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DMAF Chapter 44


Chapter 44 Next Stage

This was the end of the military report. Although Liu Yuzhen was still thinking about what happened in the State of Qin, he always felt a little uneasy, but the session soon entered the next stage.

He hardly listened to the things that followed, and subjectively rejected useless information, such as river renovations, tax increases, official promotions, etc. What was the significance of discussing these trivial matters? It’s better to go out for a run to make him feel more comfortable.

The people below were still chanting “mantras” like a Tang monk, which made Yuzhen drowsy, and he was close to leaning on Emperor Yan’s shoulder.

“Ugh.” Yuzhen groaned in a low voice. 

Bastard, how dare you pinch me?!

Glancing at the murderer with a vicious look, Emperor Yan looked back with a rather ugly expression, “Prime Minister, it is your duty to manage the state.”

Who wants me to be Prime Minister?

“I don’t understand these things at all. Let them figure it out. I want to go back.” After speaking, he got up and wanted to leave.

Imagine that a soldier who had been trained in sniping and spying all year round would be converted and become a prime minister, what is this concept? Moreover, Liu Yuzhen was very lazy. He would rather spend 20 hours training in the mountains than stay in a classroom to listen.

“Come back!” Emperor Yan’s low and domineering voice sounded behind him.

He was just a prime minister. A prime minister that was borrowed from Liu State. To leave the high hall would be regarded as contempt for the King’s power. For a time, countless pairs of eyes looked at him incredulously .

Liu Yuzhen bit his lip and said, “Why, I really don’t understand, you know I’m not Liu…”

“Prime Minister, you just said that you are a loyal person to our country. Your words and deeds also represent Liu State, with your current attitude, are you telling this King that you are not willing to contribute to Great Yan?”

“No, I mean…”

“Then Prime Minister, what do you think of the tax increase?”

“…” This detestable Emperor Yan, he rejected every word he said. He really had no intention of letting him go.

Staring at what he’s doing, well, he will stare too. These stupid ancient humans simply wouldn’t understand how modern civilization developed, even if he told them what to do, they may not accept it, plus he lived outside all year round and he had no impression on the domestic political and economic system.

But if he doesn’t come up with something here, he’s afraid Emperor Yan will never be finished with him.

From his observations in this period, the system of this era was far behind the Western landlord model, and if compared to slavery, it made sense.

People here were self-sufficient. For farmers, the biggest difference in life was who collected the tax and how much tax was collected. This was a pattern of negative reinforcement and even punishment. Those who fail to pay the tax would be punished.

Yuzhen glanced at Emperor Yan and took his seat again, “Rather than levying taxes, at this stage, it is better to increase wasteland reclamation, resettle border areas, promote new crops to increase production, actively increase the national treasury grain to improve competitiveness, and then nationalize the land….lend it to farmers, focus the treasury on reclamation, giving rewards for doing well, and punishment for those who do not, but the tax remains unchanged. It is more effective to stimulate their efforts subjectively than to force them to pay a quantitative tax.”

“Oh? This is really a strange anecdote.” Emperor Yan’s eyes suddenly lit up, looking at Liu Yuzhen as if he were looking at a world’s treasure. Yuzhen clearly had something in his mind. If he hadn’t forced him, he wouldn’t have said anything. In the future, it would be better to look for things that could stimulate him more.

All the civil and military people in court were amazed, “The decision to reclaim the land is of course a top priority. With the increasing number of people in Great Yan, the support and governance of the affiliated countries can also be well solved, but the land ownership is a very risky attempt. This means the rich and powerful will be stripped of their property.”

“It’s because you care too much about your own interests that you can’t play the role of the citizens, that the country can’t progress. In the West, the country encourages the people to create and open up new territories, so those who are self-isolating would fail.”

“West?” Emperor Yan naturally only thought of the Country of Feng Zhi in the west. How could Liu Yuzhen know about the Country of Feng Zhi?

“That’s what I said. Whether you want to do this or not is up to you.” Yuzhen shrugged and looked at Emperor Yan.

Emperor Yan was in a good mood, “This matter needs to be discussed again, and a decision will be made after this King and Prime Minister’s discussion.”


Liu Yuzhen, who had finally gone back from court, was so exhausted that he could almost fall asleep when he walked to the back hall.

How could they be so long-winded? Anyhow, they let him go immediately when they knew that his idea could not be realized.

“Yuzhen, do you know that what you said in court would likely lead to resentment?” Emperor Yan’s voice sounded in his ears, much gentler than usual.

Yuzhen suddenly raised his head and said a little angrily, “Then why did you ask me to speak out?”

“If you hadn’t spoken out, how could this King know that Prime Minister Liu is hidden deeply? Yuzhen, this King really appreciates you more and more.” Emperor Yan’s smile was particularly bright, he stuck close to Yuzhen and blew out a warm breath, which made Yuzhen’s already drowsy body even more flabby.

(t/n hidden deeply- pronounced shēn cáng bú lù, which refers to a person who has knowledge and talent but is introverted and does not like to show off his talent in front of others.)

Liu Yuzhen hurriedly jumped away, staying far away from him, “Even if you say so, they still won’t agree.”

“It is true that the land is completely state-owned and cannot be redeemed, but the power of a monarch is in this King’s hand. It is up to this King to decide what should and shouldn’t be done.”

Under the glittering curtain, Emperor Yan’s words were an understatement, but he was full of ambition.

Yuzhen looked at him in amazement and couldn’t help but froze in place. This person was always so aloof, domineering and dignified, with extraordinary abilities.

He admired such a person the most, but he couldn’t see it himself. At this time, he should have pinched the handsome cheek of Emperor Yan and provocatively say, “Boy, you know how powerful I am, so let me give you a beating”, However, such kind of provocation did not appear. He just merely stared at Emperor Yan in a daze and couldn’t stop fussing in his heart.

“You will do as I say?”

“Don’t forget, you are this King’s prime minister. If this King doesn’t listen to you, who else should this King listen to?” The person who pinched the opponent’s chin was Emperor Yan, and the unsurprisingly provocative gaze was also from Emperor Yan.  But why does he always have a very nasty feeling when  provoked by him? 

Yuzhen turned his head stubbornly, “One month! Don’t touch me!”

“This King really wants to keep this promise, but Liu Yuzhen, shouldn’t we talk about the matter of you harboring this King’s person, An Xin?”

Yuzhen suddenly froze.

What! Damn, he sure knows! And knows it so fast!

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