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DMAF Chapter 42


Chapter 42 The Unknown

“It’s so late, why doesn’t Imperial Concubine Mingge go back to rest, what if she catches a cold?” Yuzhen smiled and looked at the woman in front of him, not because of her appearance or her body, but her eyes.

Prime Minister Liu and her must have known each other and had a close relationship.

Prime Minister Liu, who was imprisoned in this palace, must have had something to do with the Imperial Concubine from Luo Yue State who married into the Great Yan, which should not be a good thing for him.

Mingge, contrary to her arrogance just now, came up and grabbed Yuzhen’s hands, her eyes increasingly revealing anticipation, “Prime Minister, the matter has been exposed, even the Prince of An Jun died in Yan Tenghua’s hands. The ministers we arranged around him may not last long, what to do, what should we do?”



The corners of Liu Yuzhen’s mouth raised high, if it weren’t for the dark night, and the distant torches that couldn’t illuminate their faces, his hideous smile would definitely scare people.

He hugged Mingge’s shoulders and let her take a good look at him, then raised his index finger and said quietly, “Shh, Lady, there are a lot of people here, we’ll talk about it in another time and place.”

Mingge didn’t see his smile. As she looked around, this was indeed Emperor Yan’s place, and it was no longer a safe place for her to move around, “What about him? After the death of Prince An Jun, he has nowhere to go. But he still has value of becoming our chess piece.”

Yuzhen looked at An Xin, whom Mingge was referring to. The man was covered in scars, and he looked shaky just standing, which made him look pitiable. He closed his eyes and shook his head and said, “No, this guy is worthless. Emperor Yan only kept him as a precaution. Where would he get the chance to attack?”

“Yes,” Mingge suddenly changed her tone, “Compared to him, he is not as good as the Prime Minister.”


“I heard that the Prime Minister’s personality has changed a lot since his suicide last time. I wonder if he even forgot our agreement.”

“The Lady is very alert, Yuzhen is very ashamed. But handing over An Xin to Yu Zhen will not cause any loss to everyone. Alright, what is our next move?”

Mingge looked at him strangely, as she didn’t get a positive answer, but she also couldn’t ask any more. Moreover, it was the first time the Prime Minister Liu approached her, so close that when he raised his hand, he would accidentally touched her long hair. Was Prime Minister Liu originally such a frivolous person?

“Good, he will be given to you then.”

Liu Yuzhen raised his eyes to look at Peihuan behind her. The girl followed behind the crowd with her head down, and she didn’t seem to have any restless actions. Seeing him, she didn’t show even the slightest tremble. Why? Could it be that she belonged to Lady Mingge? He must observe her again.

Mingge turned and left, and the last firelight disappeared outside the Prime Minister’s Mansion.

An Xin really wanted to run, but Liu Yuzhen grabbed him like an eagle catching a chicken. Seeing that he was still restless, Yuzhen threw him into the sky with all his strength, waiting for him to fall into his arms.

Unsurprisingly, An Xin’s scream resounded throughout the Prime Minister’s Mansion.

“So, you have nowhere to go now?” Liu Yuzhen at the square table showed a dangerous smile.

“Yes. If the Prime Minister doesn’t take me in, I have nowhere to go.” After the young man named An Xin had a cup of tea, he felt more settled.

“Do you know about me and Mingge?”

“Yes, I know.”

“Will you tell Emperor Yan about this?” Yuzhen asked slowly.

“An Xin can’t wait for him to die.”

Although his idea was a bit extreme, this person might be the key for him in obtaining important clues.

Liu Yuzhen had been thinking about why no one had attacked him yet. Sure enough, those people who used guns were not coming at him. If Yan Tenghua wasn’t close to him, he’s afraid there wouldn’t be any chance of catching them. 

The terrorists of Death Island were likely to also exist in this world, and thinking about it only made him shiver all over.

What was the origin of those people, that they could match a full-armed combat power. If he hadn’t seen that man use a gun, he would have thrown away Yan Tenghua and ran away by himself. The mission was still going on. He was a soldier and must continue his mission, even if he was reborn.

“An Xin, you can stay in my mansion. If Emperor Yan comes, I will keep him away for you.” He raised his cup to propose a toast, his evil smile was so attractive under the flickering candlelight. “In turn, you also have to do me a few favors.”

An Xin grew up in a family with war and unstable political power. He had never seen anyone other than his mother treat him so well. He resolutely rescued him from the clutches of Emperor Yan, and with a smile so bright, he already regarded him his god. 

“An Xin knows.”

After Liu Yuzhen settled him down, he went back to his room to rest contentedly. That soulless person actually wanted him to go to morning sessions in court tomorrow, and the time would be around five or six in the morning in modern times. It wasn’t exactly that early for him, but listening to a monarch’s speech, he’d rather die!

That night was a night without dreams.


Early the next day, servants came to dress and change his clothes.

When they came in, Liu Yuzhen was exercising, and with a big wave of his hand,  eight bamboo chopsticks went through the wall and cracked the wall from all directions, frightening the legs of the servants who had just entered the door, which made them collapsed on the ground and could not stand up for a moment.

Liu Yuzhen completely ignored their presence, did not bother to change his clothes, and simply planned to go out after washing up.

At this time, a white clothed man blocked his door impartially, with a wound that had not subsided, and said to him with joy, “Morning Prime Minister.”

Yuzhen’s sharp eyes were also taken aback. He didn’t know when it started, but maybe since he especially became wary of that gentleman in white clothes. The evil spirit in Liu Ling’s eyes made him vigilant all the time.

 “It’s you? What are you doing up so early?”

During the day, An Xin looked more energetic than at night. He was a very sunny man. “The Prime Minister is going to the morning sessions in court? How can you dress like this? Let An Xin help you.”


It’s good to have someone to help, but he just threw this guy into the sky and caught him again. How could he be so active to please him? Liu Yuzhen stared at the harmless innocence in An Xin’s face, not knowing where his joy came from. “Your injury is not healed yet, go back and rest.”

An Xin shook his head, “Emperor Yan has a very bad temper, and An Xin does not want the Prime Minister to be hurt.”

Yu Zhen let out an “Oh”, it was not clear whether he was really angry with Emperor Yan. As for the one being in pain, it was still unknown who would be hurt from in the future.

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