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DS Chapter 71


Old Friend (1)

Suddenly, the elegant and noble banquet atmosphere was interrupted.

Jiang Jianming frowned, slowly put down the silver fork, bent down and picked up the Golden Sun Wheel badge.

He was just only a little bit angry just now, because before……Ryann hoped that he could join Golden Sun Wheel after graduating from the military academy.

At that time, after doing some meritorious service and advancing in military rank, they could consider disclosing their relationship and formally held a wedding in front of the entire empire.

Unexpectedly, such moths had also parasitized inside the Golden Sun Wheel.

The Brandon family young master “moth” sat slumped in front of Jiang Jianming, heavily gasping repeatedly, light-headed and dizzy.

He felt the gazes of countless eyes around him, including those big figures who the family wanted to curry favor with, as well as his father, Old Brandon, who was watching from a distance, standing far away at this moment, with a pale face, staring at him with a look of resentment that he wished he hadn’t had a son like him.

The young master of the Brandon family held his torn dress, feeling ashamed and indignant.

However, at the same time, a kind of crazy pleasure also welled up in his heart.

Look, all the attention of the audiences are now gathered, not to mention a jinmian sneaking into a noble’s banquet, he also dares to create a commotion on the spot……

The young master of the Brandon family suddenly laughed out loud, staggered to his feet, and pretended not to hear whispers of “what’s wrong with him” and “is he crazy” around him.

“Just just wait, just wait and see…” He glared at Jiang Jianming viciously, and muttered to himself in a delirious manner.

“You jianmin, jianmin, you will be kicked out by the honorable Lance family servants in no time….. perhaps will also break your leg on the spot.”

He pointed at Jiang Jianming, his eyes were distracted, “You’d better climb back to your own stinky ditch, Aslan won’t have a hospital to treat you, I promise, with the Brandon family’s emblem, I guarantee……..”

But at the next moment.

A voice as crisp as a silver bell and as sweet as cotton candy suddenly rang in the hall, blocking the end of the young master’s voice.


A soft and frail figure gracefully passed through the brilliant lights.

The girl with fluffy silver hair, timidly held up the hem of her skirt, but her hibiscus-like face was full of innocent joy.

Her smile was pure and shining, without the slightest atmosphere of socializing in the banquet, like a white butterfly elf dancing out of a fairy tale.

Behind her, the butler Horne of the Lance family stretched out his hand in horror, his jaw almost hitting the ground. “Miss, Miss Diana—!?”

The audience was in an uproar, and dozens of nobles each stared speechless at the other, surprised.

“Miss Diana?”

“That’s Miss Diana who never sees anyone?”

“Who is she calling?”

“Who is she leaving to look for?”

Diana Lance ran through the long hall, leaving countless figures wrapped in gorgeous dresses behind her. This delicate girl ran all the way down from the upper class position, and her surprised eyes fell on the one closest to the door, on the “lowest” seat.

Jiang Jianming heard the voice of this noble lady calling for him early on.

So he smiled, got up from his seat and took two steps forward, spreading his arms——

Suddenly, the white butterfly-like girl plunged into his arms!

“Jiang, Jiang…it’s really you!”

Diana wept with joy, she raised her face and hugged Jiang Jianming’s waist, “Big brother said you went to the frontline battlefield, that’s such a dangerous place, I thought I would never see you again, Jiang..…”

Immediately, as if some magic was released with these two people as the core, the expressions on people’s faces became exactly the same. Shock was not enough to describe it, and using numb seemed to be a bit lacking.

In short, it was a kind of shock that could only be realized by personal experience.

Jiang Jianming had a gentle expression, and patted Diana on the head like a kitten, “How could this be possible? I went only after I was sure I would come back safely. Must be because you’re too immature that your older brother can just scare you.”

Diana sobbed softly, and raised her misty eyes, “You, you didn’t come to say goodbye to me at that time, you only said goodbye to my brother……Jiang is a big villain.”

She sniffled and smiled timidly, “But, but it’s really great that you can come back safely.”

Before the smile on the young master of Brandon family’s face could fall, the corners of his mouth curled into a comical arc, twitching, twitching non-stop.

This is a nightmare, he told himself numbly.

Isn’t this Jiang Jianming a civilian? Whether from the information obtained through investigation or from his clothing, words and deeds, he is indeed an orphaned civilian. 

How could he possibly know the Lance family—the almost half-royal Lance family’s young lady!?

It must be a dream. From yesterday to now, this is a ridiculous nightmare, and he just hasn’t woken up yet……

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Jiang Jianming patted the silver-haired girl who was still holding him and crying.

“Okay, okay, Miss Diana? Don’t you think you’re making a lot of noise? Everyone is looking at us.”

It was fine if he didn’t say this, but when Diana came back to her senses, her cheeks blushed, and she buried her little face in Jiang Jianming’s arms again with a “ying”. (TL: a weeping in a low voice sound)

Jiang Jianming: “…….”

If the Little Highness is usually the proud and elegant golden lion, accustomed to staring at him coldly, and only at certain times will he turn into a big cat and lick him……

The doll young lady of the Lance family is undoubtedly a ragdoll cat. She is shy and reticent in front of outsiders, but she likes to ‘meow meow’ around himself.

Thinking back then, he and the Lance family were on friendly terms, or perhaps it was because of his  relationship to the crown prince, but later on, it turned out that Ryann was extremely jealous. He couldn’t bear to lose face against Diana, this ignorant to the world little doll, in “contending for his favor”, and Jiang Jianming, who was the prospective crown princess, suffered in the end.

Every time he came back from visiting the Lance family, he would inevitably be held down in the bed by the aggrieved and dissatisfied Ryann for a long time, and then dropped a fiery kiss on his lips to declare possession again.

It’s just that Jiang Jianming knew in his heart that Diana really only regarded himself as a friend and a brother, and had no other ideas.

She always had such a soft personality, and when she’s also facing her “big brother”, she just  innocently meow and meow.

“Big brother…!”

Suddenly, Diana turned around lightly, she was holding her complicated white lace skirt, with a tear-stained face, “Jiang is back, why didn’t you tell me in advance?”

The crowd parted a path, and a handsome silver-gray figure approached–it was the legendary young patriarch of the Lance family, Audrey Lance.

Seeing Audrey walking steadily towards this side, the nobles who turned into wooden figures picked up their beating hearts again. Especially Major General Tang and the patriarch of the Bei family, who were watching from a distance, looking even more tense.

Who didn’t know that Master Audrey had an illness level of sister control, and that he would call his servants to mercilessly beat anyone of the opposite sex or even same sex who dared to approach his sister.

Now, the fate of this mysterious civilian would be…

The spacious hall was completed in a few seconds, and Audrey in a luxurious formal attire stood in front of Jiang Jianming.

This time, it was Jiang Jianming who acted first.

He pulled Diana off his body, stretched out his hand to Audrey, and said with a light smile, “Your Excellency Audrey, I hope you’ve been well.”

Audrey looked at him intently.

Suddenly, he spoke up, “Didn’t I tell you to come to me directly?”


A sound of inhalation sounded around.

Audrey placed his hand on his chest as a salute, and softly said, “Ignoring our distinguished guest, Diana is going to scold me again. Is there anything wrong with my invitation, or is it someone in our family that has neglected you?”

Jiang Jianming: “No, no, everything is fine. Sorry, blame me for being late because of some things, you also seem to be very busy, I want to wait until the dinner is over before coming to find you.”

Audrey couldn’t help but laugh, and then muttered softly in his hoarse voice, “You, obviously have been wronged. “

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but the voice of the young patriarch of the Lance family seemed to be a little choked up.

He shook his head then said, “You actually came back alive from that kind of place…..You are indeed someone who can create miracles, Jiang.”

Audrey Lance pursed his lips and showed a valiant smile, and held Jiang Jianming’s outstretched hand, “In any case, welcome back, dear friend. To be able to see you again……..that’s really great.” 

In the distance, Old Brandon’s eyes darkened, and he almost collapsed to the ground.

He rushed forward, dragged the distraught young master of the Brandon family to the most inconspicuous corner, and then gave his son a big slap on the spot.

Old Brandon roared out of demeanor, “You bastard, who did you and your younger brother offend!?”

Young Master Brandon cried, “I, I don’t know either!”

On the other side, the patriarch of the Bei family was dizzy and hugged Bei Man’er’s shoulder, “Baby, what kind of friends did you make!?”

Bei Man’er said blankly, “I, I don’t know either?”

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