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DMAF Chapter 37


Chapter 37 Be Prepared

His wound relapsed. It was very painful. He felt like his whole body was going to fall apart as he rode on the horse.

It must be very painful, the blood keeps flowing out, if you just ask this King to help you, you will not have to endure this torment.

Emperor Yan crossed his waist with his hands, held the reins of the horse, clamped his legs on the horse’s belly, and let the steed gallop away.

Yuzhen had practiced equestrianism when he was in the army, but because of his injury, he couldn’t help but stick into Emperor Yan’s arms. He didn’t even straighten his waist with a lot of effort.

Emperor Yan took advantage of the situation and put his hands around his waist and abdomen, and said with a slight sarcasm. “Be honest, this King will heal you.”

For the sake of dignity, Liu Yuzhen refused to admit defeat, gave EmperorYan a stern look, and pulled away Emperor Yan’s hand while gritting his teeth. “I don’t need you to hug me. If you do something again, I’ll ride back by myself, you dismount!”

Emperor Yan only chuckled. It was really interesting. He was worried about whether he would become the same as before if he was injured. It seemed that he was just worrying too much.

About a day’s worth of traveling, they finally arrived at Great Yan’s border town at night.

Yuzhen was so awake that he couldn’t be anymore awake, the turbulence was enough to deprive him of all drowsiness but fortunately he survived until they reached the city gate. He saw soldiers strictly standing on guard, all standing upright, and when they saw their carriages approaching from a distance, a soldier immediately sent out a message.

It was the closing time of the day. Naturally, the soldiers had to check every layer if one wanted to enter the city, but because it was the Emperor’s carriage, the soldiers who came out were not there to do a check, but to warmly welcome them.

Yuzhen was welcomed by some attendants, and a burly general looked up at him with a puzzled look, thinking, since when did a person brought by the Emperor be able to get this kind treatment.

Dressed in splendid attire, although he was exposed to some hardships on the way, Liu Yuzhen was in high spirits and was refreshed because of the internal skill secretly transmitted by Emperor Yan.

Emperor Yan dismounted from the horse and held the reins. As Yuzhen sat on the back of the horse while walking, he looked around, habitually familiarizing himself with the surrounding guards and the environment. This was his with occupational disease. The first reaction was to see where the best way to escape was and where the guards were the most lax. He never needed others to make him feel safe.

“Open the City gate. Go and report the news of the return of this King and the Prime Minister.”Emperor Yan stood up with his hands clasped behind his back and then strode ahead.

The garrison heeded the order and waved his hands to his subordinates.

Knowing that he was the Prime Minister, the general’s defenses became relaxed, and a few soldiers were summoned to lead him into the Imperial City.

Emperor Yan patted the tall horse beside him, and looked up at Yuzhen. “This King still has a place to go, you go back to the palace with Zipei first.”

Yuzhen glanced at him indifferently. “Where you like to go is none of my business. Let go quickly, I’m leaving.”

Emperor Yan suddenly became angry. How could the emperor be someone he could provoke so casually, but the words that came out of Yuzhen’s mouth not only made him angry, but also made him very jealous. 

Yuzhen didn’t care, Liu Yuzhen never cared anything about him. “I’m going to hurt your Liu Ling. Won’t you still care?”

Did he know that Liu Ling kidnapped Zhijun?

Yuzhen was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly met Emperor Yan’s eyes, but he noticed that he really didn’t mean to hurt Liu Ling.

On the contrary, it was an angry look of jealousy that was reflected in Emperor Yan’s eyes.

“Suit yourself.” Yuzhen waved his hand and deliberately and provocatively said.

Taking back the reins of the horse from Emperor Yan’s hands, Liu Yuzhen followed the guide maid and the soldiers on horseback.

“Prime Minister, this way.” A maid suddenly greeted him which made Yu Zhen stunned by her sudden presence.

“Who are you?” He looked at this strange woman curiously. He felt very strange without Yuelan following along. He hated class and rank the most, and he didn’t like these low-spirited servants, but he couldn’t change them casually.

The woman was dressed in pink as a servant, and there was almost no difference between the other maids. Hearing Yuzhen’s question, she raised her head and looked at him in surprise, looking flustered. “Pei Huan, an accompanying maid.”

“Oh.” Liu Yuzhen scratched his head and looked at Yan Tenghua who was far away with some hesitation.

Whether the time where he got into a carriage or when he fled from the palace, he had never seen this woman. Should be one that sneaked inside and disguised as a servant, but if something were to really happen, it was estimated that she would die.

 “Let’s go then! Bring the luggage back first to settle down.”

“Yes.” Pei Huan bowed her head again, sent him forward, and followed Xiao Zipei’s carriage.

Just after Liu Yuzhen was far away, Yan Tenghua turned around leisurely and wandered around on horseback.

Liu Yuzhen was more powerful than he imagined.

If he wasn’t Prime Minister Liu, it would be terrifying that there were still people in this world who were so sensitive. If he were to be his, he wouldn’t have to be so wary…

I must make Yuzhen my person as soon as possible, otherwise I would only hurt him.

However, what can I do to make that stubborn and bad-tempered guy obedient and frank—- poison him—restrain him, or…

Emperor Yan’s face became pale. It was really more difficult to get Liu Yuzhen to obey him without hurting him.

Xiao Zipei’s carriage followed Yuzhen’s horse and quickly left the City Gate and entered the palace.

The Prime Minister’s residence was built within half a month while being in a coma. In fact, it was correct to say that while other palaces would naturally be rebuilt, it had never been set as a precedent for the Prime Minister’s residence to be located near the Emperor’s Palace, which increased many people’s imagination. But Yan Tenghua’s appearance showed that he doesn’t care about others’ eyes at all.

The new residence was built like a splendid palace, with golden bricks and jade tiles. Beads and jasper, light and elegant gauze curtains could be seen everywhere. There were small bridges and the flowing water was filled with swimming golden scaled fishes. The place was as luxurious as a villa where rich people live. 

What a wealthy tyrant. It would really be a waste not to live a life like the First Emperor of Qin until he dies.

Liu Yuzhen walked around the Prime Minister’s Mansion and sat idly in the outdoor pavilion. In the center of the four cornered pavilion was a soft couch like seat, surrounded by a small pool of flowing water. A green curtain hung down covering the inside of the pavilion. It was very charming.

Of course, Yuzhen didn’t sleep there because it was charming. He just didn’t like closed places. Even when he was in his apartment before, his door and windows were almost open 24 hours a day. He liked spacious and bright places and he liked being casual and free, which was why he had to run away. However, he was badly shaken when he heard a change of environment.

Yan Tenghua didn’t lie to him. The servants quickly served him a table full of delicious food. There were all kinds of snacks and staples, which were no worse than the modern Manchu and Han banquets.

En, it’s delicious, a really preferential treatment for prisoners.

Yuzhen rubbed his stomach with contentment, and when looked up, he saw the pink-clad Pei Huan holding a plate on the other side of the gauze curtain.

He sighed, narrowed his eyes, supported his head with one hand and said, “Pei Huan, you can leave now.”

“Prime Minister, what does this mean? Do you despise Pei Huan?” Peihuan fell to her knees with a “thud”, and couldn’t help crying.

This girl was daring. Although he doesn’t know what she wants to do, with his keen eyes for judgment, all of this just made him want to laugh. He thought it was no big deal, but since the incident with Yuelan, it was obvious that ancient times were no safer than the modern times, so it would be better to warn them in advance.

“I don’t. But don’t hang around and annoy me.”

The Falcon’s were sharp and cold. This chilling gaze was the last warning, and any lies and hidden intentions will be revealed under this pair of eyes.

From Yuzhen’s view, Pei Huan was obviously frightened, she shivered, and shrank her body. Her voice was low, but Yuzhen could still hear it.

 “Yes… this servant knows.” After speaking, she left his sight.

Yuzhen didn’t care where she went, but after withdrawing his gaze, he was even more confused. The pair of eyes he had were both God-given and acquired. He could see everything clearly, but the more clearly he could see, the more fearful he became. Why was the emotion hidden behind Yan Tenghua a love full for him, the kind of love that surpasses any brotherhood.

He didn’t know what kind of mentality Yan Tenghua had to be able to show his love for him, but it did exist.

The more I see it, the more deeply I get caught up in it. I wonder if I can just forget about him.

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