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DMAF Chapter 52


Chapter 52 To be a target

Liu Yuzhen didn’t expect that Emperor Yan, who called him smart, opposed his claim so much, and presumably thought the assassination of Yan Zhijun was also true.

Strangely, Emperor Qin was also assassinated during this period. Could there be something in common?

Since his brain was not suitable for analyzing these data, he just let it go.

It had also never crossed his mind that any of the people he sent out did it. He put together the drawings on the table, and then showed a very obedient look. “I won’t look into it anymore if you don’t like it, but Yan Tenghua, I stayed here for a purpose, and helping you find Yan Zhijun was just out of conscience, if I haven’t found the people I’m looking for within this month, I’ll leave as soon as I say it.”

Probably because he was a little upset by Emperor Yan’s tough words, Liu Yuzhen turned back to his room with the drawings in his arms, and slammed the door shut.

Liu Yuzhen had said this sentence no less than dozens of times, the person he was looking for, he had only encountered them once, and as for why he was looking for those murderers, he didn’t want to second-guess.

Knock knock knock

The red lacquered door was knocked, and Emperor Yan’s rare and gentle voice sounded outside, “This King doesn’t want you to look for it, don’t you know why? Why do you get angry so easily?”

“You just keep boring me, sooner or later when you bore me to death, I will throw bombs to demolish your Great Yan Kingdom.”

There was a dull sound of tinkering with heavy objects in the room, Emperor Yan’s suddenly face changed slightly, and he took a step back in an instant.

The last time he came, he also heard a sound like this, and the iron ball Liu Yuzhen threw out of the window made a loud roar like a tiger, and instantly blasted the entire wall into the air. Is this terrifying weapon a masterpiece of the devil?

If he hadn’t known in advance that it was Liu Yuzhen after his soul possessed the Prime Minister’s body, otherwise he would not have believed that a Prime Minister Liu, who possessed such skills, would make Liu Kingdom strong first even if it was put in front of his eyes.

Emperor Yan conceded, he couldn’t fight against that kind of thing, unless he didn’t provide Liu Yuzhen with any strange equipment, such as saltpeter, sulfuric acid, etc.

“All right, if you are bored, how about this King take you out of the palace?”

“Really?!” Liu Yuzhen immediately threw away the bottles and jars in the room, swept away his bad temper, and opened the door a small crack to reveal his head.

During this period of time, Emperor Yan was either fighting with the government affairs or with his concubine, pet, or in the Prime Minister’s Mansion. Every time he came to the Prime Minister’s Mansion, Liu Yuzhen couldn’t help but try to beat him up, however, it would always turned into a sex drama. He hadn’t really been out for a long time.

The word “going out of the palace” was too tempting, and it really attracted the still innocent young man.

“You are not lying to me?” Liu Yuzhen narrowed his eyes, and used his eagle eyes seriously.

“This King isn’t really lying to you. Zipei’s injury is about to recover, and while he can’t get in the way, this King will take you to a neighboring country. Don’t you want to find the ‘third party’? This is a good opportunity.”

The “third party” was Liu Yuzhen’s label for the terrorists on that destroyed island. Because the thing was too troublesome to explain, therefore he casually gave Emperor Yan a very professional pronoun.

Liu Yuzhen didn’t rush out to praise Emperor Yan because he remembered the word, instead his head shrank back in the crack of the door, and his face became very ugly, “You mean, you want us to go out to be a special target?”

“Isn’t that good?”

Although it was a good idea, he clearly wanted to have fun, but it would mean he would have to protect him again, which was really no fun.

Seeing that Liu Yuzhen was wavering, EmperorYan turned around and was about to leave, “If you don’t leave now, there will be no next time.”

“Bastard…” Liu Yuzhen bared his teeth, this guy really found his weakness completely! “Wait! Wait for me!”

He opened the door and walked towards the peach blossom path.

No matter how hard the task was, he could survive it, even if it’s to protect someone who was stronger than him, what’s so difficult about it.

After catching up with Emperor Yan’s tall figure, Liu Yuzhen suddenly realized that he felt so safe by his side—No, it shouldn’t be like this.

Liu Yuzhen thought he was an attacker from the beginning to the end.

Therefore, a particular someone who would become a live target couldn’t help kicking Emperor Yan when he came down the steps. Hey, if he could turn over this seeking death person, he would feel somewhat successful.

Emperor Yan, who had been sneak attacked by Liu Yuzhen several times, was already prepared, and he immediately turned sideways. His vigorous action was dazzling, and his big hand was already around Liu Yuzhen’s waist.

 “Beauty, you are being naughty again.” Back then, the Emperor Yan, who didn’t know how to smile, had a smile that was becoming more and more intoxicating.

Ah! I’m blinded!

Liu Yuzhen instantly turned his head away from looking at him, his tender white face couldn’t hide the crimson color adorning his cheeks.

The carriage had already been prepared in front of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, and a large box filled with rich desserts and delicacies was inside, as if Emperor Yan had already planned to take him out for some time.

“Is this a special outing or something? Great!” Liu Yuzhen couldn’t help feeling that as long as he had something to eat, he could instantly turn into a well-behaved sheep.

Touching the well-behaved Liu Yuzhen, Emperor Yan had a sinister smile on his face, “This King is willing to do whatever Yuzhen likes. Then, will Yuzhen also do what this King likes?”


Liu Yulian glanced at him with blank eyes, he sat obediently in the carriage, and hurriedly stuffed the pastry in front of Emperor Yan’s hand and only said, “Here, I’m returning it to you. Want to fuck me again? No way!”


“What’s so funny?! It’s not funny at all!” Liu Yuzhen hugged his body tightly.

He’s going crazy, how many times has it been this week, he is a man, a man!

The first time he volunteered willingly was to gain the trust of Emperor Yan, and now he had the opportunity to sit together as a target to lure the enemy, but what about the second, third, and fourth time? Hey! Don’t say that he was the one who provoked Emperor Yan, he didn’t provoke him, he only wanted revenge!

“That is not what this King meant with the “like”.” Saying this, Emperor Yan took out a bright red long rope from his bosom.

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