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Then, looking at the rag-like clothes Diana would be wearing in a moment, she let out a sullen sound like a sigh. It was both cute and salty, so she said while holding back a laugh.

“I will wash your clothes tomorrow.”

“You will?”

“Yes. I will.”

Diana, tilting her head like a little lark, was so cute that she unconsciously stroked the child’s head. Although there was no soap, washing in the lake several times should get you clean to some degree. Of course, the road to the lake was difficult. The reason Thomas was able to condescend to the children every time was because he and his gang fetch water from the lake.

‘It will be difficult, but it can’t be helped, because I promised.’

She had already let out a worried sigh at the thought of going to the lakeside to do laundry tomorrow, but then she raised her head.

“Am I not stupid?”

It came to her mind that she had completely forgotten what had become of her hair as she returned to being a child.

“How could I forget that?”

She hit herself on the head lightly and smiled broadly, unable to hide her joy. Although she did not become a great wizard due to her low natural mana, she was able to use various simple magics quite skillfully.

“I can use lightweight magic!”

Tomorrow, when she showed how to lift a heavy water bucket with both hands in front of the kids, everyone would be amazed and their jaws would drop.

“You’ve got to show Thomas the good thing, too.”

Even though she knew it was a childish idea, she covered her mouth and giggled, and Diana, who blinked wide at her, smiled along.

“Now, let’s wash our feet too.”

Enriched with the thought of replenishing the water with magic, she put the wet cloth aside and scooped up a large bowl of water. And as she sprayed water on her dirt-soaked bare feet and legs, Diana winced.


She thought it was because the water was cold, but the washed leg was full of scratches, and there was also a big wound on her foot. Her eyes shook violently as if hit by a storm. She had no idea. In the past, even a little while ago. To think that he left the situation of being alone and left this sick child uncomfortably. Diana suddenly shouted as her face grew serious.

“No! It doesn’t hurt!”

Diana stubbornly shook her head. At the same time, her chubby cheeks were shaking and it was cute, but her eyes looked uneasy. She was like a frightened rabbit.

“It’s fine. I’m not angry. You can be honest.”

“…really? Aren’t you going to scream?”

She nodded her head to mean yes, but the child, who was still hesitating to see if she was not at ease, sniffed her nose.

“Dana Aya…”

“I won’t hurt you.”

“Are you going to use magic?”

As soon as she spoke to her heart, Diana widened her eyes. And Lia burst into laughter at her innocent words. She couldn’t let such a small and lovely child get sick. She quickly stretched out her little hand and placed it at the child’s feet. The moment she casted a healing magic spell into her, a blindingly brilliant light emanated from her hand.


The light from her hand quickly enveloped Diana’s feet, and her wounds healed in an instant.


Diana, who was watching her curiously, widened her eyes and shouted loudly.

“You are so cool!”

Diana clapped her hands for Lia. Originally, she would have laughed embarrassingly at being surprised by an insignificant healing magic, but when she used magic, she emitted a much stronger light than usual, which surprised her as well. She smiled slightly at Diana and closed her eyes to check the mana in her body. At that moment, she felt a strange heat from the inside of her heart. Confused by the mana filling her entire heart, she quickly opened her eyes.

‘Wasn’t the amount of mana innate?’

It was very confusing. The master who took her and taught her magic clearly told her that she didn’t have the qualifications to become a wizard because of the low amount of mana. Although it was sad, being born with mana itself was a rare thing for commoners, so she was satisfied with the fact that she had mana. That’s why she focused more on physical training…

“What the hell is going on?”

Why was she overflowing with mana overflowing in her heart that she had never felt in the past, that was, in her previous life? As confused as she was back from her death, Diana suddenly grabbed her by the neck.

“Missi, thank you.”

A gentle voice of laughter was heard. She forgot what she was worried about and was taken aback by the child’s warm body temperature. It was awkward to share the temperature with someone. As she awkwardly raised her hand and patted Diana on the back, she suddenly thought of a question she had never thought of before. How did the Duke of Elad lose this lovely child?

* * *

That night, in order to calm down Diana, who whined that she was struggling to sleep, she went out to the large window in front of the stairs on the second floor instead of the shared bedroom. The scenery of the full moon floating over the lush trees was quite tasteful, but it was cold enough to exude an immaculate breath.

“Missi, read the book…”

She laid one thin blanket on the floor and the other over her body, and Diana wriggled and put her head on Lia’s leg.


“Yes! Princess!”


She nodded.

Lia was embarrassed by the request that came so naturally. Come to think of it, it seemed like she had heard that when ordinary children outside go to sleep, their parents read them a storybook.

“What? I don’t have any books here.”

However, the children here had no parents to read them, and no one knew the letters, so even if there were books, they could not read them.

“Are you up for a book?”

Seeing Diana’s face darken in surprise, she smiled bitterly and stroked the child’s head. And although it wasn’t the story of the princess she wanted, she slowly opened her mouth, recalling her old memories.

“A long time ago, a very long time ago. There was an orphanage. One day, a large carriage, which is not often seen, stopped in front of the orphanage.”

* * *

After listening to her story with interest for a while, Diana soon fell asleep with her nose snoring.

When she returned to her bedroom holding Diana, she was very hungry and tired.

‘Maybe it’s because of the magic… … ?’

She thought vaguely, but there was no strength in her body, and she fell asleep almost as soon as she lay down. Thanks to that, she didn’t even notice that someone was playing with her hair for a long time with a small hand a few hours later. However, because she was sensitive to the creaking sound of metal, she opened her eyes before long…


“Yes? Missi woke up!”

Diana, who had been concentrating on her head for a while, greeted her with a wide smile.

She was surprised. Deep down, she thought that when she woke up, she would cry and whine like she did in the past. She didn’t know that she could stay awake so courageously by herself. She hadn’t been soothed properly before, but Diana was such a smart and lovely child. She quickly glanced around, and she looked at the children who were still asleep and asked in a whisper.

“Dana, no more sleeping. Why are you awake already?”

Looking out the window, it was just dawn. It must have been a tiring day for Diana as well as for her. Was the bed uncomfortable? Then Diana said sullenly as she placed her dainty hands on her belly.

“Dana is hungry…”

“Ah… You were hungry.”

Looking at it sadly, she asked affectionately.

“Aren’t you bored alone?”

Then Diana, who had been blinking her blue eyes, shook her head.

“I touched Missi’s hair. Pretty.”

She froze at the unexpected words.


“Oh, Missi, you’re pretty. So pretty! Shiny!”

Seeing Diana wiggle with her hands up, she was speechless. She felt like she was about to burst into tears. Had she ever heard someone say she was pretty?

“…It’s my first time.”

* * *

In fact, even when she was young, she thought she was very pretty. She was shocked every time she looked in the mirror to wash her face. Light pink hair that gently fluttered like a watercolor painting, dark pink eyes that shimmered brightly like jewels, as well as blemish-free immaculate skin, a straight nose and cute lips. But none of the kids called her pretty, and she thought it was because everyone was jealous of her. Until someone told her her hair color was the most common brunette in the empire. When she heard that, the 5-year-old girl was shocked and asked the children at the orphanage.

<“Emily, what does my hair color and eye color look like?”

“Huh? It’s brown hair and brown eyes.”

Not only Emily, but all the other children gave the same answer. Unable to accept this, she finally asked Jack, whom she wasn’t close to, but who didn’t seem to lie.

“Hey, Jack… … Are my hair and eyes brown in yours as well?”

Seeing me tirelessly asking the same questions to the children at the nursery school all the time, Jack answered right away, perhaps waiting for the moment when the question would come to her as well.

“Okay. Your eyes are dark brown, and your hair is a slightly lighter soft brown.”

“… I see.”>

Only then did she admit that her eyes were strange. She still couldn’t find any brown in me when she looked in the mirror, but she didn’t say it.

‘Because I’m weird.’

But just because she understood it in her head, it didn’t mean she fully accepted it in her heart. The central square closed to the information guild ‘Terenchium’ on the busiest street in the capital. Among them, there were many street artists in front of the fountain who danced, sang, or painted and sold to earn money. After the nursery school went bankrupt and she entered the Terencium, she took a look at a painter as she walked back and forth on the street.

A hooked nose, a large dot that seemed to occupy a third of the face, and a few strands of bald hair… A cruel painter who painted very realistic portraits without thinking about the money giver!

<Mister, please draw the same as you see.>

She plucked up the courage and sat down in front of her. And that day, for the first time, she could see her face as others saw it.


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