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DFEF Chapter 17



On the thirty-ninth floor of a high-rise building, the office of the president of Yu Xue Company.

The man in a black suit flipped through the documents, when suddenly, the phone that was put aside quietly turned on, and at the same time it vibrated slightly.

The secretary who was standing in front of the desk reporting his work, glanced at it while reporting in a gentle manner.

The man reached out and took the mobile phone, saw the WeChat message displayed on the screen, raised his eyebrows unconsciously, as a surprised look appeared in his eyes.

Seemingly surprised by the text message, he clicked into the WeChat interface and checked it carefully to make sure that there were no problem with his eyes, and that the other party had indeed sent him a message.

The secretary noticed his movements, thought he had received important news, timely stopped speaking.

Yu Xing raised his eyes, his eyes were as indifferent as always, as he said coldly, “Continue.”

After observing, as if he didn’t care, he did not reply to the message. He threw the phone on the table with a “click”, without giving it any more attention.

Yu Mian pulled her attention back from the tutor’s WeChat avatar, only to realize later that she seemed to have forgotten to add them as friends.

Realizing this, she sent a friend request, along with a very simple verification message: I am Yu MianMian, are you my tutor?

In less than a minute, the friend request was approved.

Not expecting the approval to come so quickly, Yu Mian suddenly felt a little overwhelmed.

What to say when talking to someone for the first time? Say hello to them?

Before she could think of the words to say hello, a new message came across.

Participant: Where is your progress now? I need to find out and adjust the teaching content according to your progress.

Looking at this sentence, Yu Mian deleted the words she typed one by one, pursed his lips and thought for a while, and then replied.

Mianmian: That…can we start from scratch? [blush]

She swears that when she typed this sentence, she was really a little ashamed and her face felt a little hot.

The tutor may have been shocked by her, Yu Mian only saw the opposite [typing…] for nearly half a minute, and then came a short message: OK, got it.

Yu Mian wanted to cover her face in embarrassment.

The other party sent another message in the next second: Prepare your textbook first, see you in the afternoon.

Yu Mian responded quickly, and after that, the other stopped sending messages. Judging from this short exchange, this tutor seems to be a person who doesn’t talk much, and is very neat and straightforward.

When she was about to quit WeChat, another message jumped out.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a message from her brother Yu Xing.

Your Excellency Elder Brother: Hmm.

This word is very Yu Xing style, a shallow smile appeared on Yu Mian’s face.

Her slim fingers tapped on the screen, the thin and transparent nails are rounded and meticulously trimmed.

MianMian: Brother, are you coming home tonight?

As if it was just on a whim, she sent him a message, she didn’t replied to the previous message after that.

Yu Mian waited for a while, but did not get any reply, and the originally happy mood was slightly lowered.

There was no new news on WeChat for the time being, so she clicked on the her old WeChat interface, and as soon as she entered the phone, there was a series of vibrations, buzzing non-stop; her palms felt a little numb.

She stared in astonishment, and finally waited for the prompt sound to finish before Yu Mian went to look at a series of unread messages.

Before when she posted a lottery Weibo, she was bombarded by people in the group, but then Shen Hai deliberately threw another lottery Weibo of 1 million so wildly, which suddenly suppressed her limelight. Going down and diverting everyone’s attention, Yu Mian thought that this situation should have passed.

What happened this time?

She clicked on the top dialog box and looked at the several messages sent to her by a fairly familiar netizen. Yu Mian blinked, unable to help but want to rub her eyes to see if it was her eyes, that has a problem.

[ Give me flowers: Sister Mian! You look at your Weibo ah ah ah ah! Lin Jianshen liked your Weibo comment ah ah ah!! ]

[ Give me flowers: I am so jealous! ]

[ Give me flowers: If I knew that this method could attract Lin Jianshen’s attention, I would be willing to go bankrupt! ! ! ]

After reading the messages that [ Give me Flowers ] sent, Yu Mian’s mind was still in a blanked state, almost in a mess.

But when she saw the other party’s last sentence, Yu Mian didn’t have time to understand the specific situation, and subconsciously replied: “Don’t be impulsive, we are all rational fans, and you must not do anything to go bankrupt!”

The other party must be online and gave a reply soon.

[ Flowers sent me: Sister Mian, are you stupid? I’m joking! ]

[ Give me flowers: You see, Shen Hai also donated money to Shen Shen, but Shen Shen didn’t liked her post. ]

[ Give me flowers: This shows that you are different in his heart! ]

At this moment, Yu Mian finally got a clue, learned something from her words, and hurriedly exited the chat interface and clicked on Weibo.

Once inside, the phone vibrated again, and Yu Mian’s heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably.

After waiting for a while, the phone finally stopped vibrating, Yu Mian pursed the corners of her lips slightly, and clicked on the message bar that displayed 99+ red dots.

There were many private messages from strangers, countless retweets, and some other notifications. Yu Mian only swept a look over them once. She then hurriedly turned to her homepage.

The retweet lottery Weibo, the most conspicuous, was on the top.

She didn’t logged in today, it wasn’t because she forgot, but she happened to be at Wen Quyi’s house at that time, and mourned for the original Yu Mian with her former classmates. It was really impolite to play with her mobile phone on such occasions and because of that she didn’t logged in.

Originally, she planned to make a post before she log off, but who knew that she would encounter such a situation.

The lottery Weibo at the top shows that there have been nearly 100,000 retweets, nearly 50,000 comments, and 300,000 likes.

And the highlighted comment was by someone with a familiar nickname.

Lin Jianshen v: If you have money, keep it for yourself. Actors don’t need fans to support them.

Holding the phone, Yu Mian echoed these words in her mind, subconsciously pondering what the other party meant.

It sounded as if he seemed to be caring about her, right?

Such a tone sounds a bit blunt, with a hint of rebuke, but it is undeniable that anyone who knows Lin Jianshen a little can see that there is his care and love for fans in these words.

Is this because he is afraid, she is spending too much?

It’s not like she didn’t retweet the lottery before. Shen Hai had done it many times in her memory. Although she didn’t know why Lin Jianshen suddenly only gave her a like and comment, Yu Mian couldn’t help but feel a little warm in her heart.

After reading the comment for a long time, Yu Mian finally took a screenshot of the interface.

In the private messages, many Lin Jianshen fans asked who she was and whether she knew Lin Jianshen. The comments below were also full of noisy speculation. Yu Mian just glanced at them casually and didn’t pay much attention to the messages sent by those strangers.

Thinking that she hadn’t posted any message today, she thought silently for a few seconds before posting a new Weibo.

Kapok: If possible, I would like to give you everything I have, just because you are worthy. [Love]


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