. But let’s hide my foolishness.

Kaelus shook his head.

“You know the taste of commoners better than I do.”


I don’t think that’s a good excuse.

But he didn’t seem interested, and his finger touched one of the samples.

“A firm one would be better. But it’s better to add a mild scent. There are many commoners who admire the aristocracy.”

“Oh, I see!”

Oh, Kaelus made a very important point.

Here soap is the exclusive property of the aristocracy. If you are a commoner who admires the aristocracy, you will definitely like the cheap version.

“Thank you, Kaelus! I’ll have to reply to the lord as soon as soon as possible.”

“Oh, I see.”

He just raised his hand indifferently to my greeting.

It was a very Kaelus-like response, so I laughed naturally.

I got all the soap samples and came back to my room. And I wrote back to the lord as Kaelus advised me a while ago.

“The texture is a bit firm. You don’t have to add any pigment, but make sure to add even a small amount of scent…”

The foamy soft material may feel like it wears off quickly from the common people’s point of view. In that sense, Kaelus’ choice was very wise.

I laid on my back in bed.

“Hmm… How can there be so much room for improvement?….”

I’m telling you, I felt a wall in my favorite. Perfection.

I hope Kaelus gets well soon and chews up Helios and Diana completely.

“Come to think of it, what are they doing these days?”

I suddenly became curious.

Helios is quiet without much news after meeting me and Kaelus one after another. I don’t think I’ve had a fight with Diana.


Sitting still and waiting for an aide’s dismissal notice from the crown prince also became somewhat boring.

Let’s go out to the salon in Harmonia. I have something to put on her just in the nick of time. 


“Marchioness Hestia!”

Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve visited the salon, Madam Harmonia has always welcomed me.

I smiled apologetically.

“You must have been very busy these days I wanted to stop by often, but I couldn’t help it.”

“Oh, I’m glad you’re here.”

Did Diana curse at me too much? Despite some signs of discomfort, she was still alive.

I’ll figure out the atmosphere while talking.

“I’ve done what Madam asked me to do the other day. I’m not very satisfied.”

“Oh, oh….”

 A request to advise Diana about Madame Merope’s departure from the palace. I know she’s putting the hard work on me, but I’ll do it for her.

I said with a deep sigh.

“I haven’t seen her royal highness in person. Instead, I hinted to the crown prince. When I met him as an aide, he said something.”

“What did the crown prince say?”

Madam Harmonia asked back, a little anxious. I smiled bitterly.

“Of course he was upset.”


“You know, madam, well, don’t you? How much the crown prince cares about the holy princess.”

I added, shaking my head.

“His highness is displeased with even facing me, so I did my best to tell him about it.”

“Oh, yes, I understand.”

Harmonia also looked sad.

Now, it’s time to show off. It’s time to solve your questions.

“But Madam, I’m half expecting and half doubting, too. I wonder if His Highness Helios has delivered my honest words to Her Highness Diana?….”


With a smile on her face, she lifts the teacup and sneaks away from answering.

But I’m not the one to back off.

“Harmonia, just give me a hint. What does Her Highness Diana write these days?”


“I’ve said something difficult to the crown prince in spite of the profanity, so I deserve to hear it, no? Don’t I need to know what’s going on behind me so I can keep a low profile?”


It looks difficult, but let’s push it a little harder.

“Actually, I’m going to be kicked out of my aide’s office because of this. I wasn’t going to tell you this….”

“No, marchioness! Is that true?”

Oh. Finally, she reacts.

My shoulders dropped  as much as they could.

“Yes… I didn’t say it from the beginning because I was afraid I’d be worried for no reason. Actually, on that day, the crown prince was very angry….”

“Oh, my…! I’m sorry, marchioness. I’m the reason for all the trouble.…”

Harmonia was deeply sorry and at a loss.

Now that I’ve pulled enough, I’m going to push it. Anyway, playing hard to get is effective only when you do it moderately.

“So let me know just a little bit. What did the crown princess say?”

I asked once more with a slight smile.

She flapped her lips, hesitating, and finally spilled the information I wanted.

“… Her highness….”

I waited patiently for the slow voice.

“…I think she’s nervous about something. Not just certain things, but everything around her seems to feel that way.”


Pretending to feel sorry for her. Like I sympathize with Diana’s feelings.

And I pretended to analyze the situation in a cautious tone.

“Madam Merope’s work is going to hurt her a lot. She was almost like an aunt to the crown prince. I heard that you tried to persuade Madam Merope.”

“Yes, Lady Marquis. And it also seems to have hurt her feelings.”

“Oh, my….”

I was sighing on the outside, but I was laughing on the inside.

Helios, who was always on her side in everything, must have realized that’s not the case anymore. Diana, I feel sorry for you.

And that’s not the only thing to worry about. You have to hide carefully that your sacred power is about to run out.

Perhaps if Helios, who noticed my implication, had ever spoken of the problem, Diana would be in a state of panic. Whether to keep it secret or confess honestly.

Things are getting really interesting.

Helios is weighing who to trust, me or Diana, and Diana is just as anxious. It’s obvious that their relationship is not the same now.

Then I’d better cut off the rest of the rope she’s holding.

To make her more anxious.

After making up my mind, I lowered my voice to a low pitch.

“But madam, I’m saying this because it’s in front of madam….”


Harmonia opened her eyes wide.

I spoke deliberately and slowly.

“…so if the relationship between you two is…”

“Oh, marchioness…!”

Harmonia freaked out at once. But I carried on persistently.

“I know it’s a guess now. But we must always think of the worst. In particular, Diana’s relationship with the nobles is not that smooth.”

“Lady Marquis, but that’s too….”

“I know. I know, Harmonia. That’s why it’s ‘what if.’ “


Harmonia clenched her lips.

In a subtle tone, I added fuel to her suspicion, which had just begun to rise.

“If your relationship starts to crack, her highness will not be the same as before.”

“…But the temple will support her.”

“Oh, yes. Temple.”

Harmonia’s words raised my eyebrows.

“Yes, the temple will try to help her, Her Highness Diana.”

A breathless rush.

“But will the nobles watch the temple gain power? Rather, the imperial family protecting the holy lady will be attacked by aristocratic forces. Accusing them of joining hands with the temple.”


Harmonia’s expression became serious, thinking I had a point.

Now, it’s time for a wedge.

“Madam, there’s no way the second Duke Orcus won’t show up again.”


She stared at me with her eyes wide open.

I knew what it meant, so I smiled and waved my hands.

“It doesn’t mean that our marquis will be like that. Above all, my husband is an old friend of the crown prince.”

It is not yet known in society that Kaelus has broken off with Helios. It would be better to keep my mouth shut until it comes out naturally.

Instead, it alluded to the possibility.

“But I’m sure someone will rally the disgruntled aristocrats. Unfortunately, the current imperial family does not have the power to deal with the whole aristocracy alone.”

Stubbornly silent, she finally shook her head.

“…Lady Marquis is right. In the days of the Duke Orcus, it was possible because the marquis was a strong ally.”

As expected, she’s quick to grasp the situation.

I grinned.

“I agree with your ideals. But I don’t want to use the power of the temple to achieve that. First of all, I’m an aristocrat.”

The nobles do not antagonize the existence of the temple itself. Because there are many devout believers among the nobles.

But being politicized by religion is a completely different matter than being personally religious. Whether the temple is friendly to the aristocracy or not, the aristocracy never wants to see more competitors who will fight with them.

“Madam Harmonia. To continue to support Her Highness Diana…… It can be a lot of pressure.”


“You have to think carefully. To be honest, I don’t want to stay on a sinking ship.”


Harmonia could not say a word with a clouded complexion.

Let’s wrap up the conversation.

Having said it so explicitly, the concept of “a commoner-born aristocrat who is not used to hiding her innermost thoughts” seems to have been maintained well.

There is no fear that she will tell Diana what I said in detail. Harmonia herself was the one who asked for Madam Merope in the first place.

“Phew, Madam is a trustworthy person, so I’m being honest with you.”

I heaved a sigh in front of Harmonia.

Then she managed to smile.

“I’m more honored that you think so, Marchioness Hestia.”

That’s it for today.

Is this how the farmer’s heart expects to reap how much fruit the seed they sowed will bear?

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  1. While reading up to this chapter I’m seriously thinking about why I have to hate Helios and Dianna because she didn’t reciprocate Kael’s feeling, because that seems like the baseline for all this revenge, don’t know maybe I missed something but I feel like Hestia is becoming the kind of FL that Dianna was. Doing and saying whatever you want without consequences because you’re the FL.

    1. Karla Ruvalcaba

      It’s not Diana rejecting him that angered Hestia but that she condemned Kaelus for killing the Duke and his daughter yet she still took the position of CP even though it was by the death of those two that she was able to rise to that position. She’s a hypocrite who’s claiming higher moral ground while she’s benefits from those who did her dirty work and also imposing her ideas on to others while enjoying the highest position. You can’t criticize the butcher for killing the cow while you eat it.

    2. Dont forget after they killed MLs feelings and suicide. MC died from illness because the OGFL refused to help her.

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