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  • A Fairy Tale for The Villains

    A Fairy Tale for The Villains

    Somehow, I found myself reincarnated as an extra from a reverse harem novel. Although a peasant girl, my family was relatively well-off thanks to my mother working as a nanny for some kind noblemen. There’s just one problem: I’m destined to be the final boss, the queen of snakes who puts the entire empire at risk. The autumn my mother passed away was the same year the empire fell into chaos. The noblemen my mother served imprisoned me with the children of the Duke, hiding us away in secret part of the mansion. The details of our 700 days of imprisonment are absent from the novel, so I’ve no choice but to survive by my own wits. My little villains and I, together as one.

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  • A Smile from the Villain

    A Smile from the Villain

    As a person who transmigrated into a novel written by himself, Qin Kaiyi experiences a huge pressure and burden. Even more so, he transmigrated as the villain and is forced to follow the plot. Qin Kaiyi expresses that he doesn’t want to write novels anymore. Qin Kaiyi: “WTF. transmigrating into the villain and being forced to follow the plot. Just let it be. Shen Feixiao, can you get the f*ck down from my body???” Shen Feixiao: “Shixiong, I won’t.” Alright, actually this is just a s*upid story about transmigrating into his own novel as the villain and getting pushed down by his own protagonist.

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  • After Being Preached by my Senior Martial Brother

    After Being Preached by my Senior Martial Brother

    After the Second Prince of Nine Heavens broke the Holy Spirit Lamp, he was then deprived of his Mana, his appearance, and was demoted to descending to the world to experience calamity. The Second Prince, who had now no talent and no appearance, became the younger martial brother in Miaoxian Mansion, and started the path of cultivating immortals with fear. At first, everyone bullied him, and only the cold and taciturn senior brother treated him well. Later, he learned that the senior martial brother, the same as him, had a deep fate with immortals. Unless his soul left his body, he would become his Taoist Companion. His heart was happy. Until that day he witnessed the senior martial brother commit great treason and as he held the Master in his arms. With a piteous cry, “Miaomiao…….” The cold face showed a gentle look as well. That was the Master’s nickname. The Second Prince no longer expected the senior martial brother to see him, but he did not expect the senior martial brother to be desperate and begged him, “Xiao Qi, save the Master, only your life can be exchanged for his life.” After coming back, the Second Prince didn’t even evade the sword and died under it. In a trance, he saw the senior martial brother’s disbelieving expression. With his body dead, he returned to heaven. The father of the Nine Heavens raised this scarred man. The Second Prince asked for a heartless bead. After years of suffering, it was better to be a merciless and loveless immortal. It was just that, it didn’t occur to him that his senior martial brother became the only devil in the Three Realms. He didn’t know until he died– —that the senior martial brother was covered with blood and tears. He knelt on his knees and could not stand up from the sycamore tree and fought madly with his fragmented soul.

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  • After My Dead Ending

    After My Dead Ending

    The moment death nears, I realized that this world was only someone’s work. My family died, my life was nothing easy. It was all a device for the heroine’s awakening and splendid ending. Everyone is happy except me, isn’t it too much? ‘It’s funny. Who’s gonna die?’ I didn’t care what happened to the damn novel. I didn’t die in the original way, but I survived like a bad guy. But… A romance that doesn’t exist with male lead’s older brother began. “Do you like me?” “It is precisely love. Aisa, please put me next to you.” “…” “Please, make me happy.” You love me? That’s your stupid mistake. But I’m not going to correct you for being mistaken. You are a person of great value. “You chose it.” Saying so, I reached out and grabbed him by the collar and pulled him closer. He was meekly drawn to me. “If you hold my hand and leave this room, I’ll be happy for the rest of my life.” I know many things will change if I hold his hand. Nevertheless, that night, I held the hands of Norma Diazi, the most handsome man in the empire.

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  • All of This for You

    All of This for You

    “Aizen, the man she loved, died right in front of her eyes. Roa knew Aizen’s life would be in danger if he married her. Even though she knew, but she acquiesced in order to proceed with the marriage. Everything is her fault. It was her fault for not letting him go even though she knew. After losing her mind at the sight of his brutal death, she woke up in the arboreal back garden of Count Clarion, where she lived. She was given a chance to save him once more. Today was the day he visited the mansion to ask for a wedding after the grand duke’s coronation ceremony. “It seems like it’ll be difficult to be married to Grand Duke Tronet” The Eisen who looked at her with eyes of endless love was no more. Filled with nothing but venom and possessiveness, he locked Roa, who pushed him away, in the basement. “Why are you doing this?” “Why are you pushing me away like this?” “It’s all for you” “I’m doing it all for you too” A story of a woman who has to push away the man she loves and a man who has to lock up the woman he loves.

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  • Ariel Dalton Wants to Graduate

    Ariel Dalton Wants to Graduate

    A bright future was guaranteed to her. But only if she could graduate. Ariel is a mischievous kid from Fitzsimmons Academy, who enjoys a daily life full of pranks, magic, or both. With no intention of studying, her only goal is to graduate and inherit her parents’ merchant guild. The graduation banquet finally arrived. While looking at the mess caused by the prank of her childhood friend Kyle, who is a formidable troublemaker, Rosemary, the “Princess of the Student Council” who was taking control of the cool boys in the academy, suddenly appears and pours out inexplicable resentments. “Is it a bug? The difficulty couldn’t be this high. Kyle Villard is just a sub-character!” Bug? Sub character? What the hell are you talking about? Her vision went dark. When she opened her eyes, she was back to her life nine months ago. 5th grade started again, but Ariel’s daily life, for someone who only wanted to graduate, began to change little by little.

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  • Beauty of Lies [Quick Transmigration]

    Beauty of Lies [Quick Transmigration]

    Don’t believe in beautiful women. The more beautiful women are, the more deceitful they are. Tong Ling, an interstellar SSS-class wanted criminal who treats lying as her food, cheats and fools others all the time. In an accident, she was bound to a female cannon fodder acting system numbered M577 and was sent to various small worlds to become a female cannon fodder who was about to be abused. However, there seems to be something wrong with the abused script—— 1.She is obviously a stand-in, but becomes the white moonlight who is even more authentic than the real white moonlight. 2. A rich second-generation boyfriend who pretends to be poor, meets a poor girlfriend who pretends to be rich. 3. The fragile dodder flower that was dismissed in Survival in the wilderness collapsed the entire team. 4. After the male protagonist had the ability to read his mind, he was heavenly deceived. 5. After the Gu girl who was called to kill was killed, dogs were everywhere in the rivers and lakes. 6. The cannon fodder in the Infinite dungeon eventually became a heartthrob big Boss. …………………………….. Seeing that the plots of the small worlds collapsed, the hand of the M577 holding the cigarette lighter, who could not replace the host, trembled: Big…big boss, when can you stop? ? Tong Ling quietly breathed out a smoke ring: What should we stop? I just help those who have dreams realize their dreams. People who were deceived:…..

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  • Before the Villains’ Ending

    Before the Villains’ Ending

    Before the novel’s ending, I possessed a supporting character. Now, I am the younger sister of a villainess soon to die, two months until the execution. While visiting my elder sister, I often visited the rest of the villains. “Didn’t you get better?” “… What?” In the prison I often visited to see my sister, the novel’s villains started looking at me. “I’m asking if this wasn’t acting. Answer me, Margaret Eilish.” The man’s words were beyond my expectations in such a dangerously intimate atmosphere. I looked at the man from afar. Get a hold of yourself, Margaret. Nothing good will come out of revealing my illness in front of the guard. I whispered back with a little confusion, pretending to know nothing. “… Tell me what you mean. I’ll listen to you calmly.”

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