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DS Chapter 68


Noble or Lowly (2)

After returning to the empty room alone, the prince who blew up the sensor lights all the way closed the door indifferently, isolating the sound of the alarm outside and the sound of personnel running around. The rest of the matter was out of his responsibility. Since the Black Shark Base dared to make a special trip to poke his forbidden zone, this perception must have been there long ago.

The prince first removed the wrist device and put it on the small cabinet by the bedside. After thinking about it, he placed it on the windowsill further away from him.

After finishing these, Garcia groped in the dark and sat on the bed, his dazed gaze falling on the void.

…..He will not take the initiative to contact anyone when he loses control of his emotions.

But it happened that at such a time, everything about that person emerged in his memory with enormous clarity.

The first thing that emerged was the slender hands, even the texture of the fingertips was exquisitely visible.

He’s very lean, with skin thinly attached to the finger bones, and when rubbing his long hair, his movements were always careless, but there was also a different kind of softness.

His gaze always seemed to be looking at distant places, and his expression was always between estrangement and gentleness. Those pairs of eyebrows and eyes were like black and white landscape paintings, the distant mountains were the eyebrows, and the near waters were the eyes.

Like the mist and rain in the winter forest, like the first snowflake melting in the palm of the hand.

The prince suddenly lowered his chin and flicked his long hair irritably. He felt an extremely restless thirst rising from his chest. Such a symptom was very unreasonable.

He only knew that when a person took certain addictive substances in large quantities and repeatedly for a long period of time, would experience withdrawal reactions when discontinuing.

But he didn’t, he’s simply…,..

……….separated from Jiang Jianming for a period of time…………nothing more. 

In the darkness, Garcia’s fingers curled up, and he grasped the quilt tightly.

Want…….want to see him, want to hold him…..

Jiang Jianming was an oriental race. Compared with him, his skeleton was smaller and thinner. He could easily embrace the disabled human into his arms and tighten him between his arms.

Then when bending slightly, he could rest his chin on the other’s shoulder, or rub the delicate skin of the side neck.

This was a gesture of confirming ownership, which made him feel at ease and happy. The body enclosed in his arms would only belong to him, and would not be covered with that evil crown prince sear.

Supposing he’d catch up with Jiang Jianming and be in a good mood, he would allow himself to “confirm” for a long time while doing proper business on the side.


The prince turned his eyes to the side, his Adam’s apple rolled, and his thirst became increasingly intense.

He stood up suddenly, hurriedly took off his outer clothes, and went to take a cold shower.

There’s no end to this unrealistic random imagination.

It was late at night and he was going to bed.

However, when the prince laid down in the quilt, the numerous and chaotic images in his mind did not decrease but increased instead.

He remembered the way Jiang Jianming closed his eyes, remembered the shallow breathing of the disabled human when he’s weak and lethargic, the light breath, the faded lips…..He once leaned down in the middle of the night to hear his heartbeat, but Jiang Jianming shouldn’t have known it.

Garcia suddenly lifted the quilt, went to the window barefooted and picked up the wrist device.

Pick it up, hold it for a while, without pressing any button.

He glanced back at the electronic clock, it was twelve o’clock midnight.

At this time, Jiang should have already fallen asleep.

It was unknown whether it’s because of physical weakness or lack of energy, Jiang Jianming always sleeps lightly, and sometimes he’s haunted by nightmares. He had no idea what he dreamed about, but after waking up, his eyes were lax and he couldn’t catch his breath for a while.

Garcia’s eyes darkened, he couldn’t disturb the fragile sleep of the disabled human at this time, maybe it would instead make the man ill.

If so, then why, when Jiang Jianming was once experiencing palpitations in the middle of the night, didn’t you hug him yourself?

I want to hold him…..

I want to imprison that person in my arms, smell his breath, touch his skin….

I want to listen to his stories in the middle of the night, even if it is a knowledge I don’t understand; I want to chat with him about the analysis of the Silver Big Dipper’s battle situation, and when we reach a tacit agreement, we’ll chuckle and whisper to each other with clear eyes as we approached under the light of the lamp.

Once the night gets deeper, I will turn off the light and roll him down on the soft bed, wrap him carefully with the quilt, intertwine our fingers, rub the ears and temples together, and then fall asleep under the starlight together.


Garcia groaned irritably, inserted his five fingers into his long hair, and pressed his forehead hard.

Stop, what is going on?

How did he become like this?


On the other end of the distant sea of stars, Jiang Jianming naturally didn’t know about Garcia’s tossing and turning, but he didn’t have a good time either.

Originally, when he returned to the empire this time, he had made a very careful plan.

Since it could be deduced from the Crown of Golden Dawn’s last words that the truth was related to the history of the founding war, Jiang Jianming was ready to soak in the Aslan library for ten days to half a month, while carrying coffee every day to check information until late at night.

But he didn’t expect the situation to become so complicated.

After guessing the reason why the chief let Garcia come to the empire, Jiang Jianming was so restless the next day that he couldn’t even read a book, let alone look up historical materials and analyze it.

To designate a crown prince..…

The former Ryann did not resist the identity of the heir to the empire.

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was a precocious young man who had received the highest standard of education in the palace since he was a child. When Jiang Jianming first met him, this person was already able to look at this empire with the span of a three-star system with the air of a monarch.

He would be looking down from a height and accept the submission of this sea of stars calmly.

He would also devote his whole life to protecting his people.

But now, Garcia clearly had a bit of a mindset issue. Jiang Jianming was not sure if he was willing to accept the crown prince position, let alone whether he was really suitable to take on this position.

Inside the library, the black-haired young man shook his head and sighed, closing the thick paper book in front of him.

Forget it, it’s a bit cruel to demand more from a wild Little Highness who theoretically only has three years of memory and is about three years old.


There were footsteps approaching behind him, Jiang Jianming turned his head and saw Kevin with a foul face.

The young man walked through the bookshelves of the library, and sullenly stretched out the paper bag in his hand, “…here.”

Jiang Jianming took it, inside was actually a cup of coffee, the same flavor Luo Hai invited him to drink yesterday.

Kevin awkwardly turned his face away, and said with red ears, “I misunderstood you yesterday and said something I shouldn’t, I’m sorry!” He bit his lip and paused, his ears becoming more red, and whispered while clutching the corner of his clothes, “You, you are really better than me.”

Jiang Jianming raised his eyebrows and unexpectedly smiled. “What’s up with this?”

He scanned the quiet library in the afternoon, and stood up with the book in his arms, “Wait for me until I finish borrowing the book, let’s go out and talk.”

The two of them walked out of the main entrance of the library together, the outside was full of red fruit holly. The leaves were still dark green in this cold season, and the small red fruits were gathered among the green leaves, which was really cute.

Jiang Jianming picked a bench and sat down, and put away the book in his arms first.

Kevin’s eyes fell on the book he put in his backpack, and said, “Are you reading Commander Aslan’s book?”

Kevin put his hands in his pockets and snorted. “Commander Aslan, it’s really a pity……I admit that our great emperor is indeed a generation of heroes, but his later actions towards the commander are really heartbreaking.”

Jiang Jianming was noncommittal.

Regarding the commander who accompanied the great emperor from the beginning to the end and assisted the emperor all the way to the throne, Commander-in-Chief Dawn Aslan…..was always mentioned in vague words and sentences in historical materials.

The widely accepted belief at present was that less than a year after the founding war, the supreme military commander who was once ever victorious and served the great emperor was relieved of his military power and placed under house arrest in the hindmost part of the First Galaxy, the Watson Star City.

Although the operation of suppressing meritorious officials was not uncommon in the methods of emperors throughout the ages, this time it was a bit too swift, too ruthless, and too heartless. Aslan was depressed in his heart, coupled with the outbreak of old injuries and fatigue during the battles, he unexpectedly quickly fell ill and died in Watson Star City.

When the grievous news came, the whole empire was shocked. This incident also became a rare stain in the glorious life of the great emperor, and a tragedy that most people in the empire did not want to face directly.

Kevin crushed two or three red fruits that had rolled under the bench with his shoes, and couldn’t help but snort again, “The commander has fought for the great emperor for many years, but in the end he couldn’t escape the part where one loses his use value, is either killed or falls into a worse end than others. No matter if it is the royal family or a nobleman, the head is still filled with power struggles, which is dirty to death.”

Jiang Jianming said lightly, “Kid, be careful what you say.” 

Kevin: “Who is the kid! I’m sixteen!”

Jiang Jianming shook his head, not planning to talk more about these mysterious histories with a kid.

He took out coffee from the paper bag and held it to warm his hands. “Let’s talk about something serious, why did you suddenly give me coffee? Didn’t you still call me a money-greedy ghost yesterday?”


The young man scratched his hair embarrassingly, with eyes flickering, “I now know you’re not, okay?”

Before long, Jiang Jianming learned from Kevin that the conflict between him and Brandon was captured by some daring passerby. The video quickly spread on the Imperial Intelligence Network, and spread beyond the Aslan Star City in an instant.

The person who uploaded the video obviously had a long-standing grudge against the arrogant Brandon family. His face was strictly coded, while the scene of Brandon being beaten was in high-definition. 

Of course, the video was quickly deleted by the Brandon family. Unexpectedly, this deletion sparked a backlash among the public.

The current situation had already exploded at one point, and the civilians had directly organized a parade on the East Street, denouncing the Brandon family for bullying and doing all kinds of bad things.

Jiang Jianming thought it was a little funny, obviously he beat Brandon up, how come he appeared like the victim instead.

Regarding this, Kevin said confidently, “Of course it’s because you look weak and can be bullied at first glance.”

His legs swayed on the bench, he couldn’t help but nag, and pointed to Jiang Jianming while saying, “Look at you, you are a disabled human being, has neither official position, power nor influence, how dare you step on the face of the noble young master. Everyone is afraid that you will be beaten by the Brandon family one day. No, let’s create some momentum, so that those groups of noble moths will be somewhat afraid.”


Jiang Jianming thought to himself: this little guy is quite similar to himself.

He suddenly regained a bit of the pleasure when he’s teasing classmate Li Youfang when he was still an officer in adaptation period in the Silver Big Dipper. He  maliciously hooked his lips. “Is it, but what if…… I am actually from the noble side as well?”

“Should I teach Brandon a lesson just because he offended me and was ignorant of the current situation?”

Sure enough, Kevin showed a bewildered blank expression.

Jiang Jianming then told him seriously, “For example, today, I am going to attend the dinner party of the Lance family.”

“With such a blunder, those protesters on the East Street may feel ashamed, what a pity, I sympathize with them very much.”

Kevin: “???”

Beep beep

Coincidentally, at the same time as he finished speaking, Jiang Jianming heard his wrist device ring. When he looked down, the tip of his eyebrows suddenly raised.

“Look, a respected nobleman has come to find me.”

Jiang Jianming stood up, and raised his wrist device to Kevin who was completely stunned there, with a leisurely tone.

“A really very respected nobleman, a big shot whose face can’t even be seen casually by outsiders, therefore I have to steer clear now, really sorry.”

He deliberately held the coffee the young man bought him in his arms, waved away, and left Kevin alone in the wind that was in a disordered state, with a  look of confusion over which was true and which were false.

Jiang Jianming didn’t pay any more attention to the kid behind him, as the wrist device kept urging him. He turned to an empty corner, and picked up the call.

“Your Highness?”

The projection flickered, and a dim mass was reflected on the opposite side.


Jiang Jianming frowned and watched for a few seconds before realizing that it was the unlit bedroom in the starship, it was the familiar bed, with a tangle of quilts.

Sweeping his eyes more carefully, he saw the strands of hair winding between the quilts, and a hand lying slumped on the bed, holding the wrist device weakly. 


Jiang Jianming, who was holding the wrist device with enough grip, fell into a deep silence.

After a few seconds, he said, “Your Highness, please come out.”

The cotton quilt first swelled up, and then fell down again. It was Garcia sitting up slowly, he was poker-faced and with a wan expression. The curly hair was messed up, and simply hung on the neck and shoulders, like a platinum stream flowing in the snow.

Jiang Jianming: “…Your Highness, perhaps you can explain what’s wrong with you?”

When he said this, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly in his heart.

When ordinary people are decadent, it’s called decadence.

However, such with Garcia’s profound and beautiful facial features, who was once praised by the empire with the appearance of a son of a god……the decadent appearance on him became a decadent beauty, instead of displaying a cold and lifeless atmosphere.

In more common terms, this was called too beautiful to be alive.

Garcia didn’t speak, but just stared at him, as if just by staring at him firmly like this, could he absorb a nectar that alleviated his thirst.

Until this level of concentration of being stared at made Jiang Jianmin feel jittery, “Your Highness?”

The prince pursed his lips, and said hoarsely, “…….You have been away from me for too long, this is not good for you.”


Jiang Jianming: “Do you mean to say that you have a fever? Please take medicine before your brain is completely burnt out.”

Garcia closed his eyes, his brows were deeply furrowed, he seemed to heave a sigh, and seemed to concede to something invisible.

He said in an almost unrecognizable voice, “…I miss you a little, Jiang.”

In the dark, His Highness’s voice was a bit sticky, which resulted in a deep, cold and hard voice, yet it sounded very much like a spoiled child, “Tell me where you are.”

“I’ll go find you, okay?”

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