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“This is Dana’s room.”

As soon as she changed her clothes, she held the hand of Diana, who offered to take her on a tour of the castle, and she finally arrived at Diana’s room. But it wasn’t the concept of a room she knew. The bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room were all connected, and there was even a playroom and a small drawing room attached. One wall was full of children’s books, and dolls and toys were piled up like a mountain. Most of all, everything from the furniture to the small items was gorgeous and beautiful, all of which seemed to be of the highest quality. It was the first time in her life that she was in a space filled with such pretty things, so she naturally opened her mouth wide. She had infiltrated noble mansions several times, but most of them were busy searching for secret spaces in the dark due to missions. Besides, there was no way to sneak into the room of such a young noble lady, so it felt as if she had arrived in another world.

“Missi, come here!”

Diana, who had climbed onto the bed before she knew it, urged her to sit next to her. As she cautiously approached, observing the maids watching beside her, Diana held out a children’s book that was on the bedside table.

“Read Joe! Princess!”

From the words she shouted brightly, she could see that it was about the fairytale about the princess that Diana had been talking about at the nursery school. At that time, a maid seemed to be trying to dissuade her, as she thought the young lady was asking her for an embarrassing favor. But she thought her chance had finally arrived.

‘If they knew I could read, They might let me continue to be with Diana.’

If she was going to stay at the Duchy, she wanted to stay with Diana a little longer. It was when she picked up a fairytale book with a luxurious cover depicting a princess in a pink dress with joy.



The Duchess opened the door and came in, looking at her and Diana with a friendly expression.

“Were you trying to read a book?”

“Yes. Missi will read the princess’s book!”

“Um, I’m sorry, but our princess seems to have to go somewhere with her mother for a while. Can you read the book after that?”

Suddenly realizing that she was on top of Diana’s bed, she quickly put her book down and came down to the floor.

‘I haven’t been able to properly show my usefulness yet.’

She was impatient because she wondered if he had already been assigned a place to work. As she fidgeted with her fingers and watched her, the Duchess motioned for her to come out.

“I’m worth it too!” After appeasing Diana, who was trying to catch up, she came out into the hallway.

Where were they going to take her? Would she be separated from Diana like this? Feelings of anxiety and nervousness appeared in her young body. She unconsciously brought her finger to her mouth. It was then.

“No need to worry.”

The Duchess, gently holding her hand as if to stop her from biting her nails, led her into a certain room. She was startled to see a woman in pure white standing there.


Seeing her bewilderment, the Duchess burst into a small laugh and said,

“Countess Maretta even sent me a personal letter. She asked to heal the scars on your body.”

At those words, she left the inn and recalled Bianca, who had repeatedly asked Duke Elad to call a priest. Even though the Duke was annoyed with Bianca, she promised to do so, so she hoped that she might be able to meet the priest at least once during her stay at the Duke’s office.

‘But it’s been a few hours since we arrived…’

Besides, they didn’t go to the temple, but the priest came directly.

“Is this the child?”

“Yes. I look forward to it.”

The Duchess led her behind a partition on one side of the room.

“Take off your clothes here and change into a gown.”

Then she stepped back out of the partition so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable. They seemed to think that she would be reluctant to show the scars on her body. Besides, when it comes to priests, male priests were much more common, but seeing that they did not hesitate to call a female priest, it seemed that they were considerate of her as a girl even though she was young.

She did not know what to do with the warm consideration and kindness that she had never felt in my past life. When she thought that all of this was because she didn’t turn away from Diana, she regretted her past life even more.

‘I really have to do better in the future.’

With such a promise in her heart, she quickly changed her clothes and approached the priest who was waiting for her and carefully knelt down in front of her. Although she had never been treated by a priest, she had seen it done this way when she occasionally visited temples to gather information. The priest smiled at her with a nervous expression and put her hand on Lia’s forehead.

Soon, a warm light burst from her hand.

Pajik, Pajik.


She was filled with excitement as she closed her eyes and looked forward to her body being cleansed, but she heard a strange sound in her ears. Every time the warm light tried to cover her body, she heard a strange sound again, and at the same time, she carefully opened her eyes to the gentle energy that disappeared. And she met the priest’s pupils shaking as if there was an earthquake.

“What happened?”

The Duchess, who had a similarly flustered expression, asked. She don’t know exactly, but something was strange.

“That, that… My holy power doesn’t work through the child’s body. As if bouncing out…”

She looked like she didn’t understand what she was saying, and she immediately hardened her face. Lia, too, stiffened from the shock.

‘Sacred power doesn’t work.’

She had never heard of a person who deflects divine power. No matter how rare priests who could use divine power were, it was difficult to find commoners receiving treatment, but if you were a citizen of the Empire, you would receive a blessing at the temple once when you were born. Lia, too, must have been blessed at an orphanage when she was little.

‘…No, did I really get it?’

In her head, the director’s voice, which she had forgotten for a moment, swearing, ‘Useless bugs!’

An uneasy feeling of foreboding engulfed her whole body.

* * *

“Are you hungry? Diana will be waiting for you, so let’s go.” said the Duchess affectionately.

She felt awkward and grateful that she cared so much about a child who was not a big deal. However, the incident a moment ago was so shocking that her expression hardly seemed to ease. The priest tried to inject divine power into me several more times, and the result was the same. This was repeated until sweat formed on her brow, and the Duchess finally dried her crown. Then, she suggested that the priest might have less divine power compared to other priests, so how about calling another priest?

But both of them would know. Maybe things wouldn’t change.

The Duchess said this was a secret that only they know, and she asked the priest to keep quiet, and when the priest left, she said kindly. She said, ‘In our duchy, there are wizards who specialize in healing magic. If it doesn’t work with divine power, you can heal it with magical power.’

She must have attributed her darkened expression to her disappointment at not being able to erase the scar. Well, since she was still young, she couldn’t properly recognize the seriousness of the situation where the divine power didn’t work. She assured Lia that she would definitely erase all the scars on her body, and she was speechless. It wouldn’t be strange if she considered Lia unlucky for rejecting divine energy, but she clearly showed concern for her. How could she be so friendly?

Was Diana so lovable because she grew up under such a warm person? Just then, the sunlight behind her turned her hair orange. She was looking at it in a daze, and she felt like she was about to burst into tears. Then, seeing her face, the Duchess suddenly stopped.

“Ah, I don’t normally give it before meals…”

She took something of her own pocket, which she had been clicking her tongue on.

“Now, it’s a magic pill that makes you feel good.”

Unbeknownst to her, my mouth fell open. What the Duchess handed her was a small chocolate wrapped in a shiny wrapper.

“Really. It will make you feel better, so eat it quickly.”

When she didn’t want to get frozen, the Duchess smiled and opened her wrapper and put the chocolate into her mouth.


It was something she had never seen before in the orphanage. And in the past, even when she was in the beggar’s hand, if she happened to receive it, she couldn’t bear to bite it and eat it by melting it.

“Are you feeling better now?”

Suddenly, she remembered the person who handed her chocolates with a nonchalant face. 

When she first saw her, she thought that the Duchess and him did not look alike. But for an instant, his face overlapped with that of the Duchess. And she realized that it was his kindness that made him resemble the Duchess.

“I feel really good. Thank you.”

With a voice full of tears, she gave an answer that she couldn’t bear to answer back then.

* * *

The place where she arrived to have lunch with the Duchess was the glasshouse located in the back garden. It was obviously midwinter with snow piled up outside, but when she opened one of the thin glass doors and entered, it was clear spring weather.

A glass ceiling that reflects sunlight and warm air. In the indoor fountain decorated with flowers and vines in full bloom, the stream of water flowed violently. It felt like she could hear chirps and birds chirping somewhere.

‘Oh my God, is this heaven?’

She opened her eyes wide and looked around to see Diana waving.

“Missi, sit here!”

She flinched and stopped as she ran to Diana who was kicking the seat next to her. Across from the table, Allen was sitting.

“Hello, young master.”

She mustered up the courage to say hello first, but what returned was a cold gaze. He was the same age as Jack, so even though he was only a 10-year-old boy, his eyes were quite fierce. If she were an ordinary 8-year-old, she would be scared and cry all at once.


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