DMAF Chapter 21


Chapter 21 Back Garden

The person didn’t stop until they reached a remote pavilion behind the imperial garden. Along the way, the man was gripping Liu Yuzhen tightly.

“You’re injured?” The man put Liu Yuzhen onto a wooden chair by the pillar of the small pavilion and leaned closer. The young man’s soft face was right in front of Liu Yuzhen, looking at Yuzhen’s bleeding appearance with distress. He gently wiped the blood from the corner of Yuzhen’s mouth with his fingers.

Liu Yuzhen’s eyes widened. He didn’t recognize this person; however, his figure and eyes made him feel very familiar. Originally, his heart was in unbearable pain, but suddenly, being  enveloped in a burning warmth, set his cheeks aflamed. With such a handsome and gentle man doing these things, even he couldn’t help but blush.

Realizing that the other party might have recognized Prime Minister Liu, he slowly pushed the man away. He wiped the remaining blood with his arm, and lightly said, “Thank you.”

There was a slight change in the man’s expression, but it was soon covered with worry. “Who dares to hurt you in the palace?”

Liu Yuzhen didn’t want to be involved with this person too much. Prince Liu was still in the palace, and this person may be one of his. It seemed that he had to leave here immediately. 

After carelessly scratching his head, he acted nonchalant and came down from the wooden chair—out of the young man’s reach. “I fell over the wall myself, hehe. Then, I’m going back.”

“Where are you going?” The young man in white asked anxiously, a slight displeasure in his voice.

“This… I can’t explain it to you. Anyways, I’m leaving!” Liu Yuzhen didn’t know what lie to tell. He was a good undercover agent, but it’s different if he couldn’t distinguish who’s the enemy and who’s not. Especially, since he didn’t know why this person was acting so ambiguous towards him. It’s better to say less and leave immediately.

Yet, the person said in a sad voice, “You don’t remember me.”

It was not a question, but an irrefutable affirmation.

Liu Yuzhen’s heart throbbed. He didn’t like the feeling of being exposed since it usually ended in injury or death. He couldn’t help showing a look of regret. What should he say? 

In the meantime, the man in white sensed that someone was approaching. He immediately stood up and walked into the shadow of the woods. The man had already disappeared, but Liu Yuzhen still heard him say, “We’ll meet again, wait for me…”

This sentence was quickly forgotten by Liu Yuzhen when he saw Xiao Zipei and some imperial guards slowly approached him, the anger in his stomach immediately rolled again.

Xiao Zipei didn’t arrest him. It seemed that Emperor Yan allowed him to roam around the palace. He may be a prisoner, but in fact, the emperor let him do whatever he wanted without interfering. Thinking of Emperor Yan Tenghua’s questioning and his previous behavior, he seemed to have understood why. 

Ah! Could it be that he’s jealous?  Would Yan Tenghua be also jealous of the prince? Did he really think Yuzhen wouldn’t go to the prince for help?

Alright! Yan Tenghua won again. Yuzhen really didn’t do it.

Liu Yuzhen walked out of the pavilion and walked up to Zipei honestly.

“Prime Minister, who were you talking to just now? Zipei doesn’t know who you recognize in Great Yan.”

Xiao Zipei, who was being polite and careful, only received a blank look from Yuzhen. “Are you blind? Can’t you see that I am injured? If I don’t get first aid now, I’m afraid I will die.”

Xiao Zipei’s mouth twitched. “What can you do by rushing into the Anning Pavilion? Don’t blame Zipei for not reminding you. If you really want to see Emperor Yan, it’s best to not go and seek him yourself.”

“When did you remind me?” Yuzhen was shocked. Xiao Zipei was really good at reconsidering things. Obviously, he was only here to see a good show!

However, Xiao Zipei’s eyes kept staring at the place where the man in white had left, but he couldn’t see any clues. “Emperor Yan is very vigilant, and an unknown person like Prime Minister Liu naturally would be eliminated if proven to be a threat. “

“I’m unidentified? Strange? Where am I strange! This Prime Minister—cough, cough…” Liu Yuzhen felt agitated. He didn’t really resemble the previous Prime Minister Liu who was gentle and restrained.

“Okay, Prime Minister, let’s go back. The back garden is where the concubines and the monarch’s pets like to come. You don’t want to be Emperor Yan’s concubine or pet, right?”

Liu Yuzhen vigorously shook his head and rushed to Xiao Zipei’s side, eager to leave. “Who would want to? Hey, I’m serious, he really hit me! Xiao Pei, why don’t you worry about me at all? I vomited blood just now!”

Xiao Zipei, who had always been serious and indifferent, gave him a smile. He found Yuzhen ridiculous. He really vomited blood? Then Yan Tenghua was being ruthless!

After returning to the emperor’s chamber, Liu Yuzhen directly dove to the soft big bed, even forgetting his injury.

Speaking of injuries, Liu Yuzhen was actually very sensitive to injuries. He usually went to the Captain when he was injured; however, the poor captain would always throw him to his teammates for immediate treatment. Andt those damn teammates were really excellent with their medical skills, immediately treating him back to his active state. All of those times were simply him whimsically acting like a spoiled brat to their captain.

But why was he so attached to the Captain in his previous life? Maybe it stemmed from his cold and domineering appearance, to his being a genius strategic commander, and to the time where he rescued Liu Yuzhen.

Just as he was about to recall some touching memory from his past, Liu Yuzhen, who had only laid on the bed for a few seconds, was suddenly hoisted up along with his favorite silk quilt.

He tried to resist, but his opponent was efficient. A powerful arm wrapped around Liu Yuzhen’s waist like a water snake and dragged him heavily back to the bed.

Liu Yuzhen never dreamed that this bastard could hide his breath so well that he couldn’t even sense him near.

The “bastard” in the dragon robe was wearing a snow-white inner robe at this time, and part of his chest was revealed. He sat upright beside Yuzhen, but feeling dissatisfied with just pulling him down, he pressed Yuzhen under him.

Liu Yuzhen panicked. He neither wanted to be hit by Yan Tenghua again nor did he want to experience doing that unspeakable thing again.

He immediately slapped Emperor Yan’s hand away, pulled the quilt, bound Emperor Yan’s hands with it, and shouted. “Go away!”

“This is this King’s bed!” Yan Tenghua didn’t mind that his hands were bound, his arrogant and domineering face had no intention of admitting defeat. “Prime Minister Liu is a smart man. Naturally, it’s impossible to escape after getting into this King’s bed. Do you really not understand this kind of truth?”

Liu Yuzhen looked at the hand-tied Emperor Yan, and his mouth could not be closed as he witnessed him tear the quilt easily into pieces.

Obviously this man was much stronger than he imagined…

“Xiao Pei! You framed me! You pig-like teammate! Why didn’t you tell me when the bastard surnamed Yan came?!” Liu Yuzhen became frantic, only to feel another pain in his heart, as if he was about to bleed again.

Emperor Yan dragged Liu Yuzhen back—who wanted to escape—and pressed him under him again.

Liu Yuzhen felt nervous and hurriedly begged for mercy. “Y-you, don’t touch me… I didn’t intend to provoke you earlier. Don’t do it today, okay? I’m hurt… Maybe some other time?”

“But this King thinks you can’t wait.” After speaking, he straightened up and took off his robes.

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