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ETRFS Chapter 2: Extra’s death probability (2)


2. Extra’s Death Probability (2)

No, something has changed.

It was the same as being a bad person, but the point was that he didn’t have to worry about tomorrow’s meal.

Surprisingly, the will to live had increased a little.

‘I could not have imagined this.’

Do-Hyun swallowed dry saliva and looked in front of him.

His luxury sedan was running leisurely in the middle of Gangnam.

A forest of tall buildings that seemed to pierce the sky brushed past the car window.

‘You’re going to be in a luxury sedan driven by a driver.’

It was a completely different ride from the bongo, loaded with laborers on a construction board.

However, the joy of being in a comfortable vehicle was short-lived.

It was a problem with the guy he would run into when he rode this car.

‘You’re going to bring your son, who has been disabled because of a failed awakening surgery, right away? He doesn’t even give me a chance to recover?’

Lee Cheol-Jun sent the car to Do-Hyun immediately without giving him a chance to recover.

He couldn’t believe his attitude towards his son, who had failed his awakening surgery.

He calmly urged the loser to return.

Lee Cheol-Jun.

Perhaps it was because of his orders as the head of the household.

In a world chaotic with dungeons and monsters, he was a person who proved his ability to the world with only one sword and stood tall.

People even called him Mu-gwang (武狂), a madman for martial arts.

‘And this is also the reason that Lee Do-Hyun was crooked.’

Lee Cheol-Jun was obsessed with martial arts.

And that obsession was directed not only at himself but also at his children.

He did not hesitate to destroy many of his children and whipped them to aim for a high place.

Fortunately, Lee Do-Hyun did not die or become crippled.

It was a special case that survived due to a lack of talent.

However, the world still pointed at his stupidity, who had not even awakened as a player.

The contradiction of surviving due to lack of talent was used as a topic of discussion.

They scoffed at him, saying he was like a dog child born under a tiger father.

And as a result, Lee Do-Hyun failed the awakening surgery, and eventually turned into a bad person.

“Young master.”

Knight Kim opened his mouth as if waking up Do-Hyun, who was lost in thought.

“Today, I will take you straight to the Sega army.”

[ Sega Army: A private army of the Mucheonse family. ]

Do-Hyun just listened quietly to knight Kim’s words.

He missed the time to respond because he couldn’t get used to the title of ‘Young Master.’

Besides, he wasn’t used to this situation yet, so he didn’t know what to say.

However, there was no way that knight Kim could know about Do-Hyun’s situation.

It was strange that Do-Hyun was still.

He was obviously wrong when he said he would  take the young master straight to the Sega army.

Do-Hyun was the guy who called the same idiots from day to day and drank alcohol with women.

He was just discharged and should be itching to go to the club.

Due to the failure of the awakening surgery, the head of the house, Cheol-jun Lee, was in a terrible mood.

If he did something wrong, he could set fire to himself.

Knight Kim quickly made excuses.

“No, of course, since you are discharged from the hospital, you will want to share your congratulations with your acquaintances. But now, you have to think about your body too, and considering the atmosphere of Sega…”

“The atmosphere of Sega?”

“Yes. While you were in the hospital, new information came in from a blank wall.”

He couldn’t say that the atmosphere had deteriorated because of Do-Hyun, but Knight Kim turned around.

At that, Do-Hyun looked out of the car window.

In the middle of the city center, not too far away, a white wall stood tall like a blank sheet of paper.

It was an unrealistic sight.

Suddenly, a light flashed in Do-Hyun’s eyes.

‘Wait a minute, can you make up for the failed surgery?’

Judging from the fact that new information came in from a blank wall, it was at the beginning of the novel.

The information about the blank wall had not spread to the world.

It was a hidden quest that Jo Ja-Hyun, the main character, had to break initially.

However, there was nothing to see in the eyes of Do-Hyun, who was about to die.

‘Are you the naughty protagonist anyway? He’s a guy who doesn’t care if he doesn’t break one of these quests.’

This is the world Do-Hyun made.

However, the main character is running on a solid road, and the original author himself is in a situation of garbage who failed the awakening surgery.

Come to think of it, he was quite embarrassed.

In reality, it was like a life of crawling on the floor.

But now, he was in a situation where he could afford to be treated like a human being.

Even though the father is crazy about martial arts.

He couldn’t continue to be trash like this.

“What’s the information?”

After confirming that Do-Hyun was looking at the blank wall, Knight Kim opened his mouth.

“It is said that the first system message available to everyone appeared on the blank wall where there was none like that previously.”

At that, Do-Hyun smiled inwardly.

It was clear that no one had broken the blank wall quest.

“Do you have the data?”


Do-Hyun, who had used respectful words without realizing it, changed his words in a hurry.

He hadn’t gotten used to it yet.

“No, the data?”

Knight Kim doubted his ears at Do-Hyun’s respectful words for a moment.

And he was even more surprised at Do-Hyun’s request for data.

The sun would rise in the west to say that motherf*cker was interested in the dungeon and was looking for data.

It was a rice cake thrown at him to change his words, but he didn’t know he would bite him so quickly.

[ It was a rice cake thrown at him: Distracting with other topics; switching topics ]

He couldn’t understand why he was interested in a subject even though the awakening surgery failed.

“Okay, I will print the data on the screen.”

Knight Kim manipulated the display installed inside the vehicle.

Then, the display screen on the passenger seat’s backrest turned on.

<Event: Change of White Paper>

Grade: A

Category: Sole

Restrictions: None

Details: No detailed information yet as it has never been attacked by a player. It was classified as a symbolic structure, but it was confirmed that the first system message was printed four days ago.

Seeing the information that it had never been attacked, Do-Hyun was relieved and buried himself in the data.

Do-Hyun crossed his arms and said to knight Kim.

“Turn the car around.”


Surprised, knight Kim raised his voice.

“Ha, but as I said before, the atmosphere of Sega is…”

“I’m not stupid enough to shake a body like this. Turn the car around as I said.”

No. Have you been doing something that stupid?

Unable to say those words, Knight Kim shut his mouth tightly.

He can’t even count how much pain he has suffered as a driver until now.

But even if he was an asshole, Do-Hyun was a jerk.

He couldn’t help but listen to the command.

It was the same this time.

Like last time, he had no choice but to crawl before his fists flew.

Do-Hyun’s face, speaking firmly, was shown in the mirror clearly.

Knight Kim asked Do-Hyun as if he was asking to die.

“Yes.  Then where are we taking you?”

And the words that came out of Do-Hyun’s mouth were utterly unexpected.

“The blank wall.”


Since the start of the game ‘Dungeon & Monsters,’ various game elements have eroded reality in the world.

The blank wall was also one of those elements.

It appeared in the early days of Dungeon & Monsters, but no one could uncover the wall’s secret.

The only place to get quests or rewards was the blank wall.

[ Previously, the blank wall was only for players to receive quests and rewards as no one other than those who have awakened as players can view the messages on the blank wall. Hence the system message that appeared not too long ago was deemed the first system message. Since it was viewable to everyone regardless of whether they were players or non-players. ]

Therefore, the blank wall was naturally left unattended by the player.

Occasionally, it was featured in a mystery structure feature article or used only as material for individual videographers who post curious videos.

But that was a while ago.

On the news that a system message appeared on a blank wall, individual video producers and reporters flocked to it.

A luxury sedan came into the vicinity of the blank wall that was crowded with reporters.

People’s eyes were focused on the sedan all at once.

It was impossible for dogs or cows to ride  a vehicle like that.

[ dogs or cows: refers to lower class people ]

It was possible only for businessmen, politicians, and players, who are representative of the so-called successful people in this era.

However, there was no way for a businessman or politician to come to a place related to dungeons & monsters.

So, of course, the owner of the vehicle is…  …  .

“Are you a player?”

“How long ago did the powerful corps or Sega come and go?”

“Tch, another person is going to die.”

The reporters turned their heads again and looked at the blank wall.

They stood at a distance from the blank wall.

But it wasn’t because they feared the might of the Legion or the Sega army.

There were corpses strewn around the blank wall.

Those were the remains of players who had failed the quest of the blank wall and died with a significant internal injury.

Unusually, some of the corpses left unattended burned with blue flames on their own.

As time passed, the flame did not go out.

Therefore, it was difficult to properly recover the corpse that caused the flame, so it was only removed once a day.

Fortunately, the unpleasant stench of burning corpses did not pass beyond a certain area.

Nevertheless, reporters and onlookers were reluctant to go inside.

Meanwhile, in the car the reporters looked at, there was Do-Hyun.

“Master, we have arrived.”

Knight Kim informed Do-Hyun that he had arrived at his destination.

But Do-Hyun was looking outside without even thinking of moving.

He was nervous to see reporters and bystanders camped near the blank wall.

It was expected, but the pressure was no joke when he ran into the situation himself.

‘Then why did you ask me to come here?’

Knight Kim shook his head as if he did not understand Do-Hyun’s thinking.

Do-Hyun, constantly swallowing dry saliva, opened the refrigerator inside the car and took out a drink.

Then, without any time to waste, Do-Hyun blew the bottle away.

“After all, that’s it.”

Do-Hyun, who had relieved the tension by drinking alcohol, put on a sad expression.

He didn’t get drunk easily because Lee Do-Hyun’s body was initially good at drinking.

However, Knight Kim’s expression was distorted in an instant.

‘You bastard, are you doing crazy things with the reporters again?’

It was impossible to stop Do-Hyun, who became more violent when he drank alcohol.

Knight Kim screamed silently.

And it was then that Do-Hyun opened the car door and went out.

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