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DBOWE Part 2: An Accident Caused by an Illusion


The Concubine Palace and the Emperor’s Palace were far away from one another, so it took time to get there.

‘Look, it takes so much time just to get there, so I’m glad I followed you.’

Marilyn, the head lady-in-waiting, stopped walking.

“This is the Emperor’s Palace from here.”

Priscilla looked up and appreciated the splendor of the Palace.

The Emperor’s Palace, built under the eight golden pillars that rose high, and the same-shaped roof over them, was so large and magnificent that it felt overwhelming.

“Let’s go.”

When Marilyn, the lady-in-waiting, crossed the threshold of the Emperor’s Palace, Priscilla followed suit.

“This is where His Majesty enjoys a walk. The person you see over there is His Majesty.”

The Emperor seemed to have come out for a walk.

Priscilla admired Michael in the distance.

Perhaps he is fortunate to receive all kinds of buffs because he is the male lead.

Glossy black hair, cold blue eyes, like you would cut your hand if you touched it.

Wasn’t he a man with a sharp nose, red lips that looked sweet like cherries to taste, and a good stature and strong muscles?

‘I’m afraid for whoever is not the male lead. He’s so handsome.’

She envied the heroine at times like this.

She’ll have a man who has it all in her hands.

“Follow me.”

The lady-in-waiting took Priscilla to Michael.

The escort tried to stop her, but Michael raised his hand.

“What’s going on, chief maid?”

“I beg your pardon, Your Majesty.”

“Yes, I wonder what interrupted my walk.”

If it is insignificant, he would not forgive it. His blue eyes contain the meaning.

“I brought someone here because she wanted to see His Majesty. Forgive me.”

“Who wants to meet me?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Who is that?”

Priscilla stepped forward.

“I asked to see you.”

Michael opened his eyes wide and looked at Priscilla.

Her slightly curly pink hair and ruby-red eyes faced him. It was stunning.

“Give me your name.”

“My name is Priscilla, Your Majesty.”

Michael’s eyes sparkled.


“That’s right.”

He knew Priscilla, too.

It’s a trophy that he brought after invading the Duchy.

She was still beautiful, as was the case at the Duchy.

It was one of the worthwhile princesses he brought himself.

“Didn’t you hear what would happen if you left the Palace?”

“If it’s punishment, I’ll take it. Before that, please do me a favor.”


“My lady-in-waiting is seriously injured. I need a doctor.”

Michael expected what a great request she would make.

But her request broke his expectations.

“Do you mean you want to take a doctor and treat a maid?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Michael was dumbfounded.

She came to see him treat her maid, even breaking the rules not to leave the Concubine Palace.

Michael grabbed Priscilla’s chin with one hand.

“It’s ridiculous. You came to me to ask me that favor.”

“Well, can’t you?”


“I’ll take any punishment, so just send me a doctor. It’s urgent.”

Priscilla looked directly into the Emperor’s face.

The Emperor’s eyes were frightening, but she held her hands tightly and endured it.

Michael, looking at her quietly, took his hands off Priscilla.

“I’ll send you a doctor. And I will punish you for breaking the rules.”

Michael saw Marilyn, the lady-in-waiting.

“You take a doctor to treat the maid who was injured.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

When Priscilla thanked him, Michael jutted.

“You follow me.”


When Michael glared, Priscilla was forced to follow in Michael’s footsteps.

The place where Michael took Priscilla was the drawing room in the Emperor’s Palace.

“Sit down.”

Priscilla looked at Michael with a quizzical face and sat down at his suggestion.

This was not a split chapter! This was just a very short chapter. Sorry, everyone!

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