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DMAF Chapter 36


Chapter 36 I hope so

The more Yuzhen thought about it, the more uneasy he felt in his heart. If the terrorists from Death Island also came to this world, should he catch them all first as the main task?

Emperor Yan  let the remaining soldiers clean up the corpses on the ground. He had long been accustomed to all of this, and does not pay attention to it at all. Except for Zhijun, he could be so calm no matter who died in front of him.

On the contrary, Liu Yuzhen put on an extremely distressed look, saluting the soldiers who were shot to death one by one, pointing at Emperor Yan and said angrily, “How can you be so cold-blooded.”

Emperor Yan smiled coldly and said to Wan Xunye who was behind him. “It’s really a shame you came all the way here. Do you know the purpose of their attack?”

“Of course, but I have to see you all go before I can rest assured, Xiaoqi seems to be very interested in your beauty.” Xunye shrugged. “At the beginning, these guys stole a lot of money from me, and they should also be greedy for your wealth, that’s why they attacked you. But I don’t think you’re that valuable. In any case, you should go back to Great Yan as soon as possible.”

Liu Yuzhen immediately ran over,  held Wan Xunye, and said anxiously, “Please tell Gui Xiaqi about this, it’s very important to us, it’s a big deal!”

“You want me to tell Xiaoqi? What are you going to use to bribe me?” 

Wan Xunye grinned charmingly, and stretched out his slender fingers to lift Yu Zhen’s chin. “Are you selling your body? You are worth more than Emperor Yan…. .”

Emperor Yan stared at him fiercely, and he let go of his hand with a smile.

Yuzhen happily dragged him and said, “Just tell him about it, and tell him that I can’t be with him.” 

Seeing that Emperor Yan with a very dissatisfied face to his reaction, and his stern face was full of doubts, Yuzhen walked over with a smile, dragged his body with injuries, and bowed respectfully to him. “Emperor Yan, I decided to go back with you. Please let me protect you.”

“Oh?” Emperor Yan looked at him contemptuously and was noncommittal.

“You won’t dare to escape again? Liu Yuzhen, when we return to Great Yan, this King will restore your Prime Minister position. You’d better let this King know that you did not participate in the plan of Liu Ling and Prince An Jun and that what just happened has nothing to do with you. Remember, this King will never allow betrayal.”

Yuzhen touched his nose and turned around. “I don’t have any bad intentions other than wanting to beat you up…”

Wan Xunye came to interrupt them again. “Tsk tsk, people with such a strong desire for monopoly have said what they want to say so clearly. Prime Minister Liu, you have to be careful, and don’t step out of line with Emperor Yan.”

With a loud “bang”, the tree where Wan Xunye was standing was split in half at the moment of Emperor Yan’s attack, then it fell down. Wan Xunye cunningly smiled and walked away from them. As long as he was sure that Liu Yuzhen would not run back, he would feel at ease.

Emperor Yan didn’t even look at the big tree that was smashed by him and still looked directly at Yuzhen. Yuzhen’s eyes were always bright. He didn’t know whether to say that he hid himself well or that he was truly innocent. However these eyes were  full of perseverance and stubborn resistance, never willing to admit defeat to him. Why was he so stubborn, making him all the more obsessed with him.

“Let’s go.” Emperor Yan said lightly.

Liu Yuzhen lowered his head. He was very good at hiding his emotions, but he couldn’t hide the tremors in his heart. Every time he saw Emperor Yan, his face would blush and his ears would turn red, like being poisoned. The spring scene in bed repeatedly flashed in his mind, which made him embarrassed. He needs to be quiet, he needs to communicate well with the master of this body, and force Prime Minister Liu to instill the correct sexual orientation values.

Emperor Yan stretched out his thick and warm palm. Yuzhen simultaneously stretched out his hand without even thinking about it and before he had the time to regret it, clasped his hand…

Immediately he yelled, “Hey. Let go, let go, bastard!”

Emperor Yan’s smile was a little teasing, but in his eyes, something was always shining like a star. “You are already this King’s person, so can’t you be more obedient? The person who rushed over and hugged this King just now was you, therefore it was treated as you agreeing to this King’s suggestion.”

Yuzhen suddenly felt that he was a child who was easily abducted. He was brought back so easily that he felt that his image was completely ruined.

“Hey. Let me explain in advance,  I’m really not a person made to be a prime minister at all. What kind of person I used to be? You’d better forget all about those rumors. Also! I’m a man, don’t look at me like I’m a woman! And don’t touch me casually! Otherwise, I won’t tell you how they made that ‘strange technique’.”

Emperor Yan only laughed lightly. He had already been eaten so many times. Liu Yuzhen, why are you still struggling to be a man?

 But when he heard the “strange technique”, he still paused. This ability was very unusual. If the Emperor of Yuling Kingdom had not closed his door and prevented domestic people from going out, a country with this ability would be better than Qin and become the leader in the world.

“What? Promise me! Anyway, I will definitely make you look good after I recover!” Liu Yuzhen became awkward and pulled back hard, refusing to walk side by side with Emperor Yan.

After thinking about it, although it was a bit of a loss not to touch him, it should not be unbearable for the interests of the country. “Okay. If what you say is feasible within a month, and that you have not betrayed this King, this King will not touch you.”

Only then did Yuzhen nodded with satisfaction, and when he relaxed, he felt the pain exploding in his body.

In Emperor Yan’s eyes, he was a good boy, especially when attacked with his weakness. “Yuzhen, if you go back with this King soon, you can still have the supper prepared by the Imperial Kitchen, we can only arrive one day late if you delay the time.”

Liu Yuzhen was stunned for a moment, never thinking that Emperor Yan would use this kind of excuse. Nonetheless, his saliva started to flow out uncontrollably. 

“You must remember what you said to me!”

Liu Yuzhen, who was alive and kicking, had never done this before committing suicide. He really wanted to hug and touch him again.

From the color he saw in Yuzhen’s eyes, he knew what it meant. It was not the first time he had seen it. This expression of confusion and shyness moved him at first sight.

Since the time he sent Yuzhen to the Yuling Kingdom for treatment, Yuzhen no longer seemed to resist him so much, and his tone had softened a lot. This was probably because Yuzhen had gradually developed feelings for him.

This King will let you confess, Liu Yuzhen, you can never run away. It’s only a month, this King can forbear.

Of course, Yuzhen couldn’t hear Emperor Yan’s voice.To be precise, he had the ability to see through other people’s thoughts and quickly judge their goals, but he didn’t dare to look at Emperor Yan’s face, let alone judge. 

Riding the same horse, Liu Yuzhen’s delicate body was completely enveloped by Emperor Yan’s huge figure.

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