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FMDF – Chapter 11


That evening, after a long time, I ate with Kaelus.

“I went to the Imperial Palace today. I saw the crown princess.”

“I see….”

Kaelus’s retorted gaze was directed to the plate.

When I mention Diana in front of him, he still can’t look me in the eye.

But it’s still big. It’s a great improvement compared to the past when he had difficulty breathing just thinking about Diana.

I told him in a calm tone as he continued to eat without expression as usual.

“I told Diana. Soon the healing power will be gone.”


Then Kaelus looked up at me.

In the original novel, he was fascinated by Diana’s upright mind and her straight convictions that did not compromise with injustice. A clean and pure line found for the first time in an extremely selfish group of humans. Diana meant that to Kael.

How pure and beautiful Diana is compared to myself, a sly politician. Kaelus loved her and admired her at the same time. Diana was a jewel-bearing* woman he didn’t have.

*TN: not literally but it means she has a lot to offer

 If I kneel down to her, what kind of expression would he make?

“He said she’d tell the crown prince herself, so I won’t say anything. Her use of power on His majesty yesterday seems to be clear yet.”

“Oh, did your majesty eventually fall down?”

“Yes. Fortunately, her highness, who was waiting by his side, healed him immediately.”

“I see. I’m so glad.”

Kaelus nodded a few times. Then suddenly he brought up another topic.

“Do you have any urgent business to deal with?”

“Urgent? No, I don’t.”

If I take care of this and that, I don’t actually have time to relax. But if asked if they were particularly urgent, it was frankly not.

Kaelus’ eyes turned back to the plate.

“Shall we go out together?”


I almost dropped my fork! You want to go out to see the fief? With me? The two of us?

“Why? You don’t like it?”


It should be noted in advance that this answer came in response to the peripheral nerves without going through the brain, and that rational judgment was not reflected at all.

Kaelus continued the rest, humming, “Hmm.”

“Thanks to your skillful management of the territory’s internal affairs, the chief and other people are very grateful. That’s right. I think it’d be better to show your face once.”

“Oh, yes!”

“It’s not too far from here, so I thought we’d leave tomorrow morning. We’ll be home by the evening.”


“Is there anything else to talk about?”



Kaelus’ expression was strangely distorted. No matter what I say, did it seem weird? Yes, yes, repeating myself?

No, I’m sure it did. I feel really weird, too.

He got up from the table when he had finished his meal moderately.

“I’ll go first. See you tomorrow morning.”



My favorite disappeared, leaving with eyes that seemed to have seen all strange things.


I don’t know if the rice goes in the mouth or the nose. Clarice, who was next to me, was seen clenching her teeth not to laugh.

“…You can just laugh….”

“No, ma’am. Whoo…”

You said no yet you laughed. Words and actions are different.

On my way back to the room, I discussed the retreat.

“I’ll have to pack up now to leave in the morning, Clarice.”

“We’ll take care of what we need. Please sleep tight so that you don’t get tired.”

Will I be able to sleep properly? I might die of excitement.

“Would you like a tea to help you sleep well?”


The next morning, Kaelus sat in the carriage, dressed in a light coat over his comfortable daily clothes.

I said hello awkwardly.

“Have you slept well?”

“Thanks to you.”

A curt reply. Still, this is Kaelus’s usual self.


Shortly after I got on, the carriage began to move slowly. A pleasant wind coming in from the open carriage window.

One of the great things about being in the novel is that it is a mild spring day all year round here.

I don’t know if the writer made the settings roughly or not, but there was little seasonal change in the world. Instead, there was a geographical difference. In other words, it’s still winter in the north and summer in the south. The capital was in the middle, so it seemed to be spring.


My long black hair was wrapped around my face every time the wind blew. But I didn’t want to close the window, so I had to hold my hair with one hand.


On the other hand, how elegant is my favorite! That long silver hair doesn’t get tangled up in the wind, it’s just pretty and sexy! This dirty world where even the wind is unfair.

It was quiet in the carriage. Suddenly, I remembered the scene where the Illion estate appeared in the original.

Kaelus, who went out to Ilion with Diana, was very ashamed to meet a begging child on a busy street during a date while looking back at the estate. Diana, who smiled softly and said it was okay, asked the child about their circumstances. They said their mother was sick.  

Diana was good and boldly healed the child’s mother, who could not be treated for lack of money. The whole of Illion became noisy without the reward of going undercover, for the noble Lady of God had descended upon their native land.

When the episode appeared in the series, readers who were pushing Kael for lead went wild. You don’t have to sell this story? Of course, even though the lead was already concluded with Helios from the cover, a fan like me who suffers from a serious second lead syndrome only wished for Kael’s happiness.

Among the Ilion episodes, the scene where Diana’s identity was revealed was the strongest. People who ignored poor children apologized and were humiliated, and the people of the camp thanked Lord Kaelus for bringing the saint.

It was also an episode that highlighted the agony of Kaelus, who loved the saintess. Along with the desire for her and to clip her wings toward the world under the grace of God. While Helios had a powerful title called the crown prince, the Marquis’ status that Kaelus could give was too small a title for the perfect heroine Diana.

Now it will be very special for Kaelus to return to Ilion after being abandoned by Diana.

There will be memories and memories of laughing with Diana everywhere, and feelings of shame as a lord in front of the poverty of a Illion citizen.

You can come when you’re more stable, but aren’t you pushing yourself too hard? Rebuking himself for not recovering yet.

I guess I was staring at Kael without realizing it. His purple eyes moved gently.

“Are you worried?”


I shrugged my shoulders. I wondered if all my thoughts were revealed on my face.

Kaelus smiled faintly.

“I’m going to go outside now. I can’t stay inside forever.”

“You don’t have to rush into it. It was only three or four months.”

In fact, it is the first time that Kaelus has taken a break for so long. Because he’s been running nonstop since he came of age.

Since the conversation began, I asked him how he felt about visiting the territory.

“How do you feel? In the past….”

I didn’t say that he came with Diana. Still, my favorite managed to catch on to the backstory.

Purple eyes glided out of the window again.

“… You know I came with her.”


“I often think that you’re not looking into the future, but actually looking at the past better.”

His words made my heart ache. Even though he has become mentally weak after suicide attempts, his insight is still sharp.

As soon as Diana became the talk of the town, the air immediately became heavy. Kaelus closed his mouth tightly with a dark complexion.

Oh, my. Was I being too rash? I should change the subject quickly.

“I might have a lot of territory soon.”


Fortunately, Kaelus showed interest in what I said. Whew. I succeeded in turning the mood around.

“Yes, I asked Helios for a reward when I decided to give him a foresight. I said I wanted the Attica land.”

“Attica? You mean the duke’s estate?”

Kaelus’ voice grew rare. You look very surprised.


Speaking of which, I think I chose the wrong topic. I signed the marriage contract saying I was not interested in the Marquis’ property, but it became like I was greedy for territory from Helios.

To be honest, I wasn’t really greedy about the land, but I was conditioned to make my own mark about my position as a villainess instead of Letona. But that’s why I’m the only one who knows anyway, and everyone else would think I’m materialistic.

Including my favorite.


I suddenly feel depressed. I feel somewhat shabby.

I added weakly.

“And to you, the duke title….”


Unbelievable. Unbelievable. That’s exactly the look on Kaelus’ face.

“Er, if you don’t like it, you can say no….”

“Like Princess Letona, is it?”


He hit the nail on the head.

His cold purple eyes turned straight at me.

“I guess I’m right. You want to be Letona, don’t you?”

Princess Letona, who confronted Diana and Helios and was urged to die by Kaelus.

I am right to be like Princess Letona, as Kaelus said. On the one hand, however, it is not. I just want to look like her from Diana’s and Helios’ point of view, not for Kaelus.


Purple eyes like glass eyes staring at me.

I’m afraid to face it.

Somehow a cold sounding voice rang in the carriage.

“Hestia, are you related to Letona?”


Ah, they might misunderstand like this way. Then I’ll have to clarify.

“The dead princess has nothing to do with me. But I’ll have to admit that my move is similar to hers.”

How he took my words, Kaelus kept looking at me without any response.



Well, if you’ve looked at me this much, I wish you’d stop looking at me.

Gradually, my face heated up. I don’t know where to put my eyes because that pretty face of my favorite keeps on falling off.

When one’s eyes wander aimlessly..

“…Come to think of it, I don’t know anything about you.”


Why does my heart tickle with that indifferent way of speaking? Although Kaelus only recited objective facts.

“If you have any questions for me, you can ask me. I’ll answer everything I can.”

I smiled as gently as I could, with my sincere heart that it was really okay.

Kaelus looked at me for a long time with a mysterious face. And in the end.

“…Next time.”


Oh, I’m losing my energy. I really could have told you everything if Kaelus asked me anything.

But on the other hand, I was relieved. I wondered if he might ask a question that was unanswerable. For example, philosophical consideration of foresight.

What he might be curious about me is not about my personal identity. I’m sure it’s about my ability. I’ve been digging into this problem quite deeply in theory before.

So if Kaelus wants to know about me, why not just show it before his eyes? It’s not like he’s out of sight. 

Oh, there’s one problem. Let’s exclude silly comments that pop up.

Ilion was a rich estate. It was close to the imperial city and had a large river, so commerce is very developed. If the Duke of Orcus’ estate Attica was famous for its vast size, the Marquis’s estate Ilion was well known for its bustling vitality.

Our carriage headed straight to the residence where the lord stays. The eyes of the crowd on the street did not fall from the carriage.

Perhaps because of the experience of the true reader who binge-read the original novel nine times, Diana’s appreciation of the Ilion landscape suddenly came to mind.

“The energy of the people who live to the fullest….”

I murmured casually, and for a moment I was dumbfounded. I turned my head in a hurry, and as expected.


The purple eyes that are nailed to me, wide open as if in wonder.

I glossed over with an awkward smile.

“Ha ha ha… Prophecy just leaked out…”

“That’s not foresight. That’s exactly what someone said in the past.”

Kaelus said flatly.

A half-baked excuse is unlikely to work. I had to nod my head.

“Yes, as you say, I didn’t see the future. That’s what Diana said when she came here with you.”


He held his breath still. I laughed bitterly, too.

“I know everything. So you don’t have to force yourself to act like you don’t care.”

“…is that so?”

The purple gaze finally drew back from me and headed straight out the window.


I sighed so quietly that he couldn’t hear me.

Today, can I finish the day without making a mistake?

I arrived at the lord’s residence. Kaelus opened the door first and got off.


As Kaelus was known to the public to be ill, the chief and junior officials of Ilion seemed to be greatly relieved when he appeared to be in good health on the outside.

Kaelus said with that cold look on his face.

“You said you wanted to see my wife.”

Ugh. He said wife……! I’m his wife!

In fact, even if you are a fake wife who is married only on paper, you must act as a marquis wife thoroughly from the outside. And that’s what’s very, very important to me!

“It’s my first time saying hello. My name is Hestia.”

Not arrogant, but not easy. Moderately polite, moderately distant. Greetings to subordinates require very delicate skills.

Officials below the chief have also greeted politely.

“Thanks to Lady Hestia’s attention to the internal affairs, urgent issues could be dealt with in time. I can’t help but thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. I just did my job as the wife of the lord. It’s natural to help him concentrate on his recovery.”

It may sound a little harsh to the listeners. But I wanted to insinuate to Kaelus that my interest is not in this estate.

Whether he knows what I mean, Kaelus said with a casual look.

“I’ll take a short break and go on an inspection tour.”

“Oh, would you? All right. Then let’s go inside first, my lord.”

The chief replied with a friendly answer.

Soon we followed him into the mansion.

As if prepared from the morning, brunch was well prepared on the table in the drawing room. And of course, the tea set.


Coffee is the best in the morning. Bitter coffee Iced Americano. ah ah.


Next to him, Kaelus tilted his head slightly and opened his mouth.

“Is there no coffee?”

“Oh, should I make coffee?”

The lord asked back with a grim look. Like blaming himself for the mistake that he didn’t get the taste of the owner.

In the meantime, I stood stiff and unable to breathe. No way. Because of me, Kaelus…?!

“My wife usually goes for coffee in the morning. You’d better keep that in mind from now on.”

“Oh, I see! I’m sorry, my lord!”

The mission deacon quickly disappeared. Next to him, I almost disappeared without a sound.

Did you hear that? Kaelus, he knows my taste! What a great honor for a fan!

“How did you know?”

When I asked, the answer that came back in a sulky manner was even greater.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know what the salon’s madam knew?”

“Well, I’ve never said….”

“We live under one roof, and of course I should know.”

I’m getting hit. A cool, indifferent way of speaking as if it were nothing

After a while, the butler of the lord returned with a coffee kettle. The white teacup was filled with steaming hot coffee. It’s not my favorite iced Americano, but I still don’t know where it could be. Don’t expect too much from the rofan world.

“I’m sorry, I should have prepared more carefully…”

“That’s okay. Not many aristocrats enjoy coffee. I understand.”

In fact, technically the butler wasn’t terribly wrong. In general, it’s not common to serve coffee when serving aristocrats. The aristocracy here in the world tends to enjoy tea more, and coffee is usually treated as a cheaper favorite.

If I were a barista in this world, I would have opened a cafe with my flamboyant skills. In this world where coffee is not very developed, it is a pity.

While he was thinking about something else for a moment, Kaelus was listening to a rough report from the chief.

“I need to check the embankment first. I’m sure it’s been paid properly.”

“Yes, thanks to your prompt approval of the budget, I was able to repair it in time.”

“Did you bring the construction log and accounting report?”

“Here it is, my lord.”

Kaelus glanced dryly through the document. And then he was handing them over to me!

“You know better because you took care of it.”


I’m sure you’re right, but I feel like I’m passing it on strangely.

Anyway, I quickly checked the documents prepared by the chief. As a result of roughly calculating the total budget and the detailed amount, the calculation itself was fine.

Well, what kind of fool would have written a false report? His boss is Marquis Kaelus, who takes orders from the emperor himself.

“The numbers are clear. There are no unnecessary items at first glance.”

“I see.”

Kaelus nodded indifferently.

After a brief meal, we headed for the embankment built by the river under the guidance of the lord.

“Last year’s floods were incredible. But compared to other regions, there was little damage.”

The chief said, recalling the time. Due to the nature of Ilion, which has a large population and a large number of stores, the damage would have been unimaginable if the embankment had collapsed.

However, the author of the original novel handed over the land so easily that they did not have to recover from the flood. So that Diana and Helios can grow their love in a faraway land.

Should I thank the writer for this?

The lord’s words followed then.

“It’s all thanks to God taking care of us.”

“…I know.”

Well, let’s say it’s not exactly wrong. The writer is the creator of this world.

I took a quick look at the condition of Kaelus as I walked.

 No wonder, Kaelus was everywhere with Diana in every corner of Ilion. There must be memories of walking alone with Diana on this road to the embankment.

  How hard is Kaelus fighting his old memories alone now?

I told him that I knew everything and that it was okay, but will that alone give him strength?

I hope Diana comes to Kaelus as soon as possible and kneels desperately. I want her to apologize desperately for hurting him.

Therefore, I must work harder.


The stiffened face of Kaelus.

It was fortunate that he was accompanied by his doctor, taking advantage of the fact that he was reportedly ill. I winked at the doctor. The doctor noticed.

  “Well, marquis. Let’s take a break. You don’t look well.”


Kaelus looked at the doctor’s face once and then at my face, and nodded silently.

A short distance away, the doctor sat him down and made him drink the medicine he had brought. Meanwhile, the chief asked me carefully.

“His health seems to be worse than it looks.”

“Yes, that’s why I’m trying not to overdo it today.”

Then he suddenly lowered his voice.

“By any chance… …the lord’s illness… Is it related to her highness the crown princess…?”

My mouth felt bitter. The news was as fast as the capital for a large estate of Ilion. It’s no use denying it.

“To a certain extent. I hope you don’t mention that name in front of my husband as much as you can because he’s been heartbroken.”

“Of course, my lady.”

When the question was resolved, the lord immediately backed down. He is a quick-witted person.

Then the doctor looked at me. It meant that it was okay to move again.

I approached Kaelus.

“Kaelus, shall we rest a little longer?”

He couldn’t answer quickly. A white face and expression still stiff.

But after a short pause, he stood up fairly resolutely.

“…It’s okay.”

“All right.”

Too much self-preservation can give a negative impression. It’s in front of the lord and the estate officials watching.

Still, somehow anxious, I reached out to him reflexively.

And to my surprise.


Kaelus grabbed me by the arm and raised himself.

My first physical contact with my favorite.

A moment I’ll never forget.

No, technically speaking, this is not the first time I’ve had physical contact with him. When he was about to put a knife in his chest, I struck his hand and made him drop it.

But how is it the same as this!


I desperately bit my lips so that an internal scream wouldn’t leak out of my mouth.

Unfortunately, Kaelus let go of my arm as soon as he stood up completely.

Don’t tell me that all the heartbeat sounds were revealed in that short period of time, right? If I turn my head and look at Kaelus now, I think I will be able to see all of my restless mental state. I can’t stand it.

Oh, doctor.

I wish you’d give me that medicine earlier.

The renovated embankment looked very strong to the eye.

“It looks solid.”

Instead of Kaelus, who couldn’t speak to control his seizures, I came forward and gave my thoughts to the lord.

The lord also nodded.

“The budget approved by the lord’s wife was anything but small. Thanks to it, I’ve been able to fix it well enough for a few years.”

“That’s not enough. Check carefully every year. We cannot have another water crisis like last year.”

“Yes, I see, my lady.”

There was a path up the embankment for people to walk by. It would be nice to take a walk since we came to the cool riverside after a long time.

I asked with a little courage.

“Kaelus, shall we get some fresh air?”

“Should we?”

He complied with my request. I was truly grateful for him not making me embarrassed.

People gazed at us and distanced themselves from us. Thanks to this, I was honored to walk alone with my favorite.

I spoke in a low voice.

“How’s your breathing?”

Kaelus replied with a rather pale complexion.

“Better than before.”

“Phew, that’s a relief. I’m glad I brought your medicine.”

At the end of this conversation, we just walked on the bank road without a word for a while.



I didn’t bother to break the silence.

Neither Kaelus nor I needed time to quietly let the thoughts flow. You don’t have to pretend to be okay or determined by being conscious of the people around you.

His pace was very slow. Maybe he’s got a lot of old memories in his head. In addition, his heart must be beating with all kinds of emotions.

Wait till he opens his mouth again.

Walk with him at his walking pace.

My life as Hestia only revolves around Kaelus. That’s the life I really want. The only reason I jumped between the main characters from the position of the extras that I’ve been sticking to.

Is my choice funny? Is it trivial? Does it feel like I’m wasting my time on something that won’t even return?

But my answer will not falter at all. I will never regret giving this whole life to Kaelus. Rather, I was so happy that I could cry.

Do you know when life is most fleeting? That’s when you don’t know what to live for.

The purpose of my continuing life as Hestia, the goal of this life, is as clear as day.


I’d rather dance and cheer for the vivid orientation in front of me that tells me why to live.

“Thank you.”

My body hardened for a moment in my mind that popped out again.

Then Kaelus turned to me.


“…just for being there.”

In the end, I gave up making excuses and confessed honestly.

I heard a little silly laugh.

“I don’t understand.”

“Whoa, I know. I’m not very good at explaining.”

In front of Kaelus, my tongue, which used to work so well, gets stiff.

Still, even a false smile was a laugh, and Kaelus’ expression, which had been stiff all along, was a little relieved.

It was a load off my mind. I think I can talk about bold things now.

“Thoughts of the old days… You have a lot, right?”

I carefully treaded. Kaelus’ purple eyes glanced at me and then headed forward again.


An equivocal answer. But in my ears it sounded positive enough.

I laughed a little.

“Diana was a very clear person. For us, the world is so complicated because it’s intertwined, but for her, it’s just so clear.”


“Sometimes that’s comforting. Maybe we’re looking at the world too hard. In fact, it’s okay to live quite simply.”

“…That’s right.”

Kaelus sighed largely.

“I could have lived a simpler life.”

Deep remorse and heartbreak was in his voice.

Isn’t Kaelus living more fiercely than anyone else? Nevertheless, the person he wanted to be recognized the most and loved by so simply judged him.

Even if the view of life was simple and clear, it should only be applied to one’s own life, and it should not be applied to other people’s lives.

So I hate Diana.

I gave him a light answer.

“You can live like that from now on.”

“Well, there’s too much work to do.”

“You can give me some.”

“Yeah. Is that so?”

It was unexpected. I couldn’t believe he didn’t refuse.

I laughed deliberately.

“Looking at my room, I guess you like my work skills.”

Kaelus smiled faintly, too.

“Honestly, yes.”

“Ha, I’m so happy to satisfy you.”

It was a light response that I didn’t want to burden him. I hope Kaelus knows my wish.


Beautiful silver hair fluttered in the wind.


“Diana is…”

The name that finally came out of his mouth. A tough word that overcame a deep wound.

I waited quietly for the next horse.

“…was so bright that I didn’t dare to embrace….”


My heart was choked up. That’s how Kaelus felt. I didn’t know you were like this, Diana, you don’t even know this.

He murmured as if to himself.

“She was a very nice woman. She’s always been strong… Lightened up your surroundings…”


I still didn’t answer back. I was never going to cut it off or cut in until all the words in Kaelus’s heart came out.

Kaelus suddenly looked back at me.

“I wonder if this is offensive to you.”

“No, not at all.”

I answered promptly without hesitation. Did you misunderstand why I wasn’t saying anything?

“I told you before. Thanks to Diana, you have a valuable experience of love. It’s a precious time for you, so why would I find it offensive?”

Just because I hate Diana doesn’t mean that Kaelus should hate her.

Rather, I hope that the memory of Diana will remain a peaceful and beautiful memory for him. May it remain a good feeling, not a deep wound that will bleed.

Purple eyes slightly deflected me.

“…thank you, Hess.”

 “What are you talking about?”

  What makes me cry like this.

It’s only Kaelus.

After taking a walk on the embankment, I moved to downtown. Like the imperial city, Ilion was a rich land with developed commerce.

Suddenly, I was curious about my father’s estate on my documents, which I had never been to. A remote mountain village. How small is it compared to this place?

Now I have long since changed my introduction to the wife of the Illion lord, instead of the daughter of the Elea lord. Just as I threw away the past of living as an extra in the novel, I no longer attach poor outskirts of Elea to my introduction.

In just a few months, my life as an icebreaker has changed so much.

The lord’s voice broke off one way or another.

“In recent trade, luxury goods are more important than food. I think it’s proof that we’re getting out of the aftermath of last year’s flood.”


Kaelus frowned slightly.

I guessed why he was so unhappy. I said to the lord, shaking my head.

“The increased consumption of luxury goods means that wealth has become more biased. I don’t think the situation of the poor in the compound will be much different from the time of the flood.”

“Oh, that’s…”

The lord’s face turned pale. I didn’t miss an opportunity and gave a sharp look.

“Her highness, who visited here the other day, would have wanted the poor’s life to be better. But the reality is that my husband can’t raise his head in front of the holy lady”

“Well, yes, the lord is right. So the budget for the operation of the estate has increased the amount of money donated to the temple for the relief of the poor from last year.….”

“Aha, so you gave more donations to the temple.”


Oh, no, that’s not what I wanted.

But it’s no wonder. Because the temple is primarily responsible for treating the poor in this world.

Anyway, even if the temple worked harder to save the poor thanks to Diana’s words, my concern is not really whether the poor are better off. It’s more important how to knock down the temple that’s full because of Diana.

Taking back donations that have already been given away simply and ignorantly may antagonize innocent young people. From now on, I have to be very careful and manipulative.

“Hestia. Is there something wrong?”

Kaelus asked in a businesslike tone. I shook my head quickly.

“No, not really. The chief faithfully obeyed the orders of her holiness. It’s just that….”

When the words were trailed, the mayor showed signs of nervousness at once. Kaelus, on the other hand, kept waiting for my words without disrupting the indifferent expression.

“…I feel somehow sorry to put this heavy responsibility on the temple alone. From now on, it would be better to come up with a remedy at the administrative level of the estate.”

“I see.”

He nodded lightly and immediately called the lord.

“Lord, is there a vacant workshop in the estate?”

“There’s always an empty place, big or small. What size do you want?”

Oh, is Kaelus looking for a suitable space for a soap factory now?!

“The twenty workmen must be wide enough to fit in. It’s not a sophisticated operation, but it’s something that needs to be produced in bulk.”

“Well, you need a pretty big workshop.”

He asked Kaelus, suppressing his pounding heart.

“Kaelus, are there 20 craftsmen here?”

At my words, Kaelus shook his head bitterly.

“Most of them are reluctant. Mass manufacturing of soap seems to be a matter of pride to them. But there were people who accepted the persuasion. Two craftsmen decided to bring the apprentices.”

“Oh, that’s great. It was a difficult request, but thank you.”

In other words, handmade soap made by craftsmen by hand was like a piece of art to them. It may be quite unpleasant for self-respecting craftsmen to produce them in large quantities at once without looking good.

But whether soapmakers’s pride gets hurt  or not, it’s none of my business. Because I wasn’t interested in anything other than my own purpose.

Kaelus told the lord.

“We have a large space where more than 20 people can work at once. It doesn’t necessarily have to be close to the port, but it has to be well-ventilated and have a large warehouse to store the materials.”

“I see, my lord.”

The lord and subsequent officials diligently took down instructions.

Kaelus looked back at me.

“When the mass production of soap is completely settled, we can then hire the slum dwellers to pay the benefits. The craftsmen and apprentices can go back to the workshop after the technology development.”

“Yes, that’s good.”

I’m telling you, how smart is my favorite! He thought about using a soap factory like this! Not only the spread of soap, but also welfare through public work is solved at once!

“I’m glad you like it, Hess.”

I also responded with a big smile to his simple words.

“To the point where I can’t say it. Thank you, Kaelus.”

I suddenly felt awkward after I said it. I turned my head slightly.


“Ha ha…”

The officials below the lord looked somewhat pleased.

In the carriage back home.

Tired of his first outing in a long time, Kaelus closed his eyes gently shortly after the carriage began to run.

I held my breath on my own. Just in case he wakes up with my useless loud breath.


A sleeping face is like a picture,


I felt strange all of a sudden.

This is definitely Kaelus in front of me. But is this real?

Yes, I doubt it. I used to be the adopted daughter of lord Elia in the countryside, but now I’m the wife of the rich lord of Ilion. Is it really possible to turn life around like this in just a few months in reality?

I stretched out my hands that I had put on my knees. I felt a sense of bending my joints as I folded and unfolded my ten fingers.


No, this isn’t enough.

I pinched my cheek hard. The pain spread tinglingly.

The reality is right.


Three years have already passed by, including before the return. Too long to be just a dream.

This life, possessed by Hestia, is both a reality and a fantasy to me.

It is possible because this is an extension of the novel that I can abandon my own self-realization and move forward recklessly only for my favorite.

And my firm sense of goal to revive my favorite is what I can have because this is his living reality.

Is it ambiguous? That’s right. It’s really vague.

After a happy ending, this life, which seems to be a second creation with my own story, is halfway between fantasy and reality.

But I don’t really want to conclude it either way. As long as I can’t go out on my own in this novel, I have to find the meaning of living here somehow.

My favorite. Kaelus.

Everything else to me is just meaningless text.

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7 thoughts on “FMDF – Chapter 11”

  1. I admire her dedication to Cael, but she’s a pitiful woman. Her life revolves around a man whose heart still belongs to another. Not to mention, a man who is still barely functioning to fulfill his responsibilities, therefore leaving her to do the work to restore his name and fix the current state problems. My dear Hestia, I hope you find happiness and a life that is also just for your own sake.

    P.S: Thank you for the translation!

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