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She said that, but…

‘I might be a coward as expected.’

She felt like she was rolling her head to leave first before being abandoned, so she was depressed for no reason. However, until she returned Jack’s place and was ready to stand on her own, she had no change in her intention to stay in the Elad duchy.

‘By that time, Diana won’t need me anymore.’

Perhaps, as soon as she arrives at the duchy, she may forget that she existed. Still, for now, seeing Diana sleeping on her lap and snoring made her heart feel soft. Duke Elad rode the horse outside, perhaps out of consideration to stay comfortable while on the way, and only Diana and she rode in the carriage. Even when Diana realized she was going with her, she couldn’t stop crying. She finally felt sorry for the sleeping child, exhausted from crying, and lovingly rubbed her finger lightly at the traces of her tears in the corners of her eyes. Then Diana whined and she hugged her more.

She seemed to be getting better at the warm child’s body temperature. Her plump cheeks in particular were so addictive that she couldn’t take them off once she touched her.

‘I don’t know when I’ll be able to touch it again once I enter the Duchy.’

Thinking it was her last chance, she squatted on Diana’s cheek for a long time. As she was doing that, the thought that had stopped for a moment continued.

<If you want to meet me, come to the Duchy of Belus. I’m mostly staying in the Grand Duchy, so if you give me my name, you’ll find me.>

These were the words Bianca said to her as they parted ways before leaving the inn.

“It’s the Principality of Belus…”

It’s a place she had only heard of, but she didn’t know if she would ever go there. Still, she wanted to go see Bianca later, if she developed her abilities a little more, so if she had more courage.

“Anyway, you’ve been friends since the beginning.”

She didn’t know much about Grand Duke Belus, but she did know that he later became Diana’s godfather. In the past, he was called the shield of the empire as the one and only archmage. So the news that he became Diana’s godfather felt a little out of the blue. Even when Bianca came to the empire to find Diana, and recalling the conversation she heard with the Duke before leaving, she could feel that the relationship between Duke Elad and Grand Duke Bellus had been going on for a long time.

“Then can I see you sometime?”

In fact, when she was growing up, the person famous by the name Belus was not the Grand Duke, but his son.

‘He was a handsome man with peerless beauty.’

When she was with Prince Elad, it was as if the sun and moon rose at the same time.


As she thought about it, the fact that she had been trying to ignore came to mind. Her mouth was dry again. As long as she decided to stay at the Duke’s house for a while, she would probably meet him. The moment she die, he was the last man she saw.

* * *

The carriage, which had been running non-stop all night, stopped for a moment and started moving again. She, who had fallen asleep, woke up and looked out the window in surprise. Under the dawning sky, she could see the snow-covered plains, the endless walls, and the huge castle neatly built with blue bricks. The Duke’s residence in the capital city he had seen in the past was by no means a small mansion, but the castle in the manor was far more massive than that. She looked at this in a slightly tired mood and shook Diana, who was still in a sound sleep, to wake her up.

“Dana. Dana?”


“Wake up, Dana. It looks like you’re all home.”


Diana, who had been dreaming with drowsy eyes, opened her eyes at the sound of ‘home’. Would it be that good? She laughed, guessing at the emotion that she knew or didn’t know. After a while, the wagon pulled completely into the castle, and as soon as the wheels stopped, the doors swung open.


At that moment, she was stunned by the sight that unfolded before her eyes. The little scion who suddenly burst into the carriage and grabbed Diana was also surprised, but not only him. After that, servants and attendants, gardeners and coachmen, and even cooks in the kitchen.

A huge crowd surrounded the carriage, as if all the servants at the dukedom had come out. Some even wiped away their tears with handkerchiefs, and I could see how much everyone cared for their little precious little master.


Just then, a woman with orange hair, warm as the sun, approached Diana.

“Do you know how worried your mother was? So are your brothers, really…”

Embraced by a silver-haired boy who looked just like her, Diana stretched out her hand to hug her, even as she wept at her woman’s words. At the sight of her, the woman’s expression, which had been hardened with her worry and nervousness, slowly loosened. She laughed helplessly and hugged Diana and rubbed her cheeks.

‘That person is the Duchess.’

It was a much healthier and more cheerful impression than she thought.

‘By the way, what if the Duke forgot about me and didn’t hand it over to the head maid?’

She carefully got out of the carriage to avoid the crowds, and she was a little worried.


At that time, her worries were put to shame, and a loud voice rang out. Diana, surrounded by people, ran through her crowd as if she were splitting the sea. People made a surprised expression at her surprise appearance, which they did not even know existed.

“Diana! What if you suddenly run like that?”

“Because Missi is here!”


The boy who hastily followed Diana opened her eyes and looked her up and down.

“What are you? What are you clinging to my sister for?”


Strictly speaking, Diana, not her, was clinging to her. But instead of answering, she smiled awkwardly. And she looked at the boy in front of her with a strange look.

‘I can’t be a guardian of justice…?’

Indeed, the silver-haired boy who broke into the carriage and took Diana in his arms was Arlen Elad. He was the second son of Duke Elad, who would later become another genius and sword master who would lead the Lexion Knights along with Jack. And he would be called the defender of justice.

‘When I saw you passing by in the past, I was really tall and had a huge physique…’

The boy in front of her was taller than his peers, but he still looked small and young.

“Don’t talk to Missi like that!”

At that moment, Diana shouted, and Allen made a puzzled expression. Seeing that his golden eyes, which had been full of vigilance, quickly widened, it seemed that his other nickname, “younger brother fool,” was already clearly visible.

She bit the inside of her mouth thinking she was going to laugh a little, but suddenly Allen glared at her terribly. Uncomfortable with her blatant glare, she lowered her head to avoid Allen’s eyes. Then, suddenly, Diana covered her face and shouted.

“Stop watching, you worm! Missi is my princess!”




A cold wind blew around and the mild atmosphere subsided in an instant.

‘It’s probably because Diana’s remarks are shocking.’

As if shocked by the word worm that came out of the little angelic mouth of Diana, most of the attendants stood firm with their eyes wide open, and some were picking their ears, doubting whether they had heard it correctly. That was fortunate enough. Frail servants and weak-looking young maids even staggered as if they were fainting.

“Dana! What you said was a bad word. You can’t use it.”

She said urgently. She should have properly cracked down on Diana showing curiosity at the director’s words.

“Is it just me?”

“Huh. Everything the director said is bad, so don’t use it. Understand?”

Fortunately, the clever and kind Diana nodded her head at her words. The problem was that the Duke of Elad, who had come to his side, gave off an unpleasant aura and rubbed his chin.

“It’s him again. After I get her confession, I have to pluck her tongue first.”

The atmosphere quickly turned bloody. As she flinched, the Duchess smiled and walked over.

“Honey. Are you speaking recklessly in front of the children even after seeing Diana?”


The Duchess, who summarized the situation with a single word, smiled and looked at her.

“But this child…”

“Oh, I brought her from the orphanage. This is the child who took good care of Diana all this time. Even when she was looking for it, she benefited from it.”

“Yes! Missi Lia. My princess!”

As soon as the Duke’s introduction was over, Diana, who was holding onto her waist, gave a clear voice. She looked back and forth between her and Diana, the Duchess looking slightly surprised. At that moment, her face turned red. Anyone could see that the princess was Diana, but she wondered how strange and funny her appearance would be now.


As expected, Allen, who was looking at her and Diana with her eyes, saying she couldn’t believe it, shouted.

“Diana, come here. Sister…!”

“Brother! She’s my princess. I will protect Missi!”

However, Diana’s harsh words returned immediately, and she was frozen like ice. As if that wasn’t enough for Diana, she even waved her hand at her second brother as if chasing an insect. Ignoring Allen, who had hardened from her shock, she said, the Duchess clapping her hands.

“It’s good. We found our Diana, and her unexpected little guest has arrived, so we need to get her ready!”

She lightly caressed Diana’s cheek, which was clinging to mine, and busily gave instructions to her butler and her chief maid. When she told her to prepare her meal and room, she wanted to say that she wasn’t a guest who came to be treated like that.

“Your name is Leah? It’s pretty.”

She was surprised by the Duchess stroking her hair and couldn’t say anything.

“Right, right!” from the side, Diana in her frantic chatter also played a part.

Although she still had the eye of the frozen Allen… That’s how she entered the Duchy of Elad.


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    1. Looks like so ^^

      P.S.: Atually, Diana call Lia ‘sister’ but since it’s a korean term I interpreted it. And Missi was the cutest I could come with.

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