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DMAF Chapter 41


Chapter 42 Murderous intent in the middle of the night

A restless breeze blew through his long hair, and strands of black locks swept across his cheeks. In an instant, Liu Yuzhen immediately opened his eyes as he felt a very strong killing intent. He jumped vigilantly from the roof of the bungalow to the dense banyan trees not far away.

There was no one around him, and all the servants were dismissed early in the morning. Except for the hanging red lanterns that were swaying by the wind, there was nothing wrong with the entire Prime Minister’s Mansion.

He stood up straight and looked further ahead. He could catch even the faintest candlelight, and his eyes were immediately drawn to the movement outside the wall. A hundred meters away, two different groups of people seemed to be having a discussioni. Judging from the slowly moving red light, there were no less than three people on both sides.

Liu Yuzhen touched his waist and in his arms hid a small crossbow that was made just yesterday, capable of firing three short arrows in a row. As a center player who was a master of concealment and a sharpshooter at the same time, it was not a problem to conceal his breath, moreover, their purpose shouldn’t be him. 

Just where does such a powerful murderous aura come from, the person must be a professional killer that have such a very light pace.

It’s too far away to hear what they were saying.

Liu Yuzhen’s smell of wine hasn’t dissipated yet. If he passed by rashly, it alone might just reveal his location. He couldn’t help but be in a dilemma.

 “Ah, forget it. It has nothing to do with me, I will be free after a month of living peacefully. These palace affairs are very chaotic.”

He remembered that their vice-captain liked to watch palace dramas. When she’s not training, she could watch it from morning to night. He once kicked the captain out of the house in pursuit of “Treading On Thin Ice”. He had never liked to watch such intrigue stories. Why can’t people get along with each other honestly? The technology that can be used for the development of human civilization was used to fight against his own kind, whether it be on the battlefield with smoke of gunpowder or the seemingly peaceful harem, both were no means his favorite place.

It happened that he was the one transmigrated in the palace, not her! This was really annoying!

Pressing his slightly dizzy head, what punishment bestowed was it when one casually broke into his forbidden area? He still had a fresh memory of what it was, but fortunately, he had always kept his mouth shut. If he accidentally revealed his perverted psychology to that person, he would definitely be laughed at. 

Now that he was more awake, various regrets surfaced in his heart.

Yuzhen crouched down again to avoid revealing his identity, but he suddenly heard a woman say loudly, “This lady doesn’t want to stay in the palace any longer.”

This is the voice of Imperial Concubine Mingge.

He remembered that the woman didn’t seem to want to stay in Great Yan. Why doesn’t she want to stay? She looked so happy when he saw her in Emperor Yan’s arms. 

Having said that, Liu Yuzhen immediately jumped to the roof closer to them and silently concealed himself.

The buildings in the palace were very short, and all had sloped roofs. If one was unstable, they would slide down, but one could hide behind those large decorations and never be found at all. Moreover, these houses were much more stable than many sand walls when they performed their tasks in his previous life.

He saw two people talking, a man and a woman, and that woman was Imperial Concubine Mingge.

Mingge looked at the man who appeared to be in his early twenties with a domineering look, and said, “Don’t forget your current situation. After the death of Prince Anjun, you are nothing. If you want revenge, listen to this Lady’s words.”

Yuzhen looked at the man, his face was bruised, scars were faintly visible, and his crown was crooked. Before Mingge could even finish talking, he stared angrily and said, “Why should I listen to you, instead of being arrested, bullied and hurt, I might as well save my life now! If you want to attack someone like Yan Tenghua, better find someone else! I can’t help you!”

“Spineless thing! You forgot how your father died? You forgot that the throne was supposed to be yours in this world?! Who gave it to that loser?”

The man covered his ears and whispered, “Don’t say it! Get out of the way!”

“If you dare not listen to me, I’ll tell them you’re planning to escape. Let’s see where you can go then.”

I thought Mingge looked as beautiful and delicate as a fairy that had descended to earth, but I didn’t expect her to speak in such momentum.

 Liu Yuzhen stuck out his tongue. It seems that this harem can really drive people crazy.

The man pushed Mingge away with force, and the thin and petite woman stumbled to the ground on her butt. Her delicate skin was immediately scratched, and she screamed in pain, “You, you bitch, how dare you do this to this Lady? Chase him!”

Yuzhen was about to help but immediately stopped himself. 

That again, the strong murderous intent. Who exactly is releasing such murderous aura?

He felt that there was something wrong with the people whom Mingge brought. Liu Yuzhen’s five senses were sharp, and he would never go wrong when sensing a murderous intent even from a distance.

After a closer look, he found that there was a very familiar person among them. It turned out to be the maid whom he kicked out a few days ago –Pei Huan!

Why didn’t this girl leave? After she was driven away, she clinged to Mingge’s side instead. Obviously, her purpose was not him.

Liu Yuzhen looked at the man in luxurious clothes. Apart from his conspicuous extravagant attire, his appearance was very handsome and elegant, with a sculpted silhouette which was very manly and heroic.

At this time, what kind of man can still meet with Empress Mingge privately? 

Yuzhen thought about it and remembered that Zipei had said before that this forbidden place in the harem either housed concubines or the Emperor’s pet. 

Could it be that this good-looking man is also a pet?

Yuzhen couldn’t help but have a big cold war. His chicken skin fell all over the floor but he was too lazy to pick it up.

With a kick of his feet, the whole person seemed to disappear from the sky, and suddenly appeared in front of An Xin, blocking his way.

“Where do you want to go in a hurry? You are invited by such a beautiful woman, isn’t it too humiliating for you to run away like a ghost.” The huge impact of escaping in vain almost overturned An Xin, and the smile around his mouth all the more made him afraid.

“Who are you?!”

Before Liu Yuzhen could introduce himself, Mingge’s men had captured An Xin, and the woman cheerfully called, “Prime Minister Liu! We met again.”

Liu Yuzhen’s sharp eyes were averted on the beautiful woman. 

She was indeed very beautiful and charming and such a beautiful woman married Yan Tenghua!!

“What a pity…” Liu Yuzhen lowered his face and blurted out, looking at the other party’s towering chest.

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