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FMDF – Chapter 1



I think I fell asleep while making a wailing noise at the temple’s prayer place, but when I opened my eyes, what I saw was my familiar home-honestly, this still doesn’t seem like my real home.

Did someone move it? No, there’s no one in the new building to move me. Even if you don’t know who I am, even if you do, you are not allowed to ask for the location of my house and take me there like this.

I woke up with my head tilted.


I feel light. I don’t feel sick. I was almost dying because I didn’t take care of my health at all. It feels easy to get up somehow. Did I somehow go back in time? Wait, what? Regression?

The first thing that comes to mind, like a reader of Rofan’s novel. No way! I rushed to my desk.

I’ve been checking the date meticulously since I became possessed in a novel. Isn’t it natural for real fans to wonder when major events will take place?

It’s a bit far-fetched to feel that I’ve become younger for only a year or two, but I don’t feel any pain. Isn’t that enough reason for my suspicions?


And as expected. The Rofan reader’s hunch was right. I returned to the end of the novel, not the beginning of the novel.

The final part of the novel is the wedding ceremony of the female lead, Diana and the male lead, Helios. I looked reflexively at the clock on the wall. It’s almost the end of the wedding reception. How could I go back at such an exquisite time?!

But the questions suddenly come to mind. Who the hell brought me back and why?

But soon enough, I shook my head vigorously and shook off my thoughts.

“I’ll think about it later……!”

Kaelus dies when it is the wedding night of the crown prince and his wife. Therefore, there’s still time for Kaelus to be alive!

My dearly missed favorite, the second lead of the novel. Kaelus. A pale, expressionless face. Brilliant silvery hair tied neatly and mysterious purple eyes, which were uncommon in the world of this novel.

The two years alone after his death were useless to me. Honestly, I don’t have any more regrets about this world, but if I could see the face of the living Kaelus again.

I didn’t have to worry about life’s more miscellaneous things here. I can’t let him die. Now that I’ve come back in time, I had to make sure to save my favorite.

There is no need to worry about going against the original. Because as of today, the novel has a complete ending, and after that, the work would not be uploaded. Of course, this world will still be a virtual world created by the author, but it’s not a published part anyway. If I change it, that’s it! In other words, it is a realistic sequel.

Will I be able to go back to my present life after I save Kaelus? I don’t know, but even if I can’t, I’ll make sure to bring him back to life today.

The reason why Kaelus is so heartbroken is none other than Diana. Because she abandoned him. Due to the cruel and cold treatment shown in the process of destroying the evil villainess and her family against Diana, Diana blamed Kaelus and turned cold against him.

Is there anything more hopeless than a loved one not knowing the truth? Was it as easy as eating a meal to kill a wicked woman for Kaelus? Maybe he didn’t expect to be reprimanded.

Definitely not. Kaelus really wanted to keep Diana safe at all costs.

Only by removing this despair from Kaelus’ heart can he be saved. Not to make Diana remarry Kaelus, who is already married to the Crown Prince, but to make her realize his true love for her. Ultimately, what I hope is that Diana, who dumped Kaelus, desperately regrets it.

If the Crown Prince Helios was the one who courted Diana with fiery passion, Kaelus enveloped her with subtle warmth. Was it just like comfortable air because it was so warm? Diana didn’t say thank you to Kaelus in the end.

Shouldn’t the crown prince and his wife be happy? Yeah, if you’re happy, you two should be happy. However, if you know that there is a person who is hopeless and discouraged enough to turn their back on the world after that happiness, I think that the two should not walk on the flower road so easily. Anyway, thanks to the utmost sincerity of the two men throughout the novel, Diana only walked on the road of solidity and with justice! So it’s time to sneak up on the dirt road.

Why should the woman’s heart only lean toward Helios even if Kaelus does the same thing? If this was reality, not fiction, surely you would have been torn between the two wonderful men and weighed them against each other once.

However, the novel is now over, and Diana, who quickly chose Helios because she was blinded by the Prince’s buff without much thought, will now have to go through “serious worries” about the missed love even later.

Therefore, I am willing to take the villainess position in the post-end story. I will no longer be a standby reader and an extra in the novel. From now on, I will actively intervene in the relationship between the world and the main characters.

Diana, I’ll take away all the things you’ve received from Kaelus, the things you’ve enjoyed thanks to Kaelus. So I will make you realize how much Kaelus has done for you in your life and how thoughtless the accusations you have made against him have been.

I drove my own palm-sized carriage to the marquis. In the meantime, the sun set completely, and only starlight shone in the dark sky. It’s a beautiful night, but there’s no time to admire it.

Finally, we arrived at the residence of Kaelus. I jumped out of the carriage and shook the heavy iron gate.

“Hey, is anybody there?! I have something to tell you!”

The gatekeeper appeared with a look of great annoyance.

“This is the residence of the Lord of Illion, the Marquis Kaelus. Don’t make a fuss.”

I spoke informally all of a sudden, but now I can’t fix it. Rather than revealing my identity, it is urgent to check if Kaelus is safe first.

“Well, did the marquis return home by any chance? It’s a very important matter!”

“He just came back. But he won’t be welcoming any more visitors.”

“Then call me a butler! We need to make sure the marquis is safe right now!”

Perhaps my tone was unusual, the gatekeeper frowned heavily and went into the mansion anyway.

“Tsk, wait a minute.”

How long each minute felt. I couldn’t afford to stand still and wait until the gatekeeper returned.

In the past, I went through the school gates by jumping it, so I decided to go through the iron gate of the mansion the same way. Oh, was I this quick? Even though I had been possessed for about three years, I realized it only after regressing today.

It happened to be a dark night without the moon rising. Strangely enough, no one stopped a strange intruder from running through the front yard.

There’s a mysterious but unpleasant silence. Why? There’s something like that sometimes. It’s like something big is about to happen, something creepy and silent for no reason. It was just like that now.

I knew exactly where to run. While the novel was in full swing, I spent a lot of money to find out that Kaelus’ bedroom was on the second floor. I pushed open the unlocked front door and ran up the gorgeous steps in the center.

Someone shouted.

“What a fellow!”

It’s not him, but rather, her. However, there is no room for correction.

I saw the butler of the Marquis standing in the middle of the hallway on the second floor and cried out, hurryingly.

“What about the marquis?”

My running spirit was so fierce and ferocious that he turned the handle he had been touching and opened the door.

Almost at the same time, me and the butler entered the room.

And the sight that caught my eyes at that moment.



A shadow with a dagger raised against its own chest. As if surprised by the sudden intrusion, the shadow stopped and stiffened.

I jumped in without thinking, and he whipped his hand and dropped the blade to the floor.


The situation ends in a flash.

He flopped down on the spot. By a hair’s breadth, Kaelus was saved.




In the dark room, three people stood staring at each other. Me, the butler, and my favorite, Kaelus, who just narrowly escaped with his life.

My hands trembled and my heart thumped violently at the worst situation that was narrowly prevented. I’m gasping for a breath.

“……What is it?”

An angry and chilling voice for a moment. It was Kaelus’ first word for me.

But another part in me cheered furiously. My favorite talked to me for the first time! Plus, long silver hair and loose pajamas. A very sexy figure in front of me, loosened his pajamas to stick a dagger in his chest. In the meantime, I couldn’t believe that I could see this, and I still haven’t gotten used to the attitude of the extras.

Anyway, I should avoid the anger that will come right away. Kaelus, once left alone, stooped politely toward the butler.

“……I look forward to your words, Marquis.”

Only then did the butler, who came to his senses, hurriedly call me up.

“No, don’t go back yet, just wait in the nearby room for a moment, Lady.”

He is a quick butler. Even though my clothes were a mess crossing the iron gate and running through the yard, he can see at a glance that I am an aristocrat.

He nodded quickly.

“Yes, sir.”

The rest will be done by an experienced butler. To calm Kaelus down, and to make sure he doesn’t do anything like this again.

While waiting quietly in the next room, I organized the next plan to do in my head.

The ultimate goal is to make Kaelus willing to live a happy life without longing for death anymore.

And to do this, we need to solve the cause of irreversible despair and hurt.

To be honest, I don’t want to objectively weigh the cause and effect of my favorite. I want my baby to be happy no matter what. I just want to do it.

After all, isn’t this world a novel? It may be real for those who live here, but it is completely ‘unreal’ to me. I don’t want to cry for morality and justice like the heroine, while restraining my desires for others.

The only reason I’m here is for my favorite.

I’m not a character in this novel. I don’t recognize this place as my world, my reality. It’s a novel that I’ve read the ending of anyway, so why don’t I just mess it up?

From now on, I will write my own story.

And the main character is a second lead abandoned in the original.

“Lady, Marquis Kaelus is looking for you.”

The butler treated me with the utmost respect.

“Oh, yes.”

Maybe after saving Kaelus, I felt more relaxed, so I answered with a smile on my face. As he stood up, the butler hesitated a little and lowered his head.

“I really don’t know how to thank you. You saved my master’s life…”

“Don’t mention it. I’m glad I wasn’t late.”

“Kaelus is very sensitive right now. If he says something rude, please understand.”

“I will. Thank you for your concern.”

I can feel his sincerity in his words, perhaps because he took care of Kaelus, who lost his parents early, as if he were a biological child.

I followed the butler and stood again in front of Kaelus’ bedroom.

“Kael, I have the lady here.”

There was no answer inside. But the butler pushed me into the room, as if to push me.

“He’ll be very prickly. But….”


I understand, wasn’t he the one who just tried to kill himself? It’s hard to expect such a cool head. Maybe all kinds of hysteria will pour out on me for interrupting him.

Nevertheless, there is no choice but to confront. I blocked his sword right away, but if I want to continue my life, I’ll have to bear all the despair that has stained him.

To cast off the shadow of death from Kaelus, I set my foot down firmly.


Kaelus was sitting on the sofa looking like a picture.

Long silver hair flowing down over the shoulder, and mysterious purple eyes are like minerals. The loose pajamas are still not properly adjusted.

“……what are you?”

A hollow, yet chilling voice. I stretched out my chest, as if I were not afraid.

“My name is Hestia.” 

It’s my first time talking to a major character in a novel. I wish the atmosphere was better, but is it time to be picky?

“I could have been in big trouble. I’m glad you arrived before the marquis got hurt. There are a lot of people who love and worry about the marquis, and I’m sure everyone was surprised. I’m really relieved. Thank you very much for your safety.”


Kaelus’ purple eyes looked at me with resentment.

The eyes tightened my heart. But I took a deep breath and began to explain my position as calmly as possible.

“Anyway, I’m sure you’re very embarrassed to see me all of a sudden….”

“What do you want?”


A cold voice without the will of the world cut off my words to explain the situation in a lengthy manner.

“What do you want?”


What should I say? Actually, I don’t know. The psychology of the person who was interrupted while trying to take his life with his own hands is not a very confident field for me. Did he get angry because I blocked him when he was ready to die? Or was he thankful that I stopped something big from happening on impulse?

But whatever it is, this man now seems to be bothered by everything in front of him. His eyes, attitude, and voice showed it. Rather than thinking about the identity of the unexpected uninvited guest who broke into his room in detail, he just wants to get rid of it in front of his face.

In other words, even if it’s a little too much to ask, Kaelus, in a very confused and exhausted state, can roughly say yes to anything.

So I screamed.

“……I want to be a Marchioness.”


The white expression was slightly distorted.

Was it too absurd? I suddenly became embarrassed. I went on and on.

“Well, I’m asking you this ridiculous favor because I have one wish for my life, and the closer I am to you, the better. If you’re troubled with this, I’d like you to have me by your side as your assistant and figure out what kind of person I am…….”

“Do as you please.” A dry voice replied.

I was surprised.


Kaelus slowly rose to his feet like a ghost. Then, as if everything was annoying, he went into the bed and turned around and lied down.

I was doubting my ears were in doubt, so I suppressed my bursting heart and asked again.

“Do you really want me to be your spouse?””

“Call the butler. Talk to him about what you need.”

Lying in bed with his back turned, he replied curtly.


It must be real! God, you’re so easy to accept this ridiculous request? Did you really give up your life? Are you crazy? Who do you think I am?


But soon, a bitter and tearful feeling filled my heart. Tears are about to come out.

Because that’s true. Kaelus has truly given up his life completely.

“……I see. I’ll see the butler.”


He never looked back at me while I left helplessly from his presence.

The butler was waiting for me right outside the door. I asked him with a bitter smile.

“Did you hear what we talked about inside?”

Unless it is perfectly soundproof, you may have heard it to some extent, but the marquis’ butler shook his head in an extremely polite manner.

“I didn’t hear anything. Lady.”

“Then the story will be quite long story. May I speak to you for a moment?”

I asked him for a conversation. The butler said yes, and sent another servant into Kaelus’ room so that Kaelus would not be reckless again.

“Wait and see if the marquis is sleeping properly.”

“Yes, butler.”

When instructed, the servant bowed his head politely and quietly entered Kaelus’s room.

“Then Lady, come this way…”

He nodded and followed his stride silently into a nearby empty room.

“It’s late, but let me introduce myself. My name is Hestia, the daughter of the lord of Elea.”

I told him who I was when I paid in advance to be a fanatic. In fact, the land of Elea was literally a small mountain wall, and on paper, the author of Yeongju, who became my stepfather, was almost like a ragged man, even though he had the title of Baron. My decision to be his adopted daughter for a considerable sum of money was a mutually profitable contract.

“Oh, I see. Lady Hestia. Anyway, I can’t help but thank you again.”

After a formal greeting, the butler bowed again.

I waved my hand in haste.

“Don’t mention it. If you hear what I’m saying from now on, your heart might drop.”

I decided to be honest with the butler who really cares about Kaelus.

He looked in wonder.

“What are you trying to say….”

Unlike Kaelus, who lost his mind, this butler is extremely sane. A different pain than before tightened my throat.

“I know it’s kind of reckless, but I asked Kaelus a little while ago that I wanted to be a marchioness. The marquis said nothing but to discuss it with the butler.….”


I looked at him like a sinner without realizing it. Unbelievably, the middle-aged gentleman had his eyes wide open.

“Do you really mean that you asked like that?…?”

“Of course, you can accuse me of taking advantage of the Marquis’ condition, but I have a clear plan to make sure that he doesn’t act as extreme as he does today. In order to do that, I had to be given as much authority as possible, so I boldly asked.”


The butler was silent. It’s logical, of course. How could you not be embarrassed when an unidentified woman who came in in the middle of the night suddenly said she would become a marquis’ wife? Perhaps this faithful butler is more difficult to overcome than Kaelus himself.

“You must be wondering how I found out about today, right? I know it’s hard to believe, but actually…….”

It’s cheesy, but it deceives by itself. From now on, I am a character in a novel. A character in a fantasy novel where a lot of unrealistic things happen.

“…I have the ability to see the future. Not only today, but what’s going to happen…”


Seeing him open his mouth, I somehow feel guilty. But since I’m acting, I had to make sure.

“Didn’t the Marquis get a very precious pink diamond? With that, he wanted to make a gift for the Saintess Diana, who became the Crown Princess today. Eventually, he failed to actually give it to her.”

“How can you do that?”

The butler was appalled. However, readers who have binge watched the novel nine times have no choice but to remember it. While we’re at it, let’s guess where the diamonds are stored. 

“Maybe the jewel is now in Kaelus’ library drawer. Well, if you don’t believe me, you can go and check it out now.”

The butler groaned quietly at my confident words. I continued in a serious tone.

“I’ve ruined this night for the marquis anyway, and I want to use this special ability that I have for him. I don’t really mean to be Marquis’ companion. However, I can be considered outside as the Marquis’ spouse. I’d be happy to write a memorandum. I will not act as a marchioness in this family at all. I will never do anything that will do the marquis any harm.”

The appearance of discussing Kaelus’s marriage with someone other than Kaelus is a bit absurd, but it can’t be helped as this is the situation.

After pouring out words quickly, my heart beat mercilessly. Will my persuasion work? Will I be able to overcome the obstacle of “The Marquis’ Butler”?

While looking at an opponent who doesn’t easily open his mouth, I added more.

“Prince Helios, Kaelus welcomed him as his companion, don’t you think it’s a strange thing for two best friends to have a special person in between them?”

This is the unreal world of fiction. A world where contrived probability is more appropriate than realistic logic. It’s a little reckless, but let’s make a bet.

Is this a sign of success? Then the butler looked at me and said, “……I’m honestly embarrassed about all this, but I’ll write the documents for now because the woman who saved the marquis’ life said it. However, the procedure will only proceed if the marquis signs and calms down, and expresses his intention more clearly.”

I agreed quickly.

“Yes, I’ll be waiting.”

The butler nodded.

“It’s too late for you to go home today, so please sleep in this room. Lady Hestia. Then I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

He stood up and went out, acting politely to the end.


I was left alone. It was only then that I began to sigh.

Is it okay to do this? I’ve never been married before in both worlds, but I’ve rattled the big events of my life like this.

“…oh, I don’t know! I’ll tell you what to do.….”

I muttered in a gesticulating way, as if shaking myself with anxiety.

Actually, I didn’t even mean to get married. At first, I thought I’d start as Kaelus’ deputy or secretary, and gradually gain confidence.

However, as soon as I saw the eyes that meant he could die again at any time without any desire for life, I stopped screaming properly when asked what I wanted. Rather than having a thorough plan, it was quite impulsive.

However, I still feel that I’m doing well. As I said to the butler, it is best to be his spouse to exercise the Marquis’ status as much as possible.

I’m going to pretend to be a prophet who sees the future, but I have to revive my favorite. Because that’s my only purpose in the world.

The next morning dawned.

If you are waiting for your consent after proposing to your favorite person on impulse, isn’t it normal to be nervous and unable to breathe? And yet I’m so nonchalant.

Amused and bitter. Still, I may be taking my marriage as if it were someone else’s business, as if I were reading a novel.

But let’s take this seriously. Is Hestia in this world the true me?

To be honest, I doubt it. I am only role-playing as a character called Hestia worthy of this novel, but I have never been incorporated into this world as a main character. My identity here is ‘extra in the work’ or ‘reader of the original’, so there’s no tension in the great event of marrying Kaelus. But is this really okay?

“Lady Hestia.”

“Oh, yes…!”

I stopped thinking about biting my own tail* and suddenly came to my senses at the call that came. The marquis’ butler came.

*TN: As in, doing more than she can handle.

I hurriedly arranged my bedding and sat on the sofa. The door opened with a moderate gap.

“Did you sleep well last night?”

“Yes, of course. Thank you.”

I also answered politely to the butler who asked politely. The butler poured the fragrant tea, and soon laid down a thick bundle of papers in front of me.

“Well, how about Marquis Kaelus?”

The butler smiled softly at my question.

“Fortunately, nothing happened all night. You said you can see the future, but it must be hard for you to see this.”


I was at a loss for an answer. Still, we have to squeeze it out somehow.

“It… it’s only big events..”

“Ha ha, it was a joke, but I guess I surprised you a little bit.”


Damn. It didn’t sound like a joke.

The butler said, pointing to the pile of papers he had put down. “I did my best to make it. Lady Hestia must agree to be the wife of our Marquis.”


So to speak, it’s a marriage contract document.

While I rummaged through the papers, the butler rose quietly and left the room. He seems to be considerate, so that it can be examined carefully.

To be honest, I can’t help but admire it. The butler is a man who truly cares about Kaelus. Let’s be honest, don’t you think you can live by doing what you’re told to do as long as you get paid on time? Nevertheless, he carefully cleaned up so that his owner does not ruin his own life.

The documents were generally about not allowing me to arbitrarily deal with the persona of Kaelus and the property of the Marquis. There was no reason to refuse. I signed in full agreement.

It was also written about the rights I could enjoy as a marquis wife. If not dogmatic, I can use the same level of authority as Kaelus himself. And it also included that a certain amount of money would be paid in the future. Almost all agreed, but the matter of inheritance was withheld. With no interest in the property of Kaelus, this was the same when I signed a contract with my stepfather on paper, the lord of Elea.

After reviewing the documents, I called the butler again.

“Most of them, I have signed up to agree. But I won’t take over. I don’t want to be misunderstood as a swindler after the Marquis’ fortune.”

“Oh, is that so? All right. Then we’ll see you after breakfast.”

The butler’s tone was plain.

After a while, I followed the butler to Kaelus’ bedroom. The room we entered was very gloomy with curtains drawn.

“Sir Kaelus, I brought Lady Hestia.”


Kaelus was sitting on the sofa, disheveled as before with an exhausted look.  It still seems that his mind is still hazy. I had a pain in my chest.

The butler glanced at me once and held out the papers before Kaelus in a polite tone.

“As you said, we have prepared documents to recognize Lady Hestia as the marquis’ wife. Lady has already signed it, so you’re the only one who needs to sign it.”


Kaelus sat leaning back and glanced at me with his eyes moving. If only the eyes were sharp. Unfortunately, however, his eyes were just blurry.

His back slowly fell off the sofa. He signed by grabbing a pen and flicking through the last page of the document. The butler gave me an apologetic look. In less than five minutes, we got married.

After finishing his signature, he threw his pen away as if he were annoyed.

“All right, get out.”

An irritated tone of speech. The unknown sadness is choking me up. Still, I endured it and bowed in a grateful manner.

“Thank you, marquis.”


There is no reply to my greeting. Without a choice, I took the documents and left the butler and the bedroom.

The butler politely saluted me again.

“Lady Hestia. I look forward to your kind cooperation. Please save him.”

This is why the butler made documents without complaining and helped them get married. In order for Kaelus to regain his motivation to live again.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation. But how should I address the butler?”

“Ah, please call me Uross.”

Something feels weird. In the novel, he was only known as “the butler of the Marquis” without a name, but after hearing his name like this, it feels like he has become a real person to me.

“I’ll be right back with the people in the house. Say hello to the marchioness….”

He waved his hands quietly.

“No, I’m fine. You don’t have to say hello. As I said, I’m not here to be the master of this mansion.”

“Well, then… I’ll show you the room you’re staying in.”

The butler accepted my words with embarrassment and no hesitation. An unduly plain manner, I like it quite a bit.

My room was at the end of the hallway, opposite to Kaelus’ bedroom. It is as large and as colorful as the room of Kaelus. For some reason, I’m feeling sorry. However, if I ask servants to make this room simple to suit their taste, it will cause unnecessary trouble for the users. I should just leave it.

“Thank you, Uross, but I have to go out for a while. I have to bring my luggage from my old house.”

“Then I’ll prepare a treat.”

The butler turned away at once.


I sighed a little and saw the marriage certificate in my hand. A piece of really light paper. However, it is the weapon that will be the biggest force against Diana and Helios in the future.

I approached the desk on one side of the bedroom and opened the drawer. And I put the marriage certificate in it. I even turned the key firmly and locked it. Sooner or later, I’ll take this document to the Crown Prince and say hello to the Marquis. What a look worth seeing.

I came back to the house where I lived by carriage. The first thing I packed was my fanatic notebook and calendar. Deokjil Note* is my number one treasure that meticulously records events in the novel. And I plan to fill in the details of what happened before the return and what happens after the ending. There must be a useful place to use if there is. Clothes and accessories are not very important to pack. The moving load ended without a hitch.

*TN: she named her notebook omg

When I returned to the marquis’ mansion, it was already evening. At the recommendation of the butler, I came down to the dining room for the first time and ate. Naturally, I greeted the chef and other servants. Only then did I realize that this was the consideration of the butler in its own way. Even if I became the marquis’ wife like a lightening fire of beans, butler Uross seems to recognize me as another owner of the marquis.

This is why I have no choice but to do my best to save Kaelus. I felt a new burden on my shoulders.

“How is your meal? Please let me know if you enjoy anything in particular.”

“It’s as good as it can be. I can’t ask for more.”

I exchanged conversations with the butler with dignity. The chef looked relieved, too, with a light smile. Once again, I emphasized with my whole body. I’m not here to take over this family.

I asked cautiously.

“Well, by the way, how was his day, Mr. Kaelus?”

The butler’s eyebrows drooped down.

“He didn’t come out of the room all day. He didn’t even eat.”

“Well, I see. I can’t let that happen. We’d better get him a fruit punch with brandy.”


The butler did not hide his surprise.

“No, how can you……!”

He smiled slightly. Of course, I know the drinks that Kaelus finds when he has no appetite. He’s my favorite!

“It’s too early to be surprised. There will be more surprises ahead.”


I said another word indifferently in front of the admiring butler.

“I should visit the temple tomorrow. I’m going to take back the land that the Marquis donated for the Saintess.”


The butlers and servants who heard me opened their eyes wide in disbelief. The reason why Diana, a commoner, was able to solidify her position in the temple. It was thanks to the land presented by Kaelus.

The frightened butler bowed his head at once. His voice trembled unconsciously.

“I see. I’ll get ready and prepare for your first outing.”

This is the beginning. Diana, I’ll tell you one by one how great your love from Kaelus was.

Judging from the reactions of the butlers and other users, Diana didn’t seem to have scored very well to them. In the novel, I focused more on the narrative and emotional portrayals between the heroine and the second lead, and I didn’t even elaborate on the perspectives of others watching them, so I found out about this for the first time.

However, in the process of Diana’s conclusion with Helios, it was roughly known. The nobles initially opposed the love of the two, but eventually agreed. The cause is simple. The daughter of the duke, who died after drinking the poison tea, was fiercely hostile to Diana, but after her death, the public opinion lost its center point and became a yuyamuya*. In the end, thanks to him, the two ended up getting married safely.

*TN: Yuyamuya is slang for something to die down.

The Marquis’ people couldn’t not have known Kaelus’ feelings. Not a lot of people, but they always banded together to serve their young master until he grew up. Perhaps more than I do, they care and love Kaelus. So it can’t be helped that Diana is annoying in their eyes, too.

Of course, Diana also has her own grounds for choosing Helios instead of Kaelus. However, there are many things in the world that you can’t help but get emotional over rather than understand logically. We hate her for being the cause of Kaelus’ extreme behavior anyway.

“Everyone, thank you for everything. Please take care of me in the future.”

All the employees, including butler Uross, bowed their heads at my greeting.

“We are honored to serve the marchioness!”

Now we’re in the same boat. Let’s do well together.

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