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DS Chapter 9


Flying geese (1) 

The second fortress of Silver Big Dipper, located in the C5 area of ​​Beta Alien. 

Continuous black iron walls enclosed a world for the human legion stationed in the distant star, which was the most taciturn and hardest fortress.

However, at this moment, artillery fires were constantly flying over.

Dozens of gray-black mechas were like falcons flying wildly. A hideous red totem was painted on both the two wings of each body, which looked like flowing lava, and a smile of the devil.

On the ground, dense alien creatures were squirming forward, using their hard shells, thorns, horns, claws and teeth, roaring and hitting the fortress wall.

“Reporting sir, District 3 can’t hold it anymore. If the wall collapses, next will be the real crystal mine warehouse behind, urgently asking for support!!”

 “Four o’clock! Increase the firepower!! Old Li, take your men to make up for—”

 “Reporting sir, it will take ten minutes for technicians to decipher the interference wave…”

Resounding voices rose one after another in various roars, figures were running, machine guns were shooting bullets, and people were sometimes hit by strafing artillery fire in the air. The atmosphere was filled with the smell of blood.

At the top of the tallest black watchtower, sat a young and handsome nobleman.

He did not wear the uniform of Silver Big Dipper, but a black and gold suit of imperial nobility. The white-blond curly hair was tied with a red ribbon at the back of the head, flying along the strong wind.

Such a person, with such a posture, appearing in a battlefield filled with gunfire, looked almost dazzling and deceiving.

A defense officer of the fortress–the middle-aged man who had just communicated with Lieutenant Colonel Louis was trembling.

“Your, Your Highness…”

The handsome aristocrat known as His Royal Highness sullenly closed his emerald-colored icy eyes, and there seemed to be furious flames between his eyebrows.

“How long does it take for the mechas to take off?”

“Half, half an hour…an hour at most!”

“A bunch of good-for-nothings.”

Prince Garcia spat out a merciless sentence. He stood up, his body was extraordinarily slender.

“Let the fortress stop the anti-aircraft guns, the “Lava” mechas are all modeled with specialized air combat capabilities, you can’t hit them.”

The prince lowered his eyes, swept his gaze down again, and pondered.

“The efficiency is too low… The shooting of alien creatures has also stopped. Is this for “Lava” to use as a living target?”

“But, but Your Highness, there is no firepower to suppress the alien creatures…”

“Firepower to suppress–” the prince calmly narrowed his emerald-green eyes, “I’ll do it.”

Before he finished speaking, the ground outside the fortress suddenly burst apart, countless red-golden crystals pierced out of thin air, and the cracks spread for dozens of meters. 

“@*& ——!!!”

“&..?# ——!!!” 

The piercing screams of alien creatures echoed throughout the skies, and even the walls of the fortress exploded with fire and black smoke rolled up.

“Your Highness—Your Highness, calm down!” The officer felt like crying. “Your Highness, please don’t do this. Any more attacks of this size, our fortress will really be blown down!”

“Do you prefer to let the thieves blow it then?” His Royal Highness Garcia sneered, raised his palms upwards, his slender fingers flexed, and the cracking of his knuckles sounded faintly.

In the next moment, real crystal exploded outside the fortress again, hard soil along with corpses of alien creatures were lifted into the air.

The officer was all the more about to collapse. “Your Highness, Your Highness, then what about blowing it up gently, blowing it gently…..”

In the air, the gray-black mechas of “Lava” formed a tight formation, surrounding a red mecha in the center.

On the driver’s seat of the scarlet mecha, sat a young man. Looking at the appearance, he could be fourteen or fifteen years old. Under his flamboyant red hair was a radiant and enchanting beautiful face, however, there was a violent aura between his eyebrows and eyes, which ruined this delicate image.

The young leader of the Space Pirates called “Lava”, a little devil who was said to be born with S-rank crystal bones, was named “Red Dragon”. 

“I made a mistake…” Red Dragon narrowed his eyes grimly and licked his lower lip. “Garcia, this monster is actually in the fortress. “

He sneered again. “Hmph, the imperial family is really funny. When one monster dies, another one appears. Even if they say they didn’t do genetic experiments in the dark, ghosts wouldn’t believe it.”

Behind the boy, stood a tall bronze-skinned man, with a black crystal bone condensed on his naked arm, the end of which was attached to the mecha control screen—a typical crystal bone manipulation.

The man leaned down with a respectful attitude. “Boss, do we withdraw?”

“Withdraw? Why withdraw?” 

The red-haired boy grinned and smiled maliciously, “Look at Garcia’s face… Mmm, there aren’t many chances to see His Royal Highness of the Empire be this exhausted. Tease him for an hour before we withdraw.”

At the top of the watchtower, Garcia stared at the red mecha, and a cold feeling flitted across his eyes.

…too far away.

No matter how strong or how high his crystal bone rank was, he cannot directly fight with a flying mecha at such a height.

If there was at least even a common IP…..No, even if it’s a tattered civilian mecha that could take him into the air, he can knock down most of the mechas of this group of thieves, but now…

Garcia took two steps forward, the front foot stepped on the edge of the building, and his pitch-black toe was already hanging in the air. The defense officer became so frightened.

“Don’t be impulsive, Your Highness, you’d better continue bombing, Your—.”

Garcia didn’t give him a glance and simply looked down. Unexpectedly, at a certain moment, he frowned deeply, and two words were spit out from his thin lips.

 “… Mecha?”


Master, you are impulsive, this is not a rational plan. Woof!

In the cockpit of the M-18, various red and blue dots flickered. The driver’s operation has reached the limit of this poor mecha, and as long as one was not careful, it would overload and cause failure.

Jiang Jianming looked mild and did not panic. “Are you trying to talk reason to a disabled human being who had come to the distant stars?”

You shouldn’t take risks like this, woof! As long as you enter the Silver Big Dipper Fortress normally, there is a more than 60% chance that you will be able to meet the Second Prince in the future, but now, you have a 97.6% probability of receiving military interrogation, and a 78.5% probability of your identity being revealed and be sent back to Aslan Star, woof woof woof….

Jiang Jianming raised his hand and cut off the intelligence’s voice transmission, his smile not reaching the bottom of his eyes.

“Good Seth, I know you are very excited too. Don’t let your emotions affect your computing ability… No, why should I talk about emotions to an intelligence?”

….Woof! Seth puppy closed his “mouth” aggrievedly, showing row after row of data graphs.

Even Jiang Jianming thought it was impossible to land on the fortress safely under the bombardment of the pirate mecha group. But if he used the bunker, took a quick circle around the battlefield and saw the true face of His Royal Highness Garcia, as long as it was properly manipulated, it wouldn’t be without hope.

The flying M-IP 18 cut into the battlefield without hesitation, turned into an arc, swept through the dense alien creatures, and plunged into the firepower range of the “Lava” space pirates!

Soon, many people in the Second Fortress discovered this familiar model and looked at each other in amazement.

 “Look there, isn’t that our IP mecha?”

 “One of us? But why is there only one? How did it get here?”

Someone slapped his forehead and said in surprise. 

“Hey, we all forgot, today is the day the recruits arrive at the fortress!”

“But what is the use of only one IP, no matter how close it gets to the enemies, if it will not be torn apart by alien creatures, it would be blasted instead by the Lava.”

“Please, sir, do you want to send a communication to that IP!?”

The many thieves of Lava showed a disdainful smile.

“Hehe… Boss, is this a little bug overestimating itself?”

Red Dragon also laughed, and he laughed with a kind of naive cruelty.

“Crush it to death.”

In mid-air, more than a dozen gun barrels twisted their direction towards the ordinary mecha.

Everyone in the Second Fortress couldn’t help but have a violent beating heart at this moment. The correspondent who connected the internal frequency of the military to the mecha, however, was not sure whether the other side could hear it or not, directly shouted.

“The driver of that moving IP! Military order, please evacuate the battlefield immediately, please immediately…..”

Of course Jiang Jianming heard it, after all, he was still eavesdropping on the private communication between officers a moment ago. He moved his fingers. In front of the driver’s seat of the M-IP 18, the baffle plate armor dropped down slightly.

Therefore, at this moment, through the alloy glass, everyone could clearly see the master who controls this “divine soldier sent from heaven” — the owner of the mecha — a handsome and slender young man…..too slender even. Because of this, the black-haired young man did not seem to fit in the battlefield.

Red Dragon waved his hand. “Fire, don’t let the little bug fly away.”

The dark-haired young man did not run.

He raised his head and neck, his quiet gaze penetrated the smoke in the sky, and locked on the face of the long platinum-haired prince at the top of the fortress.

Garcia looked down almost at the same time. The unnamed military cadet and the prince who was far away, both having the same indestructible gazes, had a fleeting meeting amidst the chaos. 

In an instant, Jiang Jianjianming’s palm suddenly pushed the lever to the deepest point, and an extremely cold light erupted from the bottom of his eyes!

After that, everything happened in the blink of an eye.

Many, many years later, Silver Big Dipper soldiers who witnessed the next scene would tell it to their children and grandchildren again and again. Eyes of the veterans that would always be filled with nostalgia and longing, as well as the excitement that the years can’t be smoothed out.

At that moment —

—more than a dozen Lava mecha guns fired at the same time, and black smoke and cannon light drowned the M-IP 18 that was in extreme flight. At the same time, Second Prince Garcia turned over from the tip of the highest watchtower in the fortress and jumped down, and released a huge crystal bone that was as dazzling as the sun’s corona behind him.

The “Lava” pirates were caught off guard. Under the panic, countless artillery fires swept over, but the machine guns could not penetrate the giant crystal bone wings of His Royal Highness.

A red golden light flashed, real crystal suddenly punctured out of thin air. A “Lava” mecha was pierced countlessly, and it fell with buzz and smoke!

After that, the blue-black mecha swept upwards, breaking out of the billowing smoke and fire, and its damaged wings ripped apart the dust and reached the sky. Just like the frost blade unsheathed by a knight in a legend of an ancient century, and like the wild geese flying by the cedar lake.

In the next moment. The prince landed on this mecha.

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