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DFEF Chapter 18



In the studio, the director glanced at the time and called to stop after the scene was shot.

    “It’s over, it’s over, everyone has worked hard, let’s have lunch first and then rest.”

   The director greeted the staff in the arena, turned to see Lin Jianshen who was leaving the stage, hurriedly stepped up to catch up, and stood side by side with him.

    “Jianshen, you did a good job in that scene just now.”

   The director named Fang Da, who has been filming for more than ten years, is a well-known director in China. He is good at making big hits in costume dramas. With a heavy sense of history, the film produced by him is very charming, and has always been applauded sidelong being popular.

Lin Jianshen has been in the entertainment industry for nearly ten years, and has cooperated with Fang Da more or less several times, for which the two also share some friendship.

    A famous director like Fang Da has made dozens of films instead of hundreds, from which he has made enough money. In recent years, he has not paid much attention to the commerciality of the films, but has begun to pursue the quality of them, but paying attention to the actor’s acting skills and the interpretation of the characters.

    The movie that is being filmed now is a big production that Fang Da has been preparing for a long time. It is about ancient history and the arise of changes. In a country with internal and external troubles, an unpopular prince shawls and climbs to the peak of power, The story of expanding territory and conquering the world.

    He has put a lot of effort into the production of this film, plus had extremely high requirements on the actors and filming crew. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Fang Da’s real goal for filming this film is next year’s film festival, and he intends to use this film to strick some awards, to increase its own gold content.

    “Dragon Court” was originally a female audience focused novel, but its plot is exquisite, the characters are brilliant, the author’s writing is excellent, and the control of words is perfect. From the writings, it seems that the rise and fall of a dynasty has been reproduced, and in the turbine of history, countless amazing characters have emerged, interpreting wonderful stories.

[ For the words ‘女频小说’ I was not getting the right word so I replaced it as ‘ Female audience focused novel ‘ where,
女 – female
频 – video
小说 – novel / fiction ]

    This book can be called the pinnacle of historical intrigue to the novel readers, and it was not surprising that it had become popular in a short period of time.

There were even rumors earlier that “Dragon Court” was about to be made into a film for television. Later, Fang Da contacted Lin Jianshen and invited him to play the leading role in Long Ting. Only then did everyone know that he bought the copyright and directed the play.

[ Long Ting = Dragon Court ( English translation ) ]

    As soon as the news came out, the netizen’s reaction was even more grand. One is a director who is famous for making historical dramas in ancient costumes, along with a well-received novel, plus Lin Jianshen, a new actor who is good-looking and has superb acting skills and dedication, everyone can’t help but look forward to Longting even more…

    “Thank you Director.”

    Facing Fang Da’s praise, Lin Jianshen’s expression was gentle.

    Fang  Da didn’t mind his slightly indifferent attitude. He had been filming for so many years, and what kind of people he had never seen before.

    The first time he saw Lin Jianshen, he was not yet popular, he was just a young man entering the entertainment industry for the first time, and Fang Da was already a cutting-edge director. When other actors were busy rushing to curry favor with Fang Da, Lin Jianshen filmed quietly by himself, without arguing or robbing other’s attention. In Fang Da’s eyes, it was simply a breath of fresh air.

    During the subsequent contacts, Fang Da also gradually learned that this young actor with a unique performance, on the surface, looked cold and indifferent, but his acting skills were really good, and he also worked extremely hard in filming. At that time, he had a faint hunch in his heart that this little actor would be popular sooner or later.

    Facts have proved that Fang Da’s eyesight is still very accurate.

    Thinking of this, Fang Da sighed, “If only everyone had the same peace of mind as you.”

   What he meant is that he had recently been in a hurry and misery. Blame him for being obsessed to start filming for a while. Before even starting the casting, the investor recommended him an actress saying they would be fine to only play the second female lead. Fang Da thought that this play was only focused on the male lead and the female second did not have much plot, so there was nothing to worry about, so he reluctantly agreed.

    But who would have guessed that the girl who came in was a little girl who had never filmed before. It can be said that she basically had no acting skills. She was constantly stunned during the whole filming process, which slowed down the progress of the crew. When she was scolded, she knew only how to cry and apologize…

    “Wait a little longer, the second female’s part is almost finished. You have worked hard during this time.”

    Fang Da glanced to the one side, there sat the crew members on the pony for lunch outside the set, and of which one of them had a beautiful face. The girl while holding the script, looked fasinated. From the focused eyes of the other party, it could be seen that she was very serious, but she just didn’t have the talent, so he couldn’t help but sigh secretly.

    This little girl’s attitude is considerably good, otherwise, according to his temper, regardless of whether she is a relative of the investor, he would have already told her off and skinned her from her role.

    Lin Jianshen’s expression was still indifferent, his disposition was always calm and indifferent, like a calm lake without waves.

    Following Fang Da’s line of sight, he said in a low voice, “She’s not suitable for acting in movies.”

    The big screen of a movie is a huge test of an actor’s acting skills, any subtle change could be clearly witnessed on the big screen. That’s why many actors who are good in TV are terrible once they act in movies.

    With Lu Yinyin’s current level, it is not enough to star in such a big-budget movie.

[ Lu Yinyin – Name of the actress with the second female lead role ]

    But this is other people’s business, and has nothing to do with him.

 Lin Jianshen quickly looked away, walked upto a chair near him and sat down.

    At noon, it was only a temporary break, so he didn’t took off his makeup and changed clothes.

    It was already cold at the end of November, its late autumn, but the ancient costumes worn in the play were light weight and ethereal. As soon as he sat down, Dai Zhong handed over a prepared thick coat.

    There is a small table next to the stool, and on the table there is a packed lunch that has already been ordered.

    The director opened the lunch box, looked at the dishes, and said with satisfaction, “I ordered this dishes today, it’s all the flavors I like.”

    Lin Jianshen didn’t move the lunch box on the table but reached out to Dai Zhong saying: “Mobile phone.”

    Before Dai Zhong could even speak, Fang Da spoke up.

    “Young people nowadays can’t live without their mobile phones. If I didn’t witnessed it today Jianshen, I wouldn’t knew, you are also a mobile phone addict.”

    Dai Zhong smiled secretly, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and handed it to Lin Jianshen.

    He said slowly, “Director, people who are addicted to mobile phones are actually fascinated by the contents of mobile phones.”

    Fang Da nodded, “Yes, my son too. He holds his mobile phone every day to play games and improve his score.”

Lin Jianshen glanced at the two with no expression on his face.

    After taking the phone, the first thing to do is to open Weibo.

    This time, he logged in to his trumpet account. As always, there were countless new news, but Lin Jianshen swept them away without paying much attention. Then he clicked into Kapok’s Weibo homepage with a clear goal.

[ Trumpet account – secret small account of famous people lol ]

    Entering the home page, there was a new Weibo released ten minutes ago, a very familiar sentence, with the same warmth of many years.

    The corners of his lips, which had been tense since the morning, unwittingly loosened a little, and was raised into a small arc.

    Dai Zhong, who knew everything about him like the back of his hand, leaned over to him to see what was on the screen clearly, and said in a low voice, “I see? Your die-hard fan didn’t abandon you, it’s probably just that she was too busy in her life to forget it for a while. After logging in, you are still rushing to like and comment for her. Did you know that you almost became a trending searcher? Fortunately, I found it earlier and suppressed it in time for you.”


    Dai Zhong exclaimed: “It’s rare to hear such a sincere thank you from your mouth, but I must have borrowed lucks from others.”

    He knew that Lin Jianshen’s thank you was definitely not for himself, but for the girl.

    Lin Jianshen didn’t speak, he tapped the screen with his head bowed slightly, as if he was typing and sending a message. The slender eyelashes fell naturally, casting a fan-shaped shadow, the eyes became a little softer than usual, and the deep profile of his face was clearly defined.

    Looking at his focused appearance, a thought suddenly popped into Dai Zhong’s mind, and he couldn’t help joking: “You look like this, don’t you want to be fashionable and have an online dating scandal?”

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