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DMAF Chapter 35


Translator’s Note

I had to delete chapters 35-41 because I didn’t know the author created an entirely new and revised chapters, instead of just merely editing the existed chapters, therefore I had to do it. It’s this translator’s fault also. I thought it was just simply a case of chapters being misnumbered. Please do understand. Thank You.

Chapter 35 Terrorist attacks


A loud noise sounded by the wheel of the carriage, and the weak figure rolled on the ground several times. He was obviously suffering from pain. He covered his injured shoulder, gritted his teeth, and took a breath. He picked up the stones on the ground, without any hesitation and threw them to the driving horse.

The frightened horse neighed suddenly, stomped its front hooves, and pulled the cart to run wildly. 

“Yan, run away!”

Whoosh, whoosh 

Several bows and arrows were inserted into the soil and landed on the place where the carriage had just passed by.

“Yuzhen!” The person in the car widened their eyes and stepped out of the carriage and stood on its shaft

Liu Yuzhen felt the murderous aura that he wasn’t able to sense in advance, and then immediately jumped out of the carriage when the bow and arrow were still a few hundred steps away from them. This was a kind of insight that was almost only possessed by a god, and it was not what a weak civil servant like Prime Minister Liu should have.

Yuzhen was injured, and suddenly jumping out of the carriage made his wounds about to open, causing him to bark in pain.

At this moment, dozens of men in black wearing bamboo hats landed beside him, each holding a longbow, completely separating him from Emperor Yan.

They were clearly about to leave the border of the Yuling Kingdom, but they had to encounter trouble, but it would be a good choice to escape amidst chaos.

Liu Yuzhen did not think that the target of these people was himself, because almost all of these men in black took Emperor Yan as the main target of their attack. The long arrows kept shooting at Emperor Yan’s carriage, almost turning the rear hood into a hornet’s nest. 

Emperor Yan stood on the shaft, pinched the arrows that came his way with two fingers, ordered the groom to stabilize the horse, and asked coldly, “Who are you?”

The group of men in black had no intention of answering, they turned around and immediately wanted to catch Liu Yuzhen. Fortunately, Liu Yuzhen quickly jumped and hid behind a tree.

However, the man in black was more agile than he imagined, he took out a knife from his arms and threw it in his direction.

Unexpectedly, a person suddenly appeared hung upside down from the tree beside Liu Yuzhen, his long hair swept across his cheeks, startling him. Yuzhen habitually posed an attack, but the man in black only stretched out his hands and directly ignored Liu Yuzhen’s  defense, dragged him up a tree, and only then did he escape the swift flying knife.

The man in black who was dragging him up the tree took out a jade-studded folding fan from his wide black robe, and gently covered his face, his brows full of murderous aura.

 “Liu Yuzhen. This sect master will watch you leave the Yuling Kingdom with his own eyes. No, it should be leave Xiaoqi alone. Quickly take Emperor Yan away! If you fight with these people, I am afraid you will suffer a big loss.”

Yuzhen was stunned for a while. The person in front of him was actually Wan Xunye, the leader of the Wan Demon Sect. 

“Who are they? Why did they suddenly attack us?”

“Well…it should be aimed at Emperor Yan.” Xunye said, those long and narrow black eyes were as scary as Yan Tenghua’s. Although he was smiling, his murderous aura was no less than that of Yan Tenghua.

For Emperor Yan? What happened in the past half month? I heard that Emperor Yan has just ascended to the throne, and there are countless people who want to hurt him. Why are these men in black who appear in the Yuling Kingdom now attacking them?

He saw that Yan Tenghua on the carriage’s shaft was dexterous, avoiding all the arrows, and even a melee attack couldn’t do anything to him. With his proud internal skills, he could kill all people on the spot.

In that instant, however, the falcon’s keen five senses caught something very, very familiar.

His eyes were wide open. He had been in ancient times for too long. He thought he would never hear this kind of sound again, but he didn’t expect to hear it when he looked down— it was really the sound of bullets being loaded!!

Even Wan Xunye frowned and said faintly, “It’s here again, it’s this damned thing again…”

“Don’t, don’t!! Stop it!” Yuzhen was so startled, he left Xunye and ran towards Emperor Yan.

The lonely carriage was surrounded by dead guards, and Emperor Yan stepped down from the carriage, not at all surprised by who set the ambush. His arrogant appearance was accompanied by his absolute self-confidence, and was always domineering.

He clenched his fists with both hands, and on his fierce face, a pair of icy eyes stared at Liu Yuzhen, however he did not expect Liu Yuzhen to suddenly run towards him as if frightened by something. The haze in his eyes was suddenly swept away.

 “You, why are you coming back?”

“You idiot! Get away!” Yuzhen didn’t expect that he could run so fast, grabbed the old tree vine and as soon as he landed, he pulled Emperor Yan into his arms.


The gunshot sounded behind the distant trees, and the camphor bullet landed at Liu Yuzhen’s feet, shooting a small hole in the ground!

Liu Yuzhen’s face slowly lifted, his eyes became as sharp as a hunting eagle, even Yan Tenghua couldn’t help but be shocked.

“How can there be someone who knows how to use a gun?!” 

When he uttered this question, the men in black had already left the place quickly and dispersed. The people brought by Emperor Yan died on the ground, but these men in black quickly retreated as if without any injuries. It was clearly planned. 

“Damn! Don’t run!”

Emperor Yan grabbed Yuzhen who wanted to chase after, shook his head and said, “Don’t chase them. I heard that some people in the Yuling Kingdom are making good use of different techniques. This King doesn’t want to see you get hurt again.”

“No, that I have to…”

“Enough! Since they are here for this King, then it is this King’s business to deal with them.”

Yuzhen pouted. Emperor Yan was so domineering in everything he did, if he hadn’t stopped this, maybe he would have caught a man back. Just kidding, how could he catch someone when he’s this injured…

“Don’t worry, it’s not a different technique!” Yuzhen smiled and hugged Emperor Yan’s shoulders. “I can do it too, trust me! I will protect you.”

Liu Yuzhen thought that since these people were aiming at Empero Yan, they would definitely appear again. During this period, he had to recover from his injuries as soon as possible. A person who could make guns, he would not believe a person of this era would be capable of doing so, let alone his teammates doing such a thing if they were reborn.

And those people look quite familiar, has he seen them on the task list? Yuzhen has a good memory, but he didn’t think it matched the number, nevertheless, this possibility is not impossible. This group of people is very likely, most likely, the terrorists who died on the island with them!!

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