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FMDF – Chapter 10


Diana’s tea party left a lot to be talked about. Especially Diana’s amazing self-assertion.

“She didn’t have such a strict image in the original, but oh my gosh…”

In fact, Diana’s cider move itself made no sense in reality.

Let’s weigh it in depth. How many common rofan novels ignore even the probability of the main character’s cider?

No matter how absolutely buffed Diana is, she’s a commoner, and yet she scolded the nobles without fear and gives infinite support to it!

The definition of the main character that no one can argue about. A narrative that gives a rationale for ignoring a reasonable amount of context. In reality, actions that can be judged differently are also supported as unconditionally correct in the novel. If the writer’s writing is good, even the reader will automatically be convinced of its tremendous reality.

“But that’s the charm of rofan..”

Fantasy is the way to read it.

A cool flip of the weak against the strong, not possible in reality. Except for the element of vitalicious satisfaction, what fun would it be to read a novel? I was also a big fan of the original novel.

Anyway, it’s limited to fiction. There will no longer be a consistent cider road in front of Diana.

“I just need to be happy with our Kaelus.”

My own story with my favorite as the main character. This is the charm of secondary creativity.

“Lady Hestia, Lord Kaelus is looking for you.”

“Oh, alright!”

At the words of the butler Uross, I quickly closed my fanatic notebook and woke up*. I was meticulously organizing the timetable for what would happen after the tea party.

*TN: from her thoughts

Kaelus was waiting in his study.

“Did you call me?”

“Oh, yes.”

He poured out the tea first, now as if it were natural.

“I called because I wanted to hear about your tea party. I didn’t think you’d tell me first if I didn’t ask.”


My favorite with a white face. I like it because it’s expressionless but rather unintentional.

After taking a deep breath, Islowly opened my mouth.

“I did something a little bold. I had a war of words with Her Highness Diana.”

Kael’s brow twisted for a moment. I continued with a slight look.

“But I couldn’t help but say something. You just happened to be the talk of the town, and I didn’t like the uncomfortable atmosphere.”


There was no answer. I just took it as a sign to continue.

“And this is my opinion, but there will be growing discontent among the nobles with Her Highness Diana. It was very simple to fix them. Her highness even made it clear that it was intentional.”


“I’m sure the nobles think they’ve been ignored. If this public opinion hardens over time, it will be difficult for the crown princess to get their help when she needs it.”

The common aristocrat, not the villain in the rofan novel, is just an accessory or the main characters, but in reality, is a great force that must be cooperated.

“Then the temple is about to rise.” Kaelus said, smoothed his chin.

“Yeah, and that’s what aristocrats hate the most.”

I excluded emotions as much as possible and concluded it with a businesslike tone. I was so nervous that even a sign of joy might leak out.

In fact, the gains of the temple were already well recorded in my fanatic notes. It was the result of Diana’s foolishness, which only made Helios more politically difficult.

“What about your prophecy?”

Kaelus’ voice naturally smiled. I couldn’t help looking stupid. I feel like I’m being healed just by his voice.

“That will put the crown prince in trouble. Regardless of Helios’ wishes, Diana will continue to support the temple.”

“I see….”

But during the conversation, Clarice, the lady-in-waiting, came and said.

“A letter has arrived for your wife. It was sent from the salon.”

If it’s the salon, it’s Madame Harmonia.

“Bring it here.”

I opened the letter of Harmonia in front of Kaelus. After reading the contents quickly, I handed it to Kaelus.

“The time has come. Because of what I said at the tea party, the temple publicly criticized me. They say I’m a person who ignores humanity because she is blinded by the benefits of results.”


Kaelus’ eyes were icy cold.

LOL, the laughter spread. I’d rather be thankful if you shot at me like this. I guess it’s still funny to the extent that the land document was taken away. You’re sticking your neck out for me.

“But there’s nothing to worry about. Kaelus, it’s something that can be solved soon enough.”

Kaelus looked at me stiffly.

Suddenly, I was worried that he would come forward on his own. At home, it was still quite stable, but I was still anxious to do outside activities. It was still due to occasional seizures such as shortness of breath. It was dangerously impossible to rush out in public until he was fully recovered.

But that doesn’t mean his help is absolutely unnecessary.

“Kaelus, I have a favor to ask of you. Bring the soap makers together.”


The sharp purple eyes opened blankly for a moment. Even this dramatic change in his eyes is so pretty. I am in awe for a moment.

“It’s just as I asked. Please bring together the soap craftsmen and set up a place to mass-produce them.”

In order to get Diana on her knees, I had to break the temple first. I’ve only been looking for opportunities since the moment I decided to save Kaelus, but the game is so natural. I was rather happy.

The first step of a journey to weaken the temple’s power. Making sure people don’t have to look for the temple.

Where does the power of the temple come from? It comes directly from those who seek the temple. Then why do people look for the temple? That’s because you can cure the disease only when you go to the temple. Recall that the healing saint Diana belonged to the temple.

What does a doctor do to get treatment in a temple? In order to tackle that, we must first look at the novel’s world.

In this world, the cause of the disease is found in God’s anger or individual sins. Just like the West in the Middle Ages.

Therefore, in order to cure the disease, first confess your sins to God and repent. After that, the retainers prescribe various medicines and treat wounds of sick people.

Of course there are doctors. However, it is a little different from what we usually think. Real doctors usually live as doctors of royalty or aristocrats, and are not easily met by commoners.

In any case, if ordinary people can treat the disease without going to the temple, and furthermore, if they do not get caught easily at all, the value of the temple’s existence will be halved.

Then, what is the most important factor to avoid getting sick? Isn’t it personal hygiene after all?

Kaelus did not hide his surprise when he heard me asking him to build a soap ‘factory’.

“What does mass production of soap have to do with restoring your honor?”

“I don’t have to recover my honor. What I want is the fall of the temple.”


The purple eyes grew as big as they could.

I began to explain step by step for him.

“The widespread use of soap can definitely reduce the incidence of disease. That way, if people don’t have to go to the temple, the power of the temple will naturally weaken.”


“In fact, the reason why soap has become exclusive to the aristocratic class is because it is too expensive for ordinary people. Instead of giving up delicate pieces without adding scents, making them all in a rough shape will greatly reduce production costs.”

And the hardest part. I continued, keeping an eye on Kaelus.

“If this is still expensive, we have to produce and distribute as much as possible at the Marquis’ expense. At least in Illion.”

Kaelus looked at me with a blank face.

“Is that really all you want?”

“Yes, it’s the most important thing. Kaelus, please.”

The beautiful purple gaze did not fall from me for a long time.

“…Okay. I’ll do that.”

“Thank you!”

I answered quickly with a big smile. Then his lips slowly opened again.

“You’re welcome… …Hess.”

I came back to the room in a daze. Kaelus’ voice still rang in my ears. Hess. Hess. Hess…

“Oh my God….”

Wow! My heart is about to explode! What do I do?


I put my hand on my chest and took a deep breath several times. My heart was still pounding.

To be honest, I didn’t think pet names were a big deal. From the point of view of the reader of rofan, I once thought that the writer was lazy to type the long names of the characters one by one; so they shortened it.


“Wow… this is really, I’m going to melt….”

Come on, I have to write back to Madame Harmonia, which is a big deal. Am I in a situation to write a letter or something? If Kael calls me Hess one more time, I think I’ll just faint on the spot. It’s making me crazy.

Inside, I rolled around on the bed, repeating “Wow, Wow” indefinitely. If this excitement doesn’t calm down, how can I sit at that desk!

Really, Kaelus. I’ll grind my whole body to make you happy.

I live here because of you, and there’s no reason to live here unless it’s you. I mean it.

I’ll make all the people who bothered you come to you and kneel down.

I’ll fill that hole in your heart.

“Phew… To do that, I must write a letter to Harmonia as soon as soon as possible..?”

You can achieve your ultimate goal by dealing with the tasks in front of you.

I stopped stomping my feet and went over to sit at the desk. I have to write back to the letter I read with Kaelus earlier.

“Thank you very much for your prompt reply…. But right now… I want to respond to the accusations of the temple… It’s not….”

Yes, I can’t afford to waste my energy on things like words that waste my thoughts. A dirty verbal fight is just tiring, and it is important to pay back with more definite actions.

Once Kaelus has said he will gather soap craftsmen, there is a little room until my work is done.

“I’ll make the temple warehouse full*. Hmph.”

*TN: translation was empty but full makes more sense if she’s taking away their visitors

I’ll step on you to the point where you crumple like the tip of this finely chewed pen. We’re not the same, gentleman.

Anyway, I made a promise to Helios, so I headed to the palace. On the way to apologize for the fight to Diana.

I was hoping she’d be so intimidated by me that she’d avoid asking for an audience. It seems that she hasn’t felt that much defeat yet.

Diana’s reply in hand was quite simple. Come to the lily palace.

I don’t intend to spend much time with her. I’ll just say, “I’m so sorry about that day.” I’m just trying to save face because I told Helios that, but honestly, I’m not really sorry.

“Hestia, wife of the Illion lord. I’m here to see the crown princess.”

When I told the lily’s servant, he quickly went inside. And after a while I followed him to Diana’s drawing room.

As I sat waiting, Diana appeared with two or three maids behind her.

I lowered my posture neatly.

“Greetings to the little moon of the noble empire.”

“… get up, marchioness.”

A reluctant tone. I guess she’s pretty uncomfortable.

“I heard from Heli that you wanted to apologize to me. I really didn’t expect you to come.”

Oh no. When Diana is upset, she’s really upset.

“Oh, your highness. I’m not shameless enough to stretch out and sleep after such a thick act. I’m just sorry to find out that you’re very disappointed in me.”

I don’t care whether I’m alone or not, but I think it’ll be convenient to soothe it appropriately for later.

“I will go to the temple soon and repent and reflect on my sins. Your highness’s words make sense to the principle.”

“…Okay. Let’s believe it.”

I guess she was a little relieved because I roughly said what she said was right. The stiff expression softened a little.

I’m done with my business now. But if I leave my seat quickly, my thoughts will be too transparent, right? I tried to have a conversation to match the image with a mindless mind.

“But how is his majesty’s condition? I can’t sleep because my heart is heavy because I gave you a negative prediction….”


Diana sighed softly.

“It’s a top secret, but you’ve foreseen it, so it’s right to let you know. Anyway, Heli said it’d be better to tell you.”

Oh, I guess the emperor finally fell down.

“Did the accident happen?”

“Yes, it would have been a real disaster if it weren’t for your wisdom. Last night, while his majesty was drinking, he suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed. Because I was right there, I was able to use healing power immediately.”

“I’m so glad. I want to thank you even more.”

Suddenly, I wanted to confirm one thing here.

To what extent did Diana’s healing power restore the emperor? If the flow before the return was the same, her great ability would be slowly weakening.

In fact, Diana herself knows better than anyone else. That her power isn’t what it used to be.

There is probably no one in the world who can dare ask this openly. Even Helios will not be able to confirm with suspicion.

But I am available. Why? Because I’m a “talent” like Diana!

“But your highness. I have a question for you.”

Diana’s eyes shook uneasily. Why does she always get scared whenever I say something?

“Do you have to ask?”

“Yes. Can we speak alone first?”

Diana was on high alert, but was gentle enough to dismiss the ladies.

When I was left alone with her, I finally opened my mouth.

“In fact, it’s because of a prophecy. Before I speak to the crown prince, the holy lady must know….”

Diana’s expression hardened noticeably.

“I need to know before he does.…?”

Ahhhh. I’m always excited about dropping a bomb like this!

“Yes, your grace. Have you had any problems lately with your power?”


Anger or something passed through her eyes. She soon refuted, distorting her face.

“My healing power is completely intact. How can you denigrate the grace of God with such words?”

Oh, is it still okay?

“Your Highness, calm down. I didn’t mean to disparage it. However, I wanted to check it out according to my prophecy, so please don’t be too angry.”

“What do you mean prophecy? What did you see about me?”

I could see her holding back his anger. Our kind Diana is very patient, too patient.

Let’s break it.

“Your highness will soon lose her healing power.”


Diana was completely frozen. My open lips couldn’t close.

I tried desperately to harden my face like Diana.

“In the next two years, your power will disappear without a trace. That’s why I tell you this prophecy first. Before Helios knew it.”


Seriously and privately, my voice was so low that it was tense as if I were telling a secret that should never be discovered.

“Your highness the crown princess, when the world finds out that your highness is no longer a saint…”


Diana didn’t respond to the deliberate trailing of words.

You should add some seasoning just in case.

“I’m one of the people who most want this wisdom to go astray. But I couldn’t deny that my ability was also given by God. All I can do is deliver as I see it. Therefore, there is not a single lie in what I am saying, your highness the saintess.”

I’ve been hiding my ability for two years. Do we really need to reveal disadvantages?

Diana was speechless for a long time. Then she managed to remove her trembling lips.

“…Even if I lose my ability, I’m still the crown princess of this country.”

“Oh, you’re right!”

I deliberately raised my voice in response. At the same time, I didn’t forget to touch her anxiety.

 “Is it only because of the phenomenal healing power that you became the next empress as a civilian priestess? His majesty would have recognized you as his daughter-in-law, because you had other qualifications, of course!”

What do you think, Diana? How sure are you about yourself? Can you prove your worth without divine healing?

Even if God’s blessing is gone, even if you’re no longer a saint, can you convince people of your faith and morality? Do you think you can continue everything you’ve ever done, even after you’re a normal human being?

I smiled brightly.

“Now that I see it, I must have been worried for nothing. Your Highness Diana is so strong. Since I have visited the Imperial Palace, I will go back to see the crown prince.”

I got up at once from my seat. Then.

“Oh, wait, wait. Hestia….”

I secretly called for joy, replying in an easy-going tone.

“Yes, go ahead, your highness the crown princess.”

“Maybe you’re seeing Heli right now.. Are you going to tell him about the prophecy?”

I nodded my head with a made-up innocent look at her trying to be calm.

“Of course I meant to, but is there something bothering you?”

“That… This prediction… I want to talk to Heli myself. It’s about my personal life.”

“Well, if you say so…”

I pretended to be worried for a while, but soon smiled softly.

“I see. Your highness will tell him about this yourself. I won’t say anything.”

“Thank you, Hestia.”

I walked towards the outside of the drawing room with some courtesy. Then I stopped suddenly.

“Well, by the way, Your Highness,”


I stopped going out and called her, and she looked at me nervously, wondering what else was left.

I deliberately tried to be vague.

“… if you’re trying to hide… For as long as possible….”


I didn’t finish my sentence, but I gave her a meaningful look.



We look at each other in silence.

Diana stared at me, unmoving. As if I’m the culprit behind all the conflict.


Leaving her alone, I quietly opened the door and came out.

I just gave you a choice.

Diana, what are you worried about? So far, your answer has always been fixed.

Will I be able to see your consistent cider this time? There’s no hesitation, is there? You’re gonna tell Helios everything, and you’re gonna get through this together, right?


It’s very interesting.

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